Why - Windows live mail and Windows live album veiwer keep start/stop?

Please can someone help.

Why Windows live mail and Windows live album viewer repeatedly keep start/stop?

I am running windows vista Home premium computer laptop, and it's so boring.




See the link and check if it helps:
Windows Live Photo Gallery crashes or won't start


If you're still having problems with Windows Live Mail and Photo Gallery, I suggest you to send your query in the links given to improve assistance.

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    Hello Nikki Locke,

    That's great, that you have found a solution. However, you can view the following information.
    Please see the thread below because there was a problem with the program guide in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It must be corrected. If not, let us know.

    Check also that all your Windows updates are up-to-date.

    Thank you


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    ·         Which e-mail application do you use?

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    ·         What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    Response with more information to help you further.

  • Why Windows Live Mail and Windows live Album Viewer on several occasions to stop and restart?

    Windows Live and Windows live Album Viewer

    Please can someone can explain and or offer the solution >

    > Why don't Windows Live Mail and Windows live Album Viewer repeatedly to stop and restart?

    Thank you


    Please can someone can explain and or offer the solution >

    > Why don't Windows Live Mail and Windows live Album Viewer repeatedly to stop and restart?

    Thank you


    Windows Live mail etc belongs to Windows Live Solution Center, not MS Answers forums forums.

    Please repost to the Mail section Mail Threads forum


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    The question you have posted is better suited in the Windows Live community forums. Please visit the link below for any further assistance.

  • Is there a way to convert Windows Live e-mail and files folders in Outlook Express format?

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  • Why Windows Live Hotmail said it isn't able to complete you reply to an e-mail message?


    Last week, I started having problems with Windows Live Hotmail. I tried to delete e-mails received, but there is no answer. I tried to answer the emails received and received the following message when I pressed 'Send': WINDOWS LIVE HOTMAIL was NOT ABLE TO COMPLETE THIS CALL.
    MICROSOFT CAN CONTACT YOUR SUBJECT OF THIS REPORT. "The browser I use is Mozilla firefox. My Dell computer is older than 8 years and slowed
    significantly (example: it takes 10 minutes or more just to log on). For now, I am particularly concerned about my problems to Hotmail. This problem of email only
    started & previous 8 or 9 years never had this problem.


    The best place to ask your question of Windows Live is inside Windows Live help forums. Experts specialize in all things, Windows Live, and would be delighted to help you with your questions. Please choose a product below to be redirected to the appropriate community:

    Windows Live Mail

    Windows Live Hotmail

    Windows Live Messenger

    Looking for a different product to Windows Live? Visit the home page Windows Live Help for the complete list of Windows Live forums at www.windowslivehelp.com.

  • Problems sending mail in Windows Live Mail (and Windows Mail)

    De :  MarkJ


    I had a go at some of the solutions I've seen for this problem but have had no luck yet, I wonder if Miss me something?

    So, I can receive emails without problem (in Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail), but don't have had no success sending (although I can always send mails when I access my account online).

    The fixes I've tried so far are:

    -through my account settings and to ensure that they are as indicated by my email provider (I have an ntlworld account). IE POP3 and SMTP settings must be correct.

    -then I tried to check the box "my server requires authentication" (did not work)
    - then I tried completely disabling my firewall/anti-anti-virus/e-mail protection (ZoneAlarm) who also worked
    - then I tried to install an update of sorts for Windows Mail (not Live Mail) (found on a Board communities, sorry can't remember which, but it was an official update from microsoft)... and it does not work
    -Finally, I tried to install Windows Live Mail... and Yes you guessed it, that does not work either (I also checked the settings etc.)

    ....... I wonder why things have to be so difficult?

    Can someone please tell me where I'm wrong!

    This is the error message I get:

    The connection to the server has failed.

    Subject 'Test '.
    Server: 'smtp.ntlworld.com '.
    Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x800CCC0E
    Protocol: SMTP
    Port: 25
    Secure (SSL): No.
    Socket error: 10060
    Thank you very much


    De : Gary van

    To solve the problem of sending (at home) once for all, you need to replace the Server SMTP from Orange to smtp.ntlworld.com. I don't know, what if Orange will allow you to keep your return address of NTL, when sending to Windows Mail. It's worth a try.
    Gary van, MS - MVP (Mail)

    Another response of the community of Windows Vista discussion groups

  • Windows mail, windows live mail and windows mail essentials?

    A bit confused what is the difference between windows mail, windows live mail and windows mail essentials.  I was told that windows live mail is not compatible with the scrolling etc. with stationery as the old outlook express.  But, said there is a program that is windows mail which is compatible with stationery for windows 7 and the next windows 8.  So, tell me what is the difference, and this was apparently offered with Vista? so why was he not available under windows 7?


    Win7 contains no e-mail program, why - after contest ruleings from various countries, which is why when you install win7 using a real MS win dvd that you have the ability to choose which browser to use.

    Windows Live Essentials is a group of programs available in win7 or Vista


  • What is the difference between Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Hotmail

    I have a laptop with Windows 7 and 'Windows Live Mail account'.   It seems to work very well! About 11 months later, I bought a desktop computer with Windows 7 and I tried and tried to get this computer to the top in the same way, but with a different e-mail account.  Whenever I try to set up mail, it always comes back with Windows Live HotMail.  My question is: is there a difference between accounts "Windows Live Mail" and "Windows Live Hotmail?"  If there is a difference, why can't I created a NEW Windows LIve Mail account on my new desktop computer if I use an email 'different '?

    Internet service provider (ISP) - those that you get your Internet from.

    Email Service Provider - the people who provide you your e-mail services (usually can be understood by your email address - as @hotmail.com, Hotmail/Windows Live Mail or @gmail.com average Google mail...) Etc.

    Email Client - the application on your computer that you use to send and receive email from your provider.  Could be Microsoft Outlook (all versions), Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, or you can simply use Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari/opera and so on to connect to the web interface of your e-mail Service provider and consult your emails in this way.

    Sign here is just one thing.  Your real account.  You may have several.

  • Windows Live Mail and RT of Windows 8 Tablet

    This question is for Microsoft themselves.  POP3 email support calls is quite large and POP3 is entrenched in the system a little more than you guys think.  You say you had RT Outlook during development, but drains the battery, but how can he do?  The ordinary Outlook on a laptop do not drain the battery!

    However, if so, why not take Windows Live Mail and make a version of the app of it?  It is a lightweight e-mail program that even works a lot like Outlook and it should not take a lot of resources to operate.

    Outlook.com is an option that "works" but not very well regard as the way in which people use email.  I used it myself but she dumped.  I don't like how works the management of contacts.  Other people have other reasons.

    Thus, Windows Live Mail is a plausible solution for those who use the POP3 e-mail.  It works very well, handles multiple accounts like some people want, and is a lightweight program that does not use that much space or resources.

    How about that as a solution if Outlook RT is a flat tire?

    POP must die.  We are inundated with hundreds of thousands of complaints from users on POPS to complain that the email arrives on one device and never to others (such as a phone, tablet or another PC), because POP deleted from the server.  And even if you resolve that it does not sync.  So, they complain that they delete an email from one place, and it always shows on all their other computers and phones, and tablets so that they have to delete the email even 5 times.  Then they complain that they have moved a message to a folder, but still once he settled only on this one machine.

    Nope, just POP will not cut in a world where people want their stuff to really work together.  A system that allows the synchronization is necessary, and that means IMAP or EAS or another protocol to synchronize both ways, between all the systems they use.

    - - -

    As for Live Mail, it's like outlook.  It maintains a constant connection.  That's fine if you want that your tablet to have the life of your laptop battery (2 or 3 hours, top?) but people want their tablets to last much longer than that.  So don't expect any Outlook or Office Live Mail here either.

    (I don't know of anything other than my own observations and opinions, but I try to be realistic... I sincerely doubt he's never going to happen).

  • just started using windows live mail and it strips attachments PowerPoint, I receive. How can I change this?

    just started using windows live mail and it strips attachments PowerPoint, I receive. How can I change this?

    Hi hanksterman,

    The question you posted would be better suited to the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

  • e-mail and messenger does not not work error msg (Windows Live communication platform) has encountered a problem and needs to close.

    I got this error msg (Windows Live communication platform) has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvience.

    If you were in the middle of something information you were working on might be lost.

    Not able to use my e-mail and Messenger at all, as this message keeps on pop up.


    View all Windows Live and Hotmail questions in the appropriate forum found here:

  • get #0 x 80004003 error message indicating a problem that occurred when opening my Windows Live Mail and I can not respond to mail that comes in

    get message #0 x 80004003 error indicating a problem that occurred in openiing my windows Live Mail and I can not respond to mail or transmit it when well even I can receive.   Please notify.  Judy

    Hi Judy,.

    In dealing with the problem with the Windows Live Mail account, you can post your question in Windows Live Mail support for assistance.

    Hope the helps of information.

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