Why my computer screen is too dark?

I have an acer aspire one laptop... I unplugged to move it and it went dim, I plugged it back in and its still dim. The computer is only a years and theres nothing wrong with him, so far, I don't know what I have to do! Being sun screen is difficult to read, and it's bad for the eyes... What can I do to make my screen is Dim not more?

I have the same computer then follow the steps.
Start button > type troubleshooting > Enter > under system and security, click on search performance issues

If this does not resolve the problem, hold down the blue Fn key > right arrow

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  • Why my laptop screen is too dark? I have a Dell Inspiron.

    Why my laptop screen is too dark? I have a Dell Inspiron. How can I brighten it?  It is 2-3 years and is connected to the power supply. He has suddenly dimmed. I can hardly read.

    At startup, the power of type in the box above.  Choose power options.  Check the brightness settings here.  On the battery, they should be lower.

    There are also keys to the top of your keyboard, which can affect the brightness.

    If there is no problem, you probably have a hardware problem, which may not be easy or cheap to repair.

  • Why my computer screen is zoomed in?

    I played a game that I downloaded the other day and when I closed it out, my computer in full screen has been expanded. I tried to go to Preferences system, accessibility, zoom and nothing has worked. Help, please. Thank you!

    If you have a roller ball mouse or scroll wheel, this can affect some applications

    the function button press while the mouse wheel is turned upwards or downwards.

    And if you chose to install the third-party software of the mouse, which can add a layer of

    Difficulty given that most just mouse products work usually natively under OS X.

    In different versions of OS X and hardware vintages, the exposed effects may differ.

    • Mac - Apple Support keyboard shortcuts

    And if the zoom setting is also enabled in accessibility (universal access)

    the mouse can be less manageable until that which is disabled; If these parameters are not

    causes of the problem originally.

    • The Mac shortcuts for accessibility features - Apple Support

    There may be a shortcut to disable zoom effect, according to which

    the root cause of it was. Several shortcuts for accessibility are its preferences...

    Some applications may use keyboard shortcuts for use in their breast.

    Not sure if you could boot the Mac in safe boot mode and then try to see if

    repair disk permissions can help, then restart normally after the release of open applications.

    • Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

    Or just restart the computer. If you cannot use the keyboard to access menu

    options, you can press and hold the power button for 15 seconds approximately.

    The zoom settings should not be default, at least not at the start.

    Good luck...!

  • Why my computer screen jump around dose

    At the time, using my computer the screen will start to jump around

    my computer also has a problem when you lose your vision of the web and have to retype the URL to go back but the old page has disappeared and do not know where

  • Photo and new LCD screen is too dark.

    Picture is dark, not sharp color and very little in it.  Very hard to see.  New LCD received yesterday.

    Have you tried to connect the monitor to another computer?  If it has the same thing on two computers, I would say that it is defective and must be returned.

  • HP officejet 8600 and the screen went too dark to see the control screen.

    Is it possible to reset the printer back to the default settings (do not know if it is a screen problem)

    Hi tomkaighin,

    You will need to contact our technical support at 800-474-6836 for this hardware issue. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region please click the link below to get help from your region number.


  • Does anyone know why my computer screen has a blue tint to it?

    I tried the Auto adjust option on the screen itself, but the screen is still blue. Now it has changed to orange! Help!


    You can try to reset the default color settings in your graphics chip\card.

  • Satellite 1800-911 too dark screen brightness

    I have a Satellite 1800-911 that works correctly, except that the screen is too dark, you can barely see.
    I tried 3 screens and 3 inverters that work correctly in a 1800-354, without result. I also changed the cable from the motherboard to the screen without success.

    There seems to be no control that affect brightness: I tried the power saver routines: no difference.

    When I connect to an external monitor, the image is perfect.
    The laptop is a new installation of Windows ME linking the restore CD.


    make combinations of already tried the "FN" keys on your keyboard to make you brighter screen? If not already so I suggest you perhaps it helps.
    If not, I guess you have a problem on the motherboard.

    Welcome them

  • Screen on my machine is too dark

    The screen on my computer is too dark. My old computer has one of those 'dials turn"on the side of the screen to adjust the brightness. Can someone tell me how to adjust the brightness on my new laptop?

    You can adjust the brightness of the screen, both in respect of the use of the battery and mains.

  • Portege R500-10J: not possible to watch movies - colors screen too dark


    I recently bought a Portege R500-10J and have a pretty bad problem - I can not watch every movie (DVD or *.avi or anyone else) here. All media are invisible on the screen. Its too dark and some colors are recorded.

    I have no problem with all office applications, or browsing the internet, the colors are perfect for screen 12.1 inch, but using any application media is almost impossible.

    Didn't help not change any settings. The colors are extremely poor. I have not install anything but this was while the computer is first.

    Anyone know - is it a hardware problem (video card) or software (drivers, codecs, sth else), or it is a normal phenomenon?

    Hope it can be fixed. This laptop is supposed to be used for watching movies on a trip...

    To be honest, it is not easy to understand your problem. I guess you use battery power while traveling. In this case, intelligence tool will probably switch to energy saving mode. In this case, the display brightness will increase at a lower level.

    You can set it to the highest level by using the FN + F7 key combination. Be sure that the screen is in the right direction (90 degrees from your eyes).

  • Our impressions of iP4950 Canon are too dark. Brand new computer. Any tips?

    Run us Windows 7 on a Dell computer and have the printer above, but impressions are too dark.  Have changed cartridges.  No difference.

    If you have selected the correct printer profile for the paper and that you use the inks and prints are still too dark, you need color calibrate your screen. See http://windows.microsoft.com/is-IS/windows7/Calibrate-your-display.

    Your problem is that the image of your screen is too bright.

  • Why is my screen very dark?

    my screen is very dark and it is a new computer using Windows 10. The screen was very bright and it is now difficult to read. The system has had a lot of problems earlier. I turned off the computer for about an hour and a half and now it is gray.

    This looks like a problem with the function of Adaptive brightness of Windows 10.

    I suggest to go in:

    1. Parameters
    2. Power options
    3. Change Plan settings
    4. Change advanced power settings
    5. Scroll down to view
    6. Select "enable adaptive brightness.
    7. pass the two selections on 'OFF '.

    That being said, please keep in mind that there is a support forum for Mozilla Firefox, not Microsoft Windows, we help you gladly your questions of Firefox but issues relating to associated Microsoft products really apply to Microsoft Support or community Microsoft Forums.

    I hope this fixed your issue, if it has changed then please your "Resolved" issue, so that we know that it has helped.


  • computer screen goes dark after few minutes

    original title: computer screen

    my screen goes dark after a few mimutes do I do

    Further information on what you mean exactly

    Make sure your computer is going to sleep

    Sleep and extended: frequently asked questions

    Turn off a computer: frequently asked questions

  • Why my computer off and get blue screens

    Why my computer off and get blue screens once from time to time. My hard drive sounds like he works hard. I can hear it ticking sweet sounds when I start the computer, and it takes a while to calm down.


    Hi Ron,

    I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below and give us the blue screen error message.

    1. click on Start and then click on Panel.

    2. click system and Maintenance , and then click System.

    3. click on Advanced system settings.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or click on allow.

    4. click on the tab Advanced and then click settings under Startup and recovery.

    5. to the failure of the system, click on to erase automatically restart checkbox.

    6. click OK and then click ok.

    7. try to reproduce the error.


    How to fix error Bluescreen (STOP) that causes Windows Vista to shut down or restart unexpectedly.


  • When I open a tab/icon on my computer is much too large for my screen and I can't use my computer; 3 boxes in the upper right corner.

    When I open a tab/icon on my computer is much too large for my screen and I can't use my computer; 3 boxes at the top right corner with the-, square and X are too far to the right to do anything. How can I fit on my screen, so I can use my computer?


    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    This problem is limited to any icon or it happens with all?

    Did you change to the computer?

    I suggest to refer to the following methods and check to see if it helps:

    Method 1:

    Install the latest display driver and check

    Uninstall the driver from Device Manager display.

    a. close all programs. This will ensure that the programs do not interfere with the update of the driver.
    b. right-click on my computer, and then click Properties. This will bring you from the System Properties menu.

    c. click Device Manager
    d. expand the display column of cards by clicking on them. This will show the graphical current map that is using your computer.
    e. right click on the adapter, then select Properties.
    f. click on the driver tab. This tab displays information about the current driver, as well as options to update, delete, uninstall, and back the driver.
    g. click on uninstall
    h. restart the computer

    You can install the latest display driver for download on the site of computer manufacturing, same driver will reinstall automatically after the restart, if the computer is connected to the Internet.

    Method 2:

    I suggest you try the system restore. Restore the system to a restore point when your computer was working fine

    You can also check the Device Manager to see if the video card has a yellow exclamation on it with an error any:


    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

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