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10PC of Windows; latest version of iTunes

When syncing with an iPhone replacement 6s (because of an iPhone battery defective 6s), I get the message that they have 12 songs that have not been synchronized because they cannot be found.

Contacted Apple cat and they claimed to have reset the All for you, and even after that I am unable to download purchased albums.

Calls the number of service provided by the representative of cat and her busy and shuts down after 2 or 3 seconds.

I don't use I cloud... and when I go on the account/bought/All, all the above albums are listed as purchased, but selection of an album shows that the 'X' in the upper left corner.

The opening of the album songs are listed with an option for 'Buy' or the game, but no download option

No cloud icon, probably because that I do not use iCloud.

Seems to me...

1. you owe me the music I paid for

2. This should not be difficult, or should I say impossible.

3. maybe I should look for another way to buy my music.

4. I now have problems of trust with Apple iTunes... You have customer problems.

I use iTunes for years and have been through three generation sof iPhones, ipad, ipod and now... look to start wondering if the hours I spend to get support worth the cost...

I need assistance of professional level here.

Richard *.


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Diana Krall, five albums with missing songs

From this Moment

The Look of Love

When there are tracks in your library with an exclamation point, which means that iTunes cannot locate, iTunes will nevertheless assume that you have them for the purposes of the comparison of your library with your purchase history. This is why you do not get the download links for these articles. Remove broken of the library entries, don't hide from iTunes in the cloud if you are prompted, close iTunes, open, download links of clouds that may appear or the history of your purchases as described in download your past - purchases of Apple Support.


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