Why "Saved for Web" ProPhoto RGB files with "Convert to sRGB" show picked up as "no label" after registration?

For years, I managed my entire workflow to sRGB, thinking if I can make a picture look in sRGB, it is gold in another color space.  Lately, however, I started shooting in Adobe RGB and control my image in ProPhoto RGB.  When I save an image for the web, using the menu item "save for Web", then check the box that says "Convert to sRGB", the images are fine, but when I check the color profile in Bridge, it says "Untagged", not sRGB IEC61966 - 2.1, as I'm used to.  I'm doing something wrong, or is this normal?

Thank you!

Which version of photoshop and the operating system are you using?

In the Save dialog box for web you have embed color profile verified in addition to convert to sRGB?

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  • Why 'save for web' or 'Export as... ". ' change the hexadecimal color to my image?

    I save a series of images for use on the Web site using the background color #c54a90. This is achieved my having my background layer filled with color and other images then placing on the top (see screengrab below). However, when I export the image for the web or export in JPG the hexadecimal color replaces #c64a90. Does anyone know why this is? I have my RGB working space set to sRGB and the color profile is also sRGB. When I save it for the web, I tried embedding the profile and do not incorporate the profile and I get the same result. I also tried with and without conversion to sRGB in the Save Panel for web and has also no effect. Can anyone help? He drives me crazy!

    Here is an example jpg resulting.


    Here is the version stratified showing the original hex color:

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    Compression JPEG WILL change your image color values, because it is a lossy compression format.

    Visually, the colors will be close, but the exact values are supposed to change.

  • Why save for Web and devices is grayed out?

    I have Photoshop CS5 on Mac OS X Lion mountain. PS works fine, until today. On some images, I work with, file > save for Web and devices is grayed out. In addition, to save money, the options are extremely limited. It is obvious that I inadvertently clicked on something that caused this, but I just can't understand that.

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    Right. You work in 32 bits per channel. Change your bit depth.

  • Return of the mistake of MUSE: why do we not have several files with the same name?

    Well - I thought I had all this worked and fixed, but I met the download error 'Why do we have several files with the same name' once again.  (I downloaded all the files several times today in order to 1) works the way it worked the last time and 2) get an OAM file that is not loading for some reason any load again and the download takes about an hour to transfer all the files manually.

    To recap:

    (1) an option "Upload only modified files" returns the 'Muse has encountered an error and closes.  Why do we have several files with the same name? "error just as before.

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    Is it possible to have two .oam different files in different folders on your computer where the .oam files have the same name? I'm theorizing that there may be a bug in the treatment to ensure the folder created for a .oam placed on the server receives a unique name, particularly in the case of a partial update of the site on the server.

    Please send us the .muse file and all the files in .oam related to [email protected] along with a link to this topic for the context so we can attempt to reproduce this error and isolate the root cause. If files are larger than 20 MB, you'll need to use a service such as Adobe send & Track, Dropbox, creative cloud, WeTransfer, etc. file sharing. Thank you.

  • Should what color settings I choose for photoshop ProPhoto RGB, Adobe RGB 1998 or other?

    Please tell me what color settings should I use to apply on Photoshop and Lightroom. ProPhoto RGB, Adobe 1998 or another? Thank you.

    Nice day!

    If you work mainly for printing AdobeRGB seems a good choice, if you work primarily for the web, I would recommend to use sRGB.

    Kind regards


  • Fuzzy dynamic objects in Photoshop save for Web in JPEG files

    I create graphics, etc. in Illustrator, place them as dynamic objects in a master before displaying file Photoshop save for Web JPEG files as a slide PowerPoint background. Created in Illustrator or Photoshop, everything through this process (quality 80 or 100 with all SfW options on or off) except for the bands are blurred when they are imported (at 100%) in PowerPoint. The only way I was able to get whatever it is crisp in PowerPoint saves a Photoshop pdf file. However, it was only the text created in Photoshop. The part of the Illustrator smart object was still unclear. Someone has an idea on the best process to combine Photoshop and Illustrator files into a single file for import into PowerPoint as a clean and clear background? At this point, I am open to all suggestions.

    PowerPoint, as with all the office applications, use print sizes images and layouts, not pixel sizes. So, your pictures are probably too small to be seen clearly in PPT. according to Microsoft, failure to PPT for images is 220ppi, so if you want them to be clear, work on the actual size (inches / cm / mm) you want the image and save it to 220ppi or higher - no use save for web. Save for web always saves out to 72 dpi.

  • General issue of file on why my data store has 3 files with a _1 and _2

    OK, I'm a little new to this thing of VMware, but I was the main actor in this migration and have been the building and move all our servers to our ESX 3.5 with a back-end SAN platform.

    I did well until this weird thing, that I think that I understand, but I just don't know how to solve, or how it happened.  And right next to the bat, no I did not the instant code with this server... those that have been cleaned in the time there... Now

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    I have virtual machines that are created equal, that they all have a 'C' drive for the operating system on another dedicated "LUNS for OS Storage" and then they have their readers of 'd' of the newspapers "SQL" on a dedicated LUN in mirror, and then the 'E' drive is on dedicated aonther "LUN DATA.

    If all servers have 2 or 3 LUNS associated with them. That's how the SAN engineer and I designed it. OK works great.  Until one day, I noticed that I was shy about 40 GB space on my SQL LUN. Took time but I think I found the culprit, but I don't know how to solve this problem, or if it will break my dose. So here I ask you all.

    One of my servers called "Server01" has 2 drives associated with it and supposedly 2 / 2 data warehouses, or even what he had initially when it was built in August!

    Now, the operating system data store is fine.

    When I'm on Console V and I click with the button straight on my server and go to his 'change settings' is what I see:

    SERVER01of properties on the "change settings of ' Advanced ' your drive hard 1" to the appropriate LUN and all the VMDK and those files are there. ""  (IE OS LUN 10)

    But "hard drive 2" pointing to the right LUNS (IE SQL LUN11), but his record is called "server01_2"?  What?    She was built and given a hard drive on this LUN, but the name of the folder is wrong.   So I'll browse my store data and low and this is, I have 3 files with the same server name (IE... ( Server01, Server01_1, Server01_2 ) OK so what happened? Why? How? and how in the heck can I get my space back 40gig?

    I checked records the name of the original server, as well as the other files on the data store with the numbers in the annex of _1 and 2 and they have all VMDK files in it... of course dates on all the VMDK files are different and I guess that since the server points to the folder called + "SERVER012" + and its VMDK file has the most recent data buffer on this subject since the last Vmotion We did it, he must then use this folder.

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    I just want to know + If the server points to a folder called "Server01_2" and it has the most recent date stamp on this subject, can I then rename other files? + and then I can delete them?   And if I successful, how can I get my server to have the name of the correct folder again?    Instead of a * _2* on the end of it?

    Any suggestion would be great!    I learned the hard way that if your VM operating system is built and pointing to a file with a specific name, and you try to rename it to match the server, your operating system does not start!. LOL I hope that is not the case with a folder that has a 20gig assigned to HDD with oner VMDK file in it...


    Thank you


    No problem.  Cold migration allows you to move all your files in a data store.  You can use svmotion to move disks to different LUN, but the syntax is somewhat more complex.  The help option shows exactly how to move a machine virtual disk at a time.  Basically, you can move a disk with the config file, so basically, you move the config file and the disk of your choice in the data store that you need.  Move back the config for the original data store file, then repeat the process with the next disc.


    VMware vExpert

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  • Shares of CS5 how to insert 'save for web' item of menu with break


    I did a simple crop, resize, sharpen action today, but when I added the registration for the web stage that I couldn't work out how to get a break to allow the user to manually insert a file name change prior to registration does not happen. On the contrary, upon registration of the action, it seems I can only insert the item of menu Save for web with step registration enabled. To then change the name of the file, I need to go to the directory and rename the file manually.

    I wish that my action to make a break in the save for web window and devices so that I can make the change file name, tweaking the compression settings and sometimes change the type of file (for example the png or gif rather than jpg)... and then save.

    Probably very simple to make...

    When you save your action, instead of

    Insert the menu item to save for web,

    Use save for web and save a picture.

    Then in the Panel actions, turn on the toggle dialog box.

    Now, when the action is played, recording the web dialog box will open

    and you can change the settings.


  • Why can't I open image files with. Extention of the PSP?

    I can't open an image file with the name extension. PSP


    Program (s) that open the psp files
    Windows Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X 3  
    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X 5  
    ACD Systems Canvas 11  
    ACDSee 12 Photo Manager (PSP v. 5 and 6)

    Read the info above on the programs that open .psp files.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Not "Save as pdf" option for web printing "Smart Print" with IE9

    Just updated IE9 browser and noticed that there is no option 'Save as pdf' Smart for IE9 catalog as it was in older versions of smart Web printing for the IE8 and other earlier versions?

    Are there ' work around ' way, apart from the "Print Screen" heavier and HP approach will add back this feature is very handy in the future upgrades?

    I honestly always preferred Google Chrome IE, just for compatibility and ease of use of the browser.

    Just to tell you, SWP is a program that was written for IE8, but has been made compatible with IE9 which led some of the lost features crash. The feature can be added in the future, but I can't put a time table on when this feature will be added. Is there a specific task you want to accomplish that I might be able to give a more appropriate work around?

    Let me know and I'll get back to you!

    Have a great day!

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    Thank you

    Hi Pierrot

    (1) I get the column headers in the output of file(. txt file) but I don't want to see any header column
    You can set GENERATE_HEADER = flase and flow properties.

    -approach step by step on how to load some data from an oracle to flat file table

    (2) for the creation of the data source in data model if I give any type of Date column I get the null value in the output file, but if I give the column type as string date filed I am able to see the data in the output file.
    I don't think you can use a data type Date during loading in the flat file. You can go with string or number/integer (if the date has no special characters. Here, you can use a conversion function to convert the data type Date existing according to your needs, but make sure that you select "source or on the staging")


  • Download error - why don't we have several files with the same name?

    Since the upgrade to 2015.1 a couple of days, I can't update my site using the feature "only changed files.  If I do I get this error, followed by the Muse stops completely.


    If I change the upload to 'all files and folders' everything is wonderful, even if it takes an hour to update the entire site rather than the usual 10 minutes.  Given that it will only grow of it is I hope it is on the radar of the Adobe + 400 current pages team.  What should I do?

    Well, I got the error to stop on my own.  I downloaded several times with a full scale 'all files' downloading and finally opened the site on my iMac to perform the update it.  Same configuration, the same file, even software - after uploading each file one last time on the other machine I can now do a upload "only changed files" to be.

    What the hell was that?

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    Hi Modernmatt,

    I suggest you contact adobe support chat

    Please click on the link below-

    Contact the customer service



  • When registering downloaded as part of the name of the files is saved and there is no file with the name name extension.



    AS OF MARCH 14,2011 AT 06:50 IT IS NOT RESOLVED.

    Try putting quotes around the whole file name before you save it.

     "file name.mp3" 

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