WILL ESX 3.5 works on my laptop that has the NIC Intel(r) PRO/1000 pl... (I'm getting "cannot find any network device error taken supported")

Hi all

For the purpose of learning, I try to install ESX3.5 on my "vmware workstation 5.0 ' on my laptop. Installation stops @ "unable to find any supproted network devices. I suspect that this (Intel (r) PRO/1000 PL) is not supported, can anyone confirm this?

In the compatibility list, I can see in favor: Intel(r) PRO/1000 PT...? , mean PL is not supported?

Thank you


You say that you are not able to change the *.vmx file? You should not have the virtual machine running, then edit the vmx file. You need to REPLACE the line indicating the type of ethernet0 (from there, all that is initially at 'e1000'. Then, save the vmx file and exit the texteditor.

Starting the virtual machine with the mounted CD of ESX.

Can tell you how, you get an error (and what is the exact error).

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