Why no iphone 6 and iPad (mini and Air2) capital at the beginning of the first word in the search bar of Safari

Why no iPhone 6 and iPad (Mini and Air 2) not capitalize first letter of the first word in Safari on the search bar?

Web addresses contain no capital letters, nor do email. If looking at you any new credit card and it says to activate this card go to www.CardnameService.com/Activate, their meaning is www.cardnameservice.com/activate. It's the same thing.

The above examples are that of the examples.

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  • I have iPad 2 Air, when I type in the search bar of safari, it goes to my homescreen

    When I type in the search bar on safari, it goes to my homescreen

    Go to settings / Safari

    Disable search engine Suggestions

    Disable the Safari Suggestions

    Disable Quick Web Search site

  • iPad 2 returns to the home screen when you try to type in the search bar


    My iPad 2 is a return to the home page when I try and type in the search bar of safari.

    Have released the story, the iPad, but it made no difference and ideas how to fix?

    Obviously a problem on the end of Apple but try settings > Safari > Safari Suggestions > offshore, for now.

  • Why finder hide Documents and office files in the home directory of the user by activating iCloud drive? What about the behavior of Time Machine backup or third-party applications?

    I'm under MacOS Sierra. I am connected to my iCloud account. I activated the option Desktop and Documents, but I did NOT activate the option optimize Mac storage, because I wanted to make sure that all my files would be available locally, just in case, I would need to work without an internet connection.

    -J' noticed there now a menu iCloud in my sidebar in the Finder, with links to Documents and desktop.

    -J' also noticed that Documents is no longer presented in my favorites in my side bar of the Finder.

    -This last suggests that files saved in 'Documents' are not saved more on my HD... but only in iCloud, which isn't what I want.

    -Then, sailing in the Finder Macintosh HD/users / 'My account' /, I noticed that my Documents and desktop folders are more visible, as if these files are not saved in my home folder most. Which raises the question: where are My Documents and files on my HD, so they are still?

    -Using a shell session in the terminal and again navigate to/Users / 'My account' /, I noticed that my Documents and desktop folders are still there. Which suggest that records and records of office reside actually still in my home folder under users, but Finder actually hide it and present them as being stored in iCloud only disc. It's very confusing.

    This raises several questions:

    -In the first place, why Apple hide Documents and office files in the directory? Why not view these folders in iCloud and directory?

    -Whence the iCloud folder or drive, reside actually on my hard drive?

    -What time Machine. Is it still back up my document files and folders?

    -What games third-party app mirroring backup of My Documents files and folders? They still work properly? (I use Livedrive backup and Sugarsync for files mirrored across several macs).

    -How can I understand that Apple is doing with my folders and files? Some users might be happy with the iCloud drive concept, without worrying about how it works, but I don't take chances, and I want to keep a good understanding about the functioning of my system.

    Could someone explain what is exactly happening?

    With office and selected Documents, access to these files are now in the iCloud Drive, not in your home folder.

    My guess would be that they do not appear in your file because it would be confusing for many people to make them in two places.

    If you want in the Favorites, open iCloud Drive and drag them in the sidebar here.

    All about iCloud drive has been saved on your Mac. With the exception of the office and the Documents, they are in ~/Library/Mobile Documents. However, if you choose optimized storage, older documents are removed from your Mac. I don't know what is "old".

    ~/Documents and ~/desktop have new metadata indicating probably Finder does not display them in a Finder window, only in iCloud drive. They are not hidden in one of the normal methods of unix.

    I have not tested Time Machine or any other backup program. The folder still exist in your directory home, and they still have all the files, I don't think that changes anything.

  • I bought an iPhone 6s and want to transfer the data from my old iPhone 4S with iTunes

    I bought an iPhone 6s and want to transfer the data from my old iPhone 4S with iTunes but it says "the"iPhone"iPhone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes. Go to www.itunes.com to download the latest version of iTunes. "

    I checked and the version of itunes is the latest AID!

    DooozySue wrote:

    I checked and the version of itunes is the latest AID!

    Most likely, what you found, is that the iTunes version is the latest available for your operating system.

    The latest version of iTunes is 12.4.3.  This version requires at least OS X 10.8.5 or later version, or Windows 7 or later version.

    If your iTunes version is earlier than 12.4.3, it will probably not recognize your 6s performance iPhone iOS 9.

    If you do not have the required operating system, get first.  Then download from iTunes


  • Why I have Photo and Photos open at the same time?

    Why I have Photo and Photos open at the same time?

    When what's going on?  When you connect a camera or a card reader?

    Or after the Mac is restarted?

    If this occurs after startup, check system preferences > users and groups.

    Select your account and open the connection. Deselect the applications you want to open at startup.

    If this happens when you connect a camera, open the iPhoto preferences > general.

    Set the preference "Connecting camera opens" to "no application".

  • Hello! I just bought an iphone 6 and I was starting the phone due to what he says, but right after the icloud copy was made the phone do not respond... He says decides to continue, but slice to reload button does not work... What can I do?

    Hello! I just bought an iphone 6 and I was starting the phone due to what he says, but right after the icloud copy was made the phone do not respond... He says decides to continue, but slice to reload button does not work... What can I do?

    See if the troubleshooting steps in this article to take help supported:

    If the slide on the upgrade screen does not disappear once you upgrade to iOS 9 - Apple Support

    See you soon,.


  • Sizes of Splash screen and names for the iPhone 6 and 6 more in the file descriptor xml files

    Is anyone know the sizes of screen and the file names for the iPhone 6 and 6 more (for the descriptor xml file)? Or current splash screens works on both devices?

    i.e. Default-Portrait.png *-768w x 1024 h


    Here is the specification.

    iPhone 6

    Start screen

    750 x 1334


    [email protected]

    Resources or resources/iphone

    iPhone 6 more landscape

    Start screen

    2208 x 1242


    [email protected]

    Resources or resources/iphone

    iPhone 6 Plus portrait

    Start screen

    1242 x 2208


    [email protected]

    Resources or resources/iphone

    You can find more info here - http://docs.appcelerator.com/titanium/3.0/#! / guide/Icons_and_Splash_Screens-section-290048 97_IconsandSplashScreens-Splashscreens

  • Whenever I open Firefox, I find that there is no search engine in the search bar, and I have to reset or start in safe mode to make them reappear. Why?

    There is no EnginSearch search bar in the top right of the page and none appears when I try to restore the default values or manage search engines. To return to the search bar, I usually have to reset Firefox or start in safe mode, but this doesnm looking for a solution to this problem.

    It is a conversion tool - Vixy Freecorder. Not sure if that was the cause, but I uninstalled and not had any problems since.

  • Why are the buttons back and next connected to the address bar now?

    I can't put update and cancel each other more.

    It has apparently been decided

    • This is the logical place for the button.
    • It saves space having an Adaptive button that has two functions in one.
    • I note also, if you have the search bar and place between her buttons and the address bar space flexible, locks and you can not make optimal use of the space by expanding the bar which is used.

    Firefox is moving to a practice to require addons for many modifications and customizations. At least an addon will make Firefox look more like older versions and will then allow the buttons to be separated and moved.

  • It is always possible to search with different search engines in the search bar and address bar?

    I used to use the address bar of Firefox to search for things on Google and the search bar to search for things on Wikipedia. The convenience, especially with the shortcuts Ctrl + L and Ctrl + K has been incredible and I don't understand why this feature would disappear so I guess that it simply was hidden without subject: config somewhere. How can I go on revenant Firefox which is previous feature?

    Note: I use the Nightly build of Firefox for 64-bit systems, if this issue must be addressed specifically to this branch of development please directly to where I can do.

    From 23 of Firefox, the address bar uses the search engine selected in your search bar.

    Assign keywords to your search engines, then the prefix of your search in the address bar query, for example

    g gingerbread recipes

    Google search for revenues of gingerbread.

    For more information, see the section "Key words" in the following article.

    If you can't stand absolutely avoid typing two extra characters, then you can try the following extension. It has not been considered by a Firefox Add-ons site editor, so use it at your own risk.

  • Why Safari closes on iPad when I type the search bar to enter an address

    When I open a new tab in safari and tap on the search bar to enter an address there stops. Can anyone tell me why and how to avoid this

    It has been a problem for many today.  Settings > Safari > turn off Safari suggestions should help until it is resolved. -AJ

  • Why my iPhone 4S (ios 9.3.5) does not activate the messages using my apple ID?

    Why my iPhone 4S (ios 9.3.5) does not activate the messages using my apple ID?

    Michael T.L. says:

    Why my iPhone 4S (ios 9.3.5) does not activate the messages using my apple ID?

    If you get an error when you try to activate FaceTime - Apple Support or iMessage

  • Nothing happens when I type a URL in the address bar and press ENTER. Nothing happens if I type anything in the search bar.

    Firefox will not go to any URL typed in the address bar. Or it will search for anything typed into the search bar. I tried to open Firefox in Safe Mode, unchecking the compatibility options, the cleaning of my recent history (the history icon is not even appears in the Firefox toolbar more), affecting all the Add-ons "Always enable", restart the computer and uninstall then reinstall Firefox, and there's no up to present work. The uninstall feature does not completely uninstall Firefox because it does not delete my favorites who are all still present. The first symptom of a problem was an error message, the first fix I tried was reinstalling Firefox without uninstalling first. Now, the error message no longer appears, and I don't remember what it was.

    Some problems occurs when your Internet security program has been implemented.
    trust the previous version of Firefox, but not more acknowledges your
    update as being approved.

    When you have removed the old writing, the Firewall creates a new.

  • 'Find' is case-sensitive and the option does not appear on the search bar

    As I said, it is case sensitive. I looked for an answer and everyone says uncheck case-sensitive on the search bar, but he's not here. I am on a mac with os x 10.9.4 using Firefox 32.0.1.

    I thought about it. I had to restart with disabled addons. I don't know which extension caused the problem, but the change stuck when I re-enabled the addons.

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    Recently, my T60 blue screened and got all blurry. On reboot, I get today a padlock icon in the upper left corner. Assuming that there is some type of pof supervisor or the HDD password which I never put forward, so don't know why the lock is present

  • NO HTTPS sites permitted with Parental controls

    sites Web HTTPS NOT permitted with Parental controls - how one does this? Thank you.

  • Pavillian a6710t said "Enter Setup", but does not load

    It is the Client machine. Pavilion a6710t on Logo screen, says 'enter the Setup... ". ", but does not load.   Done all the usual diagnosis on the startup HARD drive. He received a certificate of good health. Done all the usual steps in the diagnosis

  • Internet wireless on the laptop works do not under Vista

    Hi guys. My laptop cannot connect to wireless internet. I tried to use ConfigFree Diagnostic tests already installed on my computer, reset the router, and even taking on the router for 30 seconds and put it to. On my laptop wireless switch is turned