Why you can not run portable applications on RT?

Why you can not run portable applications on RT?

Nothing is installed on the system. That's all, flash USB, a folder or drive.
You don't have to install anything. So why can not run portable applications on RT?

I know exactly what is a portable application. It requires no additional drivers installed or libraries to run on a system, if one is required that they are either built into the executable and extracted the runtime or are included in the same location as the executable and are referenced from this location.

No portable application is not somehow the operating system to display the current status, error messages or generate logs for its operation. If it cannot accept input during its operation or generate a form of output it has no function. This is the basic description of a program to have one or the other or both.

When you double-click an executable file is Windows (if it's the operating system) giving you the ability to open its location, see the executable file in order to select and issue the command to run. It's Windows that then loads this program in memory to run. If necessary, Windows that displays the dialog box to provide any input and display results or error messages generated by the program. If the result is a log file that it is Windows that allows access to the drive to create the file and the result is an error state in Windows that stores the status of the error, then it can be interpreted by another program. If the output is to change the status of the computer in a way, it's Windows that gives access to this device or component. The Hardware Abstraction Layer allows access to the hardware itself if necessary by a program and even that is a part of Windows.

So I know what a laptop program is, more important still, I also know what is Windows.

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    IIRC, printers with the names of products that had "xi" suffix that him have been sold in Sam's Club and others keep chain stores exclusively. The only difference was that the xi models has a USB cable included in the box, while the normal versions do not include the USB cable. Product features unchanged in all variants of the printer.

    On the issue of resizing, just right click on the image and select Edit. Then click on the resizing option, and you should be able to do.

    Message edited by DexterM on 07/12/2009 14:44
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    Hey Ryan,

    In my view, a new feature that we added in hearing CS6 should help you with this workflow. While hearing support not a format of project official at the moment, we have a way to ensure that all open files when a session is saved will be stored in the session is open again.

    Go to Preferences > multitrack and activate the option for "reference open them all audio and video files during the recording of the sessions.

    Normally, when you save a session (file .sesx), we keep only the references to the files you actually added to the multitrack environment (this has been the case for all previous versions of hearing and Cool Edit in the past).

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    I hope that helps!


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    I have a portable Win7 provided by my company.  I'm supposed to have "admin rights" on the box.  In the past I have never had any problem with the installation of things.

    Today, I tried to download an installer for a newer version of the JDK.  After downloading the file, I tried to run it normally and it seemed that nothing happened (just return at the prompt).  I then tried to run it from a cmd, and it also seemed to do nothing.  I then even tried to remove it with "DELETE", and it says "access denied."  It was on a cmd run with 'run as administrator '.  I get the same results with a 'normal' cmd

    I checked that I could delete the other files in the same folder as the exe file.

    I then tried to inspect the security properties of the file.  From everything I see, I have 'Full control' on the file, including "read & run ' permission.

    I then installed the tools from SysInternals "AccessChk".  I just ran this without any options on the JDK installation file and an another exe in the same folder that I checked that I can run (although I have not tried to remove).

    I can't see what follows (with some info that have been omitted):


    JDK Installer:
    R the world
    RW .
    RW \Domain Users

    Another exe in the same folder:
    RW BUILTIN\Administrators
    RW .
    RW S-1-5-21-


    What could go wrong here?

    Hello David,.

    The question will be better suited to the audience of professionals on the TechNet forums.

    I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet forums.

    TechNet Forum

    Thank you

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    There are currently: page of memory that is actively developed. A "task manager" of all kinds is also in the works as far as I KNOW. If you want to help, your best bet is to find the bug there is Bugzilla. If you have the skills coding I can help you in touch with a mentor - let me know.

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    I spent more time to update that I enjoy my computer, only to see on the screen of the problems and solutions WINDOWS due to various and many problems and the funny, it's... that I am subject to update and update told me that I'm updating. After you install service pack 1 on 2010-02-27, my computer runs slower 30%. on your next commercial TV instead of promoting the benefits of microsoft products, you should notify updated hours and restart and aggrevation only to see that your computer shuts down, (and I have no virus), internet Explorer is closed without apparent reason, just to find that the problem was caused by windows and you need to update. BUT HE DIDN'T THERE WAS NO UPDATE AVAILABLE!

    have done everything above so many times I'm sick just about this one. Not even a Stinger on my desk

    Well, what antivirus you like real-time protection because the sting is just a tool to get rid of a limited amount of virus!

    reduce your files in the c drive, try to back up or save them to the other drive.

  • I can't run an application downloaded from the Internet.


    I downloaded "GoogleEarthSetup.exe" application, editor-Google Inc. Since internet using the browser "Chrome". Now, while I go to run it, I'll have a message: unknown Installer error. And I can not run the application. How to solve the problem. I'm waiting for your advice, please.



    Most likely, the download is corrupted.  Have you tried to download it again?

    Unknown error installing means that Setup produced an error that windows did not recognize.
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    Hi dmrmultimedias,

    I guess you are referring to the script error using the installer online.  If so, the DPI setting has been identified as the culprit.  If the DPI setting is not set to 100%, 125%, 150% or 200% installer will return the script error.  If your DPI setting is set to something else, please set it to one of these and Setup online should work.  The team is working on a fix for this.

    To check/change the DPI setting:

    1. start the control panel and go to control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display

    2. in the left menu, select the custom text size (DPI)

    3. in the custom configuration Windows DPI select 100%, 125%, 150% or 200% in the menu drop-down

    4. Select OK

    5. Select apply

    6. open a session/disable

    7. online installer should now run without displaying the script error.

    This is planned which will be fixed within two 2 weeks.



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    Log, activation, or connection errors. CS5.5 and later versions


  • I just bought this new laptop, why I can't download free applications, I get "your purchase could not be executed. ???

    I just bought this new laptop, why I can't download free applications, I get "your purchase could not be executed.   ???

    Hi Jaynecampbell,

    Thanks for choosing Microsoft Community to post your question.

    According to the description above, it seems that you are unable to download apps, you get an error: "your purchase could not be executed. I understand the inconvenience that is brought to you, rest assured, we're here to help and guide you in the right direction.

    I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

    1 are you facing the question to download any specific application?

    2. using a proxy connection?

    We will check your time settings and proxy settings. Follow the steps below and we update on the State of the question.


    Method 1: Ensure that the date and time are correct on the computer.

    (a) check the Date/time setting by selecting the tile office and then left click on the time in the corner.

    (b) click on change date and time. And then check that the time zone is correct and the time of the internet tab has the ability to synchronize with the time server Internet.


    Method 2: Run the network troubleshooter utility.

    (a) open the network troubleshooter utility by sliding into the right edge of the screen, type search (or if you use a mouse, pointing to the top right of the screen, move the pointer of the mouse down and then clicking on search).

    (b) troubleshooting of network entry in the search box.

    Tapping c) or or by clicking settings and then type identify and repair network problems.

    Method 3: If you use a proxy connection, then try to disable the proxy and then try buying.

    Follow the steps to disable the proxy:

    a. open Internet Explorer

    b. click on Tools and then click Internet Options

    c. click on the connections tab and then click LAN settings

    d. disable the server to use a Proxy

    e. click on apply then Ok to save the changes.

    Method 4: Turn off the Windows Firewall and defender and then try to download the application.

    To disable Windows defender:

    a. place the upper right of the mouse and click on search and type Windows defender and press enter

    b. in the window, click the settings tab.

    c. disable the real-time protection real option.

    d. click on save changes.

    To disable the firewall:

    a. place the upper right of the mouse and click on search and type Windows Firewall and click on settings

    b. click on windows Firewall

    c. click Firewall round toggle the left pane

    d. check the option to disable the firewall.

    Note: Repeat the steps for the parameters of public and private networks.

    Important note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Method 5: Try to separate the Microsoft account to a local then check if you are able to make the purchase.

    Note: In the Windows store, you will need to click on connect and use the credentials online.
    a. hold down the Windows key + C to display the bar of charms, click on settings , then PC settings more.
    b. in the settings of your laptop, click users and under where it says connected to , click disconnect your Microsoft account and confirm.
    c. after the test, try to connect again by repeating steps and click on connect your Microsoft account to re-associate.

    If you have additional problems, please reply to this post and we will be happy to help you further.

  • Why you're not able to get the new June 20th, 2016 updates on your creative cloud, if you are running Windows 7.

    Why you're not able to get the new June 20th, 2016 updates on your creative cloud, if you are running Windows 7.

    So I spent all day on this because Adobe did not anywhere that I could find it. But I'm hoping some of you to save a lot of time wasted... you can't upgrade to the latest version of the application if you have not all updates to Windows 7.

    If you're like me and do not want anything to do with the Windows updates... you may encounter the same problem. Summer/don't I am not at all interested in Windows 10 (who they are sneaking into regular updates) so I don't usually have enabled updates. If you don't... you cannot upgrade your program to the latest version. Creative cloud not even give the option.

    I think it's the Microsoft Visual C++ or something like that who needs update to run the latest version of the software... If you do not have it on your system, you do not install the new updates properly, but be careful not to download sneaky windows 10 "update." Know how it's called blindly here before update you.

    I hope that helps some of you save a whole day unnecessarily.

    Some programs on a win os to visual c ++ 2015, Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 of official Microsoft Download Center

  • Why I can not contact you with FEEDBACK REAL

    Why I can not contact you with FEEDBACK REAL? Why Firefox to 28 allows me to download files from Web page complete, but worms 30 does not work? Plugins, Addons, Internet Security are the same on both systems. I can download the files in IE but not Firefox. What gives? I use NoScript, Better Privacy, Ghostery, and Kaspersky Internet Security configured the same on both systems. The only reason I checked is because on some sites, I can't download files and point of view completely. 30 to Firefox will download but not to create a complete directory html link so that I can open and view the file.

    Hi obliviondoll, the feedback site is here:


    This is the page that opens if you use the Help menu in Firefox and choose to submit your comments...

    You can provide your e-mail address on the site of feedback where people reviewing the feedback have questions, but I think that it is rare that you would be so don't expect a response.

    In addition, I don't know if you scrolled down beyond the map on the contact page, but there are links down here (see the attached screenshot):


Maybe you are looking for

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    I installation of digital certificates in three servers, each of them with Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard but just in one of them, the private key information remain available after installation. The purpose of these servers is to secure the communi

  • Since the last critical update, cannot access internet unless I have the restore of the system

    After the last update critical (about a week), I have to restore the system to access my internet provider. Updates are automatic, so everyday that my updates install and every day I do a system restore.

  • HP all-in-one cannot receive faxes

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