Why my D257 an Aspire is no longer listed or taken in charge on the Acer site?

My Aspire One was bought on 25/11/11 and now I have an opening window on startup stating that the program compatibility Wizard. I wanted more information and decided to check the Acer Web site.

When I try to find information for my particular model, nothing appears. I am told that there is no serial number and number of SNIDS. This means that I can not update the drivers or solve any future problems, I might have. Even if it's just a problem with an operating system, I should be able to verify your site because you sold it me.

It's like "buyer beware"... Acer will not support its products after all just a year. It's how you people feel? If I'm wrong, I apologize again, but I just spent a lot of time on your site and I am quite angry now.


I was on the Acer site and not able to get the drivers for my model. When I entered the necessary information (serial number, etc.), research has produced results "0". I tried references my model name, but once again, nothing. I don't think you can get the downloads or support unless you enter the required information on your device.

Also, I tried to put the information in the "reminder" or page "class actions", knowing my camera wasn't among this category, but I expect everything related to my needs, and then I was sent to the Packard Bell registration page, where I decided to not sign up.

Thanks for the reply. I will use the links you provided, and I hope that this will make me there. Thanks for your help!

ADDENDUM: I've followed your provided links and voila! He found my system. That's all what I've tried to find the other day, when I spent hours searching. NONE of this was available. NONE. It was perhaps a little problem with the site that day, but, I'm a very intelligent person... and he wasn't there. That's why I found in this forum and found others with the same problem.

Thanks for all the help.

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    Try this:

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    Your method allows you to send a new message, but does not support the answer or transfer. It penetrates into all recipients regarding: and you have to change one by one, if that is not appropriate.

    You see why I think that the address book is a bad place to start from?

    If this alternative approach does not work then I suggest that corrupted address book. You have a recent backup to restore from?

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    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.

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    (3) is your computer connected to the home network?

    I suggest the steps mentioned in the article and check if it helps.


    Note: The article above applies for the Windows 7 operating system.

    It will be useful. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.


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    On the acer switch 10, it has a 64-bit processor, but uses 32-bit windows, so I know not 32-bit windows can run with 63 - bit, but it may be unstable, because it was not desinged for this material. also, some drivers are no longer available for the 64-bit. In conclusion, you can install 32-bit windows on 64-bit computers, but beware of pilots not taken in charge and bugginess.

  • I have an Aspire 571 V3 that I thought that I was restoring the factory settings and save my files for

    Hi everyone, I hope that there is someone out there who can help me. I have an Aspire 571 V3 that I picked up at the factory settings, or so I thought. After all the files had been cleared and the system recovered it restarted and displayed a black screen with 'the installation program starts services' and a flashing light below are progressing. It has been that way for hours eight (8). is this normal or should I worry? In its current form, I have no control on the machine on the touch pad or mouse. I have provided with Currys computer recovery discs, but they are not to be recognized.


    8 hours is a little too, you can try to stop it and repair the resumption of the process.

    do a long press on the power button to stop it

    at the next startup, press Alt + F10, and then check if you are able to start the Acer recovery process

    If it isn't

    Enter the BIOS by pressing F2 at startup

    enable F12 boot menu if not already enabled

    Save and exit

    put your first recovery disk on your laptop

    stop your laptop making the long press the power button / stop

    at the next startup, press F12, and then on the startup list select DVD/CD player

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