Why not show the photos from my iPhone to the top in iPhoto?

I recently started using iCloud for storing photos.  Pictures taken from my iPhone 6 appear in iCloud without problem, but they are never on iPhoto (MacBook Pro).  I sync my iPhone to get photos imported into iPhoto.  The settings on my phone and computer are supposed to be correct.  Any ideas on what's going on?

iCloud library does not work with iPhoto. It syncs photos of Yosemite OS X 10.10.3 or later version.

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    Thank you for your quick response and for sending a very useful article. I was surprised to read that, although the photo tray can handle 4 x 6 and x 7, e-printing 5 photo paper is taken in charge only the 4 x 6. It's no wonder that came out white 5 x 7 with an error message. I missed this piece of info to set up Air Print, or it was not mentioned in the specifications. Thank you for your help - I am now able to print photos, although confused and disappointed by the inability to print 5 x 7 of my phone.

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    On Saturday, October 6, 2012 01:30:14 + 0000, Cheddar cheese wrote:

    How can I fix it? I tried stretching the window but no dice.

    You are running it in the so-called 'Small footprint Mode.'
    Double-click the border to go back regular
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    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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    However, if I go back and try to re-importation of the import function files shows all files as having been previously imported.

    I tried the process "synchronize the folder" and it shows first as '170' files to import, but after the full synchronization function it shows 0 files processed.

    Any ideas why lightroom refuses to show this particular group of files?

    I suspect it's something either really easy or the library on my system is messed up because of corruption.

    If the library is messed up how can I do to rebuild.  These photos are critical for me because they are shooting at the head of an actress.

    Here is my proposal... you imported photos with the copy option, and if your Windows Explorer thinks that they are in the Outbox folder (so you think), and Lightroom they think in case Z, where the photos have been copied.

    So... in Lightroom, if you si vous pouvez pouvez go to catalog the left panel, click on all photos, find one of these photos of 170 critical and do a right click on it then go to the folder in the library. This will tell you where Lightroom think that pictures are found. From there, you can work with photos, or update their folder location A (where you think they should be). If it works and that's what you want, writing back and we will advice you and others.

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    Thank you.

    xcab, when you save a new bookmark that is french, the characters appear actually right? Maybe it's an incompatibility with the import.

    next to the test is to ensure that you have french set up as a language for non-unicode programs. I don't know if it will matter but give it a try.
    Click Start-> Control Panel-> regional and Language Options, click on the administration tab, and then click settings to change system locale. Confirm, select french, click ok. Restart if necessary. Try again.

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    This feature is not yet supported in India.


    In addition, your phone may be overheating for a number of reasons. The most common of which is low service area.

    Your attributes from battery to the majority of the production of heat, then adjust settings to put less load on the farm in general will help some.


  • How can I do to keep my photos in the icloud, when I delete all my photos from my iphone?

    How can I do to keep my photos in the icloud, when I delete all my photos from my iphone?

    If you have iCloud enabled library, all the photos that you delete from your phone will be deleted to iCloud and other devices connected to this library to iCloud. The more you can do to reduce storage required on the phone is to activate settings > iCloud > Photos > optimize iPhone storage.

    Apple is currently not all parameters of cloud storage only. You can suggest that more options are available through http://www.apple.com/feedback/icloud.html

    There are 3rd party cloud services that only have a cloud options.

  • How do I remove photos from my iPhone and keep them in the cloud?  I use the "Photos" application

    I put clear space by iPhone 5.  How to remove photos from my iphone but keep them in iCloud.  I use the Photos app.

    As much as I know, that you can not. You can keep the pictures in low resolution on the phone, but they may not be removed at 100%.

    I started using an application that stores in the cloud. There are several in the App Store.

  • How to remove all the photos from my iphone 5?

    How to remove all the photos from my iPhone 5?

    1. Open the Photos app.
    2. Click on the photo or video you want to delete.
    3. Type > delete the Photo.

    Delete several photos

    1. Open the Photos app and press Select.
    2. Click on each photo or video that you want to remove.
    3. Type > delete Photos.

    Delete photos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Can I delete photos from my iPhone, but always keep them in the cloud?

    Can I delete photos from my iPhone 6s, but everything keeping them in iCloud?

    See here-> can I remove photos on my iPhone in order to free the ability but on iCloud and my iPad?

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    Thank you


    Here we explain how to transfer the photos from your iPhone and iPad for Windows 10


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