Why you can not run portable applications on RT?

Why you can not run portable applications on RT?

Nothing is installed on the system. That's all, flash USB, a folder or drive.
You don't have to install anything. So why can not run portable applications on RT?

I know exactly what is a portable application. It requires no additional drivers installed or libraries to run on a system, if one is required that they are either built into the executable and extracted the runtime or are included in the same location as the executable and are referenced from this location.

No portable application is not somehow the operating system to display the current status, error messages or generate logs for its operation. If it cannot accept input during its operation or generate a form of output it has no function. This is the basic description of a program to have one or the other or both.

When you double-click an executable file is Windows (if it's the operating system) giving you the ability to open its location, see the executable file in order to select and issue the command to run. It's Windows that then loads this program in memory to run. If necessary, Windows that displays the dialog box to provide any input and display results or error messages generated by the program. If the result is a log file that it is Windows that allows access to the drive to create the file and the result is an error state in Windows that stores the status of the error, then it can be interpreted by another program. If the output is to change the status of the computer in a way, it's Windows that gives access to this device or component. The Hardware Abstraction Layer allows access to the hardware itself if necessary by a program and even that is a part of Windows.

So I know what a laptop program is, more important still, I also know what is Windows.

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