Why transfer doesn't work?

Hey, guys! Hoping someone here can help me. I am the proud owner of a Macbook (early 2015) of the retina, and I love it. I want to say that it was no problem, but I Can not - transfer does not work!

I logged in iCloud by using the same Apple ID on my iPhone (iPhone 6 s, iOS 9.3.3) and when I log in Messages on my Mac, I keep seeing in the left panel under 'Preferences' that my account is inactive. Whenever I try to send a message to someone, the name comes in red and I'm invited to sign it - except when I hit the sign in button, I'm actually still signed in and the account is activated! I take a glance settings iMessage on my iPhone and noticed that there is no option for transmission of Message text, so it was not possible to activate this feature.

I called Apple Support and they also found it strange that he did not work, they find more strange was that "I had all the ingredients, but it does not work" - which means, I am connected with the same ID, my number appears in the preferences of Message on my Mac, I signed with my identifier Apple to use iMessage on my iPhone... it's weird. The next day, I noticed that some aspects of the transfer procedure worked.

Every time I open Safari on my iPhone, it appears in the Dock on my Mac and vice versa. It goes the same for mail. I also noticed under "phone settings" on my iPhone, I had the opportunity to receive calls on my devices to iCloud, which listed my Macbook. I thought: 'very well! an improvement! "Later, I invited to enter a PIN code of my Mac on my iPhone and voila! Transfer text messages was there, I entered the code and then prayed. Back to the start box, Messages on my Mac refused to work. I kept getting the same problem as above. I must point out that Safari, Mail and phone were still working through transfer.

Today, I noticed nothing work - no mail, no phone and no Safari by transfer. The option to respond to calls on other iCloud devices have also disappeared.

When I contacted Apple, I was put with a counselor... but I have not heard yet return. He was also puzzled over there (but very useful). The impression I get from Apple, this is a problem at the level of the device. I'm not so convinced, I'm thinking it was to do with my account on the end of Apple (perhaps the Server/service level?). To my knowledge, Apple Support and specialist have not looked into this.

Here is what I tried:

  1. Turning iMessage/Facetime on my iPhone on and outside.
  2. Signature on my Apple ID for iMessage and Facetime and then signing back in.
  3. Disconnection and signature in Messages and Facetime on my mac.
  4. Signing in and out of the iCloud on my iPhone and Mac.
  5. Restart both devices when they are disconnected from the internet.
  6. Tried the signature using the App password. (did not work)
  7. Off the two-step verification. (that is, one more time)
  8. Signature on all of my Apple ID account by using only my email domain iCloud.
  9. IPhone restored like new.
  10. Recovery of the Internet on Macbook.
  11. Checked my iPhone automatically sets the time zone.
  12. To ensure that the region iMessage/Facetime and iPhone/Mac were the same (United States)
    1. I must emphasize that the region of my ID Apple is set to Barbados (where I'm from) so that I can use my local iTunes/App Store purchases credit card but I don't see how or even why it would affect the transfer procedure
  13. At the request of the Senior Adviser, I called my provider wireless (flow Barbados) to understand if they support the text Message Forwarding (they didn't know what I was talking about, first, that they said no encryption, it wasn't like call forwarding, and then when I explained to them, they said they were not sure and contact Apple even once).
  14. I don't know if this has nothing to do with it, but I find my iPhone refuses to connect to my MacBook via bluetooth after mating, my MacBook would say connected and my iPhone say not connected, and finally he would be dismissed. But sometimes it does not work when I use the Handoff... weird apps. Also, I can't seem to get AirDrop works, does not detect my devices between them. Just said that I would mention this in case it helps.

Honestly, this has me has raged for a few days now and I'm really at a loss as to what I should do.

Any ideas or suggestions? Whatever that either would be appreciated.

UPDATE: transfer of telephone, Mail and Safari doesn't work again... still no luck with Messages.

I have a few updates with screenshots, hope they help.

So, I get this message when I connect using the same Apple ID on iMessage on my iPhone and iCloud/Messages on my Mac.

When I signed, what happened. I was able to sign properly.

As you can see here, my ID Apple is connected and my number is recognized. Note, it continues to tell me that iMessage inactive (red underlined).

When I try to send a message to myself (even with other known users iMessage), this is what is happening.

For some reason, the recipient turns into this red box, where is my Apple ID is the box and I am being asked to activate my account of iMessage. When I click the activate option, I see that I am connected and the ID is activated.

This continues to baffle me.

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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    Had no luck reaching a Microsoft representative to work through this.  Totally stuck and frustrated.

    It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.


    They will help you with your question in Forum Vista programs at the above address.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Hello, welcome,

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    Hello Sharon,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    This problem may occur because of corrupted audio drivers or incorrect audio settings.

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    I hope this information helps.

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  • Global and Local variable... why it doesn't work?

    I'm confused.  .__.


    in any case, I wrote a class for my AS3 flash game.  It's that everything works well until what I called a method and got an error message.  After a bit of debugging, I was able to determine that my problem is when I try to assign a global variable (and the class property) to a local value, within the service itself, where the local variable.

    Here is part of my class:

    Sheet/public class extends Sprite {}

    private var number: int;

    private var sourceBitmap:Bitmap;

    private var sourceBitmapData:BitmapData;

    private var tileWidth:int;

    private var tileHeight:int;

    public void {sheet (number: int, tileWidth:int, tileHeight:int)}

    This.Number = number;

    this.tileWidth = tileWidth;

    this.tileHeight = tileWidth;




    public void displayImage() {}

    var imgLoader:Loader = new Loader();

    imgLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, done);

    If (number > = 100) {}

    imgLoader.load (new URLRequest("CharSprites/Female/"+number+".png"));


    else {}

    imgLoader.load (new URLRequest("CharSprites/Male/"+number+".png"));


    function done(evt:Event):void {}

    var myBit:Bitmap = Bitmap (imgLoader.content);

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    Thank you very much!

    Ya. My recommendation is to delay your init() function call until your image will load. So just move the call to init() in your service done or what needs the bitmapData to your function made move.

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    This problem may be caused by corrupted cookies or cookies that are blocked.

    Clear the cache and delete cookies only from Web sites that cause problems.

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    'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems:

    • Firefox/tools > Options > privacy > "Use the custom settings for history" > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    If the deletion of cookies did not help, then it is possible that the cookies.sqlite file that stores the cookies has been corrupted.

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    I have a copy of 'pay-for' free and Roboform, (v. 6.10.2) which works just fine on Firefox v. 3.6.17. But it does not work on Firefox version 4. I won't buy another version of Roboform to use on FFv4. That's happened? Why it doesn't work anymore?
    I can't afford to buy a computer one another, newer, or I wish.
    I downgraded to FF v. 3.6.17 and Roboform v. 6.10.2 works very well.
    Please tell me what you have changed between FF 3.6.17 in v. 4 v. to make Roboform v. 6.10.2 to stop working.

    RoboForm should support Firefox 3.6. * in general, and no specific security for Fx 3.6 so this update should work if it supports 3.6.17 and earlier versions.

  • Why ctrl + shift + t doesn't work anymore?

    Why ctrl + shift + t doesn't work anymore?

    The problem is solved in the next Firefox 26.0 and not 25.0/25.0.1

    For playback as Bugzilla is not a discussion forum.

    Bug 858975 - Shortcut key for Inspector is conflicting with shortcut key for undo close tab
  • Why my home button doesn't work sometimes?

    Why my home button doesn't work sometimes? I have to click several times to activate it. I have an ipad 1 month 12.9 pro. Very frustrating. Thanks for any help.

    You can use a virtual Home button. To enable it, go to settings > general > accessibility and scroll down until you see AssistiveTouch *. You want that lights up.

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    Why the rejection of multiple photos doesn't work anymore when you change pictures? Does anyone else have this problem? It works on my other Mac but just stop working on my computer laptop pro, I have the latest OS and it worked until a few weeks ago. Thanks for any help!

    Selection of several photos at once enter "9" to reject all still works them for me in Aperture 3.6 on El Capitan.

    Have you tested, if the problem occurs only in an Aperture library or libraries opening?

    Create a new Aperture library to test and see rejection, so it works.

    If it does not work in a new library either, I got trash Aperture preferences.

    In preferences file is now in the container folder in the user's library.

    Try this:

    • Leave the opening runs.
    • Then open your user library and delete the folder complete ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Aperture/
    • and the ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Aperture.plist file

    Your user library can still be hidden. To reveal the hidden user library:

    • Bring the Finder to the front by clicking on the desktop or the Finder icon in the Dock.
    • Select your folder user/home (with the House icon in the side bar of the Finder)
    • With this window in the Finder in the front window, press the ⌘J key combination to bring up the display options.
    • In the view options panel allow you to "show the library folder. That will make your visible user library folder in your folder.
    • Open your folder, then the library folder, then the containers.
    • Move the entire folder ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Aperture on your desktop. Move the entire folder, not just the content.
    • Delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Aperture.plist as well.

    Now, restart the Mac, start Aperture and try see your book.  If all goes well, delete the folder on the desktop.

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    ATH.exe doesn't work anymore, why?


    ATH.exe is a device Apple driver, so you must check with Apple Support
    for the device you are using. As an iPad, iPod or whatever. Also ask
    in their forums.

    Apple - Support

    Apple - Support - Apple Support Contact

    Apple - Support Community - Forums

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