Why T-bird chip parts vital off .jpg files?

PIX by e-mail cannot be opened in PhotoShop. Message is: "could not complete your request because a JPEG marker segment length is too short (the file may be truncated or incomplete).".jpg files open in iPhoto via Mac Mail and can then be opened in Psalm


The problem may be with the mail program used to send attachments, but the issue does not appear when for example Mac Mail sends to another user of e-mail. If attachments arrive intact when they are sent to non-Mac computers or webmail like Gmail or Hotmail, then that would indicate question a shippers.

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  • Why don't the colors in my JPG file look right when printed?

    When I downloaded a few psd files to an online print Center, the color changes radically.  I've flattened the image and checking Basic (standard) when recording in jpeg.  I tried two different printing centers.  What is happening, and how can I fix?

    Costco photo center and a local store

    Yes. They expect sRGB.

    So copy your master file. Flatten it. Go edit > convert to profile and choose sRGB. And just to be safe, I would not send low file. Go Image > Mode and choose 8-bit per channel.

    Good luck. Post back on the results.


  • How to convert a pdf file to a jpg file.

    I need to convert a scan saved as a pdf file to a jpg file. I want to import this analysis in google sketch up and I do not seem able to import a pdf file. That is why, I want to convert it to jpg file, but do not feel confident to simply download a converter from the internet without notice and a recommendation. Thank you.


    This freeware:
    can perform the conversion (I do!)
  • why I get blackened parts when I play games?

    original title: game of power outages

    why I get blackened parts when I play games? said it was a software problem, but may not know how to solve the problem. can someone help me? im running a version of xp 2002. should I get a new version of xp? THX jack

    You do not need to get a new version of xp in any circumstance, xp should automatically be updated.

    What do you mean by blackened parts? The items of the black screen, or something?

  • Why can't I add keywords in properties file to jpg files?

    I am organizing and add further power when looking for pictures by adding keywords (tags).  I right click on the file then click on properties, and then click summary.  I fill out the empty fields and click apply then ok.  When I reopen it the properties of all of the fields are empty again.  It seems that I can add them to other types of file.  Why not jpg?

    Thank you

    Well, that's really strange.  Anyway, I don't really have the means to hang a flash directly from my camera, so I put the flash drive in my computer with the camera.  Move the photo into the flash drive and tried to give keywords while on the flash drive with no luck.  Move the picture on my hard drive, still no luck.

    And I'm not sure how but you has inspired me to think about something.  I had my jpg files associated with Corel PhotoPaint X 5 so when I opened them, they opened in Corel.  I changed the association to Windows fax and picture viewer and my problem is solved.  I can now add all the info I need.   Looks like I need to take this discussion to Corel :(

    I thank very you much for the time and effort you invested in my number!


  • Photoshop mi Don t read my jpg file, why?


    I have a problem with my photosp programe, I need a help.

    Every day, I work with my photoshop, but today don t read my jpg file

    Someone ' one knows why?

    Thank you

    Hi haritzp,

    You can try to update the plugin for Photoshop camera raw. Reference: Camera Raw of Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6 Installer

    You can also reset the Photoshop preferences and check if that helps.

    To re-create the Photoshop preferences files, start the application while pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift (Windows) or command + Option + shift (Mac OS). Then, click Yes to the message, "Delete the Adobe Photoshop settings file?"

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards


  • I updated to windows 10 and installed items 14 64 bit.and is set by default to open .jpg files. When I click on an element of the photo opens but the photo is not. Then I have to open it manually. Any ideas why and how to sort gratefully receiving

    I have updated to 10 Windows and installed the 14 64-bit elements and makes it the default program for opening .jpg files. When I click on an element of the photo opens but the photo is not. Then I have to open it manually. Any ideas why and how do the sorting gratefully received

    Sort problem! I need the Adobe folder and use the Adobe Photoshop elements 14 .exe 'association' as my default file

  • Why my .jpg files open more.  The message is not supported or damaged in any way?

    Why my .jpg files open more.  The message is not supported or damaged.

    It depends on what you normally do with the latter. JPG files.  If you just want to view them, Photo Viewer Windows is fine.  If you want to change, then you will need to assign to a program on your computer of image editing.

    If you open them normally with Photo Viewer, but sometimes want to change, then you can right click on the file and then select open with...

    To change the association of file on Windows see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-default-programs#1TC=windows-7

  • Why the JPG file size decreases when Lightroom writes meta data?

    Lightroom uses the files sidecar XMP for meta data history for RAW files. When writing the metadata (e.g. tags) to JPG files, they are written directly in the header of the file. This should leave the image information in the file intact. However, the file size decreases (about 0.02 MB) when Lightroom writes metadata for the original JPG file. As far as I could see, the image information remain unchanged and no other information in the header is deleated, but why decreases the size of the file then (I expect to increase slightly or stay the same)? I work with RAW files for most but sometimes I just versions of the files to work with JPG and I don't want to lose any information.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    Kind regards


    The number 13 in FAQ on the web site of ExifTool treats this effect:


  • Why my. JPG files "appear to be unsupported or damaged" in LR 4?

    Hi all

    Why my. JPG files "appear to be unsupported or damaged" in LR 4?

    I never had this before isssue, just (to try) to import files of my snycomatic file (taken with my iphone). I do exactly the same thing as usual, but this time, when I try I get "files appear to be unsupported or damaged."

    All are jpeg files, all open in finder very well, and he allowed 8 of the 30 some odd pictures to import? Preview or images were not available in the thumbnails, although those who work was visible.

    I had checked the permissions of folders are all great and I seem to be able to import other files in other folders without any problem.

    Under Lightroom 4.4 & OSX10.7.5 a Mbpro, so this is useful at all.

    Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

    ironjed wrote:


    I tried fixing the metadata with exiftool - did not work (which usually means the problem not in the segment of metadata, even if it is probably not 100% (?)).

    I could solve this good upward using PixRecovery - you can try it here:


    It is relatively expensive: $10/photo set online (without him thundering "watermark" I mean) or $50 for buying license for unlimited use.

    You might be able to find one cheaper if you shop for example iSearch to "repair corrupted jpeg.


  • Why my 4.3 LR exports jpg files empty?

    I use LR 4.3 (student permit).

    I have dng files in my catalog.

    I try to export them as srgb jpg files.

    The exported files are empty, as in 0 kb and will not open.

    When I try to open them, I get a warning that the file is empty.

    It's never happened before. Everything started happening this week.

    When ask LR to find updates, he said I didn't need updates.

    When I right click on a file to dng in LR and try to open it via PS CS5 for editing, I get a message that says that my version of LR has to Camera Raw 7.3 and that I should update Camera Raw through PS menu.

    When I go to the PS and ask him to update, it says I'm updating.

    However, I believe that my Camera Raw installed is version 6.

    When I try to install the camera Raw 7, it tells me that the update does not apply to me, so I can't process.

    Any ideas why my 4.3 LR is all a sudden export empty jpg files?

    Thank you very much


    If synchronize you the folder you export, Dropbox 'Grab' the file as sonn as Lr wrote the placeholder and Lr prevents writing to the file.

    Stop the Dropbox synchronization for the folder you export to.

    It seems that a recent change made by Dropbox is the cause.

  • What is a Note? - And why I said to open it to print a jpg file?

    Just try to print a jpg file and send a message to open a first Note.  I don't know what it is...

    A note is an application that comes with Office 2007 and Office 2010. OneNote organizes your notes in notebooks, each of them are divided into Sections and could have several Pages.

    When you install the Office application, a Note becomes the printer by default as shown below:

    To resolve this problem, click Start and select the devices and printers. You will see a window like the one above. Select the printer you want to print with, right-click and select "Set as default printer". Now you can print to the printer normally.

  • WIndows 8 - why jpg files are downloaded or saved as files of windows media player

    I'm just a new laptop and WIndows 8 is already installed on it.

    Now, when I try to download an e-mail or drop jpg files, it writes windows media (files WMP) Player.

    When I want to insert images into a Word document, Word does not recognize the WMP files as images.

    Nor can I open them. WMP does not recognize as valid a file and I can't seem to open in a photo application.

    It's really annoying.

    Is there a way to prevent it from download a WMP file?


    This issue could be caused due to the file Association. I would like to know some information about this problem so that we can help you further.

    1. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    2 is this problem limited to all specific jpg files you downloaded?

    I suggest to put Photo Viewer/photo app as default and check if the problem persists.

    See the following Microsoft Help article to set programs/apps as default.


    You can also try the following steps to change the open with option in the properties of the file.

    a. right-click on the files, and then click Properties.

    b. click Open with .

    c. Select the Photo Viewer/App Photo.

    d. click apply then Ok to save the changes.

    Please reply with the status of the issue so that we can better help you.

  • Why the habit of importing JPG files in lightroom 6 and NEF files?

    Ive just loaded lightroom on my dell xps 13 I7 6 and when I import pictures in 6 ambient light only the NEF files are imported.  JPG files are there but don't are not recognized or imported by lightroom 6.

    Can anyone HELP?

    Preferences > General > check it to treat next to files as separate photos raw - JPEG files.

  • Why a jpg file size grows when I OPEN it in Photoshop before you do anything for her?

    I open a jpg file which my trusty Mac tells me is 2.4 MB, but Photoshop has immediately 34.8 Mb in size of the image. It is a picture of 72 dpi which is 59,333 inches width x 39,556 inches in height. I want to REDUCE it to one 17 "(approx.) size 11" for printing, which allows Photoshop to increase the resolution. I UNCHECK resample, and enter a width of 17. I have 17 inches wide; 11,333 inches and a resolution of 251,294 inches. Great! What I don't understand, however, is that - without Photoshop add no matter what pixel (remember, I REDUCE the size of the photo without resampling) - the size of the file is more than 14 times larger. The same thing with each jpg Photoshop I opened: 129Kb photo opens in Photoshop to 482.6 Kb; a 1.2 MB file opens to 5.49 MB, etc. I didn't not do anything at all, but open them. Without a doubt, it's something I should have learned (maybe you) long, long ago, but it has baffled me now. Very grateful for any help.

    The size you see in the finder is the compressed size. When you open it in Photoshop, you can see the enlarged size.

Maybe you are looking for