Why my computer screen is zoomed in?

I played a game that I downloaded the other day and when I closed it out, my computer in full screen has been expanded. I tried to go to Preferences system, accessibility, zoom and nothing has worked. Help, please. Thank you!

If you have a roller ball mouse or scroll wheel, this can affect some applications

the function button press while the mouse wheel is turned upwards or downwards.

And if you chose to install the third-party software of the mouse, which can add a layer of

Difficulty given that most just mouse products work usually natively under OS X.

In different versions of OS X and hardware vintages, the exposed effects may differ.

• Mac - Apple Support keyboard shortcuts

And if the zoom setting is also enabled in accessibility (universal access)

the mouse can be less manageable until that which is disabled; If these parameters are not

causes of the problem originally.

• The Mac shortcuts for accessibility features - Apple Support

There may be a shortcut to disable zoom effect, according to which

the root cause of it was. Several shortcuts for accessibility are its preferences...

Some applications may use keyboard shortcuts for use in their breast.

Not sure if you could boot the Mac in safe boot mode and then try to see if

repair disk permissions can help, then restart normally after the release of open applications.

• Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

Or just restart the computer. If you cannot use the keyboard to access menu

options, you can press and hold the power button for 15 seconds approximately.

The zoom settings should not be default, at least not at the start.

Good luck...!

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    I have the same computer then follow the steps.
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    If this does not resolve the problem, hold down the blue Fn key > right arrow

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    You can try to reset the default color settings in your graphics chip\card.

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    Hello, brichter!

    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! Looks like you're wanting to rotate the Zoom mode on your iPhone screen. It is a big question. Read this post here that talks about how make a use display Zoom on your iPhone 6 and later versions. As you can see here:

    With the Zoomed see on an iPhone 6 or 6 s, iPhone Home screen does not rotate landscapemode.

    It is a behaviour whereas you experience when you use the display Zoom.

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    Hi Ron,

    I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below and give us the blue screen error message.

    1. click on Start and then click on Panel.

    2. click system and Maintenance , and then click System.

    3. click on Advanced system settings.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or click on allow.

    4. click on the tab Advanced and then click settings under Startup and recovery.

    5. to the failure of the system, click on to erase automatically restart checkbox.

    6. click OK and then click ok.

    7. try to reproduce the error.


    How to fix error Bluescreen (STOP) that causes Windows Vista to shut down or restart unexpectedly.


  • Firefox window blocks everything else on the computer screen

    for some reason, the FF window now blocks EVERYTHING else on my computer screen. for example, if I open a PDF file, it opens BEHIND the screen of FireFox. normally the PDF file would be open, and in the new window on my screen, hide at least a portion of the FireFox window. no more. If the FireFox window is open, it blocks everything on my screen. even when I click on these glazed elements, FireFox remains visible and above them. It is a serious problem, because it basically means that I have to close my browser when doing anything with other applications on my computer screen. which, of course, is not realistic and will force me to start using another browser.

    Eagle supreme said

    reinstall your browser. but still why is this a problem, you can open them in the toolbar at the bottom of the scree with a single click.

    No, for some time nothing worked. If FF was open, the thing any blocked FF window on the computer screen. you could click on something else and he would still be blocked by the FF window.

    but I went to the control panel and set the window again and properties file to "default" and everything back to normal.

  • Why is my screen blurry and lines undulate on the sides? It also keeps the glitter!

    Why is my screen blurry and lines undulate on the sides? It also keeps the glitter!

    Is your very large monitor, like an old TV or flat, as perhaps a few inches thick?  If it is very deep (front to back), you have an old style monitor, and they need to be demagnetised every now and then. Look on the monitor for the menu button and navigate until you find an icon like a horseshoe with a bar slash through it (or like a magnet) and select it.  All wavy and colorful display for one minute and then went back to normal. Also, make sure that all the cables between the monitor and your computer are firmly connected at both ends, even if you have a thin screen.

    If you have a laptop, try to turn the screen and see if the blur changes.  If so, you might have a connector loose inside and may need to be considered at a repair shop. =(

    Best luck!

    (There is a small chance it is a result of burn; made me know if any of them help you, or that they do not apply.)

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    I suggest you to see these steps:

    • Press right on your mouse button when your desktop is visible. A menu will appear.
    • Move your mouse to the bottom of the menu and click on the word "Properties".
    • Look at the tabs under the marked blue title bar "display properties". You should be able to see one marked "screen saver". Click the screen saver tab once. You should now see a small monitor.
    • Look for the dropdown next to the marked buttons 'Settings' and 'Preview '. Click on the arrow down on the right side of the menu drop down.
    • Look at the list of available screensavers. The first menu is marked '(none) '. Click on this title. Once you have clicked on the title, the "Apply" button will become operational.
    • Click on the button apply. Close the display properties window and the Control Panel window. You have now properly disabled your screen saver.
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    When I go to insert the citation of my computer brands inserts the symbol @ instead. It is one of the easier to explain replacements. If someone can tell me why or how there to remedy, I'd be much aprecciated. also, I think that it is perhaps something to do with the new microsoft office program I installed.

    Yes on the side in the bottom right of the computer screen to two letters indicating the language in which is pre-set at the time. the exchange of the symbol may be because you have NumLock

  • Impossible to use the TV and computer screen at the same time

    I hooked my TV screen until my computer tower. I also have a separate computer screen. I set up two monitors in the display screen.

    However I can either use the TV as my computer or my computer screen as the screen. I can't use both, I have to make a choice. Is it possible that I can have it operational both at once? I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.

    (The problem is that my TV screen is more than 3 meters of my mouse, and if I can use it is a bit difficult. I intend to subscribe to BBC iPlayer and want to watch on my TV Samsung big)

    OK I solved the problem. What I did to go in my NVIDIA via the Control Panel, then choose the display settings in the menu on the left. Then, he would come with my two screens. I right click on the number 2, which is my main computer, and then in the menu that came I took the clone and then clicked on apply. So now, the two screens are working.

    I tried this before I sent it but no menu came have no idea why!

  • my screen is zoomed, and I don't know how to zoom out.

    original title: I wore my laptop down the stairs and I must have pushed a button. my screen is zoomed, and I don't know how to zoom out.

    can someone help me?

    Just restart the computer.  If this does not work, try to do the following: Type of resolution in the Start Menu and select 'Make text or other objects more or less '.  Choose 100% if it is not already selected.  If this does not help, type resolution again, then click on "adjust screen resolution."  Now, choose the recommended size.  If that does not do it, choose a smaller than the recommended size.  If this is still it, restore your computer to an earlier time.  Other Windows 7 tips and tricks are available at http://www.waltwachon.weebly.com

  • Why my phone screen randomly with lights to touch me.

    Why my phone screen randomly turns without touching myself.

    It might be background notifications (this happens with email on the iPhone of my mother). You can configure notifications by going to settings-> notifications. In addition, if you have an iPhone 6s, 6s, SE, iPhone 7, 7 more, they "raise to wake you up" that allows the user to raise to reactivate the user's iphone. I hope this helps!

  • How can I stop new emails from appearing on my computer screen

    new e-mail messages pop up in the left corner of my computer screen. How can I stop this?

    In the menu bar, select Tools-Options-general

  • Why does my screen half way down when I press the home screen time 2 or 3?

    I can't see any advantage as to why my home screen comes down to halfway, exposing a black screen when I press the home button.  What is this for?

    This is a feature called accessibility.


    Accessibility helps you more easily interact with elements at the top of the screen on the iPhone 6, iPhone iPhone 6s and 6 s 6 Plus more.

    Bring items at hand. Go to settings > general > accessibility, turn on accessibility, then slightly double - tap the Home button to align the top of the screen on the scope.

    See here: https://help.apple.com/iphone/9/#/iph66e10a71cand http://www.imore.com/how-use-iphone-6-and-6-plus-one-handed-reachability


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