Why not my iphone 7 purchased in the work of United States in India?

I bought an iphone 7 in the USA on a trip to Best Buy.

I bought a T-Mobile Sim and what I had to go with some carriers.

When I brought this back to the India, the phone does not work with my Indian SIM card.

It says that I have to use a specific door-SIM.

When I check with T - Mobile by providing my IMEI, they said my device was a 'device T - Mobile no'

Here's the mail:

"Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We received your request to release SIM. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time because we are only able to provide the unlock codes for T-Mobile USA phones. Please check your request for unlocking for this equipment directly to the carrier that the handset was purchased from. "

But the handset was bought from T-Mobile carrier.

How can I unlock my phone in these circumstances?

Thank you.

PS: I checked and the bandwiths are fine


The website check out BestBuy - they do not sell the iPhone for T-Mobile 7.  All their iPhone models 7 are sold carrier locked on Sprint, Verizon or AT & T.  It doesn't matter which SIM was purchased at the time - if you bought an iPhone 7 or 7plus BestBuy it is carrier locked (one of AT & T, Sprint or Verizon).  You've been misinformed about what you buy or you misunderstood what you said the people of BestBuy.

BestBuy does not sell the iPhone Unlocked 7 or 7 more.  Nor do they sell these devices for T-Mobile.  If your phone is locked to AT & T, Sprint or Verizon and they will not unlock it unless you are or have been a customer of theirs with an account in good standing, and after meeting the minimum period of service to qualify for unlocking.

Return it to best buy, if you can.  T-Mobile is you tell the simple truth.  There is nothing they can do for you, that this device is not locked to their network.

Sorry, but this is a perfect example of why it's a bad idea to buy your iPhone abroad.  In particular, without being absolutely sure what you purchase and what limits the device can be fitted.

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