WiFi Hotspot Notification continues

When someone connects to my F3116 hotspot, even though only 1 is logged notification in my phone constantly heads-up "Max connection reached."
Just it sounds in mili seconds, does complete his notification tone.
I have confirmed with Notif Log App, its hotspot that gives notification to false.

Problem solved in update (33.2.B.3.105)

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    How does a customer preform connected to an extensive WiFi hotspot using Ethernet?

    It performs like any other wired device that is connected to an Ethernet port. However, in the case of a WAN, the unit that plugs into the Ethernet port on the extended base station will only get that fast of a signal that the connection between the "main" and "extended" base stations.

    In other words, if you use wireless to connect to the extended base station, there will be a loss of at least half of the potential speed wireless on the network.  A device that plugs into the Ethernet port on the extended base station will get this same speed.

    In order to maintain top speeds on the network, the main and extended base station must be connected together using wired Ethernet wired, permanent.

  • There is no opthion on the wifi hotspot in my iphone?

    IN my iphone there is no option on wifi hotspot that I do?

    HotSpot Wi - Fi is an option offered by your wireless carrier.

    Check if if the provider offers it, is free, and you need to do to activate it, if offered.

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    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L50B 13 E and I use the USB (with sim card) for internet connection that works very well.
    Now, I have a smartphone and I would like to turn my laptop into a wifi hotspot so I can use my smart phone in Wi-Fi to surf the internet, while I have the USB connected to the internet.

    I have 10 windows and I followed all the directions for the creation of the hostednetwork with name, password but my smartphone can only connect to wifi without connecting to the internet. Whenever I try to open an internet it page downlods for a few seconds and stops.
    I'm wandering if what I do is correct or even possible to do so. Is it possible to do? Should I use a larger antenna or need any additional driver?

    Help, please!

    Hello, I have a model Satellite L50 B 13th and for surfing the internet, I use the USB with sim card and it works fine.
    Now, I bought a smartphone and I like my pc to become a hostednetwork wifi so I can connect my smartphone, while the USB is connected.
    I created the wifi hostednetwork with name, password and I can actually connect the smartphone on the wireless network, but I can't surf the internet. Any help?
    Should I use the updated drivers or add an external antenna?

    Thank you!

  • Satellite C55-B929 - unable to connect to the WiFi hotspot

    My laptop cannot turn into a wifi hotspot

    I want to know if there is a solution?

    It will be really useful. Several times I tried, but I failed

    You have problems to connect to laptop computer at a special WiFi hotspot or his is generally not possible to connect the unit to any WiFi?

    What private WiFi at home?
    You try it?

    Just a note: there is a lot of discussion on WiFi workarounds... and that's why I recommend you also check the category 'Wireless questions' here in the forum

  • G6 2005 tx: Wifi Hotspot

    I want to share my Internet connection to the other laptop / phone through wifi, but I couldn't find any activation like other portable hotspot button. Should I have to install any 3rd party application or there at - it another way, please help me. Your responses are valuable. Thank you!

    If you can not creat WiFi hotspot with setting of the computer, try to use applications 3rd - party, it will be easier. I used a free tool called WiFi 160 to share the network with my other devices! You can search on Google!

  • Wifi Hotspot after Lollipop 5.0.2 update questions?

    Hi all

    I would like to know if anyone has any questions of wifi hotspot after Lollipop 5.0.2 update. I can't share my internet connection phone, hotspot is there, computer laptop to connect but I can not load Web sites. Strangely, I can use Skype, but that's all. I have the same problem with USB Bluetooth ICS and as well. Did somebody encounter this problem? Thank you.

  • HP Probook s 4540: create a Wifi hotspot using Internet cable

    I have HP Probook 4540 s running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and 64 bit (separately).

    I tried many forums that explains how to turn on my laptop only with the help of internet cable in a wifi hotspot, but I failed... I always get error messages, so I came to the experts (manufacturers) to show me how it's done, and if it is even possible in my case using above specifications... Thank you

    The ultimate solution to transform the HP Probook 4540 s Win7-32 in a Wifi Hotspot of Wired internet by cable:

    In fact, the problem is in the Wlan/Lan Switching in BIOS option*.

    (1) make sure that your BIOS is up to date

    You can update here

    (Choose your OS and language, and then access the BIOS and pick up the most recent update)

    (2) find the BIOS Configurations when you turn on your laptop in the first black screen by pressing ESC

    3) access System Configurations

    (4) choose device Cofigurations

    (5) uncheck Wlan/Lan Switching

    (6) save changes

    (7) download HP Connection Manager (Latest Version)

    (8) install HP Cpnnection Manager

    (9) uninstall all applications WifiHotSpot

    (10) startup HP Connection Manager, under preferences, go to HP Mobile Hotspot

    (11) make sure that your internet cable is plugged in and that you have the internet connection

    (12) select (connection to the Local network) in the drop-down list next to the label [action]

    (13) click OK to RETURN to THE MAIN HP connection manager WINDOW, you will find (HP Mobile HostSpot), click on start and enjoy.

  • WiFi Hotspot Xperia Tablet S

    Xperia tablet S does support WiFi Hotspot? After 4.1.1 update has not yet see all the parameters to create wifi hotspot.

    I guess you mean this as a feature for tablet with 3G?

  • Play music while WiFi Hotspot is activated

    Music cuts and reguardless of this player I use the WiFi hotspot is turned on. I've disabled WiFi hotpspot and played music as it should. Pandora, Tunein radio, mp3 the... what any wise media it appears.bIt also appears this happens only when listening via a bluetooth device - in my case a Motorola T505.

    If this isn't a fricking thing, it's another with this dam phone. *(&#$*(%&#*($&*#!!!

    WiFi and BT radios share resources on the NCS and because uses require simultaneous emission / reception, you can do both at the same time. The radio transceiver and the antenna are shared between BT, WiFi, GPS and supports full duplex operation but not full quadraplex.

    It is a hardware limitation and cannot be resolved. The solution is to use a wired headset if you need to use the hotspot or wifi tethering.

    Edit: I misread. The case I am describing involves the use of BT streaming music and the use of WiFi Hotspot, is not only using the music player. There may be another problem that you are experiencing.

  • How you connect an Xbox 360 console to an open Mesh Coova wifi hotspot?

    How you connect an Xbox 360 console to an open Mesh Coova wifi hotspot? You need to access a Web page to connect before any other Internet connection can occur? How do you do that on an Xbox 360?


    I suggest you to contact the Coova Open Mesh support for more help with this problem.

    Here is the link: https://om.coova.net/forum/2

  • WiFi hotspot

    I have a computer dell laptop vostro 1500 with windows xp. my internet service provider has installed a wireless router that provides wireless internet to a group of people here. He gave us a user name and password to access your accounts. I now want to be able to simeltaneously connect my windows phone and a laptop computer to wifi, but am unable to do so, as says my phone on my connection will be "user already connected" I do my laptop a wifi hotspot and then use my phone about it? If yes then please tell me step by step how to do this.

    A 'normal' home wifi network requires only a password; a user name is not necessary.  If the "hot spots" which has been implemented for you requires two, you should ask the person who set up how you can connect with multiple devices simultaneously.

    You can bring your own laptop at a wifi hotspot unless you have two wireless adapters installed in it (one to connect to the wireless router and the other for your phone to connect to).  And it is not clear if this configuration might work, or the proximity of two wireless adapters would cause interference with others.

  • Impossible to put my laptop as wifi hotspot network

    Hello refugees,

    My laptop: HP G62 Notebook PC (purchased at Oman on 2010/10/10)

    Product number: WZ663EA #ABV

    OS: Windows 7 Home Basic - 64 bit

    Network card: Broadcom 4313 802.11 & Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller & Microsoft Virtual wifi Miniport adapt & Bluetooth (two) device

    The above details are on my laptop. My problem is unable to make my internet connection by cable to connect to a wifi hotspot to use in my SAMSUNG SIII mini. I show some videos to do this and I did the same, but I couldn't get the range in my laptop.

    the steps I did: opened my control panel network and selected the "connect to the Local network' and 'Wireless network connection' and do a right-click of the mouse and select"bridge connection. He came. Then I do a new «hoc Network» wireless connection then I gave it name as 'abs' of the network, and then select "Security Type" as "no authentication" then cliked ok. Now the netwok place showing my wireless "abs". and give courses as "pending for users. then I turn on my wifi in my laptop, but this 'abs' wireless appears. even, I'm trying to enter manually the address, then it also show that "abs" is "not in the range.

    My mobile wifi does not work normally. I try a few other networks, show and me can connect. same way my laptop computer wifi also works normally. I try to share my mobile net as wifi hotspot, its showing my laptop and connect it correctly. My only problem is that I am unable to share only the network from my laptop.

    Note: I read your few article which is about the same subject, he u mentioned that uninstall broadcom 802.11 it will install automatically after re-boot. I did the same rightnow. which is also automatically installed. After that I try but even failure.

    I opened my HP Recovery Manager and reinstalled wireless network told all. but still nothing.

    Here, I have attached my Place of network connection.

    This after I created the trigger guard.

    This time I have created the new network of the House of Commons as I said above "abs". but it does not appear in my laptop.

    As another step, I did as I show on the videos. 1 make my network to share the properties option and giving manual IP address in a wireless network to "Version of the Internet (TCP/IPv 4 4) Protocol. Then the same steps for 'abs', but same result failure.

    I know this great article to read, but I thought to explain briefly and I hope I did. So please friends help me through this.

    I'm sorry that you run in this parameter issue to the top of your hotspot. You said watching videos on how to set up the point on your phone (this one is for someone else who come to this thread). So now your screen attach / Portable Hotspot on your phone should look like this

    If it's not settings > additional settings > Tethering & Portable Hotspot > Swipe to turn it on

    Once you have Setup hotspot on your phone, you should not have to take special measures in the network and sharing Center. You have no need to configure any adhocs or something like that. You should be able to see your access point listed in the available networks list, just like you see your home listed wireless network. Then you click to select it and click the Connect button (see photo below).

  • XP SP3 laptop computer connects to various WiFi hotspots but not to an individual.

    Just upgraded to Verizon MiFi 2200 MiFi 4620 the personal hotspot.  Our other Office XP SP3 computer, a Windows 7 laptop and Tablet Android ASUS everything automatically detected and entering the network key/password, all connected to the hotspot and the WWW.

    Fortunately, the XP SP3 laptop connects to other WiFi hotspots and will always connect to the MiFi 2200 old if it is powered even if, of course, he cannot access the WWW, because Verizon's network no longer recognizes the 2200 due service is transferred to the new 4620 MiFi.

    The XP SP3 laptop detects the new hotspot very well.  The command 'View available wireless networks' shows the new hotspot, but when 'Connect' is attempted he goes just in the cycle to appear in the connection, but returned eventually to view available wireless networks.  The 'Connect' button is available, implying that it would connect so click on new.

    Use the same settings (SSID, password, encryption, etc) for the device problem than others who work as they should.  It seems to be an incorrect setting or adjustment in the laptop but I can not understand that one.  I compared the services running on two XP machines and have found no obvious inadequacy.


    Thank you!

    When you say that the new device has the same encryption, do you mean that you know that both old and new devices use the same type of encryption (for example, WPA2, WPA, WPA-TKIP, etc.)?

    I noticed the following two statements in the Guide of the user for the MiFi 4620 L (page 30)

    • WPA/WPA2 Personal joint (safer, less compatible with older devices)
    • IMPORTANT you must use the profile secured with WPA/WPA2 Personal Mode security settings mixed when possible.

    Suggesting that the MiFi 4620 can by default that set... and that the hardware in your computer laptop problem is one of the 'old' devices that is not compatible with this setting.

    Just as an experiment, temporarily configure the MiFi to 'Open' (see pages 30 et seq.) and see if your laptop can connect.

  • problem with the creation of my usb data card connect to a wifi hotspot network!

    Hello, I have g62005ax machine of hp pavilion and the use of windows 7 home basic service 1 since I bought it, I map of 3g data through which I use internet on my laptop, recently I had a phone android romaric mi3 and wanted to use the net to my data card 3 g on phone via my laptop by creating my cell phone as a wifi hotspot I tried connectify and virtual wifi router and mhotspot, enable me to create a hotspot wifi successfully, my phone can identify them and even be able to connect to the wifi network but I can not surf or download in the phone no matter what app or browser, phone says connected wifi network and phone receives the data as 0.15 0.58, 0.98 KB. My card data speeds work fine on pc on 1 MB/s with no problems, but what is wrong I am doing even after the connection is established?  As I said I tried different pc applications, given that my phone might have problem then I tried another star of the Galaxy samsund phone pro, it also connects to the wifi network but the same problem, IE. No surf, the so problem is not end of my phone, what am I doing wrong here?

    Hello IRON-MAN.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

    I understand the hotspot of data card USB that you create from your laptop is not working properly. I'll do what I can to help out you! Please follow this guide to make sure that you follow the correct procedures: How to create a WiFi HotSpot with your connection Internet/card USB Data...

    Please let me know your results. If you're still having problems, please provide some screen shots so I have something to look at. Thank you and have a great day!


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