Why the FF Web page now have an icon that says "click me"?

Yesterday the FF browser Web page open with its usual icon and "suggestions".

When I opened it earlier today the FF icon itself was not clearly defined (asymmetrical), and there is an icon that says 'click here' (this icon was also biased).

I thought that perhaps I was prompted to update to FF, so I checked and 'yes', found that I needed to upgrade to Version 33. The download has been extremely slow, and the menu of the FF browser continues to display the icon "biased" FF, in addition to the other "asymmetrical icon" that says only 'click here' (don't tell what I'm clicking on). I have never had this problem before and it's only a
temporary glitch.

WHAT HAPPENED TO FIREFOX? I've never had these problems before.


edmeister and cor - el: I notice that now, this problem no longer exists because Firefox is more this watch. I sincerely thank you two for
your suggestions.

COR - el, I thank very you much for all your help in the past and in the
number of messages that I have reviewed with a resolution provided by you!

Tags: Firefox

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