WiFi link for printer EPSON-750 does not work

WiFi link for printer EPSON-750 does not work. In spite of reset the WiFi on the printer and reset the EPSON 750 as default printer on the IMac, the connection between the iMac and the printer does not work


Have you also tried to restart the router?

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    I suggest to follow each steps of troubleshooting provided in the link below and also suggest to run the Fixit tool in step 2 and verify if it helps solve the issue


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    Thank you.

    Hi elvenlord21,

    See the article below which has some useful suggestions to fix the print spooler error.

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    Kind regards

    Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

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    Unfortunately, we have already tried the links above which I thank you for your suggestions.  Now, we will contact pfaff which I did not really expect an answer, I asked a question before.

    Again thank you and if someone else could suggest I would appreciate


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    On Saturday, August 14, 2010 12:57:22 + 0000, Firstname, Lastname2 wrote:

    I have Windows XP - Pro.  The "Print Scr" button does not work

    In the days of DOS, the print screen button to print the screen. But
    in all versions of Windows, it works differently and the name of
    the key is now an anachronism. The key is not to print the screen.
    PrtScrn captures the entire screen and Alt-PrtScrn captures activate

    Either a capture of the image in the Windows Clipboard. Once it is in
    the Clipboard, you can paste (Ctrl + V) into any application that
    supports graphics (Windows Paint, other graphics software, even your)
    favorite text processing). You can change or add to the image you
    like, then print it out.

    This ability to manipulate the image in a program before printing
    is an improvement on the original method of printing the whole back.
    But if you like that old return facility, there are several
    freeware/shareware programs from third parties which can do, such as
    PrintKey2000 to

    Ken Blake

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    I suggest you cont developer patches or updates.  It is for the developer to make it work with win 8-not the other way around.

  • My computer crashed and I tried to re-download CS6. I have a serial number for CS6. but it does not work. I noticed that there are several versions of CS 6. Which version goes with serial number [removed]? I downloaded the stand of design «»

    I have a serial number for CS6. but it does not work. I noticed that there are several versions of CS 6. I downloaded 'standard design', but it did not work. Which version goes with serial number [removed]?

    Thank you

    Bill Heinsohn

    Check your Adobe account online.  If you have registered the software version should be shown there.

    Never share your serial number publicly... anyone can use it.

  • Driver for printer Samsung ML2165 does not load the States, it is not compatible on Windows 7

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    I am trying to download a driver for a Samsung ML2165 printer but it does not load, he always says they are incompatible, and the port does not recognize the printer, any ideas please.  I use widows 7, on a Lenova 3000 series desktop computer.

    You did that you downloaded the correct driver for the correct architecture (32 or 64-bit) Windows 7, you use?

    My PC running the 32-bit version or 64-bit Windows?


    In addition, you should try to install the driver first before connecting the printer.

    1. install the driver

    2. restart the computer

    3. connect the printer

  • Link Tempo for the DVD player does not work

    Tempo of Toshiba informed me that a new DVD drive driver is available dvdpl - 20070807102909.zip, but the link does not work in Internet Explorer.

    The link is http / / www.download1.stage.toshiba.eu but I get a message that Internet Explorer cannot find the blank page?

    Has anyone successfully downloaded this driver yet? (And if so - how?)

    Hi John

    All the drivers or the downloadable tools also from the European of Toshiba page;

    *-> Downloads-> support homepage-> download drivers & support *.

    Welcome them

  • D Link DWA 140 Wireless Stick does not work with Windows 7 Pro x 64

    After searching the Internet for most of the day, I am naïve. Installed Win 7 Pro x 64 (from MSDN-AA) today and I wanted to use my job well DWA 140 to connect to my router for internet. The Board in use is the Asus P5p77-M. All, who tried with 2 different USB stick work USB ports in question. Windows is up to date, as it's the Bios and Chipset drivers, on the site of Asus's latest versions are installed. The DWA-140 appears up like works well in my device manager, but what is it. When you install the software from the site Web of D-Link, the connection software shows no WiFi at all, and the same thing happens if I chose to install the drivers Ralink (manufacturer of the chip inside the DWA-140). All the ideas here what to do?


    What happened when you tried the Windows software?

    He was able to detect the card?

    Looks like a program prevents the identification of the card.

    I would like to start with a clean boot to make sure that a startup program is not causing the problem:


    If this does not work, I stay in the State of clean boot and disable anti-virus and firewall temporarily and reinstall the software of connection:


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • topic: Home link on the Web page does not work

    I have inserted a link on my Web page to about: home of the user to the homepage of firefox to take
    It looks like this:
    < a href = "subject: House" > < /a > Firefox
    It seems to work fine on the desktop browser, but it does not work on Firefox Android on the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8010 using the android 4.1.2 version and Firefox Android version 33.0.
    The link does not work, however, is recognized as a link, since the long press on the link gives options for opening/copying the link, but if I then select "Open in new tab", it still doesn't open it.
    Is this normal or if the link works?
    Thanks to anyone who can answer this,

    It will not work. It's intentional.

  • Satellite L30 PSL33E: Link to the energy saver does not work

    Problem: someone can help me find, this driver download

    Power Saver link does not work when I want to download the driver (WIN XP).


    Hmm, are you 100% sure?  :|

    I checked the link and it works for sure!
    Check again

  • FYI: El Capitan upgrade - Epson scanner does not work

    Re: iMac 27 "(mid-2010) - I thought I'd share the solution to my problem."

    With Yosemite and with my 12 year old Epson Perfection 3200 Photo scanner worked great! I accessed use Apple's Image Capture utility. After having recently upgraded to El Capitan, Capture of Image could not see my scanner. After removing preferences to Epson, the upgrade - by Epson online - driver and image transfer, checking all cables and restart several times - it STILL does not work. IC saw nothing.

    After getting technical support of Apple FREE chat and many hours of troubleshooting on mine the day before. Apple, suggested ideas, I have call Epson. I did - they have FREE phone technical support! After new check a bunch of stuff, Epson technology offers I have try the USB - cable I was using FireWire. The USB cable is specialized whose end is atypical goes to the back of the scanner - I have had the chance to quickly find, after be hidden away for years. Well, after only a few attempts, the USB key worked! I can now scan again - to no longer use the FireWire cable.

    I hope this helps someone.

    Thank you Harry for your comment.

    I had the same problem that is now resolved by the way you suggested.

    Best wishes


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