Why not my new Flex2 arrived with a user already inside?

I ordered my laptop direct from Lenovo. When he came yesterday, I turned it on and rather than be asked to put up with my information, it was already loaded with the e-mail address of another person (IE, someone else had already set up). I called twice now--once to talk to technical support, who had me do a factory restore, and once to talk to the sales people. They all have both said will display it the number of new series, and they offered me $69 for my troubles. I am still weirded out, especially in the light of this adware issue it is Lenovo infestation.

Should I ask for a replacement, or is it a factory restore enough?

A factory restore is sufficient.

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    -each 2013 thing tuneup utilities can do (scans included registery) of course I don't know the exact names of the files important I lost so I couldn't those used with tuneup

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    -does this scan SFC and said there are still problems and has not noticed any difference

    -tried to update my pc did not work (missing windows services)

    -a tried to restart something in the registry did not work (missing windows services)

    -tried to make a new user on my pc did not work (missing windows services)

    -also tried lots of windows, fix things program (I forgot the name of it, but he could only tell me that he had problems and could not fix their)

    I'm shure that I have tried many other things so I mentioned in any case but I forgot the

    Many thanks if someone can help me out as sorry for the great story, but I wanted to tell all I know because it's a sensitive issue and please don't mind my bad English :)


    Your Windows product key can be printed on a label located on the underside of your laptop, if you don't you won't have it. Using the recovery partition, it is a good idea if you have no recovery on a disk media, often there is a Windows repair option, you can try this, however if there is no data on the first partition that you interested, I recommend you just format the partition for essentially erase everything on it and reinstalling Windows on the recovery partition. This will probably not require you to reactivate Windows by using the product key.

    If you cannot use the recovery partition to reinstall Windows, then you can go to this page (on the computer that is working properly) http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/upgrade-product-key-only and click on install Windows 8, save the file, run it and choose Install by creating media. This you will get an ISO file that you can burn on this disc you mentioned, just put the disc in your computer, right click on the ISO file and choose burn. It should also not ask to reactivate Windows, if you did no major hardware changes to the computer.
    Again, I would like to know if you need help with any of these steps or if none of these steps work for you.
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    Hi, try again and look to the right by the word "Quit" it should be a little box that must be checked to accept the license agreement. It is very difficult to see, but once you verify that the install button will be active and work.

    Hope that helps and if not, after the return.

    Thank you


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    I don't know what movies formats your TV games - it is probably indicated in the instructions.  What is the format and other settings you chose when you have shared the project?  Another consideration is that FAT32 imposes a limit of file size about 2-4 GB.

    You might also consider to connect your computer to your TV with HDMI and use the TV as a second monitor.


  • HP compaq dc7600 new CPU arrives with firmware error

    I have the computer says in the title and it came with a pentium 4 cpu which is GHz. I have a p4 GHz cpu, which is the same socket and according to the website of hp, it is compatible.

    When I try to start the computer it comes up with an error message saying it needs a firmware update.

    I looked at the bios update but I don't really understand how it works.

    If someone could explain how to fix this error and or update the bios that would be great.


    You may need to install the latest firmware update.

    http://h20000.www2.HP.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en & cc = us & prodTypeId = 12454 & prodSeriesId = 472276 & swItem = PSG_I23753-109013 & prodNameId = 472278 & swEnvOID = 1093 & swLang = 13 & taskId = 135 & mode = 3

    Read the instructions on how to install it.  You need a bootable USB key to do.

    Read these instructions on how to make a bootable flash drive and then copy the contents of the flash file to him BACK after making the bootable disc.



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    The Windows logon or the connection of the OE? Does not matter the first and the second must match the server user ID and password. Nor should it affect import messages and the WAB.

    Backup restore &:

    How to backup and restore Outlook Express data:

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    Bruce Hagen ~ MS - MVP [Mail]
    Imperial Beach, CA

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    The organization I work for stores its photos on an external hard drive, managed through Lightroom.

    I connect, connect the drive and work with photos, and when someone else needs to work with the photos they log on a guest account.

    In the last six months, after certainly several different systems and changes improvements, the catalog won't work properly on other user accounts. Although they may open the catalog, see folders and display thumbnails, the images themselves don't is not loading.

    Please address what to do.

    This is very probably a file permissions issue. It often occurs with upgrades of the OS.

    Using the Finder/Explorer, make sure that the guest account has read and write access in the catalogue, an extract from the records and all photos and files. I'm pretty lazy I'd give "everyone" access reading and writing on the external drive.

  • Why not use the static methods - example

    Hello world

    I would like to continue the below thread about "why not use static methods.
    Why not use the static methods
    with the concrete example.

    In my small application, I need to be able to send keystrokes. (java.awt.Robot class is used for this)
    I created the following class for these "operations" with static methods:
    public class KeyboardInput {
         private static Robot r;
         static {
              try {
                   r = new Robot();
              } catch (AWTException e) {
                   throw new RuntimeException(e + "Robot couldn't be initialized.");
         public static void wait(int millis){
         public static void copy() {
         public static void altTab() {
                   // more methods like  paste(), tab(), shiftTab(), rightArrow()
    You think it's a good solution? How could it be improved? I saw something Singleton vs somewhere of static methods. Wouldn't be better to use Singleton?

    Thanks for your comments in advance.

    maheshguruswamy wrote:

    lemonboston wrote:

    maheshguruswamy wrote:
    I think a singleton might be a better approach for you. Just kill the public constructor, and provide a getInstance method to provide late initialization.

    Maheshguruswamy thanks for the tips on the steps create a singleton of this class.
    Perhaps you could say also why do you say that it would be preferable to use singleton? What is behind it? Thank you!

    In short, it seems to me that a single instance of your class will be able to coordinate actions across your entire application. If a singleton should be sufficient.

    But who doesn't answer why he expected prefer a singleton instead of a bunch of static methods. Functionally, the two are almost identical. In both cases, there is that a single 'thing' to call methods - either a single instance of the class or the class itself.

    To answer the question, the main reason to use a Singleton on a class of static methods is the same reason readers much of not static vs static decisions: polymorphism.

    If you use a Singleton (and and interface), you can do something like this:

    KeyboardInput kbi = get_some_instance_of_some_class_that_implements_KeyboardInput_somehow_maybe_from_a_factory();

    And then everything calling public methods of KBI has to know that there an implementor of this interface, without worrying about what concrete class is, and you can replace some implementation is appropriate in a given context. If you do not need to do, then the approach of the static method is probably enough.

    There are other reasons that may suggest a Singleton - serialization, persistence, use as a JavaBean pop to mind - but they are less frequent and less convincing in my experience.

    And finally, if this thing keeps updated a State between method calls, even if you can manage it with static member variables, it is more in line with the OO paradigm to make them non-static fields of an instance of this class.

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    Mr President

    When possible in Oracle Forms to insert a second line based on 1st row, so why not in the ADF?

    The user just enter data in the Module of sales in one line of a Bill as below

    and it is displayed in two rows in financial Module.like below how to proceed in the ADF.

    You can see that invoice line contains the sales tax and the gross sales amounts, then it is posted to the financial Module above two lines.

    How to make ADF

    Respect of

    What I realized, this is:

    -You have a table in you screen.

    -You call CreateInsert 2 times to create 2 rows at the same time.

    -You will enter value in a specific column (c1) line1

    Looking for the value that you entered in row1 can be completely copied in the same column (c1), but in line2. is this correct?

    If so try to do the following:

    1. in the table inputText (c1) column set autoSubmit = true and setValueChangeListener to a method in backbean


    2. in the inputTextValueChangeListener method to write this code

      public void inputTextValueChangeListener(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent)
        DCIteratorBinding tableIter = (DCIteratorBinding) BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry().get("tableIteratorName");// write table iterator name from pageDef.
        for (int i = 0; i < tableIter.getViewObject().getEstimatedRowCount(); i++)
          ViewRowImpl myRow = (ViewRowImpl) tableIter.getRowAtRangeIndex(i);
          EntityImpl entityImpl = myRow.getEntity(0);
          if (EntityImpl.STATUS_NEW == entityImpl.getEntityState())
            System.out.println("New row found");
            myRow.setAttribute("AttributeName", valueChangeEvent.getNewValue());// write attribute name

    3 - Add inputText id in the partialTrigger table


    4 - pageDef. Set of table iterator rangeSize = "-1".

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    Can I order from this web site a new U300-13U with win xp already installed instead of Windows Vista?

    As far as I know that all new laptops are designed Vista notebooks and each of them are preinstalled with Vista OS. Please check on the Toshiba download page if this laptop is WXP supported (I think) and you can install WXP yourself.

  • On my first Window7 Home Premium computer laptop, one is Mirosoft WORKS CD came with it, when I brought a new, there is no CD of Mirosoft works, why not?

    When I brought my first laptop in May 2010, from Curry, I only got a cd-rom a Mirosoft Works, I was band new computer, so I don't know about CD-ROM to reinstall and things like that. When I had learned some (but not many) of the basics on laptops and I had paid my loan which is how I got my first laptop, I bought a new, this laptop came with CD-ROM to reinstall, but there was no CD Microsoft Works, can someone tell me, why not? as ŒUVRES came handy, I type not enough or are paid enough to buy a Microsoft Office 2010. Many tanks, rich

    Hello rich trew,.

    Just to make sure that you understand it, some manufacturers of computers such as HP, Dell, Sony and gateway in the past have offered free software and operating systems. Microsoft Works was part of your first computer, but this has been the manufacturer of the computer. This has led people to believe that it is always included as part of the Windows operating systems. They included Microsoft Works, Roxio Easy CD Creator, Adobe Reader just name a few.

    Microsoft let computer makers bundle what they want, when they sell their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) computers. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the computer what to offer and has nothing to do with the operating system of Microsoft.

    Thank you


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