Why Satellite L300-10 q does not recognize wireless network

This new laptop works well on a wired LAN but does not recognize a wireless local area network. Received the message no network found. In the same room with another PC laptop Toshiba the wireless LAN is located and has good signal strength.
The wireless LAN switch is on and the 'antenna' pictogram led burns red.

Seems that it is not configured for detection. No idea how to solve this problem?


You´re sure you checked all THE settings? I mean, if the local wired network works and the wireless is enabled, you need to check all the parameters available that could be done. One idea would be to check the L300 on another access point to make sure that the problem persists on different brands of wireless routers.

Please check this first and make sure that your settings are all on "automatic" so if you do not find the reason, come back and we will try to find another solution.

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  • Satellite Pro P300-1AY does not see wireless networks

    I have a Satellite Pro P300-1AY and the unit does not see wireless networks.
    I replaced my card and it does not solve the issue.

    I set up another type of card and those who work well, it is only when I get an Intel 5100 (512AN_MMW) the unit does not see any network.

    I use win XP. Any idea?


    You have the latest version of the BIOS?
    If this isn't the case, then you should first update the BIOS!

    The latest version of the BIOS is on the European driver Toshiba page and it can be modified running Windows OS.
    As far as I know, you must use 2.5 or later version BIOS.

    Check it!

  • Satellite L500-13z - Windows 7 does not recognize wireless network adapter


    The Windows 7 RC Device Manager does not recognize my wireless network adapter (for example: Atheros, Intel or Realtek). I tried to install all the Toshiba support drivers, but none of them work:

    After installation, they ask me to connect the unit to my computer (of course it is still on the motherboard!).

    =>, Is there a way to know what is my Wifi adapter?

    that one failed: http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD7201PO000SR01.htm (this is the only Word to say "network adapter" with a yellow exclamation point).

    -Online someone knows when will be released Windows 7 drivers on the website?


    Before you begin to install all drivers WLAN you can find on the Toshiba site you must make sure that wireless network card, you have exactly. You can check in the Device Manager-online properties-online Details of the local network adapter device.
    Need you an information like PCI\VEN_XXXX & DEV_XXXX

    If you have based this information you are looking for with these terms on this site in order to determine the exact WLAN card:

    After that, you can download the driver appropriate for your laptop. Before installing, you must uninstall all other versions and restart the laptop.
    Also, make sure that the WIFI is enabled with the hardware switch and FN + F8.

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  • Satellite A205: Vista & BIOS does not recognize the CD/DVD drive

    After a crash of the sudden family Vista system premium on a Toshiba Satellite A205 the system does not recognize the DVD CD - RW drive. Neither in Explorer, Device Manager, nor BIOS.

    Laptop is only a few months old.
    Have you tried the Toshiba check system - it ignores DVD disk check.
    Tried Windows Update - does not help.
    Tried registry fix - does not help.

    Cannot use the CD to reinstall all drivers - because it is not recognized.
    The DVD drive LED is on. If the disk looks ok physically.

    Does anyone have an idea what to do?

    Very strange what s
    Try this:

    Access the BIOS and set the default settings and save the changes.
    If it doesn't help then I put t see any other possibilities for contact ASP in your country for a CD/DVD drive control and possibly a replacement

    You said that the notebook is only several months old so I assume that the warranty is still valid and that's why everything has to be done for free

    Good luck my friend

  • Why my audio midi Setup does not recognize my external midi devices?

    Why my audio midi Setup does not recognize my external midi devices? The midi interface and all midi devices are connected.

    P.S. The icons and the midi interface are all "grayed out" in the midi studio window when I click or double click on it nothing happens.

  • Satellite C55T: Win 7 does not recognize the card, LAN and WLan

    I have a problem.

    I ve downgraded my Toshiba Satellite A5222 C55T for Windows 7 64 bit and it does not have many pilots.
    Windows does not recognize my network connection and it didn't install my wireless driver.

    Maybe I need a chipset driver, but I found no drivers for windows 7.

    Please help me!

    If Windows 7 has not recognized the LAN and WLan card, you have not installed the proper drivers.

    A5222 C55T satellite is the portable American model.
    The drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba help page we: [Satellite C55T-A5222 | http://support.toshiba.com/support/modelHome?freeText=1200005866]

    Choose here the drivers / updates & filter by Windows 7 64 bit (left)
    Now you should get all Win 7 64 bit drivers for Satellite C55T-A5222

  • Satellite C650 - 1 CT does not recognize the CD/DVD


    I currently have a problem with my model Toshiba C650 - 1 CT (PSC08E-03M001EN) satellite. The laptop does not recognize the CD/DVD and a check in the "Device Manager", said a damaged device driver!

    Now, my problem is that I searched on the internet and also on the websites of Toshiba for the right driver, but no use. The device (DVD) opctical no not also appears in the list of devices 'removable '.

    System details:

    Satellite C650-1 CT PSC08E-03M001EN
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    Place/country: United Kingdom

    Assistance in finding the right driver or advice how to solve the problem will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    As first step try please remove the optical disc drive from Device Manager and restart your laptop.
    After doing this review please the Device Manager and let us know if the problem persists.

  • Satellite L300 (PSLB8C-0H901X) does not work

    My laptop Toshiba Satellite L300 PSLB8C-0H901X, does not work, no power, no MESSAGE, nothing, lamp power and charge Get when pluged into anything else, any known issues? All the fixes, thank you in advance for your help.

    Of course, your laptop is completely dead. In such situation, there is no magic solution and I m afraid that you need professional help. If there is absolutely no reaction is maybe defective electronic power supply and the motherboard must be exchanged.

    As you know this is part more expensive so you need to check if this is the solution for you.
    Call, explain the situation and let it check your laptop.

  • HP Solution Center does not recognize the network printer

    Network has a hp 309 a printer, can print from the computer, the problem is:

    HP Solution Center not load-says incomplete installation.  If I plug in the USB cable and let it continue, it sets up a second printer that only works on the USB cable and it still does not recognize the network printer.

    Question how can I get the Hp solution program to reward the network printer.  If I reload the CD, then reinstall the will other people on the network of the problems?

    Resettlement on your machine won't affect only you, no other machines on the network.

  • Satellite L300D - 14G: ODD does not recognize music or discs softwear

    I have a Satellite L300D - 14G and used a 7 upgrade disks or disk softwear since when the dvd player does not recognize the music.
    There is no drivers on the toshiba site to download

    someone help please.


    You n t need all drivers! Windows 7 uses a drive CD/DVD from Microsoft.
    There must be another reason why the disks of music or software are not recognized.

    First of all I would recommend to change the registry.
    Remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters completely from the following registry key values: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Reboot the machine and then test drives

    In addition, you will need to check if some 3rd party software like ITunes or other disc burning software would not affect the functionality of CD/DVD drive.

  • Satellite M50-A-110 does not recognize the new SSD?


    I bought the M50-A-110 model and tried to replace the HARD drive by a Pro 840 Samsung SSD. The laptop does not recognize the SSD drive, so I sent him to the local Toshiba service for inspection.

    They discovered that the laptop does not recognize ALL of the latest SSD (they tried to Samsun, Intel, Crucial, Kingston and SSD Seagate). They checked, and I possible newer BIOS, so this isn't a problem, and the SSD worked fine on other computers.

    Someone knows how to solve this mess?
    Toshiba has a BIOS beta I could try?
    Any other ideas would be welcome.

    As a user of long date Toshiba, I must say that I am a little disappointed. I mean I work in it, and this is the first time that something like this happened to me with a new product.


    I can't believe that Satellite M50 - A can not handle any of the mentioned SSDS.

    I upgraded my Toshiba laptop with SSD Pro 840. But before I did, the update of the firmware of SSD was necessary. Before the firmware update, the SSD has failed, after the firmware update, BIOS can handle the SSD.

    I would recommend to check the SSD for the firmware update!

  • Satellite M40X-116 - drive does not recognize any CD or DVD

    Hi all!

    I have a big problem with my SATELLITE M40X-116; I was watching a movie when the image was just stopped and since my CD/DVD RAM drive does not recognize any CD or DVD. What can I do?
    Please I need your help as soon as POSSIBLE.
    If you know what could be the problem, please, just send an e-mail to [email protected]
    Thank you all for the cooperation
    Best regards
    Marian - Romania


    to me, this looks like a hardware problem. It must be checked by the service, and perhaps that the drive must be replaced.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A205-S4777 - XP does not recognize the HARD drive


    Recently I buyed a new satellite Toshiba A205-S4777 with Windows Vista home premium installed
    and I noticed too many errors in Windows Vista and the pc is very slow so I decided to downgrade to XP

    I want to directly install Windows XP but the installer does not recognize the hard drive or more exactly controllers!

    I nLite Sata drivers in Windows Xp Sp2, I bought on the microsoft.com site!

    Everything worked well.
    The Installer recognized fine hard and Setup finallased!

    But here's the problem when loading windows and try to pass on gorge yourself sort of blue screen one unreadable!

    And restarts and let, it does all day the same thing!

    I'm afraid that I have not nLite the right drivers.

    Is there anyone Heve downgraded this model?


    Maybe you did not use good SATA driver?  :| Who knows
    The point is that there are two different versions of Intel Matrix Storage Manager supports different chipsets.
    I put t know what chipset is in charge of your laptop but you should check this and must also check the description of the Intel Storage Manager and check what chipsets are supported.

    In addition, you should have a look here in this doc from Toshiba:
    [How to integrate a SATA AHCI driver into a Windows XP installation CD | http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB85017Z0000R01.htm]

    Good bye

  • Satellite P105-S6084: MCE does not recognize the external TV tuner

    I bought the laptop P105-S6084 of United States satellite, but I use it in the United Kingdom. It comes with Windows XP MCE and an external TV tuner. However when I try to set up the tuner, it is said that the United Kingdom is not a region supported and that I should install a different tuner. I have my old USB DVB - T stick and I tried to use that, but the CCM does not recognize.

    Can someone, please?

    I found an info that the Microsoft Windows Edition Media Center operating system is only the installer for use in the country in which the laptop was purchased. This configuration corresponds to functions such as obtaining the electronic Program Guide through the Internet.
    Maybb so the FDM may not be able to manage your TV tuner

  • Satellite L50 - B suddenly does not recognize USB devices

    Suddenly my laptop does not recognize any USB.

    The USB key or external hard drive works on other computers, but not on my laptop.
    Only cards SD-are recognized.

    I tried to remove the usb portals on the Control Panel, but after I restarted my computer all returned.
    One reappear with a caveat that it does not work, but when I search a new program to run it, it can not be found. After removing it, it comes back with the same caveat.

    I also tried to download the new discs (chip set utility) but who doesn't either.
    I don't know what else to do.

    Can someone help me if I can access my USB-products once again on my laptop?


    What about the USB mouse? You can use the USB mouse connected to one of the USB ports?

    Have you changed the system or you have installed new OS on this laptop?
    I m asking because the L50 - B Satellite supports USB 2.0 as well USB 3.0 ports

    In the case where you have installed the new OS (Win 7?) on this laptop, the USB 3.0 ports would require additional USB 3.0 driver

    However, in case that you are always using the OS preinstalled Toshiba, I recommend you to reset the initial setup and test the USB ports once more.

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