WiFi intermittent

For the past two weeks, our Time Capsule wireless connection (2015) (Version 7.7.7) was extremely intermittent. He goes out for a short period and then turns back on. Our ISP told us to recycle and get a new modem cable. We did it and the same thing still happens at least 4 or 5 times a day. Failures range from 2 to 3 minutes to 20 minutes. During outages of the time Capsule has a light amber, and then the light flashes green and then go back to the fixed Orange until it returns the signal and light turns solid green. When activated, the signal is always strong. Does anyone have an idea what is the cause?

MacBook Pro

MacBook air


everything works Sierra


Unfortunately, a constant amber status light seems to indicate a potential failure of the time Capsule. It seems, from your description, that the complete failure has not occurred but has been intermittent.

If you bought the time Capsule in the year, you can return it for a replacement; otherwise, if you have si vous avez achete bought with another Apple product calling and have AppleCare with this product, you would potentially have three years warranty.

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  • WiFi intermittent problem. Win 10 think it is connected when there is no Internet.

    WiFi intermittent problem.  I have a 2 month old Dell Inspiron 15 5559 with dual band Wireless AC 3160 adapter Intel.  I connect via WiFi, start Pandora with Chrome and everything works very well for a few hours.  I monitor the status of the WiFi and noticed that when the speedometer drops to simple numbers temporarily, then resumed at 50 Mbps or more a second or two later, my browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge) no longer work even if icons indicate "connected, secure" and LAN activity continues.  Pandora and all other browser activities cease until I have disconnect and reconnect.  The router, I had this problem with that is a TP-Link wireless-N that works perfectly with other computers, but I purchased & installed a D604 of D-Link router wireless AC to see if this can solve the problem.  It has exactly the same problem on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.  Device Manager displays an Intel driver version dated dated 22/06/2015 apparently normal and no! or? any where in the list of devices.

    So the obvious conclusion is that when the power of the signal is temporarily less than 10 Mbps for a second or two, then returns to the top 10 Windows thinks there is a good WiFi connection when it is not.  Disconnect and reconnect always solve the problem, but it's an obvious bug, and it's a pain.


    I'm glad that you finally got this driver to install.  Microsoft has done a lot with Windows 10 trying to reduce the energy consumption on laptops.   In some ways, that has caused some problems with the wireless, making cards more susceptible to interference.   I hope that this driver will clear up many of the conflicts and problems that you see.

    Let us know how it goes.


  • The Airport Extreme WiFi intermittent 2nd generation

    I'm having a weird problem with loss of WiFi on my Apple Airport Extreme.

    My 2nd generation that apple Airport Extreme Base Station began to close its WiFi broad signal several times.  It happens usually after 60 minutes or less works very well.  Power on and the new runs for awhile until it stops again the WiFi.  Green light normally forward either static rest without flickering to indicate data transfer, or it will just dark.  Sometimes it will turn off WiFi and then restart WiFi a few minutes later and appear to be good.  But mostly it just stops and I can, he extinguished/turned on to operate correctly with the WiFi again.

    Airport Extreme is connected by ethernet cable to my modem/router main fiber (which is a different floor home) and it is set to "Bridge" Mode  It worked without any problems and I did no changes to my system.  My ISP did update my modem broadband fiber a few weeks ago to a "Virgin Media Hub 3.0"I understand was made by Compal.»  It seems to work perfectly and I have no problems with speed download or reliability in wireframe.  I was away from home for about a week and was able to access my wireless IP camera remotely via my Airport Extreme with no problems.  The problem started almost immediately on my return, but, as I said, I did no changes to my network.  I have never had this kind of problem before with my Airport Extreme.

    I am running OS X Yosemite on an iMac that is connected by a cable ethernet to the Airport Extreme and seems to work very well even when WiFi is de-energized on the Airport Extreme.  Airport utility reports the airport as current firmware version 7.6.7.

    I used network utility, Fing, and it showed that my Airport Extreme has multiple IP addresses, which seem to conflict with the IP address for my three AppleTV.  I manually changed the IP addresses of the Apple TV to another IP address not conflicting, but Fing always shows that my Airport Extreme has three IP addresses and I still have the problem of WiFi.

    Any other suggestions on a probable cause of this problem or the best way to solve the problem would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    The question is the 2nd generation AE is now too old.

    I would say the power supply (external or internal) is dying.

    It service life is approximately 5 years... your must be 8 years old. so the solution is simple... buy a new one... or I'll tell... Newish...

  • Satellite A660 - WiFi intermittent when the battery, OK on current alternative


    I'm testing my wifi with cmd ping bbc.co.uk t

    This gives the black screen scroll showing bytes etc etc and various times in milliseconds.

    When the wifi does not work, I get a continuous scrolling results.

    If I unplug the power cord, after about 10 to 20 seconds, I begin to see the downtime and I lost the connection. When I plug the power cord back in, the ping goes back to work normally

    Outside of the test facility, what I see, with the power cord, is the normal 5 indicator bars of signal strength on the taskbar. If I unplug the power cord, after some time, he said 'connected to the router, no internet access.

    I checked the wifi driver and it is up-to-date.

    I appreciate any help, thanks

    Thank you very much for the comments.
    I hope it may be useful to other visitors to the forum. ;)

  • Driver WiFi updated solves the problem of intermittent failure of person?

    Aspire V3 - 571G, Windows 8, Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 network adapter

    I installed the new driver from the support site Acer ( and am still WiFi intermittent outages every 15-20 minutes (appears as a limited connectivity).

    Someone at - it solved this problem on a V3 - 571 G, Windows 8, with the driver?

    I will be definitely back it if I don't get this solved, because it is unusable as it is.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

    Hi, I just bought my V5-571PG yesterday, and I found exactly the same problem as you - wifi disconnects very often, almost every 7-10 minutes and reconnects automatically to 1-3 min. That really annoyed me.

    After that I downloaded and installed the latest driver from the Acer site, this failure intermittent wifi finally resolved.

    Go to the Acer Web site and find this driver, e.g. Aspire S3-391,S7-391,V3-731,V5-431,V5-531,V5-551, V5-571... for Win8

    As long as you can find the exactly the same file as below, it should work.

    Wireless LANAtheros(New) wireless LAN driver10.0.0.217.v3216.5 MB28/12/2012

    I downloaded and then run the "setup.exe" in the folder to uninstall the old drivers. After that the old version has been uninstalled, then run again to install the new drivers. Computer restarted after it has been installed.

    It's been at least 2 hours now, and my laptop still works well. Finally the wifi still has more random disconnection

    I hope it works for your V3 as well

  • Slow WiFi, emails arriving intermittently.

    HI for Sierra update wifi going slow to stop. Emails from Apple happen intermittently on imac, but these two questions are OK on iphone 6 and 3rd gen iPad.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Check your location in system preferences > Date & time.

    Check system preferences > Security & privacy that location services is checked.

    Click on location Services.

    Select the Services system (bottom of list)

  • My early 2015 retina 13 '' Macbook pro intermittently "hang" on a wifi network in my house

    Problem: My early 2015 retina 13 '' Macbook pro intermittently "latch" on a wifi network in my house.  Which means, if I'm on my 2.4 GHz network, it works very well and then randomly - while remaining always connected to the wifi network - will lose its ability to connect what be it for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This occurs every 5-10 minutes. If I go to my 5 GHz connection, it works very well for 5-10 minutes. I keep having to switch back so that it could respond more quickly, or let them hang for a minute until he figures it by itself.

    Meanwhile, I can connect with my iPhone, Windows laptop, Xbox, computer, etc. without any problems. If I take my macbook in wifi areas, I have never run into this issue. I don't really know what to do, and faced with the conclusion this problem online - as it is a very specific set of variables causing problems.

    Please see recommended settings of WiFi routers and access Apple points.

    Despite these recommendations, some routers will work better with the latest Mac models if you turn the radio 2.4 GHz mode in settings and only use the 5 GHz. Note, however, that very old devices Apple and some third-party devices can then not connect at all.

    Some third party routers have advanced that you may need to change the settings:

    The encryption algorithm must be AES.

    The group key interval must be 3200.

    I can't give you specific instructions on how to change these settings, because all routers are different. Refer to the documentation for the provider.

  • Problem with WNDR4500v3: Intermittent WiFi connection

    Switching internet providers twice (last return to the original supplier), my wifi connection for intermittent at least 3 to 5 times a day, if not more. I went through my ISP which has bypassed the router and it is not on their end. I had no such problem with the previous provider, or until I went back. I have reset the router and still the same issue. I've only had it since November/December last year, is out of warranty tech support. I don't know what else is wrong. I hope someone can help me! I am tech savvy except when it comes to troubleshooting.

    You can follow the procedure here.

  • Keyboard WiFi connect and start over, intermittent stop

    I have a 'Maverick' OS X IMac desktop computer 10.9.5, 2.7 GHz core i5 processor.

    When I want to enter my password to start the computer, my WiFi connected keyboard does not work. I tried everything, change batteries, computer downtime, change keyboard WiFi, etc, sometimes it works again, so it doesn't work anymore, intermittent problem. There is no problem when I connect a USB keyboard. Can anyone help?

    Hello Pierrette45,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    Leave your post, it looks like you have a problem with your wireless keyboard does not. I also understand that you have completed a ton of fun troubleshooting. One thing I would look for in this situation is a potential cause of the interference of the signal as described in the following article.

    our mouse or keyboard intermittently not responding

    Follow these steps if your mouse or your keyboard sometimes stops responding temporarily.

    Click or press a key

    • Click on the mouse or trackpad, or press a key on the keyboard to reconnect the device to the computer. It may take a while for the device to respond.

    Search for interference of signals

    • Wireless networks that operate on 2.4 GHz can cause interference. Move base stations of phone wireless, microwave ovens and other appliances of 2.4 GHz far your Mac if you suspect interference.
    • Keep devices wireless to 10 meters (30 feet) of your Mac.
    • Avoid putting metal objects between your wireless device and your Mac.

    If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard or trackpad doesn't work as expected - Apple Support

    See you soon!

  • WiFi, signal excellent, no interference but intermittently drops, needs to restart

    I have two desktops running on my home wifi system, one is one HP, the other a Dell.

    The HP is the closer to the top and has full signal strength bars, the Dell is rained off and half bars. I used the wifi inSSIDer monitoring program to check that I'm using a wifi channel that has all the other competing strong signals on it.  I changed wifi channels anyway to see if the problem changes and it does not work

    The problem: from time to time, as often as once a day, the HP will lose wifi. If I wait a very long time (30 minutes or more), it will return itself. I normally reboot to get it back as soon as possible. It always returns with a restart, and once rebooted I'm good to go until the next day.

    This loss of wifi only occurs on the HP, Dell has no difficulty on the network even if one gets a much weaker signal. At the same time, the ch has been the only WiFi (until I'm the Dell) and it had this problem all along.

    Is there some setting wifi on the HP that could be causing this intermittancy? Is there some wifi setting that could find the signal immediately without having to reboot. Using "solve problems" (right click on the wifi icon) can not find the signal. Happens about once a day (not at a given time of the day) I saw with it, but it's annoying.


    You can buy a WIFI card for replacement on eBAY for less than $10.  Could you say something, about the performance and reliability of the card.

    I suggest get back you to the original HP driver.  If this does not help the problem then replace the WIFI card.

    The part number you posted of HP, HP p/n 638403-001, is for the 5390 RT and not a 6390.  You should correct your information to avoid confusion.

  • Intermittent WiFi problem after upgrade to Windows 10

    My acer aspire V3 - 571 has been intermittently lose WiFi for the last 2 days since Windows 10 Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade.

    The Aspire has:

    Driver Atheros wireless network adapt AR5BWB222 Wednesday 2/15/12

    So far, I have:

    1. in the properties Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter, I unchecked the box in the tab property management who read allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

    1B. Made sure flight mode was in the off position.

    1 c. Forget exactly where I did, but made certain settings in another? location have been set to "Maximum Performance".

    2. check that the firmware is updated on my network router, the value 2 of WPA - PSK (AES) security.

    3. search through many forums to read the responses of people upgrading Windows 10 WiFi issues - seems it is a widespread problem, although no one said that the WiFi signal loss was intermittent, as is my laptop. Shots of the Internet for my research also shows WiFi problems occurred in the past for installation of Windows 8. (So far have not come across mentions of WiFi problems for the latest installations of Windows 7).

    4. in exploring my laptop, I came across a page of Microsoft Updates - SEE ATTACHED. I was surprised to find that these updates go out quite frequently during the day. For example, 10 separate updates between 23:30 and 16:24 on August 1 and 18 separate updates between 12 h 06 at 15:57 on August 2.  Included in the record of updates for August 1 and August 2. I am aware that Microsoft uses my WiFi to download updates AUTOMATICALLY. It is possible that this intermittent intermittent interruptions of the WiFi update download?

    5. this afternoon, when the WiFi did not work for Windows 10. I reinstalled as a dual boot Ubuntu 14.04. I have had no trouble to connect to the WiFi for Ubuntu.

    Not yet:

    1. I haven't tried connecting the laptop via an Ethernet cable to my router during one of these WiFi failure.

    2. my ISP is a VOIP/Internet, using a Westell and a single Cisco router configuration. I have not taken into account if they can be a cause of the problem.

    3. I read on a forum that someone corrected their problem with WiFi connection by changing their setting include TKIP security router

    NOTE: I need to put Windows screenshot attachment 10 updates in a response email separate to this post as this post does not accept the attachment.

    Would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

    I'll probably also put this on a Windows 10 forum elsewhere.


    FYI, this has worked for me, finally a solution!

    The strangest thing - I have uninstalled the driver Atheros. Do NOT reinstall it. After uninstalling the driver Atheros, a right screen Windows 10 panel immediately appeared style - either on advice of Panel or in the page settings of WiFi, was asleep, can't remember which - that contains an entry box marked my wifi password. I entered the password and boom, the wifi worked. He has been since.

    Once again thank you. Mark resolved.

  • [Solved] Intermittent WiFi dropouts of A2109A-F

    Hi all

    A few days ago I bought the Tablet and am going nuts top soon.

    With ICS so JB I have experience the same problem on 3 of 4 WiFi I have intermittent dropouts where first the indicator turns gray then disappears and comes back on after a few seconds. The interval is about 10 to 30 seconds depending on the? the router? It does not affect for example YouTube but regularly stops flash videos and gives random "Server unavailable" messages during surfing. As it happens also during streaming video, I don't think it's "powermanagement" linked, even though I disabled as much as I could find.

    Unfortunately the WiFi in the store where I bought the Tablet is one of the 25% that work ok...

    any advice / help much appreciated

    OK, found the problem (at least in two cases the location who are my interest): the chipset in my router and the Tablet are of the same manufacturer, but are incompatible if some 'turbo mode' is enabled on the router. Probably the same thing in our office, but I can not enter the adminpage

  • Only intermittent problem with wifi on alienware m17x with qualcomm wireless killer

    Hi, I have an alienware M17x with windows 8.1 and qualcomm wireless killer. I have a serious problem with intermittent wifi, that appears when I use programs like Skype, steam, multiplayer games, etc.

    Even if the wifi is connected, the connection suddenly stops working sometimes, especially when I use the applications mentioned above. (if I try to load a Web page during this time, the page remains attached to "resolving host"). Strange thing is if I disconnect and reconnect to the wifi Internet starts working immediately. Or I can wait a few minutes and the connection is re-established automatically. This isn't a problem with the network, because I had this problem on countless wifi networks I've worked, and all my other devices work fine in the same time, that my laptop no longer works.

    Additionally, this problem occurs only on wifi, if I use a connection cable, this never happens. (this is not yet a case of the wifi signal strength, as happens even when I am sitting right next to wifi router and wifi in the notification area icon is visible full signal).

    In the last months, I tried various possible solutions, but none of them have solved this problem:

    -Updated to 8.1 windows

    -Update of the qualcomm network drivers

    -Stop of various applications that I think might have been the origin of the problem

    -Uninstall completely different applications

    -Close all anti-virus programs

    Still after all of these steps, the problem persists. It would not be a big problem, as the loss of connectivity is not permanent, but what makes multiplayer games completely unplayable on my alienware machine. :(

    Just today I tried to launch AlienAutopsy test for my network card in Killer Wireless - N 1103 several times, and each time that the "transfer of data verification test" failed due to no connectivity (all other tests passed very well, only this one test failure all 6 times). I thought that it could be linked and gave me some hope that I might be able to target the cause of this unique problem. Therefore, I post here. If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated!

    +++ S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. +++

    «Go to network-> Network and Sharing Center-> change the adapter settings-> Wireless - N 1103-> properties (right click) Killer network card-> and finally UNCHECK it (the f * cking) "Qualcomm Atheros control bandwidth «»

    Enjoy the rush.

    See you soon

  • The WiFi Windows 8 will turn off intermittently.

    Original title: wifi turns off aspire v3 atheros windows 8.

    I have a brand new acer aspire laptop v3 - 771 g-6851. Atheros ar5bwb222 wifi adapter. the WiFi will go off intermittently. Windows diagnose connection program cannot find a problem, however, the wifi connection is restored once he finishes detection. After some tests, I also managed to understand that whenever the connection is lost, I can simply activate flight mode, and then turn off again, in order to get the wireless card back on and restore the connection with my router. I have a laptop windows 7 and a macbook pro laptop, both connect to the router with no problems. I used windows update to update the driver for the atheros card. Then, I went to the acer website and downloaded their latest driver and installed (version oct 2012). Having still intermittent disconnect every few minutes. Sometimes 3 minutes, sometimes 10.

    I wonder if the driver of the card wifi atheros and windows 8 are having communication problems. Alternatively, I could have a faulty wifi adapter? Or is it a magical driver out there? Is this a known problem that can get fixed with SP1 for Windows 8? Recommendations?

    Hi Benjamin & Jeffrey

    I had exactly the same problems with my Acer Aspire V3 - 771G with 8 Win x 64 installed.

    The same Driver Atheros von too.

    After trying a week and a half after the hours of work at home, I had a last option

    before sending the new laptop back in Services.

    I is gone from Acer Support & downloaded the latest Bios Update and the pilot

    for the Wi - Fi adapter.

    After uninstall of & install the new driver for the adapter, restarted Windows and had the same thing

    Problem than usuall, no connection what so ever.

    During the week, I tried that Nicolas had written but still did not get far.

    Then I asked myself, I should or should not... Because I was so frustrated I installed the most recent Bios Update.

    Open windows & whoopie it finally works again.

    I hope that I could help with this message, see that there are more people out there with the same problems.

  • Signal strong wifi X220t Centrino Advanced-N, intermittently, dropping internet

    My problem is different from those who have difficulties to internet connection in tablet mode.

    Maintain a continuous and strong/full wifi signal, I lose internet access intermittently.  It makes no difference if the unit is used in laptop mode or tablet. If I reset the wireless adapter, I stay connected to the internet for anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour or two.  The wireless signal is always at full power, and the distance between the router makes no difference.  Sometimes the Internet returns and plunges again, however, I usually run the Troubleshoot utility to reset the connection.  Diagnostic/troubleshooting of windows running resets the adapter and returns the message: "the connection between your access point, router and Internet is broken" and "the default gateway is not available", but only temporarily solve the problem.  We have two other laptops in the household who are unaware of connection difficulties.

    So far I reinstalled the drivers from the Lenovo site and have set power options for maximum performance for the wireless adapter.  This is a brand new unit used for a few days and has had the problem since I have it unboxed.

    Resolved - seems to have been a problem with my router, which unfortunately is a model of Netgear wireless-N - ish.  Switched on to another router and it seems to work fine now.

Maybe you are looking for