Why the server in the configuration of the e-mail option is disabled for change with El Capitan?

When I start to use the mail, suddenly the server is changed and I can not change because that it is disabled (in gray).  What happens after instal El Capitan, when my Exchange account.  Is an Enterprise Server (mail.megasuper.com)

I need to change, but is not able to change.

What can I do?

Thank you

Omar Villamil

In Mail preferences, accounts, go to the advanced for the account tab and uncheck automatically detect and manage account settings.

You cannot deselect this option for Gmail accounts.

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    You posted your question in the forum of Acrobat Reader, so the question is: what applications do you use, exactly?

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    Are there options to the registry or any other thing, I can look at to compare the reason why we have to 'Save', 'Save-as' and 'Attach to E-mail' options and the other does not?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide,

    Doriana, just to confirm our email conversation (and update the forum for anyone else having the same problems).

    I just solved the problem. As I suspected that he had no problem with the file, it must have been a corruption with the installation of Acrobat Reader. Although I had repaired and removed / re-installed application (nor with any success previously).

    So this time I deleted the Adobe Reader software and then connected the Acrobat (acrobat_ittools_cleaner_p2_061713.zip) the site Adobe Web cleaning tool. I then restarted the computer and re-installed Adobe Reader 10.1.13. Now everything seems to work. Definitely under my ID, so just need to the end-user for testing.

    Thanks again for your time and your help John. I will end this post on the forum.

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    The question you have posted is better suited to the support of Windows Live Mail. I recommend you ask your question to the Windows Live Mail support for assistance.

    Hope the helps of information.

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    Hi marniez,

    Please see the thread similar to the following for a solution:


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    I hear you. I was there for more than 30 years.

    There are very few single line fonts. And most of the people is the property of specific burning software (i.e. the TTF or OTF fonts). Apart from these burning programs, what had to happen is for a foundry of fonts specifically design a single font. And, from what I've heard of these smelters (for the last 30 + years), the market is too small. I'm not saying that they are correct, it's just that it is their perception.

    Good luck


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    What can I do?

    I am running windows 8 pro with media center and my location is Spanish.

    After a bit of trial and error, I managed to update the software by running as an administrator. This enabled the "Update" feature in the Help menu and everything went smoothly. It is strange, however, that users will need to do such things in order to keep the software updated.

    lglrg14, you can try running as administrator to see if this solves your problem...

  • Why the Apple Music Radio plays only for a short period?

    Why the section of Apple's Music Radio play that for a short period and then stop at the end of a song? Sometimes after thirty minutes, other times, it will play for three hours. I can restart the music by pressing Pause, and then move to the next selection, then play. I have a start 2011 15 "MacBook Pro, El Capitan 10.11.1 and an Airport Extreme. All other aspects of iTunes and Apple's music work very well.

    It seems that your connection to the music of Apple streaming servers is interrupted for some reason any. I did have problems with Beats1 radio a break at any time that I have been listening. You can try to reboot your router if you do not have and test on ethernet vs wifi to see if that makes a difference.

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    Hey al;

    When you are installing vCenter Server 4.0, in the page of the Service Server vCenter, use the system account option is grayed out and I can't select it. Why?

    P.S. This option is available when using SQL Express, but when I use use an existing database support, the option is disabled.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you


    Your SQL server server is configured to use Windows authentication?

    If so, you may not use the system account.

    VCP / VMware vEXPERT 2009


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  • The E-mail Message body dynamics PowerShell/PowerCLI with data warehouses

    Hello what follows is related to this e-mail, but I'm stuck at the rounding of numbers

    The E-mail Message body dynamics PowerShell/PowerCLI

    I get an email with the following information:

    Datastore HealthCheck vCenter

    Available data store space
    UsedGB data store                                 Free GB                                 Perc Free
    Name1 273.30078125                         274.25                                    99%
    name2 273.30078125                         274.25                                    99%
    Name3 268.466796875                         274.25                                    99%
    name4 273.30078125                         274.25                                    99%

    Three things I'm stuck: the value UsedGB, woud have first with only two decimal points instead of having 273.30078125, nice to have 273.30. Secondly I do not receive the right percentage. Third: How can I sort the free Perf in the percentage values lowest for the greater? Thanks for your help


    $msg. Object = "vCenter Datastore health CompanyvCenter.
    $array0 = @)
    $array1 = @)
    $array2 = @)
    Start-sleep 1
    to connect-VIServer $vcserver
    $array0 += get-Datastore. Select-Object - ExpandProperty name
    $array1 += get-Datastore. Select-Object - ExpandProperty FreeSpaceGB
    $array2 = get-Datastore. Select-Object - ExpandProperty CapacityGB
    $UsedSpace = [math]: tour (($array2 [$i]-$array1[$i]), 2)
    $PercFree = [math]: Round ((100 * $array1 [$i] / $array2[$i]), 0)
    $String0 = ' $PercFree$ %.
    $i = 0
    $j = 0
    # Header
    $msg. Body += "< FONT COLOR = black > Datastore HealthCheck CompanyvCenter < / POLICE > < BR > < BR >".
    # Datastore header
    $msg. Body += "< B > < FONT COLOR = black > Datastore space available < / POLICE > < / b > < BR >".
    $msg. Body += "< B > < COLOR of FONT = black > Datastore < / POLICE > < / b > < B > < FONT COLOR = black > UsedGB < / POLICE > < / b > '."
    < B > < FONT COLOR = black > free GB < / FONT > < / b > '
    "< B > < FONT COLOR = black > free Perc < / POLICE > < /B >.
    # Datasores
    0. ($array0.) Count-1) | %{
    $msg. Body += "< BR > < DO COLOR = Black > ' + $array0 [$_]
    $msg. Body += "< / FONT > < FONT COLOR = Black >" + [math]: tour (($array2 [$_]-$array1[$_]), 2)
    #$msg. Body += ' < / POLICE > < DO COLOR = Black > ' + $array1 [$_]
    $msg. Body += ' < / POLICE > < COLOR of POLICE black = > ' + $array2 [$_] + ' < / POLICE >.
    #$msg. Body += "< / FONT > < FONT COLOR = black >" + [math]: tour (($array2 [$_]-$array1[$_]), 2) + "< station >"
    $msg. {"Body +=" "< ARE COLOR = Black >" + [math]: round ((100 * $array1 [$i] / $array2 [$i]), 0) + "$Percent" + "< / FONT > < BR >"}
    $msg. Attachments.Add ($att1)
    $msg. IsBodyHTML = $true
    $smtp. Send ($MSG)
    $att1. Dispose()
    Disconnect-VIServer $vcserver - confirm: $false

    #Here configure your paraneters

    $SMTPServer = "Exchange".

    $MailSubject = 'vCenter Datastore health CompanyvCenter.

    $Email = "[email protected]".

    function {Set-AlternatingCSSClasses


    [string] $HTMLFragment,

    [string] $CSSEvenClass,

    [string] $CssOddClass


    [xml] $xml = $HTMLFragment

    $table = $xml. SelectSingleNode ('table')

    $classname = $CSSOddClass

    {foreach ($tr in $table.tr)}

    If ($classname - eq $CSSEvenClass) {$classname = $CssOddClass}

    else {$classname = $CSSEvenClass}

    $class = $xml. CreateAttribute ('class')

    $class.value = $classname

    $tr.attributes.append ($class) | Out-null


    $xml.innerxml | out-string


    Function report-Datastore {}

    $output = @)

    Get-Datastore. % {

    $props = [ordered]@{'Name'=$_. Name;

    "UsedSpace' = [math]: Round (($_.)) CapacityGB - $_. (FreeSpaceGB), 2);

    "PercFree" = [math]: Round ((100 * ($_.))) FreeSpaceGB / $_. {(CapacityGB)), 0)}

    $output += new-Object - TypeName PSCUstomObject-property $props




    "$style = @".


    #Connect to Vcenter

    SE connect-VIServer $vcserver

    # Trnasform the object in the HTML

    $html_DS = report-Datastore.

    Sort-Object PercFree |

    ConvertTo-HTML-Fragment |


    Game-AlternatingCSSClasses - CSSEvenClass 'even' - CssOddClass 'odd '.

    $html_DS ="

    Data warehouses

    $html_DS ".

    $params = @{'head' ='vCenter Datastore health CompanyvCenter$style ';

    ««PreContent =»

    HealthCheck CompanyvCenter data store


    "PostContent' = $html_DS}

    # Send email

    Send-MailMessage-to $Email - subject $MailSubject-BodyAsHtml (ConvertTo-HTML @params) body - SmtpServer $SMTPServer

    # Disconnect Vcenter

    Disconnect-VIServer $vcserver - confirm: $false

  • left click in the web browser options are disabled in the latest version

    In all previous versions of firefox, I had no problem in the drop-down list when a left click to open a link in a new tab or save the highlighted text or even to save an image on my disk. But now with the last update (20.0.1) I came across something that bothers me by the length of the drop-down list (too long, too much stuff on it) and half the options are disabled, making it harder for me to surf the web that I used to do. I took a screenshot of my question. I hope this will help. In addition, that my OS is windows 7. http://www.darkworlds.se/images/other/firefx20bug.jpg

    It is a problem to have an out-of-date version of Firebug, most likely you have disabled the automatic update of the addons.

    The best way to fix it is to go to tools-> Addons and then clicking the wheel upwards button near the search box. From there you choose ' Check for Updates ' and unless you need specific versions of an add-on, choose "automatically updated addons ' while you there.

    You will probably need to update Firebug twice, because it updates a version obsolete and from there to the newest one.

    It's the solution, I came on as I had the same exact problem, I tried to create a new profile and tastes.

  • Vista SP1 does not update problems and System Restore returns a message "system restore was not entirely successful. File system and the setting of your computer has not changed"with the error code (0x80071AA7)

    0rignal title: Vista SP1 didn't update problem

    So, recently, I was on my computer of gf and noticed she had some updates, it could use his computer which included the SP1 update.  So I went through the process trying to update his computer and he has been a disaster and have had many problems and seems to have tried everything.  It has a Dell inspiron 1525 and has no CD and no key for its program of Vista.  I burned a Vista recovery disk and tried troubleshooting by using that, but have not had much luck.  When I use the Startup Repair tool there is no nothing.  So I tried to use the restore of the system with the Description of "install: Windows Vista Service Pack 1.  He had a restore point saved just before I tried to update to SP1.  Whenever I chose this method, it's but the whole process then in the end it says:

    "System restore was not entirely successful.  File system and the setting of your computer have not changed. "

    then he begins to list the details with the error code (0x80071AA7) and then gives me the option to close or 'Run System Restore"once again that is an endless loop, because I just end up with the same error each time.  If anyone has had this problem and bring myself through it.  I don't want to reinstall windows because it seems simply ridiculous and plus that she a lot of pictures on his computer and I want to get rid of those.

    If you need more information please let me know and evil provides everything I can

    Follow the steps and check if the problem persists.
    Step 1:
    I suspect that your security program may be responsible for this. I would suggest you temporarily disable all security software and try the system restore.
    Note : Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats.  In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.
    Step 2:
    As for installing updates is concerned, I you should install them after you put your computer in aclean boot State. There could be a third-party software in conflict with updates. Clean boot helps eliminate these conflicts.
    Note: Restart your machine as usual by following step 7.
    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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  • Where can I find the "Extended Support Release" Flash Player for Windows with my creative cloud account?

    Where can I find the "Extended Support Release" Flash Player for Windows after March 1?

    through my creative cloud is account possible?

    now, we are to "Adobe Flash Player Distribution|" "Adobe"

    Hi Mansur_Farooq,

    You can download Adobe Flash Player here: Adobe Flash Player install for all versions

    Let us know if you need additional assistance.

    Kind regards


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