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You forgot to tell us what the problem is?

I don't have any other pages for Win 2000.

It is the way to deal with Win XP.

The process is similar for Win 2000, only menus may be different.


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  • Windows 2000: download problem

    Description of the problem: try to download updates for Adope Flash Player or any software gives an error message Oxc0000142 (Oxc06d007e) unknown software exception location Ox7c596cb1


    You said that "Windows 2000: problem downloading", it means that you are running Windows 2000 on your computer?

    Please provide more information to help you best.

    Due to Adobe, post your query on the Adobe forum

    You can see

    Windows 2000 support ends. You can install Windows 7, the latest operating system. See the article below

  • Satellite M30X windows 2000 installation problem

    I noticed ribooth has also posted a message with the same problem... but I haven't seen a real answer. The problem: if I try to install Windows 2000 Professional (including SP2) on my satellite M30X-130. The windows 2000 Setup program crashes with a "page in a no fault paged area" in acpi.sys just at the moment where the status in the status bar has been changed from windows 2000. If I press F7 during startup, acpi support is disabled and no page error occurs but the windows 2000 installation hangs on "the first screen" where you should be able to start, stop and? installation. There is no additional hardware installed and I'm unable to partition and format the HD with W2k. If I do it with win98 and create a FAT32 partition and try to install w2k on it I get the same ' page in a no fault paged area "acpi.sys error. Any suggestions to fix this?

    Make sure that the system BIOS and other hardware is compatible with Windows 2000.
    This article may also help.

    HOW to: Specify a specific HAL or a third party during the installation of Windows

    Good bye

  • Tecra S1 under Windows 2000 Professional external display problem

    As I can't answer in the original thread (1831), because it is locked, I put here my answer to the answer of the Quad.

    Quad first wanted to know if we have installed the Tecra S1 on a recovery CD.

    No, we do not have. We have created an image that consists of an unattended installation. It is installed from a Windows 2000 RIS server.

    Quad also said that the Fn + F5 is enabled after the installation of the utility Hotkey for display devices.

    We downloaded the hotkey utility, but when we tried to install it we got the error message you "Driver not found" and suspended installation. We have installed as a user with administrator privileges.

    We do something wrong, or this utility owes something to be installed as well?

    Kind regards
    Harro Hofman
    Material specialist

    The Netherlands.

    Hi again Mr. Hofman,

    First of all I must tell you that this is a typical problem. AFAIK Tecra S1 comes with the Professional Windows XP Home edition and optionally with W2000 professional. This two OS has been tested and Toshiba offers all drivers and tools to Toshiba download website.

    It will be interesting how you created this image. What was the basis for this image? You are installed to the first completely Tecra and after created image?

    Have you had problems before the creation of the image?

  • Satellite 2770 - problems with Windows 2000 display driver


    I have a Toshiba Satellite 2770 and Windows 2000 is installed. If I am wrong the S2770 there graphics S3 Savage IX/MV, and I downloaded the Windows 2000 driver on the S3 site but it wont not be recognized by the hardware detection.

    Then I tried the Windows on the Toshiba site 95SE driver, but Windows 2000 acept used it because it is not suitable for Windows 2000 as it seems.

    What should do? is there a Windows 2000 driver out there that works? I don't want to work at 640 x 480 and 16 colors for ever!


    You are absolutely right. Your device has the graphics card S3 Savage IX8 but the problem is that your camera comes with the WinME operating system. This means that there is no support for other operating systems. All drivers are designed separately for each laptop model and the OS. The only way to solve this problem is to install the driver provided by the producer of the graphic card. If this does not work, you have a big problem.

    Sorry, but I don't really know what you can do. Maybe you can try to install the driver designed for Sam 2750. There are the same graphics card, but the driver is designed for Win98SE.

  • Problem with Variables shared in exe running on Windows 2000

    Anyone know if there are problems with the Variables shared on Windows 2000? I can't get the LabVIEW executables that use shared Variables to work Windows 2000 on a computer with just the runtime engine.  Everything works perfectly on XP on a machine with just the LabVIEW runtime engine installed (using LV 8.5).  Shared variables are supposed to work less than 2000.  I have attached the sample code that is based on one of the examples NOR to the Variables Shared - editor and the Subscriber - with some extra stuff for the diagnosis, I added.  On Windows 2000, you can only run one or the other exe.  It seems that as soon as the other come to the part on the diagram with the shared variable node it crashes.  Shared variables are getting written in the because if you close the editor and then run the exe subscriber it reads the latest values set properly.

    On Windows 2000 I tried with the administrator account and off the ladies of viruses, firewalls.  There may be another Windows 2000 setting that causes this problem with the two exes trying to access shared variables.  I do not have the development environment on Windows 2000 computer that the purpose of this exercise is to see if its worth using shared variables.  Windows 2000 computers remain the same in the Test and measurement world.  A research on Developer Zone does not there is no particular problem with Windows 2000.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

    Hi André,.

    Thanks for the comments!  Your feedback will help us improve LabVIEW for our customers.  This bug has been reported to R & D (#45493), and they're currently investigating this issue.  For now, the best solution seems to be using a different operating system, as this seems to occur only in Windows 2000.  Thanks for the comments!

  • Problem installing LAN USB adapter in a new copy of windows 2000

    After having reformatted my hard drive and install a new copy of window 2000, I'm having a problem installing device drivers.  When I enter the correct inf file path, it reports that this window has not found a driver for the device.  Whithout the possibility to connect to internet, I have exhausted all my options and still need to install several other drivers with the same problem.  help help help help

    Everything you try to use (you do not give the brand / model of the LAN USB adapter) made drivers for Windows 2000?

  • Problem with Wireless G PCI adapter (WMP54GS-RM) and Windows 2000

    I'm having problems to install the above wireless adapter in a desktop computer HP EVO D510 running Windows 2000 Pro.

    As stated, I launched the installer using the supplied CD and reached the point where the PC asks permission to stop so that the adapter can be inserted into the PCI slot. I grant permission, and after stops in the PC, I install the card. When the PC restarts, the installation software does not reopen. This is reflected by the unit Mgr reports that I have a working driver, but I don't have an Internet connection. I discovered looking at the Bishop of events that the service that accompanies this adapter is unable to start.  When I manually try to start, told me that Windows 'failed to start WMP54GSSVC service on Local computer. Error 127. The specified procedure could not be found. "I suspect that this occurs because the installation program does not end after the reboot, but do not know that for some.

    I would add that I downloaded the latest driver and it seems to be identical to what I have on CD. For the heck of it, I uninstalled the software I loaded from the CD and used the software on the web only to get the same result.

    I'm close to throwing in the towel. I have ideas that could prevent me from giving up.


    Windows 2000 has all updates including Service Pack 4. The adapter was properly seeded.

    The problem turns out to be not not one but two things.

    Outpost Firewall is configured to allow the launch software correctly, but even with this, the executable associated with the system tray Monitor would not and still will not work as a service Windows in W2K. He didn't even start a service manually without triggering the error message (see my first post). I discovered, however, that the executable will run - not as a service but normally - if run during startup.  After experimenting with launch from a batch file added to my startup folder, I finally decided to use WinPatrol to launch the program as the latest app loaded during startup.  He loads evenly using of workaround and gets me to the internet.

  • Windows 2000 or XP CD - RW format problem

    Why can I not format a CD - RW on Windows 2000 or Windows XP support?

    Are you connected without administrator privilege? Try to connect as an administrator of the computer, and then try to format CD - RW discs once more.

  • Portege 3480CT: problem installing updates in Windows 2000


    I've installed windows 2000.
    Download and install Service pack 4 and IE 6 would install windows updates.
    Have not yet put the graphics drivers, I would not have thought that it would make a difference.

    When I try to download and install the automatic updates it downloads but says that she doesn't have to install them, ideas?

    Have you downloaded all the necessary SP for Windows 2000 on your HARD drive?

    As far as I know to install all parts of MS!

    By the way; This error message?

  • A problem on Windows 2000 Pro SP4

    When I go to certain sites like facebook for example a bsod appears and restart windows and I don't know why? Help, please
    The following data in the bsod dump files:

    Dump file: Mini010414 - 01.dmp
    Crash time: 04/01/2014-20:53:34
    Bug Check String: BAD_POOL_CALLER
    Bug check code: 0x000000c2
    Parameter 1: 0 x 00000007
    Parameter 2: 0x00000b8a
    Parameter 3: 0xe2ca9100
    Parameter 4: 0xe2ca9108
    Caused by the driver: win32k.sys
    Caused by the address: win32k.sys + 4 b 16
    Description of the file: multi-user Win32 Driver
    Product name: Microsoft (r) Windows (R) 2000 operating system
    Company: Microsoft Corporation
    File version: 5.00.2195.6708
    Processor: 32-bit
    Plant address: ntoskrnl.exe + 6b4e2
    Stack address 1: ntoskrnl.exe + 6b2e2
    Stack address 2: win32k.sys + 110146
    Battery 3 address: win32k.sys + 11d8bd
    Computer name:
    Full path: C:\WINNT\Minidump\Mini010414-01.dmp
    Number of processors: 1
    Main version: 15
    Minor Version: 2195
    Size of the dump file: 65 536
    Dump of file time: 04/01/2014 20:54:19

    This is another:

    Dump file: Mini010414 - 02.dmp
    Crash time: 04/01/2014 20:58:49
    Bug Check String: BAD_POOL_CALLER
    Bug check code: 0x000000c2
    Parameter 1: 0 x 00000007
    Parameter 2: 0x00000b8a
    Parameter 3: 0xe12b3460
    Parameter 4: 0xe12b3468
    Caused by the driver: win32k.sys
    Caused by the address: win32k.sys + 4 b 16
    Description of the file: multi-user Win32 Driver
    Product name: Microsoft (r) Windows (R) 2000 operating system
    Company: Microsoft Corporation
    File version: 5.00.2195.6708
    Processor: 32-bit
    Plant address: ntoskrnl.exe + 6b4e2
    Stack address 1: ntoskrnl.exe + 6b2e2
    Stack address 2: win32k.sys + 110146
    Battery 3 address: win32k.sys + 11d8bd
    Computer name:
    Full path: C:\WINNT\Minidump\Mini010414-02.dmp
    Number of processors: 1
    Main version: 15
    Minor Version: 2195
    Size of the dump file: 65 536
    Dump of file time: 04/01/2014 20:59:36

    and thanks in advance for the help.

    I installed windows 2000 SP4 update rollup1 and that fixed it.

  • Windows Vista couldn't run programs that worked on XP or Windows 2000. This famous problem in Windows 7?

    Then Windows 7 run programs/games running on Windows XP and Windows 2000? (i.e. the "Total Annihilation" by basement game dog Entertainment)

    I found vista can run this program, it ran very well

  • Can a system using Windows XP Professional remotely help another system by using Windows 2000 Professional and control 2000 Professional computer to help solve the problems?

    Windows 2000 Professional has the capabilities of remote assistance?  My sisters husband just passed away and she doesn't know anything about computers.  All their documents, photos, ect..., my brother-in-law kept on the computer.  We live thousands of miles away and I can't fly to him.  Can I remotely access her computer and control it with mine that uses Windows XP Professional?  If the answer is "Yes", if you please tell me how to do it.

    Hello Jeff,.

    -Remote Office application do you use?

    You will be able to connect Windows XP computer to Windows 2000 via the remote desktop connection.

    I suggest you to check the following links for the desktop connection software remotely for Windows XP and Windows 2000.

    Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection software

    Configuration of remote desktop

  • Please let me know how to start firefox in SafeMode to my windows 2000 server.

    I installed R-kiosk and now I am unable to remove it. In windows 2000, there is no folder for firefox.
    So please let me know how to start firefox in safe mode on a windows 2000 OS...

    Thank you very much...
    But I just solved the problem. I haven't done

    Start > run >
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"-safe-mode
    Safe mode started...

  • Shockwave Flash update will not install on Windows 2000 SP4?

    Does anyone else have this problem? It downloads quite well, but is not installed because of the following error: "the procedure point SetDllDirectoryW entry is not found in the KERNEL32.dll dynamic link library."

    This is for Adobe Flash The previous (current) version was apparently discovered to not be is not so sure.

    Windows 2000 is no longer supported in current versions of Flash 11.

    It seems that Flash Player is the last version for Windows 2000

Maybe you are looking for

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    in windows Vista premium edition during installation of the update of the United Nations

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    I have install windows but no saund original title: not just any what saund

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