Windows 7 64 bit problem with raw format images

I understand that there is a problem in the use of this raw format images in Windows 7 64 bit can cause problems resulting in the destruction of windows, and that there is an update that needs to be done to avoid this problem. I was unable to find it. Anyone know where he is hiding and what's it called? Thank you, Henry


Are you referring to this:

This is for Windows XP, try to use compatibility mode.

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    Hi, I just installed Windows 7 (32 bit) and I have a problem with the music keys. I can't find driver for it even on the toshiba official site. I had been looking in this and many other forums, but no answers have been good enough to solve my problem. "I've been to the installation of several ' for sure the work drivers" and nothing. It is with my Web camera - no driver. After I installed my touchpad began to be brighten up, but I still can't use the music BIOS update keys. I hope someone can help. Please :)

    Sorry for my English

    Install the Toshiba value added for the A300 (use the PVAT Win7, not the PVAT Vista).

    This site of Toshiba:

  • Linked clones (Windows 7 64 bit) deployining with logical scsi Bus controller.


    I have typical problem with my opinion 6.0 related clones.

    Every time I recompose the pools, the pools of related clones (Windows 7 64-bit) deploying with a logic of Bus SCSI controllers. I check the image of the master, is entitled controller SCSI (LSI logic). I don't understand why its happening.

    Because the question virtual machine does not run.

    Can help with this.




    I found the problem.  In the main image, the disk has been configured with IDE, because its deployment with logical driver. Once I changed to SCSI drives everything works fine.

    Kind regards


  • Satellite A500 - 1C0 - Windows has detected a problem with HARD drive

    Nice day
    Laptop shows me that Windows has detected a problem with the HARD drive. The laptop is running slow and chops. And when you turn it, it shows me Smart failure predicted on hard disk 1. Toshiba MK-5055GSX - (S2). Can you help me? (I m, CZ)

    Hi Konyga,

    If you already have a warning on the internal HARD disk before Windows starts I would recommend sharing it and backup all data as quickly as possible.

    Is your laptop still under warranty?
    If Yes, you can get a new HDD to an authorized service provider. It would be free because it s covered by the warranty. All you have to do is contact with an ASP. > support & downloads > find an ASP.

  • Windows has encountered a problem with the DVD/CD on Qosmio G20

    has obtained a g20, problems with the cd player. When I go to copy or move music or pictures on my cd/dvd, I get a pop up saying windows has encountered a problem with this drive...
    can someone tell me what is happening.
    Thank you

    On this path, it is not easy to say anything. Try to remove the drive from Device Manager, and then restart the device. The unit should be recognized and installed correctly.

    If you want to create data CDs using windows options please check disc recording option. Check the properties of the drive and check option under the recording tab.

    Good bye

  • Updating my windows... Problems with the driver AMD/ATI.

    Updating my windows... Problems with the driver AMD/ATI.


    Original title: AMD/ATI driver

    Hi Amanda,.

    1. What is the exact issue that you are facing?

    2. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    3. that you get an error while trying to install updates?

    4. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    If you have a hardware device that does not properly with your computer, you probably need a driver updated.

    Update a hardware driver that is not working properly:'t-working-properly#update-driver-hardware-isn't-working-properly=windows-7

    Thank you.

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    Please refer to I have Photoshop CS5.1 Extended with free upgrade to CS6. How do I re acquire this upgrade?  I upgraded my laptop from Vista to Windows 7 and had problems with the way he ran I did a full clean install of Win 7 and am trying to re install all my

    (Double Post)

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    I had a strange problem with the formatting of the text. I created a document in Polish language and the strange thing happens when it divides the word to the next line. For example here on this part of the page, I have a word "umieszczamy", which should be divided "' u - CEF - szcza - my", but my Indesign divides in umi-eszczamy (as shown on the picture). " How can I fix it so it divides the word correctly?



    What language is awarded when you select the text? Hyphenation, but also the spelling, is controlled by the dictionary that is assigned to the text.

    If the language is correct, you might have to change the hyphenation in the user dictionary.

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    Hi all

    I have problem with the format of the values in the command prompt when you use multiple values.

    Value is year (2009) and when I use it in the drop-down list that is formatted, all right, as 2009, but when I use several values I get number as 2009,00. I put in year column format number with 0 decimal places and save by default in the year column. Year is formatted well anywhere in the query, such as 2009. Why is - what happens at the command prompt when you choose multiple values in prompt dashboard?

    Thank you

    I think the YEAR Data Type could be defined DOUBLE RPD.

    Use the CAST function in the formula (fx) and the output from test.


    Hope, it will help you.

  • Activation with Adobe 8 Proffessional Windows 7 64 bit problem

    I installed Adobe Proffesional 8 on Windows 7 64 bit.

    I have a serial number, but I'm not able to activate the program.

    I get the error that the server could not be contacted. Internet is available and working.

    I tried activating by phone, but after inserting the serial number and the key I got Information, that telephone activation is not available.

    How can I activate my software, because the duration of the trial are only 30 days.

    Acrobat 8 is not compatible with Windows 7. This could cause the problem you encountered. I doubt that Adobe TS will be willing to offer you any support on that.

  • HP HDX Windows Vista 64 bit laptop with error 1002 of the recovery process


    I have laptop HP HDX which had a sound problem with message of error "Could not play the test tone", tried in several ways by online suggestions and ended to reinstall the new copy with recovery disk. As part of the recovery with a reovery of HP drive, I tried to get it back and it formatted boot partiion and got this error message "error 1002 if the problem persists, please contact HP support. My laptop is out of warranty now.  I talked to HP support and they ask me to buy new drives recovery and someone in this forum mentioned that recovery disk will lift the same mistake and we would need to purchase technical support and even that has not worked for soembody after paying $ 200 to support. I am struck with recovery of the laptop now. I also tried the recovery partition revovering and gave rise to no luck.  I'm now out of warranty.

    I am really fedup with bearing on my this laptop windows vista 64 bit HP HDX laptop problems. What is your best suggestion for me to recover my windows vista now?

    Thank you.


    I ordered the drive to restore HP for $ 16 and I have no problem in my OS with this disk recovery. Recovery partition that came with my laptop had this error 1002 and he really tortured than me. It is recovered successfully with this new disc of recovery with on all issues.

    I would have saved a lot of time, would not have had any stress and restore ($16) if HP disks price had built the free bug recovery partition.

    I'll be very careful in buying HP products in the future.

    Peace out.

  • Windows 7 reads a disk in RAW format in good health

    I use Windows 7 Professional. One of my hard drives (Western Digital 2.0 TB caviar black) suddenly became unreadable and watch as RAW instead of NTFS file system.

    When trying to access the following message appears:

    • You must format the disk in the drive until you can use it.
      Format you?

    I do not format the drive, but connected the same drive via a USB HDD dock in to a computer that is running Windows XP and readings / works fine. Do I have a disk missing in Windows 7? How can I fix my Windows 7 read the HARD drive?

    Hi TissaG,

    OK I have seen this problem before... the GET vista for some reason her panties in a twist to the reading fat32 on a usb connection. I expect that the XP disk is also on FAT32.

    One of them was to back up the data on the disk and then format it to NTFS with vista and store data back... then XP was agrees with the disc and the XP disk should be converted to NTFS.

    The work around was to plug the drive into XP and access the xp from vista machine using the network (wireless) and copy the files across.

    I do not say that you can save on a single DVD - I mean by a tub of them - after all on a fat32 drive, none of the files are over 2 GB.
    Yes, it's a pain to back up and it's a lot of time to put the next dvd, find the next 4 GB with a value of files and burn them, but it's either that or risk losing the data altogether. New brand disks do not have less than a week. A backup is a 2nd copy of the data, not the only one!

    Please people, stop waiting for your hard drives to live forever or never corrupt. CD and DVD same hell fade with time and must be checked every 6 months are copied to a new disk every two years. If the data is valuable or valuable, then you want to several back-up copy so if one fails, you can go to the other.

    I suggest you to backup the data on the disc then format it in NTFS with Windows 7 and then deliver data correctly.

    Take a look at the link that talks about the same question below:

  • Problem with the formats video pro update 2.0.4


    I have a problem with FCPX that appeared after I installed that formats video pro update 2.0.4 (very probably related to this update because had no problem before it). Final assembly runs very slowly and when I try to quit smoking I get a message that says 'Cancellation tasks background' with a progress bar that never begins. I opened the window of background tasks and there is no background running task. Only force leaving the application closes.

    System specs are:

    FCPX version 10.1.4

    Mavericks OSX version 10.9.5

    MacBook Pro 15 "in early 2011, intel core i7 at 2 GHz, 8 GB of RAM"

    Any help would be massively appreciated! Thank you

    Start by removing the preferences. Press the command and option keys at startup and confirm.

  • Games Windows vista 32 bit provided with windows vista have stop working? I have explorer 7 and worked until recently?

    I lost the original games in windows vista that came with windows vista, I installed explore 9 a month ago and it has worked fine until recently, Vista 32-bit. Home Basic

    Hi mast cocoa,.

    1. what happens when you try to play the game? You receive an error message?

    2. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    3. you are unable to find the Windows installed games on the computer?

    Check if you can find Windows games to the following location.

    1. open the Games folder by clicking on the button Start , allprograms, clicking games, and then clicking Games Explorer

    Solve game problems

    If you find the windows games to the place mentioned above can ensure that games for Windows is activated in Windows features by using the link below.

    Where are my games?

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Cannot install Windows 7 Professional. Problems with partitions.

    I have a problem installing WIN 7 Pro, I think that I managed to install a re - install Win 7 ultimate disc that came with my DELL laptop. As the disc, I guess that for a single use, something happened to prevent its use. Unfortunately I cannot start my new Zoostorm ACPI x 64-based PC successfully because windows will in the repair attempt, but can not correct now.
    When I load the new Windows 7 pro, I get that, where you want to install windows, where
    Disk 0 Partition 1, total size: 100MB. Free space: 78MB; Type: SC (reserved). When click on format gives the warning: the partition might contain recovery, system files or software files important computer manufacturer you. If you format this partition, all data will be lost.
    The detail shows: Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. Windows must be installed on a partition formatted in NTFS.  Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition is a partition of EFI (ESP) system.
    Disk 0 Partition 2; total size: 128 MB; Free space: 128 MB; Type: SC (reserved). The warning on this is: Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition is a partition MSR (Microsoft Reserved).
    Disk 0 Partition 3; total size: 698,4 MB; Free space: 670MB; Type: primary. The warning on this is: the partition might contain recovery, system files or software files important computer manufacturer you. If you format this partition, all data will be lost.

    On the three I haveoptions: Refresh; Delete; Format or load drivers.

    I think I can segment the readers already, so don't want to do it again.
    I can't start windows successfully, cannot use the update option.
    If you have any ideas on this one I would be most grateful. Best regards Steve

    Yes, you must delete all partitions, this will ensure that you will be able to start a clean slate with Windows 7 Professional.

    How to determine if your motherboard supports supported EFI:

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