Why open the cover on my iPad Air is more directly shows the PIN code screen


After installing iOS 10, when I opened my iPad original air cover (with magnet) I suddenly need to do something extra to access the unlock PIN code screen. I used to be able to enter my PIN to unlock immediately.

It's really annoying, that I almost never use the home button on my iPad, simply open the lid is allowed to enter the PIN to unlock and start to use the iPad. Now, I have to first press the home button, it means an additional gesture.

Y at - it an option to go back to the old behavior again? I really don't like it.

Kind regards




Some things have moved go in display & its right brightness settings

The screen lock / unlock.

See you soon


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    Hi Trimmertop,

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    Hi lime,

    The best way to access the app is actually access your ePrint account and add the scan for app by email to your printer.  Once you add the application to your printer go to your apps on the front panel and you should see the scanning to e-mail.  I hope this helps.

    Let me know how it goes.

    * If you find this useful or mean please make sure you click on the White Star under my name to give me congratulations. **

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    larsspo, welcome to the forum,

    the PIN code for the previously inserted in Germany SIM cards is 0000.

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    (2) when you do a select statement returns a huge amount of data, and you do not necessarily have if wait for the query to run any time soon. In both cases, you give Oracle an opportunity to eliminate the blocks quickly to make room for more 'necessary' blocks instead of having to follow in the LRU list.

    Pinning is when you want to keep the objects in memory and to prevent them from being aged by the normal mechanism of the LRU. You use the INVALIDHTOMEH to "pin" PL/SQL code in memory, so that users are not experiencing intermittent slowdowns when code gets years out of the shared pool and must be recharged.

    The bottom line is that caching can blocks be moved quickly while pinning retains the information in memory to avoid the re-loads.

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    I agree with you?

    Yes. Just delete the files and the message.

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    For wireless connection through my laptop (with windows vista) asking its PIN code... where can I find the PIN... Please help

    Connect to your router, click Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings > Wi-Fi Protected Setup > under step 3, look for the digital PIN to 8 digits in bold.

  • Where is the PIN code

    Installed the 6510 and implemented. Impressions of my office network and the laptop (wifi), but to set up my iPhone 3 gs the email I got back from the configuration had no PIN Went to the link, he greets me and my printer and am pleased but I do not see the PIN that is necessary for the next step.
    Where I get to go to?


    A logical, but no response. The iphone app from home and business to airprint seems to be updated.

    As you run through its installation sequence that you needed to get a PIN code from your email...

    Which is no longer included.

    As a solution, I went back to the iphone app store and found another hp print application that did it only once.

    All smiles now.  The email eprint and iphone directly printing like a charm.

  • BBM BBM ID reset polls will change the PIN code?

    Hello, I'm sorry for my stupid question.
    I have a problem with my password ID BBM, but I get "Link to Reset BlackBerry ID account" because I did not use the Security Question when I sign the BBM ID.

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    Thank you.

    Hi @iphanza

    If you re-create your BlackBerry ID, you will need to remove and reinstall BBM to connect to the new BBID, which will result in a new PIN code is assigned to your BBM account. Thank you!

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    I searched for a way to move digital alphabet, but no dice.

    I am therefore asking for help.

    Newbie to BB.


    Because he was only nums that I tried the pin of the sim, who worked with God like I should only test left.

    Sorry for such a fool.

    Thanks again mate.

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    He is an annoying extra step to close pictures when it is not necessary to be open to all. I find no preference in iTunes or Photos to prevent that from happening.

    (I have this set in the editing category since nothing else fit)

    Photos (or iPhoto) has obviously no idea if there are new photos to be imported until the program opens and focuses on what is on the phone and your Mac.

    While the phone is connected and photo is opened in the upper left corner, uncheck the box for pen pictures when the unit is plugged - this will make the manual import ony when you want to


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