Why my Healing Brush tool doesn't work anymore?

Why my Healing Brush tool doesn't work anymore?

Try to reset the tool

Control-click the icon for the tool in the options bar

Check the screenshot for reference below

Thank you

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  • Just purchaced lightroom 6 and the Healing Brush tool doesn't work at all with any custom setting, skin softening etc...

    Please help me get the healing brush work tool in my new version of lightroom 6 on my old brand of one iMac. all other functions seem to work

    Thank you

    Thank you, but I had this problem solved by

    Live chat. He finished is not everything

    User error. It was a corrupt file of the download of the program.

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  • the spot Healing Brush tool does not work?

    PS 2015.0.1 - IMAC OS X 10.11.1 spot healing brush does not work. all I get is a bunch of distortion.

    Try to reset the tool:

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    I recommend that you contact the developers of extension by the means provided in the siteof Mozilla Add-ons to the homepage for this add-on.

    They are likely to give you more detailed guidance and are the only ones who can fix bugs or make necessary adjustments in the add-on for new versions of Firefox.

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    Aa7 is not compatible with Win7. If you have a Win7 32 bit, you can do workarounds to make it work. However, it is not transparent. The major problem is that you need to change the printer to the Adobe PDF printer port to FILE. Then the file must be opened in Distiller to obtain the PDF file. It is extra work, but can be a step, that you need if there is a question of cost. You can try it out by installing Acrobat 7 (if it will install) and then printing to the Adobe PDF printer with print to a selected file.

    On a 64 bit system, you're probably totally out of luck. The only way to know is to try it.

    My comments above are based on the AA5 on Win7 Starter installation as an experiment.

  • Healing Brush tool works after that I tried everything that was mentioned in the forums and help guides from adobe. Any ideas what else can we do?

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    who knows what else can be done to make the Healing Brush tool works? I use the latest Photoshop CC app 2015 WITH WINDOWS 10. I TRIED TO RESET THE TOOL, CHECKED ALL THE LAYERS, CLONE SAMPLE AND SO ON.


    [Read https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-7273]
    [Moved from the connections to specific program... forum forum MOD]

    Could you specify exactly how the Healing Brush tool is not working?

    Thank you, whoever this moved to the right forum.

  • Spot Healing Brush Tool works not

    My Spot Healing Brush tool has stopped working.  He no longer paint.  He's going to make a point, jump space, make another point, jump more space, make another point, etc.  I don't know what is happening.  Someone at - it to another expirenced?


    Reset the tool Checker task.

    Click on the arrow down. Another box will open. Click on the arrow pointing to the right. A menu will appear. Search for reset tool

  • The Healing Brush tool problem

    I have Photoshop CC 2015 and Healing Brush tool does not work properly, it works like the Clone Stamp tool. When I use the Healing Brush tool, it clones the patch instead of merge. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!

    Ozge salvation,

    Please check if window > Clone Source > Clipped is enabled or disabled

    Also make sure that if you have normal, opacity to 100%, the value brush size not set very broad

    Let us know if this helps

    ~ Assani

  • Healing Brush tool works not properly

    The Healing Brush tool in the 2015 version of photoshop cc doesn't seem to work properly. The tool seems to leave a task around the area where he was last used.  For any help or suggestion on how to solve this problem would be most appreciated.

    This problem has been fixed in the 2015.0.1 update. Let me know if you still have problems after the update.

  • Healing Brush tool

    I use the latest version of PS CC.

    I run it on a Mac.

    Is a person with problems with the brush of health.

    When I place a point source and then use the brush, the point, that I placed does not follow the brush and the tool itself simply doesn't.

    Does anyone else have this problem.

    I uninstalled PS and reinstalled.  Nothing has changed.


    Tried all the suggestions with no luck.  Healing Brush still did not work properly.

    Called Adobe and they have messed with some files in one of the Adobe directories and the problem is now resolved.

    Thanks to all to try to help.

  • Spot healing brush tool deselection when I uncheck

    I use Photoshop cc. I put my image in black and white and I use the spot Healing Brush tool to bring the colors in some of the photo. It was working fine yesterday, but today when I use the spot Healing Brush tool when I uncheck the mouse to change the size of the brush that it deselects everything I did. I'm sure this is a simple settings, but I can't understand it. Help, please

    Hi Shadrack,


    I think that something is wrong here.

    Spot healing brush should not be used to bring the colors.

    Learn more about the tool marker spot here: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/retouching-repairing-images.html#retouch_with_the _ spot_healing_brush_tool

    Please let us know your exact workflow.



  • How do select it script "Healing Brush Tool"?

    I usually use the code below to select other tools, I use their StringIDs and they work equally

    $._ext_patch = {}

    execute: function Patch() {}

    function selectTool (stringID) {}

    var d = new ActionDescriptor();

    var r = new ActionReference();

    r.putClass (s2t (stringID));

    d.putReference (s2t ("target"), r);

    d.putBoolean (s2t ("dontRecord"), true);

    d.putBoolean (s2t ("forceNotify"), true);

    executeAction (s2t ("select"), d, DialogModes.NO);


    Returns the StringID of the selected tool

    function getCurrentTool() {}

    var r = new ActionReference();

    r.putProperty (s2t ("property"), s2t ("tool"));

    r.putEnumerated (s2t ("application"), ("ordinal") s2t, s2t ("targetEnum"));

    var d = executeActionGet (r);

    return of t2s (d.getEnumerationType (s2t ("tool")));


    selectTool ("patchSelection");




    I want to be able to use the Healing Brush tool, but nowhere could I find its string id or the id tool, I tried 'healingbrushTool' as 'paintbrushTool', thinking that perhaps they are similar, but she also does not work, how can I achieve this?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    It turns out that it is "magicStampTool"...

  • CC of Photoshop is having a problem with the Healing Brush tool

    It comes to my setup with the layer I'm working.

    1 got to Image menu / apply/image layer = bass tones layer (below) / mixture = Add / scale = 2 / and then select reverse. It looks like a high pass filter, but it is not.

    2 Exchange mode layer to linear light that restores the image to its natural state

    When I try to use the Healing Brush tool on my bed to make changes to a face I use the alt key pressed to select the sample point, photoshop seems to block the point that I select.  And he is on the screen in what looks like a high-pass filter, and then when I try to move the brush again point to perform a healing event fullscreen drag with the brush movement.  I don't then deselect the option once I use the ALT key. I've experimented a bit and found that if I hold down the ALT key it removes the high pass, but as soon as I release the ALT key, it goes back in a high pass.   I also tried clicking on this layer and by choosing another layer, the high-pass goes and I can use the mouse to select other items.  But as soon as I go back to the layer that I want to work with the screen comes back to what looks like a high-pass filter and you guessed it, the mouse drags the whole screen.

    Thinking that this might be a problem with Windows, I turned off my pc and rebooted and then restart photoshop and I went back to the same process and have experienced the same problem.  So I'm making this post looking for a solution.

    In the menu of the window display the Panel Source of duplication.

    Is the clipping option at the bottom off? This would cause all of the image to display in the overlay. -What is the opacity of the overlay and blending Mode different 100% and Normal?

    These options are not used with the Spot Healing Brush as it makes its sampling automatically.

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    The problem is solved in the next Firefox 26.0 and not 25.0/25.0.1

    For playback as Bugzilla is not a discussion forum.

    Bug 858975 - Shortcut key for Inspector is conflicting with shortcut key for undo close tab

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