Why not my camera focus?

Hi everyone - I just joined the Group today.  I just bought the T5 and I already need help!  I went to dinner tonight and brought my new toy with me and I just thought that I play with it in full auto mode and get a few shots.  The lighting was not great but not horrible either, but in full auto mode it wouldn't focus and take the picture.  I had the 18-55 kit lens.  I've been about 3 feet from my subject.   My camera phone was able to fire a shot then why couldn't my T5?

Thank you!!!


OK we'll see;

Your goal should focus about 1 foot.  In the limit, you said, so this is not it.

In Full Auto, flash should have arisen if it was too dark. So, this isn't it no more.  Is it?

What could be the cause is, you had the goal set to MF.  The T5 works OK in normal daylight?

You can't really compare a cell phone for a digital SLR camera.  They don't work the same way. They have more in common with a video camera as them with a digital SLR.  It is not a trigger in a cell phone. If the sensor very, very little is excited for as long as necessary to get the image.  One of the reasons why their pictures are so bad, not to mention the tiny sensor!

I think you should start from scratch.  Redefine the T5 on factory defults and try again making sure that the lens is in AF, too.   The camera will only get you even in Full Auto.   Format the SD card once again, too.  Fully charge the battery.  If there is a problem with the T5, the Service Center ask you this question, or do it for you, then you might as well do it first.

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    Kind regards


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    Please send your comments to , if you wish, at Apple - Feedback

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    I think that (a vector file to my CC upward), would be a solution, because it would not interfere in politics of Adobe to not use versions inherited (according to the CS6), as well as its applications and at the same time would make things much easier for us, existing users.

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    Lopesco | StrictlyDigital,

    Thank you for your comments persuasive. This is a feature that has generated a momentum of opinion and pleas and requests (including Maruyama KBFeature Request: Save in CreativeCloud in vector format (svg / AI / draw)).

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