Why yellow updated icon keep promptimg to install updates that have already been installed?

Updates KB2586448, KB979909, KB982168, KB2518864, KB2539631, KB2572073 are already installed but updates want to keep set them at each stop. I run XP Professional. Version 2002 Service pack 3 on a Dell PC


Troubleshooting Windows Update or Microsoft Update when you are repeatedly offered an update

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  • Shield update repeatedly offers updates that have already been verified as being installed.

    Shield update repeatedly offers updates that have already been verified as being installed. Continues to be paid the shield up-offer the same updates from May 22, 2012 accordingly installed successfully three times. Whenever the computer is on the same shield and even offers update rises. How can this be corrected?


    I suggest you follow the troubleshooting steps form the article and check if it helps.

    Windows Update or Microsoft Update repeatedly offers the same update


    Registry warning

    To do: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    322756 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322756/)

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    When you disable Antivirus:

    Important note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

  • What happens if I try to apply an update that has already been applied manually?


    Should be a pretty easy question for you gurus. What will happen if I used esxupdate to apply a patch that has been previously applied? Alternatively, what will happen if I try to apply a patch after I have already installed a hotfix that replaces the one I am applying?

    Thanks in advance.

    The host will determine whether patches can be ignored.  The output is to attempt to "re-patch" ESXi.

    Please wait install the fix is underway...
    Host was not been updated, no change not required. Jump newsletter ESXi410-201101223-UG; It is installed or outdated.
    Host was not been updated, no change not required. Jump newsletter ESXi410-201101224-UG; It is installed or outdated.
    Host was not been updated, no change not required. Jump newsletter ESXi410-201101201-SG; It is installed or outdated.
    Host was not been updated, no change not required. Jump newsletter ESXi410-Update01; It is installed or outdated.
    Host was not been updated, no change not required. Jump newsletter ESXi410-201101202-UG; It is installed or outdated.

    VMware communities user moderator

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  • Can I remove the old update files that have already been applied?

    Good evening! I just a quick may be a dumb question... when I've updated my computer, if I remove the before update... like when a service pack number, as for example I downloaded the number of service pack 2 What do I do with the number of the service pack 1? delete it?

    Depends on the operating system - Windows

    Please note this is only for Windows XP and is not on Vista or Windows 7

    Folders that have uninstall as part of the name (for example $NtUninstallKB282010$ who reside in C:\windows (hidden files) are window Hot difficulty updating folders/files) can be removed safely (providing ever, you wish to uninstall the updates). I recommend you leave these records for a period of at least one month to make sure that the update works correctly.

    These updates can be removed individually or together. To learn more about the update/s go on:
    NB: XXXXXX = the actual number, not to mention the "Q" or "Ko."

    Once you have removed the uninstall folders/files, then go to control panel, add/remove programs. Select the title of the corresponding Windows fix on the folder/file of the patch you just deleted, and select Delete. You will get a Windows error. This is because you deleted the uninstall folder/files. Simply choose OK and the entry will be removed from the Add/Remove Programs list.

    Don't NOT delete the folder $ $hf_mig

    Cleaning after installation of SP2


    XP SP3: Post Installation Cleanup

    For Vista and Windows 7

    The update uninstall method in Windows Vista is quite different from that in Windows XP.

    Uninstaller for each update folder no longer exists in Vista and the uninstall information is stored by the Volume Shadow Copy service.

    After each update, Volume Shadow Copy service backup only the updated files.

    So with Vista, it's a differential backup, rather than a full backup files for uninstall
    in Windows XP.

    This safeguard mechanism is used to save disk space.

    So basically, you are unable to manually delete the uninstall it from the computer.

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011 - Update Services

  • CC said updates available for programs that have already been updated

    CC recently 'forgotten' who I am and I had to log in again.  I can still access my programs, so it does not seem a big deal.  When I checked CC to see if updates were available he said updates from the first 2015.3 and 2015.2 of the hearing are available.  I already have these versions downloaded and executed.


    Repeated updates http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/updates-repeatedly-applied-cc.html

  • I have Windows XP and my files keep disappearing from the trash that have not been deleted


    The account that you used to access this forum
    should allow you to access the article.

  • Since the introSince [and even before then] iOS 9.2.1 - on the App Store, I have a few "Updates pending" which in fact have already been updated! Please, why?

    Since the release of the iOS 9.2.1 software [and even before that]-on the App Store, I have several 'pending updates' which in fact have already been updated! Please, can someone explain why? Thank you all, brgds


    This should be resolved by "restart" from the App store. To do this, go to

    • "Settings"-> "iTunes Store and App Store"-> click on your Apple ID at the top-> 'disconnect '.
    • Then reconnect.
    • If it does not, repeat and restart your iPhone before you make it back.

    See you soon.


  • I want to run an update on my iPod Touch, but I get a warning "it buying things... that have not been transferred to your iTunes library." How can I determine what those are?

    I want to run an update on my iPod Touch, but I get a warning "it buying things... that have not been transferred to your iTunes library." How can I determine what those are? Does he want me back up my Touch before update?

    Just sync or backup and they will go to the iTunes library.

  • What is confirgaration 213:11 error occurring during the opening of adode software that has already been installed

    What is confirgaration 213:11 error occurring during the opening of adode software that has already been installed


    This error appears when you don't have access to read/Wrire in file required to run Software (SlStore)

    > Try to run the Application as administrator (right click on the Adobe application and select run as administrator)

    > See

    Error "license store does not allow writing | Install log | CS5, CS5.5

    > Meanings must solve if it does not reinstall the Application

    Let us know if this helps

    ~ Assani

  • Updates are available, even if they have already been installed

    Why updates for various applications are available for download and installation even if they have already downloaded and installed?

    This procedure will remove some temporary and cache files. The files are generated automatically and do not contain any of your data. Sometimes they can become corrupted and cause problems like yours.

    Please, back up all data and read this message before doing anything.

    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select this option:


    Right-click or Ctrl-click on the highlighted line and select

    Services ▹ reveal in Finder (or just to reveal)

    the contextual menu.* file should open with a selected subfolder. The subfolder has a long name beginning with "zyx" and ending with "68". Place this subfolder in the trash. Do not move other subfolders with similar names. You may be prompted for administrator login password. Restart the computer and empty the trash.

    * If you do not see the item context menu copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. In the Finder, select

    Go ▹ go to the folder...

    from the menu bar and paste it into the box that opens by pressing command + V. You won't see what you pasted a newline being included. Press return.

  • How install/download the latest additional updates that have failed through automatic update?

    I recently downloaded 3 security updates, but have still several other updates failed. How to start these updates?


    1 how long have you been faced with the question?

    2. you have any application installed on the computer security?

    3 did you last modified the software on the computer?

    I suggest you to check Windows update failed to install. To do

    (a) go to control panel

    (b) click on Add / Remove programs

    (c) scroll to the bottom of the list of programs, to see that Windows updates put a check mark in the box next to see the updates.

    (d) you can also see all the updates that are on your computer.

    If the update has failed once, it might have gotten installed later, but Windows will offer this update.

    You can make a note the number of KB and then download and install the updates manually.


    Method 1:

    I suggest you run the FIXIT from the link below and.

    The problem with Microsoft Windows Update is not working


    Method 2:

    I also suggest you go through the steps mentioned in the link and the Coachman.

    Solve common installation issues in Windows Update, Microsoft Update and Windows Server Update Services


    Hope this helps and keep us informed if you need help.

  • Find that the updates that have been installed

    I can't locate the file or anything that shows me all the updates that were loaded on my computer. Please refer to this list.

    Thank you

    So say you that this windows update adds an extra user account? weird.

    Please identify the account?

  • updates that have failed the day 1, won't they update automatically the next day? and persevering until they are right? or what I need to do it manually? Dang! Tell me that it is not so...

    OK, so I'm at a dead end and had to buy a computer laptop refurb when my hard drive died while he's on leave.  Bought Monday, they had XP on it, but I checked the updates and it had 74 must be installed.

    I don't have access at home so I tried to install everything that was needed every day of the library since I bought this laptop on Monday.  On day 1, he said 74 needed to install updates, then I guess that the automatic far did a little more every day.  Finally the Service Pk 3 failed to install for the last 2 days.

    Now today I try again, but I'm looking back and see that some other updates in recent days have also failed.

    I don't want to go back and install each separately out of 110 undates installed.

    My question is: If one day some updates failed, the next day, wouldn't it automatically DL updates that failed the day before, get current?  If I were a computer, I would not keep DL and install new updates until the 'old' have been installed correctly.  So I just reasoning flawed or computers work this way?  Please tell me that I can't go back and redo all of those failed?

    Thanks a lot for your help in this matter!


    .. .Meanwhile service pk 3 tells me he has finished loading and is ready to install, restart, etc... and I just canceled the installation because it seems that to me... If these other failures are not fixed first there will be the svc pk 3 effect, as well.  Of course they wish that no cat could have answered my question instantly... but no, he referred me to a technical person...

    Well, perfectionism causes procrastination... and sometimes it's just maddening... Please help me?

  • I get an update, I have already

    My iPad Mini 4 has the 9.2.1 software on it and to my amazement, when I plugged in my laptop and iTunes open, he said there was an another update of the same generation. 9.2.1. I have no idea what is happening. Why - what is download the same build I have already after a few months of him I am up-to-date with 9.2.1? It's a glitch on the part of Apple or that they add a few fastening points to 9.2.1? And if this is the case, is not Apple do the same with the other software providers and add a number or two to build? As 9.2.3 instead of 9.2.1? It's really weird and IE it is 1.81 GB? Why is - this download so big that it's the same build? I appreciate anyone's help.

    1. it is not the case. Apple has fixed iOS 9.2.1 to solve the problem of 53 error.

    2. see #1.

    3. it's an emergency fix to stop the iPhones of being brick.


  • I installed successfully elements 13 and when I tried first, there was some available updates that have been installed successfully, but they keep reinstalling over and over again. Now what should I do?

    I installed elements 13 successfully and when I used the village updates I've installed successfully.  They maintain resettlement and said that they succeeded. but the message to install available updates keep appearing items is updated each time and the message appears again and again and will not allow me in photoshop.  Now what?

    Hi George,

    Please reset the Photoshop elements preferences and see if it works fine.

    Steps to follow:

    Do one of the following: press and hold Alt + Ctrl + Shift (Mac: Command + Option + shift) immediately after that Photoshop Elements begins to launch. Click Yes to delete the settings for Adobe Photoshop Elements.

    Related link: the preference file locations | Photoshop Elements and first Elements

    Let us know if it helps.

    ~ Mohit

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