Why! will not firefox to remember a username and passwords more

Tried everything! Firefox don't remember some username and passwords for specific sites.
I don't know why, but I have a solution:
Change the 'password manager' so that it will allow the manual input and change.

Are you looking for a publisher of password? Maybe: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/saved-password-editor/ (I don't use it myself)

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  • Home network connection will not be ' don't forget username and password

    I have a small home network two PCs connected via a wireless router - Vista Home Premium connected wireless and Windows 7 Home Premium LAN connected.
    I have no problem with the Windows 7 PC, but the PC Vista doesn't remember the "name of PC-domain\username" and the password (from the Windows 7 PC) despite the box being checked. Once connected there no problem access the required records and the printer.
    I tried to use "map network drive", but, when the Vista PC is started, the network drive was a red x against it and I have to go through the PC/username and password rigmarol.
    The Vista PC belongs to another Member of the family and when she wants to print I have to intervene to make the connections. In my view, that it should be able to be done automatically.

    Hi WeDontByte,

    You can store passwords in Windows that you use to connect to Internet sites or networks. In this way, you don't have to type your password because Windows logs you automatically whenever you return to this place.

    1. open user accounts by clicking the Start button, click Control Panel, click user accounts and family safety (or by clicking on user accounts, if you are connected to a network domain), and then clicking user accounts.
    2. in the left pane, click manage your network passwords.
    3. click on Add.
    4. in the journal on the box, type the name of the computer on the network or the URL of the Web site that you want to access.
    5. in the user name and password areas, type the user name and password that you use for this computer or a Web site, and then click OK.

    Store passwords for automatic logon

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
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  • Firefox don't remember the username and password for Constant Contact

    Contact updated their login this week, and now Firefox does not save the login information and password, even though I set it to do. Have tried all of the fixes suggested in Firefox Help. Works great for everything as usual, but is no longer remembered constantly in touch once I close Firefox and restart. Save the user name as long as I do not close Firefox, it won't save password to anything.

    This site uses use autocomplete = off to prevent Firefox to save and fill in the name and the password.

    You can remove autocomplete = off with a bookmarklet to register the name and the password of Firefox.

  • Don't remember the username and password for parent account

    I am able to access my own account very well, but I don't remember the details of the parent company account Microsoft, so can't fill all forms of recovery, as they have at least require the email address, I have not.
    I + 18 years and confirms the date of birth in my Microsoft account settings, so do not have parental consent for such things anyway. I've had this account for a long time and my mother has long forgotten the account they put in place to this effect and never been used.
    It is quite frustrating because I don't need parental consent anyway.


    Can I request the address affected for further investigation? I have provided a private message where you can enter the email address of private and secure way. Please make sure that you are currently connected to discover the private message and reply on this post to inform us that the required information has been provided.

    Thank you!

  • Skype to remember my username and password

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    kruemelmonschda wrote:

    I use Skype 5.5 Windows XP and everytime I open Skype my username and my password are already registered. I can't find a way to disable it. Can anyone hel me please.

    Do as connected to Skype from the main menu of the Skype program window:

    Skype-> disconnect

    Then uncheck me sign the sign in the box at the start of Skype.

    About me You can also use an IP camera that your camera for Skype videoExample Instructions

  • XP will not load some .exe files! and much more

    I accidentally deleting a file in the registry

    You can restore a snapshot of the registry by running a system restore point.

    the day you choose for the restore point will restore the registry in effect on that day.

  • The function of master password automatically enter other sites usernames and passwords when you access these sites, or that they are always manually?

    Master password enter usernames and passwords automatically, or should the user still manually enter this info?

    Yes, after you set a master password, you will be asked to enter when Firefox needs to access your stored passwords. It will "unlock" the usernames and passwords you have saved and Firefox will automatically added automatically in for you when you navigate from site to site.

    When you are finished using the web, you can exit Firefox to "lock" your usernames and passwords.

  • concerns of parents - how to access the username and passwords of the child

    original title: concerns of parents

    I am concerned w / my lately.she behavior of girls has different user names and passwords and will not give them to me.how do I find them and access them... only in order.

    Due to reasons of confidentiality, it is not recommended to get the username and password to anyone, instead, you can use some tools to control your doughter activities. It is wise to talk first with your doughter, I suggest to take a look at:

    Inside of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, there is a feature called parental controls, take a look at:


    In addition, there is another Windows Live service that also might help:


  • How can I determine what is my username and password

    When I scan documents to be sent by e-mail, they are automatically sent to windows mail to send.  When I try to send, a pop box indicating that I have to enter my username and password.  I tried all of the username and password that I used.  Is there some sort of program that will allow me to retrieve the username and password is required.

    1. don't configure you an e-mail account in Windows mail.

    2. you do not have an ISP (internet service provider) or a mail server, you?

    If the answer to both of the above is Yes, you call ISP or your e-mail server. They have ALL your data.

    Seems to me you have not configured your e-mail account in Windows Mail.
    If my hunch is correct...

    1. contact your ISP and ask the following:
    E-mail address
    Name of the incoming server
    The name of the outgoing server.

    2 create an account:
    Ask them if they have a Web site to teach the youhow to set up an e-mail account. They had a.
    If not, here is a link to show you how to:
    Windows Mail: setting up an account of end-to-end

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  • Why firefox does not save some username and passwords and names of other not - especially for the same website?

    I use several different accounts LogMeIn, each with their own username and password. Is there a month, Firefox stopped asking to save the user name and password for the new accounts I have access. I even deleted all accounts and began more - most of the time I will ask you to save the information of connection but other LogMeIn accounts that I access Firefox will not be asked to save the passwords. You can provide any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I had this taken care. After removing all the old names of login and passwords, you must restart Firefox with a hot start.

  • I want Firefox to remember my username but not my password. Should what settings I use?

    In previous versions of Firefox when I started to enter my username, he would automatically complete name or show a box with previously used usernames in which I could select the one I wanted to use. I can no longer do that? It was a feature that I used regularly because user names are sometimes long.

    I can get Firefox to remember usernames AND passwords, but not the only names. I don't want my known password.

    Firefox should save only usernames in the history of the form, make sure that you are not compensation form & Search History automatically when Firefox is closed, or are not clear manually.

    Tools > clear recent history

  • Is there a way to force Firefox 4 to offer to remember and to remember usernames and passwords for sites that use the AutoComplete mechanism to block these offers and memories?

    locked by a moderator, 07/02/2012 - has survived its usefulness

    In Firefox 3.6.16 (and probably other earlier versions) could force FF to offer to remember usernames and passwords for many sites by editing the file ...\Mozilla Firefox\components \nsLoginManager.js to ignore site - asked deactivate autocomplete (_isAutocompleteDisabled returns false).

    FireFox 4 does not use this file, or a similar one that I could find.

    The result (FF ignores site trying to disable AutoComplete) is possible in another way or by editing another file?

    This bookmarklet makes the browser ignore autocomplete = "off" temporarily, allows to save passwords even on sites that use autocomplete = "off".

    Don't forget to bookmark password:


  • After update will not completely re-checkin for update and then reloading the firefox update page. (all deleted and the problem persists).

    Firefox updated as I wanted. Now, each I reopen the application is going through the screen of loading/updating before the opening of Firefox. When she opens the Firefox update page loads. I emptied everything (cache, connections, history, etc.). It will not stop. I hesitated uninstalling and reinstalling because it isn't always re - import settings, bookmarks, etc.. Love this browser and all software you provide.

    Hello Paul,

    You should look at this article on this specific issue and Preferences not savedarticle. It could be a problem of pref.js. It should give you all the information you need!

    If this does not work:

    1. Enter about: config in the address bar
    2. Click I'll be careful, I promise you if prompted
    3. In the filter field, type Startup
    4. Double click on startup.homepage_override_url
    5. Delete the text string, and then click OK
    6. Close Firefox and reopen the window to check that it worked.

    Hope this helps!

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    Please go here: http://windowslivehelp.com/product.aspx?productid=1

    We can not help you here, really.

  • I have IE to Mozilla Firefox password and can not find that my internet registered the username and passwords. Help, please!

    I have IE to Mozilla Firefox password and can not find that my internet registered the username and passwords.  Help, please!

    Tools > options > Security > passwords saved...

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