Why used iTunes 10.2.1 (the most recent a necessary at the start of my iphone) load on my Vista computer?

Why used itunes 10.2.1 (the most recent a necessary at the start of my iphone) onto my computer?



Follow the information from apple to the link below

Remove and reinstall iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7


and or ask for their support of itunes


Also try the discussions of apple itunes


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  • My itunes has been updated the software on my iphone 6 and then it crashed and now my iphone is showing the connect to itunes symbol - but now, it is not recognized by itunes?

    My itunes has been updated the software on my iphone 6 and then it crashed and now my iphone is showing the connect to itunes symbol - but now, it is not recognized by itunes?

    These can help:


    For a Windows PC, try this http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

    For a Mac, try this http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1591

  • Why some of my icons to the taskbar sometimes fail to load at startup?

    Can anyone suggest why some of my icons on the taskbar often fail to load at startup.  I have Win7 set to display all icons (IE do not hide)

    Thank you very much

    Hi Mike,.

    Here is a checklist that you can go through potentially solve your problem. When you have gone through the list, re - start of course to see if the icons will load at startup after you perform these steps:

    (A) uncheck "Auto-hide the taskbar", as appropriate:

    .. Right-click on the taskbar, select properties and find 'Auto-hide the taskbar' tab taskbar

    (B) turn off the composition of the Bureau:

    1. right click on computer > properties

    2 advanced System Settings

    3. in the course of execution, click settings

    4. check (enable) or uncheck the Enable (disable) the Composition of the Bureau

    5. apply

    Updated C) drivers:

    Maybe it's the drivers for your hardware components that need to be updated.  Although Windows 7 tries to install drivers for as much as possible, the drivers - who often change - may not be the latest film from the manufacturer's Web site.

    You can check the latest updates of Windows and install the latest drivers available. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. click on start, all programs and then Windows Update.

    2. click on search for updates on the left of the screen.

    3. If updates are available, go ahead and install them.

    You can also check for the drivers from Device Manager.

    1. open Device Manager by clicking the Start button, click on the Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager. ?

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    2 search for graphics cards and expand it. Now, right-click on it and select Properties.

    3. click Driver tab and click Update driver. Windows will now try to find the latest drivers for the graphics card.

    4 restart the computer after installation and verification.

    You can also follow this link to update the drivers:

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    In addition, go to the website of your computer manufacturer and check if the latest driver updates are available.

    (D) close all programs in the Notification area:

    Try closing all programs that are running in the area of Notification and control for the issue. See the link below.


    See also: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7desktop/thread/4afc03fe-4a1c-4fe0-922c-c4b140b8ffba

    (E) additional:

    Problems with the task bar are also a known issue and has been submitted to Microsoft. Check out the forum following response for more information to help you find a solution:

    «The incredible shrinking taskbar»


    "Hide the task bar on the left side of the screen will not display after the passage of users."


    Hope this helps,

    Steve <> Microsoft Partner

  • Can I load on my Vista computer to use Microsoft Office 2000.

    Can I load on my Vista computer to use Microsoft Office 2000.


    I saw Office 2000 works on Vista if possible.

    Check with the Office of the Experts here: (re - ask your question in the appropriate groups)

    Answers - installation, upgrading, and activating Microsoft Office products

    Answers - Office Forums

    I hope this helps.
    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • My screen goes black and the start menu does not load after start up logo and the only thing on the screen I see is my mouse pointer

    My screen goes black and the start menu does not load after start up logo and the only thing on the screen I see is my mouse pointer


    You can access Mode safe? Repeatedly press F8 as you start? If yes you can try Control Panel - device
    Manager - graphics card - Double click on - driver tab - click on UPDATE driver - then right click
    on devices and UNINSTALL - REBOOT.

    Another method to try to get to the desktop (try in normal Windows Mode without failure)
    CTRL + ALT + DELETE and on the tab process EXPLORER.exe and COMPLETE the PROCESS on this subject - then
    on the Applications tab - lower right - new task - type in EXPLORER.exe. Safe mode is reached
    by tapping F8 as you start several times.

    First check this thread in case it is simple and if not to come back to this thread.


    Black screen problems are extremely difficult to repair and all patch is usually on a base hit or miss.
    That there is no information on a black screen as it is on a blue screen just adds to the
    Difficulty. Often using a restore point or Startup Repair will have no effect. You can try a
    Google to see the proposed repairs, whom some have worked however these cover a wide
    field efforts.

    Here's a video of one of them.


    Here's another fix

    You have a Vista disk? You can try restoring the system to it. If you do not have your system disks
    manufacturer will sell them at low prices. Or try in safe mode if you can get there.

    How to make a Vista system restore

    You can create a recovery disc or use someone even version (to do the system restore there only to)
    being bootable).

    How to create a Vista recovery disk


    These require the correct Vista discs since you can not start safe mode.

    Try the Startup Repair tool-

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or with a Vista disk

    Try recovery options Startup Repair

    How to do a startup repair


    Here are a few Google searches where many have found different solutions:

    Vista black screen - check that a 1st

    Vista black screen Solution

    Vista black screen Fix


    If necessary and you can access all ordinary Windows.

    You can try an In-Place Upgrade (hopefully save programs and data) or a repair installation (if all goes well
    saves the data, and you need to reinstall the programs). Be sure to do a good backup or three.

    You can use another DVD that are not protected but you will need to copy you have the product key.

    On-site upgrade

    If nothing works, you can make a repair facility that must save the data but you will need to
    Reinstall the programs. This also requires correct Vista disks especially for OEM versions. You will be
    need to know your product Code.

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or a Vista DVD

    How to perform a repair for Vista Installation


    Another method that works sometimes: at the command prompt, type of Vista startup disk:
    (type in a single line or copy / paste a line at a time and then press enter - type no parenthesis)
    or "BOLD"



    CD c:\Windows\System32\winevt (there is a space between cd and C :)

    Ren LogsOLD Logs (there are spaces between ren and newspapers and Logsold)

    RESTART Windows

    I hope this helps.

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Content of the start page does not load in 11 IE or Chrome - RH11

    We went to RH11 specifically to solve the problem of known IE11 we had while we were running RH9.  When I installed the software, I applied all available patches, now at  But when I try to generate a WebHelp project, in the output, the TOC loads, search bar charges, but the main content of the start page does not load.  Very similar to the old question of IE11.  It happens on both files the to this virtual machine and when they are responsible for the intenet.  My operating system in Windows 7 (as so far).

    Someone at - it suggestions?

    Ah ha.

    Worked well with an example project.

    Took a look at my files... the start page is a legacy file that has been through several versions of RoboHelp, at one point he somehow must have obtained some of the javascript HR calls in there - took the javascript code for the file, rebuilt and everything works again.

  • CD is not compatible with XP, why? I can't pass the data information of my new HP with Vista professional in my other, older __Dell computers using XP iperating system. It makes the CD a bit useless.

    I don't understand why I can't pass data as a file in Quicken to my new HP computer using the CD of my old Dell computer with the XP operating system.  I have to use thumb devices to transfer data.  What is a reason that they cannot be compatible.

    Read the section on using disks of different CD players or format to ISO for older computers


    If your computer is equipped with a CD or DVD burner, you can copy files to a recordable disc. This process is called burning a disc. By default, Windows Burns discs in the active file system format, but you can also choose to burn discs in ISO image format.



    Why are there two different ways to format a disc?

    You can choose between the formats of live file system and mastered during the creation of a new recordable disc because each of these formats is used for different purposes. The default choice is the active file system because it is a more convenient way to create a disc. When you use a Live file system disc, files are copied to the disk immediately. When you use the ISO image format, the files are stored in a "transit zone" until you decide to burn the disc.

    When you use the system format active files with rewritable discs, such as CD - RW and DVD - RW, you can also erase unwanted files from a disc to recover space, which is not possible with mastered discs. On the other hand, mastered discs are more compatible with older computers, previous versions of Windows, and other devices such as CD and DVD players. For more information, see which CD or DVD format should I use?

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Why use ins and out of the points for the clips?


    I use PPCS3 and never understood the need for the ins and points for the clips.

    Always just, I took my clip (no matter how long or short) and he parried on the chronology of the sequence.

    Is this just another method or y at - it something I'm completely missing when it comes to the ins and outs?

    I guess it depends on what you are used to doing.

    Any guidance here on where the ins and outs made a big difference would be appreciated.

    Thank you



    You are using and the Points on the instances of your footage on the Timeline. You're just doing it on the timeline, instead of in the Source monitor. It's a matter of how you want to work. PrPro offers many ways to do different operations. We could also use the monitor fitting to do this, if that's how they want to.

    Good luck and we hope this helps,


  • Why lsass.exe consumes resources after the start?

    Lsass.exe turns 15-20% cpu level for 10-15 minutes after the start.  I have a fast, dual-core machine and the latest XP.


    "lsass.exe" is the local security authentication server. It checks the validity of the user on your PC or Server logons. Lsass generates the process responsible for authenticating users for the Winlogon service. This is done by using packages of authentication such as the default, Msgina.dll. If authentication successful, Lsass generates the user access token, which is used to launch the initial shell. Other processes that the user initiates then inherit this token. More information

    Note: The lsass.exe file is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. In other cases, lsass.exe is a virus, spyware, Trojan or worm!

    If you suspect a viral activity, and then run Microsoft Security Scanner and check.

    I hope this helps.

  • Why they provide a compression of the start menu?

    I would really like to know this because I love the way the start menu works on Windows XP.
    Since Windows Vista, and now with Windows 7, when I go to "all programs" all my program items are listed in a 1 list under each other and considered as nested when I click on a folder. I always have a certain programs installed that use the start menu and it really clutters the list. Of course, everything is sorted, but which is not what I mean. I would like to see "all programs" fold on display again as the classic Start menu or how it worked in Windows XP. It worked simple and effective. Now I need to find a great list of applications, I installed and sometimes to open a file that makes the list even longer.

    Now I use 3rd party applications which changes the start menu to do these things, but these programs are often not free and when they do they have other problems that I won't discuss here for obvious reasons. ;)

    So my question is simple: is it still re-create they way manipulated XP style 'all programs' expansion? As it is now it greatly reduced my experience with Windows. All the guys at the office think also that it is quite a problem.

    I hope that I have explained the situation well otherwise I try to answer your questions. :)

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello MistrX,

    Thank you for your interest in our products and the display. We appreciate your comments. The link below is the appropriate forum for your question.

    The Microsoft Answers Site feedback

    In the meantime, I'm sure you on these features already, but if not, you can further customize how links, icon and menu appearance and behavior in the start menu. The link below will guide you in the process.

    Customize the start menu

    David O
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our and tell us what you think.

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    I tried several times to contact support, but have not been able to get well. I have a trial (try actually the second time), but are not yet able to test Lightroom/CC. I wanted to try the room light I use Capture 1 now.

    My question is this: the Downloader or installer will load only if I "Run as Administrator" and then it crashes every time in seconds. I even tried the Adobe application that will go well and remove all the remains of the previous software hoping that he would, but no solution. It will continue to act as his footstool, consumption of RAM, but do nothing else than the loop on the same screen. I have to force quit the program so that he could even respond. I'm a little confused on where to go with it. Thank you!

    Windows 10, 16g RAM, 4.7 GHZ 8-core AMD AMD R9 270 X

    Check your hosts file.

    help for that and other adobe.com sure common connection problems read, http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html

  • Why windows 8 do not have the start menu

    It is easier to access in windows 7

    Windows 8 is designed for touch screens and desktop computers. It's also supposed to be more effective.

    Thinking about your comments on the start screen:

    Windows Developer Preview: OS General Questions:


    Windows 8 Preview:


    Construction of Windows 8 blog:


    Windows 8 videos:


  • While trying to install the Kodak printer all-in-one on my Vista computer, I get the error "2147287035" system

    Original title: 2147287035 system error


    Tried to install Kodak all in the printer software, then I got the error database error 2203 2147287035 tracking system - windows/installer\a720de.msi.

    Can you please help

    Thank you


    If I understand correctly you have a problem with installing the Kodak all in a printer on your Windows Vista computer drivers. I would like to know more information on the issue, so that we can help you better.

    1. What is the error message or an exact error code?

    2. What is the Kodak printer model number?

    Let us try the following methods and check if it works for you.

    Method 1:

    Try installing the driver in a clean boot state. Place the computer in a clean boot state will help you to install programs without any interference from third-party program/application.

    Step 1: How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:


    Note: once you have completed troubleshooting, try the procedure described in step 3 to reset the computer to start as usual.

    Step 2: Find and install printer drivers:


    Method 2:

    Try to install the printer driver in the Compatibility Center.

    Make older programs run in this version of Windows:


    Please respond with the State of the question, so that we could help you better.

  • Why used iTunes recognize my devices?

    Why won 't iTunes recognize my iPod Touch or one of my other Apple devices?

    Make sure that your iTunes is up to date (see get the latest version of iTunes - Apple Support)

    If the problems continue to persist, try the advice given by the following Apple Support article: If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

    I hope this has helped!

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