Will Dell optiplex 620 clean install without disc

I have a desktop Dell Optiplex 620 with Windows XP Professional installed.  Is it possible to

clean and reinstall without disks?


I'm sorry, it is not possible to perform a clean installation of Windows XP without using the Windows installation disc.

See the following article from Microsoft for assistance.


Please reply with the status of the issue, so that we can better help you.

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    I have been using Thunderbird years. I so screwed it up I want to do a clean install without all the accounts and start over again. But whenever I have download and install I have the same thing I had. Any suggestions?

    If you don't want to keep in the profile of screw, simply remove by using the Profile Manager.


    To start the Profile Manager:


  • Satellite A205-S4587 - Clean install without CD

    I'm trying to reinstall to factory settings.
    The HD is the partition with a section to retrieve (1.46 GB) and a complete picture of the operating system and all data files.

    I try to complete a clean install to factory setting without the CD of installation of the unit. I have a Toshiba A205 laptop model S4587.

    I tried the process to turn on the unit and hold the zero key.
    I am able to pass options in advance, some countries, sign in as me as user with password, but he asks for the installation diskettes.

    I do not understand how to do the clean install.
    I have reinstalled precedent the system from the CD but have misplaced the CD.

    Pls advise


    Since your laptop seems to belong to the Toshiba U.S. series, I think the recovery procedure is a bit different as in the series of European for Toshiba laptop.

    You should be able to access the partition by pressing zero when you turn it on, press and hold until you see something on the screen. If this does not work, you will need to use the recovery discs.

    I found a page where you can order a recovery for Toshiba notebooks WE drive:

  • How to do a clean install without CD?

    My computer came with windows xp 2005. I want to do a clean install. I have the CD key, but the computer did not come with a CD. How do I install without the CD?

    Your HP system very likely came with a utility partition that contains all the files needed to do a full restore of your system.  Try typing: F10 (when you start the machine).  Note, this will be on your old system wipe!  Read about it in the HP PC troubleshooting and maintenance Guide (page 18).

    In addition, it is software recovery in Start menu-> all programs-> Accessories-> System Tools menu that allows you to create your own recovery media (it took 2 DVD-R or CD-12 r (not DVD - RW or CD - RW!) on the HP here).  Your system allows you to create these discs when you first started has very probably prompted... Everyone should make these records.  You can't recover from a failure of the hard drive without them.  HP help files were very informative and comprehensive, too.  Finding help for recovery.

    After you create the disks and restore your system (be it with F10 or by using the disks that you created), you must go to the HP Support website for your system and download updates and drivers updated.  (I have not found an a1520n but I found a Pavilion Media Center a1520y CTO desktop PC.)

    And when it is earned, as Daavee has suggested credit, it would be really wise to save all your settings and your documents.  (It's what skip drivers were made for...)

  • y at - it another way to install without disc, because I do not have a CD

    I didn't know it was an installation disc and I was wondering just that if there was another way to install without using the disc any advice would be thank you very much.

    WIndows machine?

    You need to modify your Windows registry and convince the installer the software already exists on your computer. It's simpler than it seems. Here are four links, each of them will explain step by step how to get one of these programs to the top and the race.

    And that's all there is to it. Now go get your operational software. You have already paid for the camera; you might as well have access to free stuff that is supposed to come with her.

  • Age of Mythology: how to install without disc 2

    original title: Age of mythology

    I have a disc of "age of mythology", but not CD 2 (disk 2 is used to install not for gameplay). I have however the product key, but do not want to buy the whole game. How can I get my game to install with disc 2?

    I have a disc of "age of mythology", but not CD 2 (disk 2 is used to install not for gameplay). I have however the product key, but do not want to buy the whole game. How can I get my game to install with disc 2?

    The only possible way is to borrow the disc 2 of someone else.

  • x 201 OEM Win7 ultimate clean install without disk

    Hi guys!

    I just got my 201 pre-installed with Win7 Ultimate x. My 201 x does not include an optical drive and therefore no recovery win7 don't drive etc. Everything is legitimate and that you have the key for activation on the underside of the computer.

    I REALLY want to do an install own complete on my system.

    I searched a little and have little chance to find how to do this without an optical drive, an OEM version and no way to download the iso file.

    If someone could please shed is little light on how to do this would be greatly appreciated I am reluctant to download install all programs etc until I have finished cleaning.

    Thanks guys,.

    Download Thinkvantage System update, it should withdraw all the drivers concerned on the Lenovo Web sites for you, that will simplify the process of downloading drivers.

    You can also copy your current driver on your c: drive files and use these drivers.

  • Dell optiplex 620 reinstalled windows 7 64 and have no sound.

    Research of device Speccy shows no audio device found. I guess that the audio device is integrated into the motherboard.  DELL OFH884 INTEL i945P, P4, G, G2

    I need help for sound activated. I tried a general search on the internet and also windows install research drive, no luck.


    I hope this will help you!

    -You can take a look at the official website of DELL support here

    -Did you troubleshoot your audio device?

    Have a nice day

  • installation of windows 7 pro 64-bit will not complete installation. clean install.

    I tried to install windows 7 pro 64-bit and I got all the way to the last part of the installation and the screen goes black for 5 minutes approximately and restarts. then he tries to run windows and the screen becomes black and black rest for at least 30 mins +... is when I gave up on it. What can be wrong? I have overcome all the req and even tried 2 games of motherboard and processor and came to the same problem. I think it's a bad dvd but the store won't Exchange it. They let me just go back. then before I have to send back tomorrow I figured I would give it a try more.

    at this moment I have amd athlon 64 3800 + and 4 GB of ram and I also tried a quad core from amd phenom 2 and 6 GB of ram with the same result.

    Joe can you be more specific, what stage the installation goes on black screen...?

    I had a same problem once and there is a possible resolution to do so,
    If it is in the final phase of installation is mainly due to the video card..,.
    Then restart the computer and keep tapping F8, select "enable Mode low resolution" because the option and now the installation program will continue...
    see if it progresses and ends with the installation by inviting you to enter the user name and password then your product key.
    Once you have finished with these steps and that reach you your office update your video card driver and restart the computer.
    Hope it will work for you :D
    Please let us know if it works :)
  • How can I configure a dell on my HP laptop without disc printer?

    I have havea Dell Laser MFP for which I lost the set up disc.  I need help setting up for use on my laptop HP with Windows 7.

    Go here, choose your operating system, then download the printer "Driver".


  • need to install without disc in English 13 items


    I just bought photoshop elements 13 and have new book mac pro with no disk crack...

    I found a link to load down, but not for the English...

    What should I do?

    Thank you!

    You can download at the bottom of the link:


    Setup applies to all languages, it is simply listed in the middle of the column.

  • HP Envy 17: Clean install Windows 10 without upgrade.


    First of all, I am very happy with my new HP laptop first, it's amazing!

    Now my problem. The laptop came with 8.1 Windows preinstalled with a free upgrade to Windows 10, however, I want to do a clean install Windows 10 without going through the process of upgrading (or would defy a 'clean' install), without additional software (I have already downloaded all the drivers and software from HP Web site) and I wanted to make the installation of the driver/software myself.

    Now, I had the key OEM with software, however...

    I read several threads related to this problem, the recommended steps were required to use the creator of media, but that won't install it Windows 8.1? I know that I coud after upgrade, but I wanted to avoid this step

    In any case to create support for Windows 10? If I clean install 10 Windows with a retail key, I'll lose the built in recovery?

    Thank you very much for your kind attention,

    Best regards


    To answer your questions:

    (1) MS media creation tool: Activation in Windows 10 - Windows help offers several options: to upgrade this PC now, create installation media (download the ISO file), create an installation (DVD or USB) media.  Choose the option that suits you - understand that upgrading PC, this option does NOT create an ISO file or installation media.

    (2) lose the built-in recovery.  IF you ask on the resumption of Win8x HP - then Yes.  That no longer works after upgrade Win10.

    (3) retail vs upgrade and recovery: Version does not matter, you will lose HP Win8x recovery without worrying.

    (4) retail key - you get ONLY a touch of detail if you buy a copy at Win10 retail.  The version proposed for the free update does not product keys for activation.  You MUST install a version upgrade on top of an existing installation of Win7/8/8.1 so that it will activate.  If you install directly from media Win10 Upgrade, starting from the media and did an install clean, not only will win 10 then NOT activate, right now, it will NEVER activate.  MS talking about providing an option IN THE FUTURE, to allow people to enter a Win7/8/8.1 existing product key - but this feature is not present today.

  • I'll be able to perform a clean install of Windows 7 (Vista Upgrade Option)?

    I was wondering if I would be able to perform a clean installation of Windows 7 with "upgrade drive" we are is sent when Windows 7 is released October 22, 2009. I had read that we will be able to upgrade the sense we will keep all our old stuff, however I just want to perform a clean install without all the garbage that comes preloaded on the computer when you buy it.

    Yes, you will be able to clean install with upgrade disc. Generally, everything you had will go into a folder named windows.old, if you have backed up everything you can delete this folder but if not only get what you need, then delete. This issue will take place. The folder contains all the files you had, the programs, but you can not open them or he'll tell program not found and the files of vista or xp. I hope this helps. Just at the moment where you see the menu level or custom installation, click Custom install and who should be the ability to clean the facility.                  OS: Windows 7 Professional. PC: HP DV4t.

  • How to clean install windows 7 on T400, am I right?

    My T400 pre-installed with Windows Vista Business, so I would get a clean installation of Windows 7 on my laptop.

    My method: clean install Windows 7 on the laptop with a single partition (infact there are two of them, including the 100 MB partition, created by the system Windows 7 itself.). After installation, I will set up my internet and just download the ThinkVantage System update, then install it. Then I'm going to update and install all the drivers and by the ThinkVantage System Update ThinkVantage tools. So I think that the work has got an end. Am I wrong?

    Another question: If there is a single partition, when I want to use Rescue and Recovery for my system backup or files then keep the backups to the partition, how Rescue and Recovery restores my system clean install without destroying the backups? In my opinion, if when the restore process is complete, the clean install GETS back but the backups always not to locate their position?

    Thank you and enjoy for all the answers!

    first of all, I hope you did just product recovery disc in case you want to load the original image, once you do a clean installation, the option has disappeared. 2 update does not offer CSS or RnR so you will have to do it manually. 3. Once you have everything installed, you will need to make a backup of that this backup will be used to retrieve at your own facility. If you do not create this backup, there is no way to recover your newly installed win.7

  • I have a WIndows 7 Ultimate operating system failure and required a drive for a clean install. I have the product key, but Microsoft offers no English option.

    I have a Windows 7 Ultimate active computer that was swarming (STRONGLY) of malware/virus/junk files/adware...

    I think I have cleaned out, but want to do a clean to be sure install, but I have no partition recovery (may be erased by a virus?) and no recovery dick.

    I went to the Microsoft website and entered my product key.  He has been recognized as Windows 7 Ultimate, but when I had to choose a language, English was not available.

    Any solution, or should I continue to use the computer and all hope is clean?

    EDIT - I installed the windows 10 (using an ISO image) on Windows 7.  I do not enter the product key when asked (the program said I could jump at this stage of the installation).  Installation went well.

    I then checked to activate Windows 10 - it activated without any difficulty.

    I will now try a clean install...

    For 5 years, Microsoft made it fairly easy for users of the Windows 7 operating system to get reinstall media. If you have lost your support disc or installation retail collection; either it has been damaged or defective; You can download a copy of the edition that you have licensed from a membership site called Digital River. More recently, Microsoft ended the availability to reinstall media that you can download as a. File ISO in Digital River, which is a digital reproduction of an optical disc.

    It was particularly convenient for people who could not easily get the manufacturer's recovery media, did not want to pay the fees required to get or preferred a clean configuration without the software packaged manufacturers or even a recovery partition does not work. It's easy to use, all you had to do was reinstall and reactivate using the product key located on the certificate of authenticity and download all the drivers on the manufacturers website.

    Given that this option is no longer available, what are your options? See the article for more details:

    How to: What are my options for Windows 7 reinstall media?

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