Wi - Fi is slow and continuous disconnect - Satellite Pro L670


Just got this laptop to replace my old laptop and I have a few questions.

1 Wifi connectivity seems very very poor, constantly it connects, disconnects and fails to connect at least your next right sat the router. It shows full signal but is unable to connect when more 10 ft with 1 wall!
I don't have the same problem with other wifi devices & laptops that I can use anywhere in my house. I've updated the bios & wifi drivers but still the same.

I use a draytek 2820 router that is running the latest firmware.

2. when typing the keyboard vibrates and makes a rattly noise really iritaing.

So are these flaws, or how it is? I'll call the assistance the morning but if I can not get at least the better wifi work it's going right back to the supplier!

Thank you


Try it please update driver WLAN. Latest drivers WLAN, you can find the Toshiba WLAN Portal under http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/

What keyboard? I put t knowledge what noise it can be, but don't you think that keyboard is not in place or what?
You can contact the closest service Toshiba and they can verify this, of course for free.

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  • Satellite Pro L670 - 1 M 3 - Chipset in this model


    I'm looking for help: who knows, what Intel chipset is in the Satellite Pro L670 - 1 M 3? It's the Intel H55 Mobile?
    If so - is that this chipset in all series production of the 1 M 3?

    I couldn't find this information on the Toshiba site.

    Thx a lot


    Hey Buddy,

    I agree with the user MannerhagenVPO. The chipset of this model is Intel HM55 Mobile and all the Satellite Pro L670 - 1 M 3 models are equipped with this chipset.

    I hope that your question is answered now :)

  • Vista drivers for new Satellite Pro L670 - 14L

    So I have been serching for a laptop of decent game and found: Toshiba Satellite Pro L670 - 14L to be a good combination power/price
    but after reading some reviews, I discovered that many people's complaint that the toshiba drivers are not updated.
    that seems to be true because the latest drivers for my P300 with 4500 m are 2008!

    So, I checked for L670 Vista display drivers and did not find one! Even for Win7 do not seem old already,
    is that mean Toshiba is not compatible Vista more? I have to use windows 7 only?

    I can see in the specifications of the laptop your laptop came with WIN7 64 BITS HOME PREMIUM.
    Can you confirm this?

    Why are you asking about the Vista drivers if you got the new OS to Win7. You want to use Vista or what?
    I want to say Win7 is much better than old Vista OS so I put t understand what you exactly want. To use Vista or you ask here for more recent WIn7 display driver?

  • Satellite Pro L670 - 11 d and Dynadock U10 problem re-docking station

    This my first post on this forum - I hope I have the right category.

    We have a user with a Satellite Pro L670 - 11 d attached to a port replicator Dynadock U10 USB.

    Everything seems fine, except when press us the disconnect button (or select eject Dock) the laptop leaves the great.
    However when we try to anchor (for example after a meeting of bureau) it does not recognize the usb connection and docking station won't. We usually have to restart at this point. We are attentive to reconnect to the same usb port.

    Has anyone seen this problem and know a fix?

    Thank you



    Have you noticed this problem only under this Dynadock U10 or perhaps with the external USB HDD too?
    In my opinion, it sounds a bit like the issue of the BONE and not like the Dynadock question.

    I would recommend this control by using a USB HDD.
    Connect the USB HDD to the USB port as well.
    Then, disconnect the USB HDD and unplug the laptop HARD drive. Reconnect the HARD drive and check if the HARD drive would be connected again.
    If the same thing would happen with HARD drive, you should check the USB port
    Maybe the chipset driver will need to be updated

    But if the HARD drive is raccorderaient ok and if the question does not seem to be using the HARD drive, then, it would be necessary to check the Dynadock maybe reinstall the Dynadock from the software again.

  • Satellite Pro L670 - 16Z BSOD after start and an external monitor


    I have a strange problem with two Satellite Pro L670-16Z. I connected to an external monitor. After changing the settings to extend the windows desktop, I rebooted the system.
    Then I gott a blue screen. I disconnected the screen external, nut, this is not enough. The system does not start. I always get a blue screen.
    Systems running Windows XP. I have this with both of them with different external monitors.
    I can boot a BartPe. I did correct the systems yet. The systems are very cool, works only for 14 days.

    Any suggestions?



    Are you using the original recovery image Toshiba WXP?
    Can you start Windows XP Home edition in safe mode?

    The port on which you are using to connect the external monitor?

  • Satellite Pro L670 - 14 M and SATA 6 GB/S Support


    I recently bought an SSD (Crucial M4) for my Toshiba Satellite Pro L670 - 14M. He behaves well and certainly improves performance. However, when I test my SSD benchmarks, it reaches only about 230 - 260 MB/s reading speeds on sequential when it needs to get up to 500 MB/s as advertised.

    I'm assuming it's because my SSD is running via SATA 3 gb/s, so I ask, my laptop does support SATA 6 Gbps? If not, this isn't a big disappointment, although it would be great to have up to 500 MB/s sequential read speeds for this performance gain.

    Someone can confirm on the question of whether my laptop (Satellite Pro L670 - 14M) supports SATA 6 Gbit/s or not?


    The laptop is equipped with a Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset and the Intel Core i3 - 330 M processor.

    That's why the SATA II controller agreed that 3 Gbps

    Welcome them

  • New Satellite Pro L670 - 14 M turns on if the charger is plugged?

    Hi all

    New to the forum so grateful for any help on this matter.

    I bought a brand new laptop Satellite Pro L670 - 14 M last week. Now it works fine up until today. The last time that I used it while just running the battery was Monday night. I was working on the laptop, send email etc. today, and I decided to change rooms. For some reason, I still have to discover that I disconnected the charger from the wall (instead of simply unplug the charger from the laptop) so that it was plugged into the laptop and the laptop just turned off much to my shock. It was sparking that I saw the decision-making that I removed the CAP, but now the laptop lights not unless supply current is connected. If I unplug the charger, the computer does not illuminate.

    Now, my first thought is I (crossed beams) killed the battery, but the strange thing is, when the laptop is plugged in and turned on and I'm on my screen and I click on the battery icon in the taskbar it States 94% available (plugged in, load)

    While I wait for some answers I hope I shut down the laptop and leave the charger plugged in to see if the battery has loaded more than 94%


    I think that the BIOS update would be worth a try in your case. Take a look at the Toshiba driver download page:

    But before you start the update: make sure that you are logged on as administrator and close all running programs. Unzip all files from zip archive first.
    After update successful BIOS load default settings in the BIOS.

    Are you using the original Toshiba battery and AC adapter or they are 3rd parties gone?

  • Satellite Pro L670-18F - pilots missing after updating BIOS

    I have a Satellite Pro L670-18F and I recently updated the BIOS to version 1.5, recommended by the site, but now my internet speed is VERY slow and I have some devices in the Device Manager without drivers related to the bios (from Googling) and so I realized that the bios has been a problem.

    Does anyone know this laptop came with to downgrade the BIOS version? Also, if I reinstall windows will I receive a new bios version or will it would not affected?


    Did you download and install the correct version of the BIOS of your laptop? Satellite Pro L670-18F belongs to the series of PSK3FE AFAIK, so have you chosen BIOS for this series of model?

    In addition I recommend you load the default settings in the BIOS. Just press F9 key if you are in the BIOS Setup.

    If you reinstall Windows, the BIOS will not be affected. BIOS and Windows are different, you will always have the latest version of the even you change your operating system.

  • Satellite Pro L670 - 18F PSK3FE Webcam works become "unknown device".

    The * webcam * on my * Satellite Pro L670 - 18F PSK3FE * who is running * Windows 7 64 - Bit * a well worked until this week. My notifications bar started to say * "unknown USB device" * and when when I went to use the webcam it no longer worked.

    When I disabled the webcam in the BIOS the notification has stopped, but when I turned it on the notification came back again to the top. The unknown device is clearly the webcam.

    I updated my BIOS and tried the system restore.

    I also downloaded the driver for the webcam of http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=UK and have tried running that - + but it NEVER seems to complete the installation. + I have will continue to try to reload the driver and see if that helps, but from now on, I do not think that the pilot will help.

    If it is just a driver problem, someone could suggest how to get the driver to install really :-(

    I am now at a loss. I'm not sure what to do now. Suggestions?... + Please! +


    Unknown device means that the driver is not installed.
    I think that the installation of the webcam driver should fix it.

    As face recognition also use the webcam, I recommend you to uninstall this tool as well as the older version of the software of the webcam.
    Both (or just face recognition) should appear in Control Panel-> software

    Now download both applications to the driver page.
    Start with the installation of the webcam driver:
    (1) unpack the webcam driver package

    (2) the TC30049700N.exe may also be decompressed (right click-> extract here)

    (3) now you should see different files exe, dll, and others attempt to run setup.exe to start the installation. If this does not work, go to Device Manager, mark (webcam) unknown USB device and install the driver pointing to the folder that contains the files of webcam driver. The system should automatically recover dll files.

    (4) restart the laptop and follow with face recognition software.

    Good luck

  • Which hard drive Solid State for Satellite Pro L670?

    I have a Satellite Pro L670, I need to configure for presentation and having to re - load operating system anyway.

    Rather than write the existing drive too much, I thought that it would be best to get a second to adapt instead.
    Replace the current (obsolete) rotation drive with a solid state, it seems to me the best way to go.
    Has anyone equipped with a hard drive to a Satellite Pro?

    For budget reasons, I plan to go for a capacity of 120 GB that will be enough.

    However, I've yet to discover at Toshiba they could recommend. Anyone else gone this route?


    Theoretically, any SATA SSD drive should be compatible because the laptop supports a SATA controller.
    But in some cases, it might be possible that an SSD would not be treated properly. In such cases, SDD drive manufacturers provide different firmware updates

    So before buying an SSD drive check the support pages of the manufacturers of SSDS for more details would perhaps have a firmware update

  • Satellite Pro L670 - photo of autumn leaves displayed by webcam

    Satellite Pro L670.
    I am trying to use the built in camera for taking videos and still images.

    When I turn the camera the only image displayed, it's just a picture of the leaves fall.
    I can't get a picture that sees the carema to display.

    The camera works because I can use it for Skype and MSN.
    When I take a picture using the Control Panel, the only image taken is that of the leaves.

    The image is called a 'protection of screen '.

    Drag your mouse on your pop out where you choose to use your webcam, instead click the option at the bottom of the "Effect" in their 'net', click and click 'OFF' Tada!
    The now disappeared from your cam Image,

    Good luck!

  • WiFi for retired on Satellite Pro L670 - 11 d

    My Satellite Pro L670 - 11(d) does not connect to internet (Internet Explorer) wireless despite a good connection to the router. Router works wirelessly with other laptops and it connected with a cable. It has been lowered to Windows XP and downloaded wireless network adapter is Broadcom. Any ideas/suggestions?

    Is the card properly installed wireless (Device Manager)?
    You can activate using the FN + F8 key combination?
    Have you checked all the WLAN settings?

    What did you already get this working correctly?

  • Satellite Pro L670-103 screen is dark - external monitor ok


    Screen goes black in my Satellite Pro L670-103 while playing games. It is not completely off, but very very dark.
    System is activated and works while its happening. No flickering, changing colors.
    On the external monitor (TV via HDMI) everything works fine (so I guess that the GPU is very well).

    The beginning I had to restart the laptop and screen was once again but now it does not work and I have to wait a few more hours a sound goes on again just by itself (im leaving laptop on).

    I only use the approved oryginal drivers.
    System Windows 7 pro 64
    I guessed it might be the display inverter, but someone from the point of laptop repair told me that because my screen is RUN there is no converter and problem is with the screen itself.

    I spent hours reading various forums and UPS has been my best guess.

    Post edited by: Cezar_1


    I think that its problem of converter FL.
    The FL inverter controls the backlight of the internal display.
    I think I get m with my suggestions because the external monitor looks ok.
    So it may not be a driver issue not a GPU problem

    Get in touch with the service in your country then must check this part

  • Fan is always running on my Satellite Pro L670-17R

    Hi all

    First of all, I'm french, so excuse me for my poor English. I'll try to explain my problem. I've just bought a satellite Pro L670-17R, core i5 450, ati 5650.

    As I only work with the word or surf the web, fan runs always every two minutes. I checked the temperature of the processor (with pc health monitor from toshiba), and it gives me 37 ° C which seem quite normal.
    I'm trying to change an option in the Panel, but without success, anything in the bios, to set the speed of the fan over the CPU usage.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions, it would be great.


    France Fabrice

    If you want to reduce the speed of the fan cooling use the balanced power plan and go into the advanced power settings.
    Energy saving of Toshiba you will find the option called cooling method. Assign the optimised battery.
    Cooling fan should run on low speed.

    Check it out.

  • Satellite Pro L670-16Z keyboard problem

    TOSHIBA - Satellite Pro L670 - 16Z Intel i3 - 350 M RAM 4GB 17 "LED Windows 7 Professional / XP.
    Next week I'll buy this model. I read some reviews on a decline in the middle of the keyboard.

    "The one on our review sample fell a lot in the middle. As a result, we felt more like we were tapping on a bouncy castle. »

    Read more: http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/laptops/toshiba-satellite-l670-review-50000488/#ixzz15FI0QhuI

    I wanted to know from someone who has this model, if the problem is present.
    Thank you


    I put t have it, but best friend of my girlfriend had it and I installed and configured this machine so I got it in my hands and I must say that the keyboard is OK, and I didn't notice anything unusual.

    Also, talk with your local dealer to return option. In my country I have 14 days to return the product if I don't like it. Maybe you have the same option in your country. Check it out.

    In any case, I must also say that the Satellite Pro L670 is good laptop for all activities of the day. Nice design, very good material and enough power/performance. With other words: nice piece of hardware for the money.

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