Why, trying to ' save/burn DVD' in Windows Movie Maker 2011, Windows stops at 40% registered?

I carefully created a film that lasts 1 hour 19 minutes and consists of clips video, pictures always and the music with Windows Live Moviemaker 2011.

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium and think I have all the updates that are loaded.

When I try to "save/burn DVD", Windows starts the recording of the film process, and when she gets the 40% recorded point, Windows will stop.  What is the problem?

Large, complex projects, such as the one you created tend to
be problematic.

There is a real possibility that you have included one or more
source (photos, video clips, music files) files that are either
corrupted or not completely compatible with Movie Maker / DVD Maker.

Several formats are apparently compatible with Movie Maker but
the most reliable choices are:

Photos - bmp
Video - wmv or dv - avi
Audio - wav, wma, wmv

And... the following article might be worth a visit:

How to burn DVDs with Windows DVD Maker
(scroll down for...) What to do in case of problems)

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    Hi N2tjq,

    Are a. When you facing this problem?

    B. is - what happens with all DVDs?

    C. recent changes made on the computer?

    I firstly you suggests to save the project to your computer, and then try to burn on a DVD at a slower burning speed.

    Choose a speed slower burn to your DVD recorder as follows:

    1 back to adding photos and video to the DVD page and then click on Options.
    2. in the DVD burner speed box, select medium or slow.

    If the problem persists, download the service pack 2 for windows vista on the computer
    How to obtain the latest Windows Vista service pack

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    If you use windows media player, see the link below:
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    Bindu S - Microsoft Support

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  • Save a movie on Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

    Whenever I try to save a movie in Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 it opens the saving window then begins does not answer. Then he begins to report the problem, and then closes. I tried it again, but every time I try it crashes and closes.

    Do you know why this is happening and how can I fix?

    Thank you

    Whenever I try to save a movie in Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 it opens the saving window then begins does not answer. Then he begins to report the problem, and then closes. I tried it again, but every time I try it crashes and closes.

    Do you know why this is happening and how can I fix?

    Thank you

    Sorry... I don't have the exact answer, but I know
    some questions that may contribute to this problem...

    (1) using the incompatible sources in the project files.

    Several formats are apparently compatible with
    Movie Maker, but the most reliable choices are:

    Photos - bmp
    Video - wmv or dv - avi
    Audio - wav, wma, wmv

    (2) the project is too large and/or complex.

    The fix for this would be to create several small
    projects and save each of them in the movie WMV
    format in a folder on your hard drive.

    The collected WMV files can then be re-imported
    in Movie Maker to bring together in a single
    film or they can be imported into DVD Maker
    and each comes a scene on a DVD.

    (3) codec issues.

    Sometimes, this can be corrected by opening film
    Manufacturer and go to the... Tools / Options / Compatibility
    tab, and uncheck all filters / OK.

    (4) video driver needs to update.

    If you reduce the graphic hardware acceleration as
    According to the instructions in the following article... you can
    See an improvement. If... Yes, you need to update
    your video driver. (improvement or not... do not forget to)
    return to full acceleration after the experience)

    How to put in back of graphics hardware acceleration
    (scroll down to: "If you use Windows Vista")

    Also, some systems cannot handle Vista Movie
    Machine 6 or Windows Live Movie Maker... among those
    instances... There's an earlier version which can be
    downloaded and installed:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Windows Movie Maker 2.6
    (works on Vista and Win7)

    Good luck...

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

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    Movie Maker 2.6 is for Windows Vista users whose computer cannot run the Vista's Movie Maker version. However if you want to upgrade the Movie maker for Windows XP you can try to download Windows live essentials.

    Windows Live Essentials includes seven major programs Windows Live to help you stay in touch with the people you care most, edit and share your photos, blog, browse, search, and help your kids safer online. Programs include Windows Live Messenger, Mail, Writer, photo library, Family Safety, toolbar, and Movie Maker and Outlook Connector, Office Live Add-in and Microsoft Silverlight.

    Check the minimum system requirements for Windows XP.


    To download Windows Live Essentials refer:


  • Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 - how to remove items from the recent projects list

    Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

    I have duplicates on my list of recent projects.

    How to remove items from the numbered list of recent projects?  What are the (thumb)

    bugs used for?  Thank you.


    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live Movie Maker and would be better suited in the Windows Live Solution Center. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.


    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

  • How to divide the song in Windows Movie Maker 2011?

    Help me! I have the latest version of WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER, windows movie maker 2011. I want to ask you, how I shared a song in this version? I know I can do it in the windows movie maker 2.6. But please help! What I would do in the 2011 version? Help me!!

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  • Re: Satellite P200 - TS - L802a Won't burn DVD on Windows 7

    I have a Satellite P200. Due to the original HDD becomes full, I installed a new drive hard more - and installed Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I can't get my DVD burner to work (TS-L802a). The DVD player is fine because if I put the old hard drive back (Vista) it works perfectly. I have the 6.1.7601.17514 (TF32) firmware installed. I tried to upgrade to the WinVup2_L802A_RATO35 however the installer does not recognize that there is a DVD player - even if it will read DVDs without problem. It says update is not available and the Start button is grayed out.

    I searched high and low for a solution and I'm out of ideas. Can anyone offer a solution please? Thanks in advance.

    NB: I have not upgraded from Vista - I bought Windows 7 to install on new hard drive.


    > even if it will read DVDs without problem
    This means that DVD burning function is affected, but you can play DVDs without problem, right?

    Well, this could be also related to the brand of DVD. This DVD you use for burning discs?
    I m using the DVD - R Verbatim and TDK. The two brands works fine on my laptop.

    What burning software do you use? Have you tried with CD Burner XP?

  • Burned DVD using Windows DVD Maker times only once on my Blu - ray player

    Original title: burned dvd

    When I do a cd burned with my windows dvd maker, dvd will play only once on my blu - ray player separated from the TV.  It works fine the first time, but the Player cannot find the disc any time after that.  I use dvd + r discs.  Is there a formatting problem, or do I need to get the dvd + rw discs.  I'm really at a loss.  Thanks for your help guys!

    Hi frapachino21,

    -The problem occurs with all CD/DVD you burn using Windows DVD Maker?

    -After playback of the disc on the Blu - ray drive, the drive is not detected on your desktop/computer laptop with no problems?

    To use certain kinds of CD or DVD discs outside of your computer, you must close the session, which is a process that prepares the disc to be read by other computers and players.

    You can try to close or finalize the CD/DVD and check if it makes a difference.

    Also see the following articles:

    Burn a DVD-video disc

    DVD-video burning: frequently asked questions

    Why my CD or DVD does not work in another drive?

    Disc burning: frequently asked questions

    Gokul - Microsoft Support

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  • Burning DVDs with Windows Media Center

    Why does take so long to burn a dvd of a movie that I recorded with Windows Media Center Vista?

    Is there another way to upload videos/movies recorded with Windows Media Center on a dvd?

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64.

    What determines how long it will take to burn the DVD?

    The following factors play a role in how long it will take to burn a DVD:

    • Available system resources on your computer. The speed of your computer processor, the amount of available disk space and amount of RAM play a role in determining how long it will take to encode the video and burn it to a DVD.

    • The speed of your DVD burner, as well as the type of recordable DVD media you are using. A faster DVD burner with faster recordable DVDs results in a decreased once burning, compared to burning a DVD with a DVD burner slower more slowly the recordable DVD.

    • The length of the video on the DVD. When you use Windows Media Center to create a DVD, all the video and audio must be converted to a file format audio and video that a DVD player can decode and play. Long videos take longer to burn.

      You can include digital images and music on the DVD when creating a slide show. Photos and music are encoded in the MPEG-2 and Dolby audio, Digital video format and consequently, they will increase the time it takes to create and burn slide show DVD.

    City of http://windows.microsoft.com/en-AU/windows-vista/Burn-a-CD-or-DVD-in-Windows-Media-Center-frequently-asked-questions

    Check out similar posts mentioned under "Related topics" to the right of this message.

    There are always third-party programs to watch, things like Nero or Roxio, but they are expensive, unless you get them delivered with a new DVD player.

    Free Windows CD DVD burning software download list

  • Burn DVDs using Windows DVD Creator

    I am using first Pro CC 2014 in a Windows 7 environment.

    Creating DVDs is very good an exception for me, but I find that I need to do on a project that I finished yesterday evening.  Help files are full of duty (which is is more developed again) to handle this, but reading the instructions, it seems that I need to install Pr CS6 for this.

    Then... a few questions before I pass a (Aussie ADSL speeds waste) time downloading something I do not need, is it possible to use Windows DVD Maker (or, in a pinch, DVDStyler) to manage and, if so, what export settings should I in SOUL?

    FYI, I tried using the preset with PCM Audio MPEG-DVD and I thought that he had worked - but my 12 minutes project stopped after about 8 minutes and there is no audio data.  Also, I tried to compress the audio in the MPEG format in SOUL with similar results.  DVDStyler seems to read the .m2v file generated by the SOUL like wave, so I have not even tried a burn.

    Another question: if I don't have to go on the road of CS6/still, my project 2014 CC will drop open here or do I have to do some sort of conversion?

    Any advice on the best way to proceed would be much appreciated!  I'm sure I'm missing something and this should not be difficult.

    Well, playing around, I found my own solution which I'll post in case anyone else wants to burn DVDs without installing CS6/still.

    I found a piece of software called DVD Flick (free under a Creative Commons license) which can create DVDs from a wide variety of raw materials - I happened to use a version made in SOUL on the Youtube HD preset (1080) and it worked well - good quality, the instructions were clear and concise, and the coding was relatively fast (about 1 minute-by-minute video).  If I need to burn a DVD more in the future (so probably not, but who knows) can I have a play with other settings of the SOUL, but, for the moment, I am happy and can recommend DVD Flick on CS6/still just for the occasional DVD.

  • "Reading and burning DVDs in Windows 8.

    Just recently my uncle died, after 76 years, and a DVD were made from photos of his life. I don't have a DVD player. So when I got a DVD in the past (with windows 7) I was watching it on my computer. And if I had a family DVD I would like to make copies for guard duty, I would burn it... Just recently, my old computer with windows 7 past as well. So I bought a new a Windows 8 and found that it will not play or burn DVDs. What can I do? And if I have to upgrade, I would do it with a program/system that is compatible with Windows. I don't have a lot of money through autour, but I don't want for a free system and take the chance of getting malware or virus... Help, please. What is the best program/system for windows 8, which will play and burn DVDs?

    For DVD player, you need to just install K-lite codec pack, then you can play a DVD with windows media player on your windows 8. No need to buy anything.

    For DVD burning, I would recommend you convertxtodvd , works well on windows 8, safe and easy to use.
  • I am trying to create a dvd with windows movie maker, but my saved movies are in format ".mov" which doesn't seem to be compatible. How to convert files in a compatible format? __

    Changing format of movies '.mov' to the compatible format for editing movies using windows movie maker

    Changing format of movies '.mov' to the compatible format for editing movies using windows movie maker

    MOV is the format QuickTime from Apple and the
    Software «QuickTime 7 Pro» allows to convert MOV files...
    (this is the commercial version, not freeware)

    QuickTime 7 Pro

    Instructions for the conversion of the .mov files are on
    page 42 of the .pdf document
    "Exporting files with QuickTime Pro".

    QuickTime 7.6 user guide

    Or... you can use the following to freeware
    convert .mov files to .wmv format and
    import into Windows Movie Maker.

    Format Factory
    John Inzer - MS - MVP - digital media experience

  • Need help to make the movie to burn to dvd with Microsoft movie maker

    I don't know whether or not we have a DVD burner on our computer. It only gives me the ability to burn on a dvd when I try to publish a movie in movie maker from microsoft. is this in any way about this? I can download something and or transfer the work I have already done to media player somehow and do it? Also is there any kind of CD that I can burn that would play the pictures and sound on the dvd player?

    To burn a movie to a DVD and be able to play on a normal DVD player, you need WindowsDVD Creation.
    Windows DVD creation is included in the system IF you have either
    Vista Home Premium, Ultimate
    Windows 7 Edition Home Premium or higher.

    If your version of Windows is not one of the above, you will need to google for a 3rd party DVD Maker.


  • Try to burn DVD folder creates Movie.m2v under encoded files

    A few quirks happens after a wipe and reinstall (windows 7, PE 13.1) because something vile, I downloaded with a GoPro codec. When I try to share in disk file, select DVD, 4.7 GB, select the folder location of the active project - no record or video files appears. I looked in my computer and found a new file created in the folder of encrypted files in the active project, under the PREL / sequence 01/DVD - a movie.m2v this is the full video without audio. On a repeated attempt to burn a DVD to a folder, PE claims it's done, but nothing is nowhere. I can burn a DVD folder using PE8 that I keep active because I sometimes use an old video camera. Any ideas or something always wacky with the computer?


    Thanks for the reply.

    Profile ' burn to, followed by combustion complete message successful and no product found burning ' was seen before with this program.

    The typical solution is to remove the check mark next to the preference "Use hardware acceleration (works on Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher)" If your computer does not use one of these cards. If your Device Manager/adapters/nickname of map just shows Intel HD Graphics you are not eligible take advantage of this preference.

    And those who do not have an eligible card and this enabled preference run into the problem you describe. So, if you don't already, please check the exact card video/graphics card using your computer. In all cases, please look at the burn to with and without this preference turned off.

    What did you find in the folder of encoded files and record DVD sounds great - Movie.m2v (which is the export without sound) and Movie.ac3 (which is the audio portion of export).

    After retrieving your computer, did you go through the usual exercises...

    Latest version of QuickTime installed

    Programs running as administrator


Maybe you are looking for