Window sizes host display does not restore after a remote desktop connection

After that my computer has been accessed via a remote desktop connection, the window size for my program do not restore their previous size.  I have monitors of landscape which are larger than most of the remote users.  When they log off my computer, my window sizes are stuck to the size of the monitor of the remote user.  Y at - it a setting or a way to get my windows to restore to their original size?


No, there is no setting for this.  It's just the way it's always been since Remote Desktop was invented (formerly in the 1990s as Microsoft Terminal Services Client or MSTSC).

At the heart of the problem is that the programs that run on the desktop have no way of knowing that the display size has changed, and even if they did, they also can't know what was their previous size.  It is not just stored.

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    It seems that Windows XP Home edition does not work perfectly on the new laptops designed Vista. Before you live your laptop try to change profile settings (extended battery) power and test the parameters of this profile.
    Tomorrow I'll try to install Windows XP Home on my A200 and I'm really interesting if I even notice.

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  • Windows 7 Home Premium does not start and an external monitor connected via DVI to HDMI Cable

    I have a Dell Inspiron 531 desktop computer with a NVIDEA GeForce 8400 GS video card.  This video card has the following outputs: DVI, VGA and S-video.  When I connect it to my computer via the VGA port to PC to my Sony Bravia KDL-40XBR4 monitor port, the machine starts perfectly.  If I connect via a HDMI cable to one of the HDMI monitor DVI ports, the screen displays the video BIOS, but turns black when the operating system begins to load.  If I connect another monitor to the VGA port, yet once the machine boots fine, but if I connect the monitor to the computer and the Sony Bravia, once again the machine does not start.  The strange thing is that if I boot with only the connected computer screen and then plug the DVI to HDMI cable, then Windows 7 sees the Sony Bravia monitor very well, and I can extend the desktop.  If the machine mode 'sleep', both monitors work very well to wake up the PC.  So, if the Sony Bravia is connected alone or with the computer screen, the machine does not start (the screen will display 'go black' when the OS starts to load.)  I tried to run Windows in Mode safe, but he won't either.  I have all the updates of Windows applied and have installed the latest drivers from nVidea so.

    Hey Chris,

    First of all, about climbing, is not a technical support; This is a community forum where MS moderator and contributors are involved.  Now to your question ~

    It's very strange that the PC does not start when this unit is connected, but works fine when connected after the fact.  I've seen several cases where a hardware configuration of uinsusal will prevent a PC to boot.  I think that the culprit may be DVI to HDMI Cable that you are using.  If I were you, I try to connect the PC to a DVI monitor and see if it boots normally.  Also, see if the monitor can prevent another PC to start when it is connected directly via the HDMI.

    Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.

  • How can I return Windows on the desktop after the remote desktop connection is disconnected?


    When I connect to Windows from another computer with desktop connection remote, Windows will display connection, and when I disconnect it remains this way to the login screen.

    How do I log back as it was before I am connected remotely? Or how he stop going to the total login screen?

    Thank you


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that when you connect to Windows from another computer with windows, remote desktop connection goes to the login screen and when you disconnect, he stayed at the login screen.

    I would like to inform you that it is by default technical, it will go to the login screen.

    If you have any additional questions regarding this issue, I suggest you to post your query on TechNet forum.

    The problem you are having is better suited in the TechNet forum, we have a dedicated team with advanced tools and permission to help with such issues.

    Please let us know if face you any problems with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • Why my keyboard does not work during a remote desktop session, but it works fine for everything else?

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    1 did you change on your computer?

    I suggest you to follow the links and check out them.

    Changing remote desktop settings

    Remote Desktop connection: frequently asked questions

  • Fingerprinting and display does not work after the recovery of the system (Pavilion dv7 4080us)


    This weekend I decided to do a restore of the system on my Pavilion dv7 4080us (LW170UAR), as I have done several times previously, using the built-in HP and the recovery etc. partition manager.

    Operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and everything worked OK with the new facility, with the exception of two things:

    • I don't see my AMD display driver listed on device listing Manager. Only 'Intel HD Graphics Family' is listed under graphics cards. I tried to download the drivers from the support page, but it doesn't help.
    • The fingerprint reader does not work. I tried to uninstall the drivers and software several times, rebooting and everything else I've seen that suggestions on these forums, with the files found on the support page of my laptop. No luck yet.

    I would appreciate any kind of help. Thank you!

    Excellent!  I am happy that you now have the correct drivers installed.

  • After the deployment of a Windows 7 image, pc does not start after Windows logo


    I tried to install a laptop via a Windows Image. After that I deployed the image, the laptop does not start past the Windows logo. Normally I had to change the SATA AHCI setting to solve this problem, but he was already on AHCI.

    I tried to install it via a Windows 7 installation CD and it works, but I want to fix the laptop / image to work on this laptop.

    The logo of Windows get stuck, then I get a blue screen very quickly and it restarts. Also when I try to start in safe mode, it's the same thing. loading everything, then it gets stuck and also a really fast blue screen and reboot.

    Someone at - it an idea may be what the problem?



    I did restore by image much, many times without ever a problem.

    • I only use the integrated Windows 7 image creating installation
    • I only use a DVD + R White, never-r
    • I create the image ONLY on install brand new to be absolutely certain, there is no corruption

    I've heard of this kind of problem does not happen when the image was made from a damaged disc.  Which simply transfers the corruption.

  • Windows 7 32 bit does not start after the installation of the need for assistance

    I have an iMac 21.5 inches (mid-2011) with 8 GB Ram, 2 TB SSHD, new HL-DT-ST DVD - RW GA32N and tried to install windows 7 (32 bit) on using Boot Camp Assistant.

    I already downloaded and copied software Boot Camp here-> for my 16 GB Pen Drive MS-DOS (FAT32)

    The installation was successful, and windows 7 loads just fine 1st time, I created UserID and password, settings etc... using the apple keyboard then installed the drivers from apple on this issue of my 16 GB USB key. Seems my Magic Mouse works but my keyboard is not detected

    Then I tried to restart so the changes would come into force, and since then my Windows will not start or run Windows 7

    Now if I start my iMac hold down the Option key, I get Macintosh HDD, windows, recovery 10.11.4 and DVD. If I select Windows or Windows DVD it starts Booting then black screen followed by this Message on the screen «Press a key to boot from the CD or DVD...» »

    If I press any button it starts booting from DVD and gives me the option to install Windows and if I do not press a button some then nothing happens

    Windows does not start a BootCamp HDD and I'm left with no option but to press on the button / stop to stop iMac.

    Fortunately my El Capitan works well, but my Windows will not start. I tried 2 times install windows 7 32 Bit on my BootCamp HDD.

    So any help, I do not understand what am I'm doing wrong, I would be really grateful if someone who knew bootcamp can guide me so that I can run Windows OSX on my iMac.

    Thanks in advance.

    Remove the DVD, boot in OSX and after the release of the following Terminal commands?

    diskutil list

    Cs diskutil list

    sudo TPG - vv - r see the/dev/disk0

    sudo fdisk/dev/disk0

    The "sudo" commands will prompt to enter your password, and there do not appear to come back. You can also see caution against improper use 'sudo' and the potential loss of data due to an "abuse" of the order.

  • Windows Server Update service does not work after the installation of KB2720211

    I have a Server 2008 SP1 32-bit Standard, which had the role of Server Update for the Windows software installed connected to a WSUS upstream server and everything worked, with 17 clients connected to him and get everything their approved patches.  It was a new server starting with WSUS added at this time 1 months ago.  He had to be upgraded to SP2 S2008 which I did and WSUS have continued to function.  After being on SP2, there was another 152 patches to be applied and after that WSUS does not work anymore.  It appears 1 patch that has been applied has been KB2720211 that seems to cause problems for a number of people.

    The problem is that the update service does not start.  An error message comes back that the service has not responded in a timely fashion and I can't find the log files anywhere on what it is.  Here is what has been done so far all that in the same issue:

    1 deleted WSUS and restarted and installed it again.

    2 Remove WSUS and Windows Internal Database, restarted and installed it again (using the download of KB972466).

    2.1 install SQL Management Studio and logged to an internal database SUSDB and checked it is not set to single user (I believe it is set for multiuser name but I'm going from memory)

    3. install the KB2720211.

    4. installation KB2734608

    5 remove WSUS and Windows Internal Database, restarted and installed it again (using the download of KB972466).

    I am looking for any information on how to solve what is the question, because there is nothing in the log files I can find and no event in the windows event viewer.  I am ready to start with the server however if there is something I can look at to possibly solve the problem, please let me know.


    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.

    See you soon.

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    I have long used now on Windows 7, Windows media Player and just got an update from Micorsoft. Set, now when I try to open the drive it tells me the the wmplayer file has a version number of 12.07600.16415 where 12.0.7600.16667 was expected.

    Windows media player is not adequately at a standstill and must be reienstalled.

    Then wonder if I want to install the player from the microsoft Web site. When I check the Yes box, I go to the site and he informs me that the version that I already paid for only a few months ago on my computer because my computer is relativley new, cannot be downloaded.

    There are no other options to fix the problem that caused Microsoft with the update. I tried to do a restore but it then cause a problem which made the player doesn't do not not the CD to record the right as he said that I had to get the new drivers that microsft does not automatically download drivers when they remove them in this process. But again, no tell me what I need drivers. I tried to switch on my computer systems and to find them this way, but it says I have already that I need on my computer?

    What should I do? I need this ASAP as I am a singer and rely on this process for my concerts and other...

    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy. If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Windows Vista Home Premium does not start after mother, CPU and RAM upgrade card

    I recently updated my PC Windows Vista Home Premium. I changed the motherboard, CPU, RAM and video card. When I booted the machine, it has not started Windows. Windows tried to recover, but could not. Is it possible to get this machine to start without doing a new install? The new facility will lose important files.


    It's a normal reaction after replacing the hardware that you have replaced.

    The hard drive with the installed operating system contains the old motherboard drivers, etc..

    They must be replaced with the new motherboard, drivers etc.

    You will need to reinstall the operating system and then install the new drivers of motherboard (you should have a diskette of drivers for it), if the new installation does not probably them, that it will not...

    To backup your data > buy a hard drive USB enclosure > put your hard drive in it > plug it into another computer > read and copy your data from it in this way.

    See you soon.

  • Windows Media Center displays/does not play videos in folders of same accurate as they have always been saved

    Videos that previously played by Windows Media Center (which came installed on my laptop) suddenly stopped appearing in Windows Media Center records, although some videos (very few) are always show and play exact same files on my hard drive as videos which stopped working.

    I don't know that I did something to cause this, although maybe I did, inadvertently, or certain updates or new facilities caused program.

    Please help, I use Windows Media Center as my main videos media player. Windows Media Center is not connected to a TV, just use it as a media player on my laptop.

    He also noted - I recently moved several files from my hard drive to an external drive, if it will be of any significance.

    Thank you.

    you go into media center tasks and add new locations to
    storage/libraries? some external drives can be a problem, too.
    best bet is a system restore. You can CANCEL a system restore if it does not work.
    MVP - Windows/entertainment and connected home
    Please mark as answer if that answers your question
  • Windows 2003 x 64 does not start after conversion

    Hi all, I tried everything I can think and not achieved anything so far.

    The problem is I'm trying to convert a physical machine Windows 2003 x 64 Std, a virtual machine. The conversion right, when I go to start the virtual machine, it acts as if no disc is present.

    I tried to do a repair, but either the driver that shipped with Windows does not work, or all the others I could well via google and research forum do not work either. I downloaded the latest driver from LSI and were now sitting in the "Setup starts windows" for more than 40 minutes.

    What should I do to get this working VM? We run VI3.5 U2.

    Thanks for any help yoou can provide...

    We have VMWare Converter Enterprise 3.0.3

    Have you also tried version 4 of the converter?

    You use for your source machine? Or from another machine?


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  • Login screen Windows XP Professional displays does not correctly

    So my login screen of Windows XP Professional displayed like this a week ago: and now it displays like this: . Any thoughts? Sorry about the links. Any help is appreciated!     

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