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Followed all the instructions (see the links on the bottom) and tried to install win10 all means, USB and via winUpdate, etc with no result. It took several hours to eliminate all other options, the problem is several hard drives. What I really need to disconnect all other drives to get win10 installed? Because now if I disconnect them, my current win7 will notice it as a hardware change and does not start properly you want to run the complete repair or new installation. I can't install my win7 since the thing began with a single hard drive first and then install win10 to get my other HARD drives work. It's as full of 2 working days to get it all done with my installed programs and make them work again! Is here from a fix to correctly get the installation work of win10 or same installer with some sort of partition program as win7 Setup has? SE win10 is not a simple task, even it's free.

I have installed KB3112343
#7. Unplug several hard drives and storage devices

Win 7 ultimate--> Win 10 pro



Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

According to the description, I understand that you are facing problems installing Windows 10.

I suggest you to refer to the Microsoft Help Article below and check if that helps.

Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

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  • Qosmio F60 turning is not on - HARD drive problem

    My F60 running stock windows 7 and when I turn it on I get a black screen with the following text:

    + Check the file system on C: +.
    + the type of file system is NTFS.
    + Volume name is s3a5802d002 +.
    + One of your disks needs to be checked for conisitency. +
    + You can cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue.
    + To skip verification of the disc, press any key within 10 seconds.

    If I leave it just like that.
    I try to ignore it, and it does not work so I turn it off and go again on the third time, to turn on while I press ESC. What should I do about it?

    Re: do everything or send it as it is only 6 months old, it is Bernard did this for 5 months


    It sounds a bit like a HARD drive problem.
    I recommend checking out the HARD drive using a free tool called Drive Fitness Test
    This free tool allows you to get more details on the State of the HARD drive and maybe some error would be detected which would mean that HARD drive failures and disk HARD must be replaced.

  • Alternative to the reset by Satellite A660 for potential HARD drive problem

    In the last week or two, I got a few blue screens, saying he was driving demand, and that windows must be shut down to avoid damage my computer.

    I have just restart and continue working.
    The last time it happened, I had repeatedly "initialization failed" and it says hdd, SDS, fdd. If I pressed the power button until I didn't see no signs of activity, then started. Things went well. I called Toshiba support and they recommended that I go home and save my files before continuing. It took hours selectively to clean, sort the previous backups, and a small footprint of the backup system.

    When I called Toshiba once again, they recommended a "takeover", which is restoring the factory settings. It puts me in the stone age. I have to go through a never-ending process of the upgrade to Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, install and reconfigure all the applications and environments/configurations, etc. It will essentially take on holiday, if not more. I'll also have to get another computer (maybe a netbook) to stay in touch while I restart my laptop. It's barely more than a year.

    Is there a diagnosis I can do to determine the probability that there is a hard drive problem? Support for Toshiba said that is the surest way, because it provides a diagnostic F10 for the hard disk code, and it also pushes the bad sectors at the end of the disc (logically, I suppose, since you can't physically move a fault).

    > About Hitachi DFT, is it important that my HARD drive is Toshiba mk6465gsx? This is what is displayed "Hard drives" in the Device Manager.

    It s no matter what HARD drive manufacturer, it is the Drive Fitness Test is able to scan all hard drives to find errors.

    > Also, links to create boot disks, but I was wondering if I could create a bootable instead.

    Not sure if this is possible if there is that one option to create a startup disk, and then a flash stick does not work. But of course you can try this out.

    > This laptop does not come with a floppy drive, and I still create coasters trying to burn discs.
    You don't need the floppy drive, the tool must create a disk bootable (CD)

    > I guess that the same question can be asked on Memtest86. Another issue is the relevance of Memtest86 for my system. My c drive has a "Program Files" folder, but also a "Program Files (x 86)" folder for 32-bit applications. Memtest86 is for the x 86 architecture. I don't know if my 64-bit Windows 7 involves a non - x 86 architecture.

    I guess that Memtest86 should also work on Win 7 64 bit systems. But also the MemTest 4.20 is 64-bit capable

  • A55 (8982 - 77G)-Windows 7 SATA Hard Drive problem

    Hi, hoping someone can help here. I just bought the above system, it came without a hard drive, as it was purchased at a business. I installed a Seagate 200 GB SATA hard drive and I am trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate... the HD is recognized by the BIOS and the POST, but the installer of windows 7 do not see, I searched relevant drivers for the motherboard... but can't find it nowhere I tried to set the Auto and Serial ATA SATA BIOS setting only with no success... Any help would be appreciated.


    Hi and thanks for the answer, had sorted out, seems it was a b the hard drive problem. Once I have two-way for another installation of windows 7 200 GB SATA drive picked up immediately.


  • I am a member of the creative cloud.  I had hard drive problems.  How can I go on redownloading cc lightroom and photoshop


    I am a member of the creative cloud.  I had hard drive problems.  How can I go on redownloading cc lightroom and photoshop


    Using creative cloud | Download, install, update or uninstall applications

  • HP 625 notebook computer with Win7 32 bit operating system lock up possible (?) HARD drive problem

    Well, all this happened a few days.  When you use my laptop that it completely locked up, after that I have with power off by holding the power button. After that I turned it on it would not start and I got this error message:

    Non system disk or disk error

    Replace and strike any key when ready

    After that I vigorously turned off my laptop and turned it back as I did in the above method and Windows starts without any problem whatsoever. I then ran a test HARD drive and there is no problem, so I just kept using my laptop, but the same thing with the lock upward and initialize the problem persisted and whenever I ran HDD test it came out without any problem. At the present time the lock ups happens to such frequency it does using the laptop quite impossible.

    Hello GrimFrostbyte.

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I understand that the computer is through a disk error. This issue could be related to hardware or software. I will do my best to help you with this.

    HP has a document on this issue for Windows 7. According to the document could solve the problem drive. Please find this document here: "Non-System Disk Error" or "disk error" appears on the black screen (Windows 7 and Vista)

    I think that you will solve the problem if you try the steps in the document from start to finish. If the problem is not resolved, you should contact the HP support by phone. The computer requiring the repairs if the problem is not resolved. You can use this Web site for information about how to contact HP properly, based on your region: Contact HP worldwide

    Please let me know the results of your troubleshooting. If you have found this information useful, then please mark this post with an acceptable Solution and Bravo. This will allow others on the Internet for finding this information.

    Thanks for choosing the HP Forums. Have a great day!


  • Equium A200-1V0 - recovery on the new HARD drive problem


    Hoping someone can help, I just mounted a new Toshiba 1 TB hard drive for my Equium A200-1V0, used the Vista came with the computer recovery disk, everything seems to be installed ok, but when you try to start, I get a message saying that Windows Vista is unable to run on this hardware. Any suggestion is appreciated.

    Thank you

    There must be a compatibility problem. Usually the hard drives up to 500 GB are not problematic for the old machines.
    If possible, try to install the version of the OS. When you can get Win7 32 bit would be great. Win7 32-bit is supported for your machine and in my view, it will work perfectly.

  • Portege M700 - protection of HARD drive problem

    Hello world

    I searched the net for a full day now try to find answers to this.
    Note, I am an accountant and not a computer geek.

    I have a laptop Portege M700. I am updating from Vista to Win7.

    Here's the problem:
    -Initially tried to uninstall Toshiba HDD Protection via Control Panel and got the message error "internal error 2753 setupftc.exe.
    -Then searched the Internet and realized that I had to stop the service first. Note that I does NOT initially stop the service in the Service Manager.
    -Now went in the Service Manager to seek Protection of HARD drive and it is not at all.
    -Returned east to configuration-Toshiba HDD Protection Panel is listed as a program. It will not always uninstall it... the activiates Assistant uninstaller, and after a few seconds, he simply says the same error message is ' «internal error 2753 setupftc.exe»»

    -a search on the internet about this error does no useful result. They underline that the registry cleaner programs. I have NOT installed the registry cleaners.

    - then I went to the registry and created a backup of the registry.
    Then tried all the items containing 'HDD Protection' and started deleting them hoping that it would work.
    Then I tried to uninstall.
    The computer popped up a message stating that a restart is required.
    Tried to restart and got a blue screen.
    Then restared in safemode, reloaded the old registry file and VOILA the computer is back to normal again.

    I can not even uninstall HDD Protection. Get the same bloody error.

    -then downloaded the site Web of TOSHIBA HDD Protection file.
    Try to install this file... I get the same error, i.e. "internal error 2753 setuptfc.exe.

    Ok.. now, I'm ready to give up.

    Really, I didn't wipe my comptuer clean to do a fresh install, because it's such a big hassle. And I'm an accountant, not a computer expert so I don't know what to do for a new installation.
    For the time I've wasted on this already, I probably just to find instructions on the net and then made a complete new installation.

    All the advice to fix it, pleeeeeeeeeeeease! : ??

    Thank you.

    So clean Toshiba HDD protection tool didn't help installation then some registry entries must be screwed to the top.
    Believe me, best you can do is to install the OS to aid installation of HARD - disc of recovery recovery mode or use if you have a.
    After a clean install of Vista, everything will work correctly, and then you can start with the Win7 upgrade procedure.

  • M6 Notebook Hard Drive Problems


    I have a m6-1045dx Pavilion Notebook, processor i5, 8 GB RAM, 750 GB hard drive @5400 RPM, Windows 8 (upgrade from Win7).

    I worked on creating a partition on my hard drive dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu.  In doing so, I found that my hard drive had to be verified by chkdsk.  After trying this and portable computer lock-down, I ran the UEFI component tests and found that the short DST Test failed while the successful optimized DST Test.  What does that mean? Should I try to replace my hard drive, or is there a solution to this problem?

    Thank you in advance!

    Hi pshuff

    Failure of the short test (DST) disk Self would indicate the hard drive is faulty and must be replaced. If you can still access Windows, I would backup all my personal files etc as soon as possible.

    If your laptop is still under warranty, contact HP directly with the id of the failure of 24 digits, having the replaced disk.

    Thank you



  • Copying files between hard drives problem


    I have problems copying files between hard drives on my computer. I was having this problem on Windows 7 and Windows Vista, but never met him on XP.  It seems that there are several similar topics, but I think I've noticed a few oddities in my own experience...

    I have several drives, between 500 GB ~ 1 TB.  Problems arise when I try to copy a folder with a large number of files (pictures, records about 4 GB in size, typically).  Initially, the transfer rate would be HD burst speed, somewhere between 90 MB to 150 MB.  Speed would be reduced to about 30 MB, or even lower.  The transfer ends by becomes so slow that the operation would take hours to complete.  If I try to cancel, it would take minutes to do.  The computer run slowly for a long period of time, with an offset of intermittent until I have to reboot the system.  This occurs regardless the source and destination drives.

    On some Samsung drives, this problem is actually lead to the corruption of data on the source and destination drives and i/o error messages.  CHKDSK runs at startup, try to solve the problem, but the data would be lost or unreadable disc.  I have since thrown the Samsung WD drives, do not have IO error, but the file copy problem persists.  I also disabled chkdsk at startup for all readers.

    My drivers and Bios are up-to-date.  Computer is free of viruses and malware.  I have no more trouble with Windows 7.  Curiously, if I compress my folders/files in one RAR file, I have no problems copying (transfer rate remains stable at 30 ~ 50MB).  This leads me to believe that this is not a hardware problem, but a problem with the Explorer of solutions, and that respect more particularly with the number of files transferred rather than size.  (But unpacking these files also lead to poor performance sometimes...)

    Is this a known issue that will be corrected?  I really like Win7, but because I work with large number of files and many backups all the time, stability during the file copying is a must.  I have perhaps to go back to XP, or use another OS entirely...

    I had the same problem;

    My system-

    Windows 7 Pro 64
    Core i7 940
    7200 RPM dual 500 GB SATA
    Gigabit ethernet

    Gigabit ethernet switch
    Gigabit router

    Buffalo NAS 1 TB, RAID 0, Gigabit Ethernet


    I was getting speeds of transfer of a maximum of 500 / 600 KB/s between the hard drive and network storage drive. I went through a number of * fixed * on the web without success, however, I disabled "TCP AutoTuning" and "RSS" rebooted and voila, I now get speeds of transfer of 9-10 MB / s and from the network drive.

    The fix
    It should be noted that, in addition to this, I have updated to the latest updates for Windows and off the DRC in the Windows Options under programs/features.

    How to disable TCP AutoTuning and receive scalability side

    1. Open a prompt with administrator rights.
    2. Type the following commands, and press enter (the second command on RSS is optional):

      netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel = disabled
      netsh interface tcp set global rss = off

    3. Restart the computer.

  • iMac hard drive problem

    My older iMac 8.1 (Intel Core 2), running OS x 10.9 ran slow, then a few application icons disappears from the display, after a restart, the application has stopped working completely. I tried to reinstall OSX, when this does not work, I did a full erase and reinstall it again, still none of my apps does not work. It manifests itself, and when I click it, it does nothing. I even went back to my original OSX 10.6 Snow Leppard and reinstalled drive and my desktop icons appeared for a few minutes and then everthing disappeared. Also, this has happened during execution of 10.9 as well. Now the only thing that the computer be used to mail is electronic and Safari. I can't run programs and do not have access to HD. If I tried to re - install 10.9, it tells me that it is impossible at this time. I think that my HD is dead? You wanted to check before I replaced it. It starts well, can run internet but not impossible to install, download or run programs. Disk First aid indicates that the computer is fine. Can not really afford to buy a new Mac now, so hoping that this can be a cheaper alternative.

    How much free space on the hard drive?

    There is no 100% way to check the health of a hard disk. Disk utility check alone is doing a part-time job to check the directory structure but not physical integrity of the reader. If you select the top level of a drive in disk utility and then file > retrieves the information of to half way down you can see the report of the SMART State which can indicate if a drive is having problems.  With one of my discs that I checked that feature, but it was not picking up on several defective sectors systematically producing errors.

    The only real way to test a faulty hardware on a computer is to isolate the part (normally in the replacement, or do without it) and see if the issues go away.

    I always keep a clone bootable backup of my drive on a separate drive so I can still boot from the second disk to see if it's an internal drive error.  Having this type of backup is just a part of the ownership of a computer.

    I suppose there is also the possibility, it's another problem as the RAM.  A bad drive would be more consistent as to what elements show problems such as you see.

    You can check on sites like ifixit or OWC ( for instructional videos on how to replace the disks.

  • Internal hard drive problem

    I just hard drive of my laptop, replaced by a service center because it is still under warranty. They replaced my old hard drive with a HTS541040G9SA00 that when I search on the internet I discovered that is made by HITACHI, im wondering if it is safe to use this drive or is it compatible with my computer toshiba laptop and that i will not be a problem to use it. Thank you!!!

    If a service is to swap your disk that worry Don t, they must use original parts. So if your hard drive is not available, they had to use a spare part which is compatible, too.

    I had the same situation with my machine. I got a samsung player, then, after a headcrash I brought to a service partner and they exchanged the drive and put a toshiba in there. I asked them the same question you have posted and they said the same thing what I you said. ;)

    So I just give you a little information. :)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A100: UNMOUNTED_BOOT_VOLUME HARD drive problem

    My A100 (XP media edition) does not start at the top is normal, safe mode (all types), the last known config as the recovery disk does not work. Error message is unmounted_boot_volume.

    Is there a solution?
    is that what the recoverable data?
    If the new HARD drive is purchased the recovery disk allows you to reinstall the OS?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    As far as I know this error message appears if the HARD drive boot sector is damaged.
    Usually, the new installation of the operating system should help to get rid of this problem.

    If you cannot boot from the recovery CD, I would recommend the original Microsoft windows XP CD boot and start the repair console. Here, you can use the fixmbr command to repair the boot sector.

    Of course, this problem can be caused by a HARD disk failure.
    In this case, the HARD drive must be replaced.

  • Satellite A210 - 17l BIos update to take care of advanced format HARD drive problem

    Hi all

    Really hoping someone can help me with this.

    My old HDD not was not so I cloned the entire disc before it failed. -Just in time, too.

    I ordered a new drive - it's a WD scorpio black - Advanced format.

    Unfortunately I can't get my picture on this new album.

    Also, I am unable to do a reinstall with the original restore also cd because it doesn't have service pack 1 and that means that it can't recognize the HD.

    In any case id prefer to be able to restore my image and not make a re-install when even if possible.

    So my question is this:

    Y at - it an update of the bios I can ask my another pc version 2.00 is available which will include options to change the options of ide drive - ahci?

    It's the only solution I can think of-bearing in mind I do not have an operating system installed, so the alignment tools are not an option as another fix. -Fast technology of storage Intel drivers do not work, because I have an AMD athlon processor.

    So is there any BIOS I can Flash my computer with to activate the options mentioned?

    I have a method to Flash the bios with a BONE, so this isn't a problem.

    Also other suggestions for workaround on this more than welcome.

    Thanks :))



    Update BIOS don t help you. To my knowledge, it does not add additional options such as a switch between AHCI and compatible mode.
    In addition, you can use ANY BIOS. You must use the BIOS that came out for the model of laptop. But as I said, this isn't a solution.

    In addition, the image of Toshiba already contains all the drivers in order to install the system. It s any SP1 isn t the image part.

    I guess you're talking about Vista OS, given that the laptop came with pre-installed Vista OS.

    I recommend you format the HARD drive first.
    Use a tool called Gparted. You can create a bootable USB key containing this tool.
    This allows to start Notepad in order to format the HARD drive.

    The installation of the system using the recovery disk

  • Portege 7220 - replacement hard drive problem

    I have a Portege 7220 CTe Windows 98se. The hard drive is deteriorating slowly (bad sectors), so I decided to replace it. The old drive is a Toshiba 6 GB. The news is an IBM/Hitachi Travelstar 10 GB - so-called and apparently unused but dated from 01 Sept.

    Summary: the drive has worked once in the Portege, but doesn't work anymore. It continues to operate through a USB interface to another system.

    I did the following. (I don't know that there are a lot of unimportant details, I just can't tell who might be relevant):

    -Checked the new drive with Hitachi Drive Fitness Test. Ran on the Portege, booting from CD in the docking station. The perfect extract player.
    -Make a backup image the old drive on another computer (XP desktop computer) using a USB box and the reflection of Macrium.
    -Restored the image to the new drive (using the same USB box).
    -In Ran XP Scandisk and defragmentation on the restored drive (no problem, does significant defrag)
    -Cleanly removed from the XP system USB and road of the housing
    -Put the new, restored in car in the Portege and turned on.

    The system could not start, (indirectly) saying that HIMEM. SYS was missing. I plugged the drive into the XP system. Indeed \WINDOWS\HIMEM. SYS was missing, along with the rest of the content of \WINDOWS. The rest of the matching content to the backup. ???????

    I copied \WINDOWS to the backup image to the new drive. Neatly removed from the XP system and put in the Portege.

    Starting from Win98 system. I tried to start a random application and become system that is not responding.

    From this point, I may have not all the actions in the order, but I doubt that counts. I tried the following:

    -Hitachi Drive Fitness Test running. He first found the drive but returned an error 'drive not ready '. After repeated attempts to re-seat assigned, check on the XP system, etc it is unable to find the drive to all the
    -Go into the BIOS at startup. Sometimes found the drive, sometimes not.
    -Office XP still recognizes the player very well via the USB interface. ScanDisk is happy with it, including the surface scan. Hitachi utility only works with ATA or SCSI disks, and I do not have an ATA desktop-laptop adapter.
    -Made a new restoration of the saved image. It worked well, but the Portege wouldn't even find the drive.
    -Tried the old drive and a travelstar 6 GB to another system in the Portege. Both work very well.
    -Tried the new disk in a Portege 7020. Do not just like in the 7220.

    I thought maybe it was a power issue. But the two Travelstars (one that works and a new one that doesn't) are valued at 500 my. The old disk from Toshiba which also always works is estimated at 700mA.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Apparently, there's something wrong with your 10 GB travelstar, maybe the MBR or the boot sector

    the fact that you can read with a USB connector doesn't mean that the HD is correct, since you do not need the boot sector of this way

    I would advice to wipe it completely (with cleandisk or boot-TI-NG), make a new partition with fdisk and reformat the HD in fat32 format

    That to do a fresh install with W98, or better: W2000, which spans a 7220 easily and is much better

    It is best to copy the directory to install W2000, integer i386 installation CD - on the 10 GB HD (which can be done on another PC with a USB connection) and begin the installation of BACK with Windows NT. EXE
    More information about this problem, which you can find here:
    [t 23921]

Maybe you are looking for