Windows 10 stops in the search function in firefox?

On an Asus Dual Core i7, search function does not work on the latest version of firefox. When I try to access the search settings, Windows 10 blocks even this function. They try to make us use Bing all the time?

Hi, this is probably because something on your system has crushed all providers default search in firefox. to recover it please download and reinstall firefox to on top of your existing version.

Since it is a behavior sometimes caused by adware on a system, please also run a scan complete of your different system with security tools like the free version of malwarebytes and adwcleaner.

Fix Firefox problems caused by malicious software

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  • Can I disable the search-as-I-type in the search function of Firefox 4.0.1?

    The function of research-as-I-type in the new Firefox seems twisted. If I'm looking for the 'invisible' word in a Web page, it will first jump to any word starting with 'in' and highlight the Word as I have to, and then click the arrow in the "Search" window to add the search term. As soon as I add one of these, it then jumps to the next 'result' I have no interest in, and then click again in the field "search". He did a REALLY aggravating text search. Is there a way to disable this?

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions of the origin of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

    If this does not work in mode without failure, then disable all extensions and then try to find out who is the cause by allowing both the problem reappears.

    • Choose "Disable all add-ons" on issues to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode to set window to disable all extensions.
    • Close and restart Firefox after each change through "file > exit ' (Mac: ' Firefox > leave";) Linux: "file > exit ')
  • How can I make F3 does not bring up the search function

    I don't want windows to bring up the search function whenever I hit F3. How can I change the windows keyboard shortcuts so I can get him to stop?

    I; m do not know how in Vista, but the following program claims to be able to remap existing keyboard keys and can help you remove the F3 function or at least let you change to another function.

    Here is another free software that claims to be able to do the same:

    I'm not sure that these programs actually work with the F3 hotkey and since they are 3 third party programs, use you them at your own risk.  I suggest the creation of a restore systemm point and back up the registry before you try both methods to be on the safe side.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Windows Live Photo Gallery - how to increase the limit of tag 1010 people on the search function

    The search function in Windows Live Photo Gallery people tags seems to be an arbitrary limit of 1010 different tags (1000 in the alphabetical list + the 'Top 10'). Is there a way to get around this?

    When I used the Vista Photo Gallery and my tags 'people' were just a subset of 'descriptive' tags that I created, I could find just a name on the left panel. Not sure why it isn't a section he tags in the version of Windows Live people. If you put arbitrary limitations on the functionality of Visual search 'whizz bang', it would be nice if there was a relief when it does not work.
    Is return to the starting point - maybe somewhere where the limit is stored in the registry and it can be increased or an another workaround?

    There is a forum for Windows Live products. Since your questions deal specifically with the Windows Live Photo Gallery witith, please repost in the following forum. You can also search any suggestions or solutions.



  • How to fix the search function in Windows 7

    I just bought a new HP laptop with Windows 7 64 bit and am ready to throw it out the window.  The search function is the worst.  He is unable to find files containing search terms - only discovered the files whose file NAMES containing the search terms.  It does not define the search parameters as did Windows XP.  How can I keep/use the search function of Windows XP?  Y at - it a patch?  A fix?  An add-on software that I can use?  Microsoft warns that if you try to uninstall Windows 7 and try to install Windows XP, your computer may become "unusable".  Search results are inaccurate - I use it for work and I can't have a search function that does not work as XP did or get wrong results!  I've already indexed all of the computer and 2 sessions of chat with people from HP support.  Nada. I don't have to become a geek simply search my files.

    Hi Sylvia,.

    Please try management than fix the following:

    Also, what antivirus do you use? We can't wait to hear back on your part.

  • Adobe acrobat reader for windows 8.1 x 64 crash when you use the search function

    Software Adobe acrobat reader crashes on windows 8.1 x 64 when you use the search function. Please help it is extremely annoying

    Hi rikusg98319732,

    I will suggest you to perform a clean reinstall of the reader.

    Delete using the cleaning tool: Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat tool - Adobe Labs

    Install from here:

    Thank you


  • Keep losing the search function

    The search function in Windows XP suddenly stopped working and it only perform a system restore got

    work again. The only change I had made in advance was to uninstall a redundant version of "Ad-Aware".

    my computer. A second attempt to uninstall the program had the same effect, having to make another

    System Restore to recover the search function.

    You can check 'services' via the administration tools.

    try to start (or restart) the windows search service and indexing service.

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  • Version 30: I hit the star of bookmarks and the search function disappeared. In addition, b/brands list covers a portion of the tab... can we recover the research?

    FFox itself updated to version 30 - as happens unfortunately. So far, hit the bookmarks star opens a window on the left with a search engine on the top, and the following list of the bmarks. The search engine has now disappeared, and bmarks list covers the actual page, I am browsing...
    Can I pick up the search function? Maybe even put an end to bmarks list maskign who I am through?

    If not, what other browser good reputation can you recommend thus rid myself of this and all future destroyers "improvements"?
    Thank you

    You can install the extension Classic theme restaurant if you want a dedicated toolbar button to open the bookmarks bar.

    You can check the settings of the extension of the CTR through the Options/preferences button on the page "Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions.

  • How can I remove the search function of Joobers of Firefox?

    I would like to remove the search function of my 8.0.1 Mac Joobers version of Firefox. This feature appeared all recently. I tried to remove the Joobers cookies and restart Firefox. Any other ideas?

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

    • Open the topic: config page through the address bar and do a search for joobers via the filter at the top of the about: config page.
    • Reset all the joobers related prefs which appear "BOLD" (user set) via the context menu to their default values.

    See also:

  • The 'Search' function on the start menu does not work. It seems to freeze and will not even close until I have shut down the computer. What can I do to correct this situation?

    I tried to use the "Search" function to locate a specific file.  The computer froze... not allow me to cancel when I realized that it wasn't working.  The only way I could get the closing of the window had to shut down the computer.

    Hi DyleAcker,
    -Search function work is no problem earlier?
    Run the troubleshooter from the link given below and if it helps to fix the problem:
  • Download Itunes on my laptop just before, it starts to install, I get a message saying that windows Explorer stops because the prevention of execution of data has stopped installation

    original title: Itunes and DEP

    While downloading Itunes on my laptop right before you start to install, I get a message saying that windows Explorer stops because the prevention of execution of data has stopped installation.  Is there any solution for this?  I'd like to install itunes on my laptop.

    Hi Steve681229,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft Answers forum.  Here's what worked for someone else.  Thanks Kevin

    Hi thrivenformore,

    Please use the forum for Support of Vista,

    You could try to add iTunes to the DEP exception list.  However, this behavior is not normal.  Go to the support forum of Apple for iTunes for Windows, search on DEP.  There should be a thread "How can I turn off DEP for iTunes?" or it Prevet planting iTunes? "which provide troubleshooting steps you might want to try before adding it to the list of exceptions."

    How to add the program to the DEP exception list:

    1. Press Start, right click on computer and select Properties.
    2. in the window that appears, click Advanced (on the left panel) system settings.
    3. in the first box that says Performance, click on the settings button.
    4. in the window that opens, click the Data Execution Prevention tab at the top.
    5. There should be a box of exceptions in the middle of this window. Click the Add button and navigate to the C: drive, then Program Files, then the iTunes folder, and then choose the iTunes exe.
    6. Add the exception, and then click OK in the window of the DEP.

    Hope this helps, Kevin
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  • I lost the search function of the messages and the folder "sent" under my second email address.

    The search function to search for messages that were sent to me has disappeared. I also have to email addresses in thunderbird. One shows all my sent messages. But there is no option "sent" under my second email address

    Lost search engine? This sounds as if you've lost a toolbar, or have lost a tool in the toolbar. Whatever it is, hopefully that will help the following:

    Do you have anything sent "from" this second account yet?

    Check the following is all / selected:

    View | Records | All the

  • That means MOSC (200 points - you tried the search function)?

    Hi, admins MOSC

    We find this statement in our activity log " 200 Points - you tried the search function .

    Please let know us what do you mean by this statement?

    Please check the attached screenshot.


    Hi George,.

    It's simple: OTN or MOSC Jive reward you 200 points for the search function in the upper right corner. That's double for a correct answer...

    And you can get another 250 points (or 2 correct + 1 helpful answer) If you download a new image for your avatar. This is the mission "Let's Face It - you downloaded and put a custom avatar."

    But you get points only for the download, you should not use the new image.

    IMHO, some of the missions havn't none sense, in order to take the points and have a nice day.

    Brave new world


  • Using Sessions php component to the search functionality in a non-login site

    Of course sessions are used for connection scenarios.  My question is, since in a web page that has the feature of research and where the public user does not connect. but rather, is simply a search on a database table by using the appropriate html search entry form and accompanying the php script. a php session component is used?  The user is connected to the database as part of the search function, so if a php session component is included in order to close this topic, assuming that the connection can be closed, using a session element, in this circumstance.  Or well, the connection is closed all just when the user moves to another web page?

    It seems for that database connection may remain open an excessive amount of time should the user not down the search page or a page of results.  Thanks in advance for any input.

    It seems for that database connection may remain open an excessive amount of time should the user not down the search page

    Not how it works. As soon as the script runs, the database connection is released. It doesn't matter if the user is still looking at the page.

    so include a component php session in order to close this topic

    Also no how it works

    For research, I use POST. You can also use GET.  Using SESSIONS would not normally make sense, since the variable SESSION must get populated by POST or GET data anyway.

    Sessions serve not only for the opening of the session. They are nice for shopping cart States peacekeeping because the user can leave the 'store' and go to other parts of the Web site and shopping cart data disappear.

    I uses sessions to keep track of the language that the user selects and other important variables. I also put the language in the url parameters, but store it in the SESSION table is a fallback measure.

    php session component

    Just to be clear, SESSIONS are not part of PHP, even though they are frequently used together. SESSION, POST and GET are all part of the server environment.

  • How can I fix the "search function"?

    Hello, I had problems. "Search" my function does not work correctly. When I search for words, he there did not highlight, doesn't appear as sort of a dotted rectangle. I tried everything, but I could not return to normal. How can I fix?  Thanks for the attention.


    Please let me know now the search function works very well or not. Also if its with single document, please check with the name of the application by means of which the document was created originally.

    Kind regards


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