Why we cannot create more than one primary key on a table. Why we create several unique key on a table. Please explain if anyone have details of this.

Why we cannot create more than one primary key on a table. Why we create several unique key on a table. Please explain if anyone have details of this.


«a primary key has semantic meaning, it is to be immutable (never change of value), unique and not null.»

a unique constraint is simply "at any time, these values are unique - they can change and they can be null.

You use a unique when constraint

(a) you do not already have a primary key for a table can have only one
(b) you allow NULL values in attributes
"(c) to allow you to update the values in the attributes.


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    Kind regards


    As I said, the framework is not like that

    Check this old (but still relevant) blog of Sung Im on Table Whose Primary Key entity object can be NULL

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    If you need assistance how to do the steps above let me know and I'll send you described the instrcutions for the same

    2. you can follow the steps below to fix the fonts according to Win or MAC by following the respetive below links:




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    Using signature on several PC keys is not supported.  If you want to move your signing keys from one PC to another, you can contact [email protected] who can send you a set of replacement of csi files, that you can install on the new PC.  Note that this process invalidates your keys.

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    where can I do this type of join.
    I tried to put in the physical layer-> f (x), but in error as only columns CIHI a d opertaors are allowed.

    Thank you


    Maybe you should go for case function.
    As it indicates that your condition.

    Kind regards

  • LRT224 impossible to deal simultaneously with more than one VPN tunnel?

    We have configured a client to gateway VPN tunnel group and six in the tunnels of single user gateway on a LRT224. Each unique connection works perfectly using Shrew soft client. But when we try to connect with a second tunnel, the first tunnel disconnects. It seems that the LRT224 cannot process more than one VPN tunnel at the same time? Is there any configuration, that we would have missed?

    TLR log seem to indicate that the Shrew Soft customers use all that their IP address instead of a random IP address in this range.

    Try to set each Shrew Soft client with a specific IP address in the - 50 rank instead of ' use virtual adapter and address randomly.

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    Hello! Running win 7 ultimate.

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    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question.

    As described, cannot open more than one folder.

    Run the Fixit and check if it helps.

    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically

    Hope this information helps.

    Answer to us if you are having problems with opening files or any other issue of Windows, and we would be happy to help you.

    Good day!

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    I have a mackie onyx 1220 firewire connected mixer and I am recording more than one channel at a time in Adobe Audition.  I am currently using an integrated sound card, however I have a sound blaster x - fi titanium hd card that I can install in the computer. (if this will help)

    Currently, I am only able to save an entry at a time, so, for example, right now I hearing set entry to record channel 1 which is the microphone.  On my list of options in the settings of his computer, I got the mackie default recording device Channel 13/14 in order to produce a quality stereo sound.

    I want to be able to record phone calls for my podcast and it is impossible if I am not able to record more than one string at a time at the hearing.

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    Thank you


    In hearing, open Edit > Preferences > Audio hardware.  Click the device class , and then set it to ASIO if available.  Make sure that your failure to input and output devices are configured for your Onyx.

    Then click the link Preferences Audio Channel Mapping and to ensure the right channels are defined, and then click OK to close the preferences.

    Now click on file > new > multitrack Session.  After checking the parameters of the session, each track should display a collection of controls.  The item with the arrow pointing to the left to select which input channel is recorded at the track.  You can select each mono channel for each track or stereo pairs.  (The screenshot below is a Mac, so your dialogs may differ, but the menu should be the same.)

    Once these are configured as you want, click the button [R] each track to enable registration.

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    OK, never mind.  I figured this out.  When you are on the home screen see you the bar charms and select settings.  From there, you can change the default RDG server machines new use.  Exactly what I needed.  Works fine now.

Maybe you are looking for