Why the Firefox on Android is so great? It uses 20-60 MB and fills the volume? (App: 24MB.) Data: 30 MB +)


Firefox using too much space on my Android phone, and this causes problems on my phone for example errors "Low on space". Android applications are unable to obtain updates to security due to the use of the high area of Firefox, which is a security problem.

Why Firefox uses as much space and how to prevent or solve this problem?


I am running Firefox on Android 2.3.4 18.0. I then Firefox my 8 GB SD card. This problem also occurs well in Firefox 19 & 20 of Firefox.

Firefox uses a huge amount of space. This is the largest app on my phone by a long shot. It seems that Firefox will grow without limits, until what it triggers a "low on space" warning on the Android device. When this "low on space" warning is reached, Firefox becomes unstable and I'm unable to install other Android applications. Often applications cannot be updated due to high usage space of Firefox and cannot receive updates of security which is a security problem.

Please see the following screenshot that shows that Firefox uses about 30 MB worth of space and is approximately two times larger than the next largest app, Google Maps.


If I go into ' settings: Applications: storage use: Firefox ", Android tells me that Firefox uses the following amount of space:

   Total: 29.60Mb
   Application: 1.85MB
   Data: 27.76MB
   Cache: 0.00B

When Firefox is freshly installed, the "Total:" use is closer to 3MB. But in the coming days, this number increases to 30 MB.

Why Firefox uses as much space and how to prevent or solve this problem?


Thanks for pointing the "browser.cache.disk.parent_directory" option I understand the implications of privacy to store the cache outside the profile directory, but I don't have much choice. Firefox as an App has increased slightly with the latest version (8 MB to a value of policies) and my phone was so full that the system was not the application updates to security for other applications. I have that is need to get this resolved the problems of disk space or I will stop using Firefox.

I did it for free space:

  1. Create a new folder on my SD card ("/ mnt/sdcard/something /")
  2. Under ' subject: config' set browser.cache.disk.parent_directory to match the new directory created previously.
  3. Restart Firefox (I had to kill the Firefox application)
  4. Went to a few sites such as Facebook and Pinterest cache-heavy
  5. Checked the cache didn't work under ' subject: cache'
  6. Remove old files from the cache in my foo.profile/Cache Directory
  7. Went to "subject: config' and came back some of my manual settings that it took months to save disk space."

Now Firefox uses 10 MB less space on the memory of my system, then he has done it before. I can also make the larger cache (much larger) which will speed up the display of Web pages.

I couldn't create a symbolic link from my old Cache Directory to the new directory of Cache.

More info about "browser.cache.disk.parent_directory" can be found at http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.cache.disk.parent_directory

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    See you soon,.

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    Short version: If you use the booster app, delete it.

    This seems to have fixed for me.

  • [Explanation necessary] Clears the listview data and fill it again with new data


    I correctly filled a listview in c ++, data analysed and does interesting things with it. However, I am drunk stumbling, unable to find a way delete and repopulate my display of the list...

    Question 1:


    1. How can after I insert data in the list view, I clear the list data and run again the same method (init) who populated the list view with the data in the first place?

    Here are the docs that I referenced and I don't understand how to implement the methods in my code.

    QList - clear() method


    Using the data access Code, example

    GroupDataModel - Clear()



    Here is my code - filling of the display of the list of C++ and display of data in a ListView.


    MyApp::MyApp(bb::cascades::Application *app)
    : QObject(app){
        // create scene document from main.qml asset
            // set parent to created document to ensure it exists for the whole application lifetime
            QmlDocument *qml = QmlDocument::create("asset:///main.qml").parent(this);
                AbstractPane *root = qml->createRootObject();
                //grab references
                list_view = root->findChild("listView");
                // set created root object as a scene
                mNetworkAccessManager = new QNetworkAccessManager(this);
                bool result = connect(mNetworkAccessManager, SIGNAL(finished(QNetworkReply*)), this, SLOT(requestFinished(QNetworkReply*)));
                 Q_UNUSED(result);                 json = new QFile("data/file.json");
    void MyApp::init(){
        QNetworkRequest request = QNetworkRequest();
         // i call some service here
    void MyApp::requestFinished(QNetworkReply *reply){
        qDebug() << reply->error();
        qDebug() << reply->errorString();
        if (reply->error() == QNetworkReply::NoError) {
            qDebug() << "No error";
                    QByteArray data = reply->readAll();
                    if (!json->open(QIODevice::ReadWrite)) {
                        qDebug() << "Failed to open file";
            bb::data::JsonDataAccess jda;
            QVariantMap results = jda.loadFromBuffer(data).toMap();
                    QVariantList lst = jda.loadFromBuffer(data).toList();
                GroupDataModel *m = new GroupDataModel();
                       if(list_view) list_view->setDataModel(m);


    // Tabbed pane project template
    #ifndef MyApp_HPP_
    #define MyApp_HPP_
    namespace bb {
    namespace cascades {
    class Application;
    namespace bb {
    namespace data {
    class Application;
     * @brief Application pane object
     *Use this object to create and init app UI, to create context objects, to register the new meta types etc.
    class MyApp: public QObject {
        MyApp(bb::cascades::Application *app);
        virtual ~MyApp() {
        void init();
    private slots:
        void requestFinished(QNetworkReply *reply);
        QNetworkAccessManager *mNetworkAccessManager;
        QNetworkRequest *request;
        QFile *json;
        bb::cascades::ListView *list_view;
    #endif /* MyApp_HPP_ */

    hand. QML

    import bb.cascades 1.0
    Container {
                            background: Color.White
                            ListView {
                                id: listView
                                preferredHeight: maxHeight
                                objectName: "listView"
                                listItemComponents: [
                                    ListItemComponent {
                                        type: "item"
                                        Container {
                                            Container {
                                                Label {
                                                    text: ListItemData.id
                                onTriggered: {
                                    console.log("selected_index: " + indexPath)
                                horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Center
                                verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Center

    Question 2:

    How reference to the ListView object with the name "listView" in different parts of the MyApp.cpp file? Is there anything else I should add to the header file to make the accessible listView?

    Question 3:

    What happens when you call the clear() method? How the data model is affected? How the user interface is affected? What happens in memory?

    Question 4:

    How do you verify that the data in the list has been deleted so that you can go ahead and fills again with new data? What is the cheque that I perform?

    I would also like to know how you manage multiple views of lists and data sources in your applications. Best practices or ideas?

    Thank you

    I was able to clear the listview with the following code, if anyone is interested.

    listView.dataModel = null

    The dataModel must be set to "null".

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    Hi Paul amstaur,.

    This question says, I've met before, and there is a permission problem. Please do below things to get rid of.

    Since you have already installed the app volume, go back to the snapshot, or install a vanilla OS. Provide a sufficient permission in the local security policy, if you install SQL express as well as the volume of the app as the backup Administrator, debug as an administrator, log in as a service to the domain user. Also make sure the time is correct on the computer. You must restart the computer after you gave permission.  Most of the cases you already have full filled what mentioned above, but still you get an error.  To get rid of it, you must copy the appvolume installation files to the local directory, may be in the C drive and recommending only not to mount the ISO in virtual CD ROM, instead of copy and extract the ISO locally.  the next important thing is that you must run the setup.exe AppVolume run as administrator.

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    If I calculated on my ÷ 41 161 calculator I get 0.2546583851, but I get the numbers 0.2552795031. Why this discrepancy? It is throwing my spreadsheet unhinged as he rounds automatically when we reduce the decimals to 0. Please notify.

    Thank you.

    I don't want to be too technical... but each calculator has a different precision. It depends on the hardware and software of your calculator.

    My advice: trust numbers app.

    Learn more about this :-)


    Are you sure you are not cheated? I tried in numbers and the exact result is:


  • Why the message app on none of phone them mirror?

    All the messages that I write or receive appear on my phone and watch. Why if I delete phone don't delete they look? I don't understand. They are the mirror of the other.  Help!


    The mirror my setting of the iPhone is how you receive a notification of new messages. (If you choose rather to custom, you can control if your watch shows alerts, if the sound alerts and/or haptic are provided and how often alerts are repeated when new messages are received).

    Delete the message is not synchronized to devices. Messages must on the contrary be deleted separately on each device (this is also how the application works on the additional Apple devices, such as a computer or iPad).

  • Why the volum lock?

    Hi, great players, I find many messages from blocking in vmkernel.log, in almost all esxi5.1 of home.

    I don't know if cela an impact on our production.  got only one or two vm'vmdk changed read-only... I don't know whether or not this "locks".

    Please watch a preview of this message and give me some advice, thank you very much!

    Connect lik this:

    2013-12 - T 10, 22: 23:47.374Z cpu22:13263202) DLX: 3661: flight 'xxxxxxx', 75927552 lock: check time-out [Req mode 1]:

    GEN 33, mode 1, owner 516444ef-b7b9240f-5805-xxxxxxxxmtime 6405918

    2013-12 - T 10, 22: 23:51.399Z cpu26:13263202) DLX: 4185: flight 'xxxxxx', 75927552 lock: [Req mode: 1] not free:

    GEN 33, mode 1, owner 516444ef-b7b9240f-5805-xxxxxxxxmtime 6405918

    2013-12 - T 10, 22: 23:51.399Z cpu26:13263202) DLX: 3661: flight 'xxxxxxx', 75927552 lock: check time-out [Req mode 1]:

    GEN 33, mode 1, owner 516444ef-b7b9240f-5805-xxxxxxxxmtime 6405918

    2013-12 - T 10, 22: 23:55.403Z cpu26:13263202) DLX: 4185: flight 'xxxxxxx', 75927552 lock: [Req mode: 1] not free:

    GEN 33, mode 1, owner 516444ef-b7b9240f-5805-xxxxxxxxmtime 6405918

    2013-12 - T 10, 22: 24:00.744Z cpu2:13263202) DLX: 3661: flight "xxxxxxxx", 75927552 lock: check time-out [Req mode 1]:

    GEN 33, mode 1, owner 516444ef-b7b9240f-5805-xxxxxxxx mtime 6405918

    2013-12 - 11 T 02: 20:34.574Z cpu16:13263202) DLX: 3661: flight 'xxxxxxx', 230592512 lock: check time-out [Req mode 1]:

    GN 9, mode 1, owner 517186c 1-1b4dfbe4-0e13-xyyyyyyymtime 5279956

    In addition, your storage space supports VAAI? VAAI allows the host ESXi offload certain tasks to the storage array. It also removes some of the locking process, since acceleration hardware and locking of ATS (the two things must be supported and made the storage array) can be discharged in your table.

    A few strands is not Persian a bad thing, but do not place too many virtual machines on a data store, as this can lead to more excessive locking.

    @Avinash: would be better to look at the disk device (u) in esxtop. Then activate the H field: RESVSTATS = reserve Stats. CON/s shows the SCSI conflicts, when a host tries to make the i/o to a LUN that is currently locked. RESV/s shows when something happens on the VMFS volumes use SCSI reservations. In the example of metadata updates.

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