Why my phone screen randomly with lights to touch me.

Why my phone screen randomly turns without touching myself.

It might be background notifications (this happens with email on the iPhone of my mother). You can configure notifications by going to settings-> notifications. In addition, if you have an iPhone 6s, 6s, SE, iPhone 7, 7 more, they "raise to wake you up" that allows the user to raise to reactivate the user's iphone. I hope this helps!

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    my face is push buttons. Unable to find the setting... Help!

    Read more here: https://supportforums.motorola.com/message/355087#355087

    There is a known issue, however, one thing that seems to help me is that I restart the phone (power off) every few days and also have the ' Pocket detection"off.

  • Screen randomly flashes white with colors

    Hello. My flash white screen will randomly with mixed bright colors. It happened today after I logged in. He arrived about 6 or so times. The hard drive has been replaced last year. Any suggestions?

    Is this a Macbook Pro or Mac Pro?

    More info about your computer would be a great help.

  • My I phone screen see the black with a command like a dos {nand} system...

    My I phone screen see the black with a command like a dos {nand} system...

    Your phone has a serious problem. You can try to reboot (hold home and power at the same time for about 10-30 seconds buttons), but if that does not work, your hardware is probably fried. Make an appointment at your nearest Apple Store Genius Bar for confirmation.

  • HP ENVY i7 Desktop 700-311: is the 23-inch monitor screen IPS LED - lighting compatible with HP ENVY Desktop 700-311 HP Pavilion?

    I recently bought the hp with i7 proceessor envy and I want to know if the 23 inch screen IPS LED - lighting HP Pavilion monitor will be compatible with i7 ENVY 700-311 HP Desktop processor?

    Until the entry of the screen is the viudeo output which is available on the desktop PC, it will be compatible. The dekstop PC has VGA and DVI outputs. Just use a cable that allows you to connect both devices and you'll get the video.

    I see that the screen has both. I highly recommend the digital video input instead of the VGA NICU.

    You will need a DVI cable.

  • When I cut my phone I see a black screen, but the lights shine, could someone help?

    When I turn on my laptop I can see is a black screen, but the lights turn on, could someone please help me with this?

    This is a seller on eBay who will fix it for $100:


    These guys have different levels of service; cheaper if you remove your motherboard and that just send.

    You have a port monitor on the laptop. Hang a regular computer to the laptop monitor and the power. Press the fn key and the f4 key when you rewind to see if it appears on the external display. If this is probably just a screen.

  • Keyboards. Why have I not a CapsLock light

    Under the Accessories heading.

    Why I haven't installed a Light CapsLock on my Acer keyboard with 8.1

    Of Speccy

    HID keyboard device
    Device type: keyboard
    Device name: keyboard HID Device
    Seller: Lite-On Technology Corp.
    Geographical area: USB peripheral of entry
    Date: 21/06/2006
    Version: 6.3.9600.17480
    File: C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\kbdhid.sys
    File: C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\kbdclass.sys

    Thank you

    It seems that there is only one "built in" solution for this. (not there best, but everything is there).

    Hold the CapsLock key for 10 seconds, then hit approved or applied, and he applies a single beep (High tone for on and your bottom to turn off) - is not that good, as TV replaces it, but all I find cal...

    I hoped the "glass" can get a L.E.D. show but Acer will back it seems, these days...

    As this model came with no speakers (or on the screen) I had to buy speakers as it was.

    But I have to get the points / Bravo for this one.


  • HP Envy 15 "touch screen power LED appears, but the fans does not and the screen does not light


    I'm a student in computer engineering at the University of Waterloo 1A, and I run a very serious problem with my HP Envy 15 "TouchSmart laptop computer running Windows 8.1. It is a problem that just started today, and I'd rather have a first support here before going to see the technical support Office sometimes tomorrow. It has to do with the screen and the fans where the Power LED lights in white, just as when the laptop works properly.

    (I have warranty on the laptop when it was purchased last June, except that if I find that I need to get a replacement, I'll lose all my work, I did on that since I started my semester.) It's so silly of me not to have all my work saved on a backup, because I have an external hard drive. Problem is, I've had too many problems in getting myself organized, I'm not being open-minded as I should, and worse, I'm not a balance between life and work at home.)

    Before I had my MATH 117 conference (Calculus 1 Engineering), I was in a nearby lab where my laptop was open and turned, works correctly. I've had NetBeans IDE running since I wanted to work on the second part of my current assignment of CS 137 (principles of programming). Because it was almost time for my presentation, I closed the laptop by simply moving the screen down on the keyboard, where it goes into mode 'sleep'. (Whenever I flip to the top of the screen, the laptop is supposed to return, and the sliding screen of Windows 8.1 connection will appear.)

    When I took my seat for reading, I wanted to spend a little time to work on my programming assignment. However, after the reversal of the screen to the top, instead of having the login screen appears, I encountered the problem: the power supply light is showing a white light, but I don't hear the fans between the ventilation openings on the left side of the laptop and the screen does not light. I tried to take the power for several seconds and once button at least 10 seconds, except that the power light continues to display on a white light. The Commission of the Wi - Fi light is not displayed.

    Whatever it is, I don't want to take out the battery because I have that on my last laptop, and it's from there that I couldn't turn to the former, a new market. If I leave the Envy laptop battery, it will short-circuit the connections between the battery and the computer, and so several components will FRY. For now, what I do let the laptop is to empty the load on the battery. Then, once I noticed that the power light does not project a white light, or plug in the AC adapter and try turning the laptop on the power button.

    It will take a little while for the circuit drain the load on my battery but...

    Anyway, please would you be kind enough to help me with this problem? I would really appreciate if you can give me several recommendations. Thank you!

    Hello @GregPDesWHP,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I read your post on how your laptop is not on, and I'd be happy to help you in this case!

    In order to restore the features of your computer once more, I recommend you follow the steps described in this document on the computer does not (Windows 8). If the problem persists after having exhausted all the steps in this document, I recommend you contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.


    I hope this helps!


  • Why my phone does not work?

    SO this morning so I went to bed my home button mysteriously stopped working. I tried to close the application that I was and nothing, so I tried locking my phone and still nothing. When I got a text it always pops up and I was still able to use the app I was without any problem except for my buttons does not. So finally, the screen turns off after one minute of sitting there and now it won't turn. It still vibrates when texts come and always vibrates when I plug to charge, but the buttons do not work and the screen does not light. Help, please!

    Basics of the manual are restarting, reset, restore.

    Start here

  • Why does my screen half way down when I press the home screen time 2 or 3?

    I can't see any advantage as to why my home screen comes down to halfway, exposing a black screen when I press the home button.  What is this for?

    This is a feature called accessibility.


    Accessibility helps you more easily interact with elements at the top of the screen on the iPhone 6, iPhone iPhone 6s and 6 s 6 Plus more.

    Bring items at hand. Go to settings > general > accessibility, turn on accessibility, then slightly double - tap the Home button to align the top of the screen on the scope.

    See here: https://help.apple.com/iphone/9/#/iph66e10a71cand http://www.imore.com/how-use-iphone-6-and-6-plus-one-handed-reachability


  • Why personas do not work with all themes?

    Why personas do not work with all themes?

    Not all personas work well with a custom theme, the developers of Firefox have decided to return to the theme by default if you install a character.

    A theme can allow personsas with this line in the install.rdf file, as does the default theme.

    • < em: skinnable > true < / em: skinnable >

    So if a theme doesn't work with a character then skinnable is not enabled.

  • Arm, wrist and the screen does not light.

    I just wanted to give a few comments. When I walk, carry heavy bags and I want to watch the time I lift my arm to look at my Apple Watch and the screen does not light. Maybe its because the movement of the arm is subtle, since I am carrying heavy bags. I was wondering if that could be repaired since both times I tried it, annoyed me. Walk in a street busy NYC with my groceries, I would like to know something, briefly, on my watch as I walk with the duty to stop or to disembark the bags.


    It is a community of support based on the user.

    To make sure that your comments and suggestion are presented to the attention of Apple, you can submit the following form (all comments are read by Apple):


  • Why my apple certified cable compliant lighting is no longer supported as of today?

    Bought 3 lighting feeder cables that have been certified as compatible Apple. They worked fine until today. Today, I received the "this cable is inconsistent" and no longer be charged on the phone (in fact it began to unload my iPhone 5). Apple change something?

    When did you purchase these cables? Have you checked the port area lightning on the phone for any lint, dirt and debris? Have you tested one of these 3 cables to see if they work? Take a bright flashlight, a dry, soft toothbrush and toothpick wooden, small and check the port of lightning on the phone. Blow with a can of compressed air. Then test.

  • Why is my screen blurry and lines undulate on the sides? It also keeps the glitter!

    Why is my screen blurry and lines undulate on the sides? It also keeps the glitter!

    Is your very large monitor, like an old TV or flat, as perhaps a few inches thick?  If it is very deep (front to back), you have an old style monitor, and they need to be demagnetised every now and then. Look on the monitor for the menu button and navigate until you find an icon like a horseshoe with a bar slash through it (or like a magnet) and select it.  All wavy and colorful display for one minute and then went back to normal. Also, make sure that all the cables between the monitor and your computer are firmly connected at both ends, even if you have a thin screen.

    If you have a laptop, try to turn the screen and see if the blur changes.  If so, you might have a connector loose inside and may need to be considered at a repair shop. =(

    Best luck!

    (There is a small chance it is a result of burn; made me know if any of them help you, or that they do not apply.)

  • A way to keep active Wifi when the phone screen crashes?

    I noticed that, although my wifi signal is lower than we should, it is not randomly drop out. He does, however, is drop out whenever the phone screen will Dim and locks (IE, home struck and then slide to unlock).

    It's incredibly annoying! Is it possible to keep wifi on and connected to what I explicitly disable? It makes the option "synchronize then on the wifi only" totally useless. And I'm on wifi almost all the time. Whenever I open the phone, I expect to be in wifi to do something - not wait for a reconnection.

    Seriously, it is a show-stopper for me. If I can't find a way to keep the wifi between the locks of the screen, I have to exchange the phone for anything else.

    Surgo wrote:I've noticed that, while my wifi signal is weaker than it should be, it doesn't randomly drop out. What it does do, however, is drop out whenever the phone screen goes dark and locks (ie, hit home then slide to unlock).
    This is incredibly annoying! Is there any way to keep wifi on and connected until I explicitly disable it? It makes the "sync while on wifi only" option entirely useless. And I'm on wifi almost all the time. Whenever I open the phone, I expect to be on wifi to be able to do something -- not wait for a reconnect.
    This is very seriously a show-stopper for me. If I can't find a way to keep wifi on between screen locks, I'm going to have to exchange the phone for something else.

    As far as I know, you can tell the standby policy wi - fi to do 1 of 3 things:

    (1) when the screen is off

    (2) never when it is plugged

    (3) never

    You can get these settings by migrating the following steps:

    1. Parameters
    2. wireless & networks
    3. WiFi settings
    4. menu key (lower-left)
    5. Advanced
    6. policy watch Wi - fi

    If there is no other means, I would like to learn them as well.

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