Why my site shake when you hover over the menu?

My website, www.boulevardrental.com shakes when I drive on the menu buttons. I just updated to Muse and used a different font. Is there a setting that I messed up?

The top row menus change size when reversed.

I guess your menu item boxes are not large enough to contain the increase in text, so the frame pushes and pushes other content below down. Watch out for that the dashed lines in a test frame. It indicates the height that you defined, while the framework must actually more space.

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    Thank you


    What is the link below help?

    Click here to see

    See you soon... Rick

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    Figured it out.  I have all the jpgs created in illustrator and exported.  When I opened and them re-recorded in photoshop, the problem disappeared.  Maybe a bug when importing images created in illustrator.  don't know, but they work well from photoshop.

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    Thank you


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    However, if the link in question is in the lower left corner of the Web page, the ToolTip floats high above right. Then he disappears to reappear a few milliseconds later. This blinking persists; You can neither do address or click on the link. By pressing several times shows RMB RMB menu for the link, which finally allows you to copy the link location and paste it into the address bar.

    Try disabling the Redirect Remover extension if you have. Disabling this extension worked for me which allows the address bar that appears at the bottom left when you move to a link to the right in certain situations.

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    Hi Retha_T,

    1. What is the brand and model of your laptop?

    2. when the problem started?

    3. did you of recent changes to the computer?

    You can read the following article and check if it helps to solve the problem:

    Solve battery problems

    Hope this information is useful.

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    Thank you


    Please try the suggestions mentioned here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3364072#3364072

    Kind regards


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    Anyone know how I can disable the block with the wikipedia, google, etc., which opens at the location of the cursor if you hover over the texts? This is a feature of most annoying that one should be able to disable if not needed. I use windows xp family and have the latest desktop version of FF, but I don't think that they are the problem. Thank you very much.

    This isn't a core feature of Firefox (AFAIK) - looks like an extension you have installed is that fact.

    Please send the contents of the extensions section of about: support

  • I don't see the overview of URL that you get when you hover over a link. Why?

    Until today, when I flew over my cursor a link, a preview of the URL of the link appears at the bottom left of my screen, above the Start button (I use Windows Vista). Currently when I hover over a link, no preview appears, so I do not know the web address where I'm going when I click on the link. I thought that maybe this was due to the update to Firefox 19.0, but my friends who have also updated say they can still see the URL preview. Did somehow turn off the preview of the URL by chance? If so, how can I turn it back on? If this is not the case, why is it gone?

    I still see the URL previews! I don't know exactly why; He could have just a weird blip on my end. Thanks for your help!

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    You're seen with an old (very old?) version of Internet Explorer, which is the only browser on earth that does what you describe.  All other browsers follow the rules and leave only alt attribute values (what they do).

    You can choose to ignore it, or 'kill' by adding a title attribute which is empty, for example,


    In addition, you add alt attributes to images for accessibility reasons.  People who browse with images turned off (and there are) or the people who use the devices and accessories functional screen (screen readers) need some indication that there is a picture in the place where they are to search/playback.  Therefore, you only want to add content to these alt attributes, where it is important to the message of the page (that is, a cosmetic image only would just a value of an empty alt attribute). And you only need them for pictures, not for any other element of the page...

  • A simple mouse hover over the menu/chart button. The code?

    Hi ecveryone,

    I was wondering if anyone has a code for a mouse simple reversal.

    I am creating a menu wher you hover over menu items

    an image appears.

    I'm new on this and my code language corresponds to the language of a baby...  :-)

    I have bakery 2 pictures:

    1. menu button

    2. the photo to the reversal.

    Thx to 1 million.




    Hi Tim,.

    (1) your transitions have a very wide range in pixels (about 1400, why so much?) in a very short time (why don't you start not to 0 ms?), so that there is no visible sliding of the graphics and the interpolation makes disappear instantly!

    (2) sym.getSymbol("ro_contact"), but you have no ro_contact symbol! You must encapsulate the ro_contact existing items in a symbol and build two States labeled normal and hover (or what you want).

    (3) mouseout/mouseouthandler() and mouseover event handlers are not attached to the item well: it should be ro_contact instead of menu_contact. The element that is hovered over (ro_contact) change its status to get high. The other element (menu_contact) is revealed (show()).

    Instead of masquer() and show(), you could use sliding jQuery methods: http://api.jquery.com/category/effects/sliding/

    or animate(): http://api.jquery.com/category/effects/custom-effects/

    (To fix the 2 points) and 3), please read carefully the example that I you provided.

    As the Chinese proverb: "sin to you, I feed you someday." Learning you fishing, I will feed you your life during. "


  • Rollover/click on the features button... get a border to display when you hover over

    Hi all

    Here's what I'm trying to do, but have not been able to understand how:

    I have a screenshot of a Web site. For some sections, I want to be able to roll the sections and get a legend describing and also be able to click on it to go to another slide. I know I can do this packing a legend of reversal and click button. However, I would like the section to display a border when you drive on it as a signal that it is clickable, i.e. you are driving on, the legend appears and a border appears as well (not all links will be clickable).

    The slidelet gives me the border overview and click through the feature, but doesn't seem to work when they are stacked above or below a legend of reversal. Click the button seems to have a border or not, but is not an option to display a border when spilled. Any ideas?




    I guess I could do the following:

    Create an image with the rollover area highlighting the clickable area. Then insert a click box on the clickable area. The user would hover over and see the highlight, then click to operate.

    See you soon... Rick

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  • Office Pavilion Elite e9220y: name of the Internet access when you hover over said tskbr network 5. is that HP name or co cable. ?


    I have a desktop Pavilion Elite e9220y Home Premium; Win 7; 64-bit computer.

    I'm wired; but have wireless for other things (Kindle, etc..)

    When I open internet access in the bar of tasks and under the "wireless network connection", I see MY connection (and the name I gave my connection) and 5 solid green bars (no problem).

    Above this section, there is an article with a picture of a House (provided by HP, I'm sure), and he says:

    ' Currently logged on:

    and just below it says: (to the right of the photo of the House) network 5

    and just below it says: internet access

    That's all it lists the wireless network connection with my name and the names of other connections in the district.

    My question:

    the name "network 5"?

    HP says it is my cable provider; my cable provider says it's at HP.

    This can be changed?

    Thank you!

    Hello Denise,.

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I understand that you have a problem with wireless networks.

    Windows will think it's in a new network whenever it detects a new router. If you have changed your router or the router configuration. Windows creates a new network. But do not worry.

    If you don't want the name of the connection to be listed under active connection, follow the steps.

    (1) open the "Control Panel".

    (2) select and open "network and sharing Center."

    (3) click on the ' icon "(une icône de la maison pour moi) less 'show your active networks'.". " This will open the dialogue "set network properties." Here, you can rename a network connection or a change as the network connection icon.

    4) click on "Merge or delete network locations" to view the list of network connections that are stored. You can merge or remove connections

    Let me know if it helps.

    Have a great day!

  • I have accidentally switched off the bar at the foot of the browser that displays the URL when you hover over them, how to recover?

    I don't know there was once a function - perhaps a bar downstairs to the left of my firefox browser that shows the URL when I wriggle ovr no matter what link. Seems he rocked out--I barely noticed his absence - and cannot find a way to turn it back on to the it.

    You can check the view > status bar [X]

  • Why can't I reply to comments on reddit? When I hover over the link to the answer, I see javascript:void (0) in the lower left corner.

    Some features of reddit do not work, including the ability to upvote/downvote 'save' and 'response' buttons on the comments. I see the message "javascript:void (0) ' in the lower left corner on the links doesn't work, so I guess it's relevant. Operation links show various long URLs instead.

    I have already uninstalled firefox and reinstalled. I deleted the cache and cookies. I have reset to factory settings. I have updated Java. I've updated Windows. I restarted my computer several times through these processes as well. I used to have the Reddit improvement Suite extension, but it's the first thing I removed, and nothing has solved this problem for me.

    Java and Javascript are not the same thing

    • JavaScript is an object oriented scripting language that allows you to create dynamic HTML pages, allowing you to process the input data and manage data, usually in the browser.
    • Java is a programming language, a set of libraries and platform of virtual machine that allows you to create compiled programs that run on almost all platforms, without the distribution of the source code in its raw form or recompiling.

    You can enter the Mode safe by the following text:

    • Hold the SHIFT key while double-clicking the shortcut from the desktop Firefox (Firefox must be closed)

    Your "V - Ben" extension looks really suspicious. You must disable that. It is more likely adware.

    You can try these free programs to search for malicious software that work with your existing anti-virus software:

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a good permanent antivirus for Windows 7/Vista/XP, if you do not already have one.

Maybe you are looking for