Why my windows xp stops leaving a message in energy saving mode

If I run a virus scan or malware check the computer stops and it says power saving mode.   How can I fix it?



· What is the number and the model of the computer?

· What is the exact error message or the error code that you receive?

· On the computer which anti-virus are you running?

· Who is the service pack installed?

Your question does contain all the required information necessary for us to help you. Come back with more specific details to help you better.

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  • My screen saver does not work all the time, usually this seems to happen once the aircraft stopped in the energy saving mode.

    Original title: my screensaver does not work all the time

    My screen saver does not work all the time.  First time I have turn on computer, it works OK.  Later in the day, this isn't.  Usually, this seems to happen once the aircraft stopped in the energy saving mode.  After the reactivation of the computer (do not), the screen saver does not work when it should. How to run all the time?  I am running Kapersky Internet Security 2011.  This would be closed by the screen saver?
    Thanks, Garybuyit

    Hi garybuyit,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft answers Forums.

    Just so I'm clear, updated you the graphics cards in Device Manager? You have access to a Windows XP installation disc. If so, follow the steps in this document to make a scan of the SFC. This analysis will attempt to repair or replace any missing or corrupted system files.

  • Why is windows defender stopped every time I turn on my compurtrer

    Defend Windows is turned off when I start my compurter and sometimes even if I'm on it, I'm so constqntly again.


    If you have the following AV, antivirus, programs installed, close your Windows Defender. Purpose of these AVs have their own advocates. 2 defenders on the same machine will create conflicts.
    Bottom line: it's ok.
    It's normal.
    List of AVs which will stop Windows Defender:

    Microsoft Security

    If you don't have AV programs above, here's how to restart Windows Defender:

    Start button > in the search box, type Services > press the Enter key > scroll to find Windows Defender, click on it >...
    topic status , it must be said... Has begun
    under Startup Type, it must be said... Automatic
    If it does not say that, right click on Windows
    Defender > click Properties >
    in Startup Type, click on the pointer to the right and select automatic
    to the service status, click Start
    Click OK when finished.

  • Explorer Windows has stopped working the message repeated

    Whenever I click on all orders are left microsoft computer or less as a Control Panel icon, photos or music I get a message that says windows exploer has stopped working. I'm not trying to use the woindows Explorer so I'm not "understand what is happening


    You can download this reg from my SkyDrive file:


    and double click on the file to import. If you are unable to do this, run regedit.exe and import the registry file here!

    When the Windows Explorer crashes, Windows Error Reporting Service [1] creates a dmp under C:\Localdumps. Please download the file to your public Skydrive folder [2] and post the link here. I take a look at the discharge with the debugger, maybe that I can see what Shell extension is the cause.


    [1] http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb787181%28VS.85%29.aspx
    [2] http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproui/thread/4fc10639-02db-4665-993a-08d865088d65 "a programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP - http://www.winvistaside.de/

  • message appears on the screen-Windows Expolre stopped working.other message problem caused bympegsplitter.ax__ States

    Explorer Windows stopped working, all the advice says until now click on the Start button and go to search to find mpegsplitter.ax and delete. Start button is unusable, while the message is on the screen. If I click on check for messages to the online solution, the Start button is available for a few seconds, but not long enough to type in the search box. From the Tools menu of performance advance I get message saying drivers Nvidia GeForce Go6150 are originally windows stay in 'sleep' mode or mode causing Windows to resume slowly. How to recover Windows Explorer


    It is normal that this message as it installs the VGA drivers. Once back on the desktop, install the new drivers. Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP http://mvp.support.microsoft.com Windows help - www.rickrogers.org

  • Why live window keeps stopping

    Windows live will stop as soon as I turn on it says windows live has stopped working what can I do?  hope you can help me.


    Please repost in Windows Live forums


  • Why does windows 10 stop me open my pdf documents in Acrobat pro XI?

    After moving to Windows 10 I find that I'm unable to open or save the pdf on the local hard drive with XI Acrobat pro.  I can store them to an external hard drive and work on them there, but not on the local drive of the C.

    I tried to repair Acrobat without result.

    It said access denied, but the account is a standard user access and even if I do an administrator account he can still access the files.

    Any suggestions welcome please.

    Click with the right button on acrobat, and then click "Run as Administrator".

    all the problems?

  • Why my Windows XP Home Edition starts to go in safe mode and restart once again?

    Whai my startup Windows XP family, go to safe mode and restart once again cannot installation

    You can configure your computer Windows XP does not start on startup, so you can see the error code when it is blue screening.

    Disabling the option of automatic reboot in Windows XP, go to control panel in Windows XP in a left click on start, followed by settings and then choose Control Panel.

    1. In the Control Panel window, open System.

      In the System Properties window, click the Advanced tab.

    2. Locate the Startup and recovery area, and click on the settings button.

    3. In the Startup and recovery window, find and uncheck the checkbox next to automatically restart.

    4. Click OK in the Startup and recovery window.

    5. Click OK in the System Properties window.

    6. Now when a problem causes a BSOD or other errors that crash the system, your computer will automatically restart. You will need to perform a manual restart.

    Let us know if that helps.

  • Why my Windows Photo Gallery can't animate GIF files saved?

    I have a lot of saved GIF images which have BEEN lively on the website, saved as gif, but when I opened them, they act like JPEG files. They do not move at all and just stay on the first frame of the animation. On my mums laptop, Windows Photo Gallery DO plays GIF files.

    I use Windows Vista Home Basic, and laptop my mother is simply Windows Vista. I can only see my GIF files using Quicktime Movie Player and I have to Lop each time. Kind of pain when I would rather walk through the collection with the ease of the Windows Photo Gallery.

    Any ideas?

    They must be read in a browser.

  • Equium A210 - Windows Explorer stops working

    I have a laptop Equium A210. Why does windows Explorer stop working and restart all the time?

    > Why windows Explorer does not work and restart all the time
    Who knows?  :|

    Maybe you have messed your OS and now OS doesn't function properly.
    Have you tried to restore the operating system from the recovery CD?

    If this isn't the case, then do it. The whole HARD drive will be formatted and the recovery CD to install the image of Toshiba which contains the OS, driver, utility and software tools extra.

    This should help.

  • Windows Explorer has stopped working error message when I access my folder of snaps

    Window #1:

    Explorer Windows has stopped working.

    Windows is looking for a solution.

    Option: Cancel box

    Window #2:

    Explorer Windows restarts.

    Option: Cancel box

    Come this error message when I try to access my folder only snaps.

    Please help me.


    A few questions will help us better to solve your problem. Please answer these questions for us:

    1. what operating system do you use?

    2. what programs you have problems with?

    3. is there an error message generated?

    4. what type of file you go when this happens?

    5 How long this issue is past?

    6. is there anything changed/added/deleted before this issue popped up?

    It's basically the who, what, when, where and why of troubleshooting.

    Eddie B.

  • A problem to stop windows work properly. This message appears after sudden auto restart.

    A problem to stop windows work properly. This message appears after the restart and sudden auto off.

    Computer: dell inspiron 1520, 32 bits, windows vista with SP1 & SP2, CPU 2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM.


    Firoz Martin


    1 did you change on your computer?

    2. this problem occur only while playing games?

    3. what game do you play?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you to control in safe mode and run clean boot.

    Step 1:

    Advanced, including safe mode startup options


    Step 2:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


    Note: After a repair, be sure to set the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

    Try disable auto restart on system failure and check if you get an error

    Try last good configuration in safe mode and check.

  • I have windows mail and can receive messages but not send, but I can't send when I go on my statement but not my e-mail account window, won't accept my password... was I get hacked or or why?

    I have windows mail and can receive messages but not send, but I can't send when I go on my statement but not my e-mail account window, won't accept my password... was I get hacked or or why?

    It seems to work now, so if my emails get screwed up again, I'll take your advice... don't understand why he sends now and am not asking my password as it does... but I don't want to do something that I don't know if it's working now... What do you think?

  • Please can someone explain why the windows Installer keeps appearing when nothing is installed? Any way to stop this?

    Why the Windows Installer keep popping up, either on a web page or an e-mail to the office when nothing is installed.  No way to stop that... ?

    The desktop of your computer, click on the tab "Start", usually located at the bottom left of the screen (on Vista, it's maybe the windows symbol instead of the word 'Start').

    Now, find and click on the program title 'run '. Vista users can locate this program by typing "run" in the area of research at the bottom of the menu 'start '.

    Once you open 'Run', type 'MSCONFIG' in the empty box and click 'OK '. This will open the System Configuration utility.

    With the open System Configuration utility, select the tab "Services".

    Scroll down the list of services (it may be advantageous to click on the 'service' column to sort the services by alphabetical order) until you find the program "Windows Installer".

    Now, click on the checkbox next to the name of the Windows Installer and click on the button 'Disable' at the bottom of the Configuration of the system.

  • Why is it when I delete a message in windows mail it removes ALL message from Inbox in Xfinity connect

    Why is it when I delete a message in windows mail removes ALL messages from the Inbox in Xfinity connect

    Hi Carol,.

    1. don't you make changes to Windows Mail settings prior to this problem?

    I suggest you check this link on how to remove messages,

    Delete messages in Windows Mail:


    Method 1: Fix problems with Windows Mail


    For more information, visit this link, working with Windows Mail in Windows Vista: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Working-with-Windows-Mail

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