Windows 7 and Deskjet 895cxi drivers

I just installrd Windows 7 (64-bit) and can't get my HP 895cxi printer at work. It is supposed to be compatible. I think I downloaded a driver for 895cxesomehow. I removed the device from my computer several times, but when I plug in the USB slot, it is confused with a cxe. When I try to print I get always a printing error. I tried to download the right driver from the HP site and get a message that the driver is to download, but never have evidence she managed to my computer and the printer still does not print. How can I remove the cxe driver, getting correctly identified my printer and download the right driver?


Deskjet 895Cxi 895Cxe are the same printer model, they were just provided through various sales channels.  The driver is the same.  Are which driver you trying to download?  There is no downloadable Windows 7 driver for the Deskjet 895 series on the HP site, there are only instructions for the installation of the drivers available through Windows Update.

What is the error message you get when you try to print?

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    Thank you.


    Did you try the drivers for Windows 8.1, they work even for Windows 10 too.

    Here is the link for Windows 8.1 drivers.

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    Use the W7 32-bit more professional, and you would use the Intel HD graphics driver or Nvidia HD graphic driver according to which graphics adapter to your PC.

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    Use another computer to access the HP website and download the drivers for your Windows Vista computer model.  Transfer them to your computer using a USB stick, external drive, CD - R, etc. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • Satellite A100 - need tools for Windows 7 and 64-bit drivers


    I have W7 RTM from Technet, and I install 64-bit edition on my laptop ' Satellite A100 (PSAA9) "I need 64-bit drivers and 64 bit utility (value added package..), but I can't find them... value added 32-bit package does not work on 64-bit (installation is rejected) :/"

    Sorry, my English is very very bad

    Thanks for the tips

    I do not think that you will have success installing Win7 64 bit on an old system as the A100, you should install 32 bit Win7 and use Vista 32-bit drivers.

  • Windows 7 and Deskjet printer 722C

    I tried to install my office 722 C on my Windows 7 32-bit system.  Windows has detected the hardware & after you download the driver, said "your device is ready to use.  However, he said also "no installed printer.  Could not print because there is no printer listed.  Tried added my printer, but it was not on the drop-down list.

    Tried using 720 C series HP's CD to install the printer, but there was only LPT1-3 listed as choices, no USB port.

    I currently use this printer on an XP with a cable converter USB / parallel that I bought in 2008.   The cable would be the issue?

    On the HP website, it says that my printer is supported in Windows 7.  Needless to say I want to buy a new printer.

    I don't know what to do.

    Only, I have solved my problem.  I saw on a forum when you use Windows 7's "add a printer", there is the possibility of a more extended list of printers to choose from (with Windows Update).  I tried & the expanded list did not have my model 722C, but not 720C, I use the same driver.  So I chose 720C & the printer has been installed successfully on my new Windows 7 system.  And it even prints!


    Thanks HP for your forums.

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    Can anyone help? My printer does not recognize Windows 7 but it loaded ok before he went to PC World last week to re install. Any ideas?

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    Plug your printer and go to the---> device and printers Control Panel do you not see your printer? If not, then add printer.

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    I'm guessing that the answer is 'yes', but all the Vista drivers work on Windows 7 (clean install) - for example I speak for the silent acoustic version 2.02.01 & 2.02.03 for Satelitte L300?

    Not all do the job, but most of them ;)
    I worked m not a L300 owner but tried to install some other Vista on Windows 7 and not all drivers
    But I guess you will have to test it yourself.

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    I changed the HDD with a SSD. Now I want to restore the system (Windows 8) and all the drivers and applications. To do this I use (with DVD) HP Recovery Manager and I choose to install a clean install of the system, drivers and applications. After the copy of the set in the new hd, when the computer is reset, I get the message that there is no system in my HD!
    Why? What can I do?

    Thank you

    Enter the BIOS
    Go to the tab system set
    Scroll Startup Options
    Go to boot order
    Move the current SSD as the first device by following the instructions in the right pane
    After making changes to the boot order, press F10 and click Yes to save the changes and then exit from BIOS

  • Webcam CNF7051 toshiba laptop; I installed windows 7 and webcam has never worked since.

    I installed windows 7 and webcam has never worked since. What is the solution for this problem?


    Since you upgraded to Windows 7 have you run Upgrade Advisor and verify with the
    Compatibility Center (for the compatibility of the device)?

    Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor <-- please="" run="" this="">

    Also check the Compatibility Center (for the compatibility of the device)?

    Check with the system and peripheral manufacturers for updated drivers and many have special
    instructions to help the upgrade to Windows 7. You should also check with the system
    Machine to ask in their forums (if any) for known problems and solutions and support.

    Toshiba - Forums

    Toshiba - Contacts

    Toshiba - drivers - access your model

    Toshiba - Support


    If the system is compatible Windows 7 AND there are drivers for your WebCam
    (and other devices).

    Vista references apply to Windows 7.

    You probably need to reload the drivers of the device and the camera'IF' control software
    There is for Windows 7.

    Login as an administrator.

    Control Panel - Device Manager - Imaging - write down of the brand and the model of camera - double
    Click on it and on the tab of the driver is version. Now, click on update drivers (who cannot do anything
    that MS is far behind the drivers of certification). The RIGHT CLICK on the camera - UNINSTALL-
    REBOOT - it will refresh the driver stack.

    Now, go to the system manufacturer's website and download the latest driver of the camera and other partners
    the camera software (if not more recent get the same).

    Download - SAVE - go to them and RIGHT CLICK - RUN AS ADMIN - reboot after each driver.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    Installation and update of drivers to 7 (updated drivers manually using the methods above is)
    to ensure that the latest drivers from the manufacturer of system and device manufacturers are are preferably)


    If there are no Windows 7 drivers:

    You can try loading the latest driver available in Compatibility Mode which sometimes
    work however, it isn't anywhere near a sure thing.

    Exhausted all other methods in the Troubleshoot utility above before trying these.

    Logon as ADMINISTRATOR for all of them.

    You can try Compatibility Mode but this rarely works on the device drivers.

    Right click on the driver executable (.exe) file - select Compatibility Mode

    In the drop-down menu choose XP or Vista and Service Pack (if it is the version
    "you try the drivers).

    Click OK, and then let the race to see if it will install.


    It also rarely works on the device drivers but it is worth trying:

    Another method to try is to run the .exe (if self extraction) or Unzip (if it is compressed) to a folder:

    How to open a high in Windows 7 command prompt

    Open an elevated command prompt : (probably looks like this)

    C:\Windows\System32 >

    CD \the path to this folder as C:\User\Your user Name\Camera_Folder or something else
    the path is the folder where the driver is unpacked.

    So in this case it would be \User\Your User Name\Camera_Folder CD and the prompt
    look like:

    CD \User\Your user Name\Camera_Folder >

    This in type at the prompt and press ENTER.

    -I - one *.inf PnPUtil

    It will take a little time to respond.

    If it does not (error) use the full path to the driver, for example (which can be used
    any guest):

    PnPUtil-i - one C:\User\Your user Name\Camera_Folder\*.inf

    Still wait to see if it will install.

    How to open a high in Windows 7 command prompt

    The PnPUtil command syntax (vs.85) .aspx

    PnPUtil.exe - operating instructions * 28200.html

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Compatibility of Windows 8 and ACS ACR122u NFC player problem

    Compatibility issues with NFC ACR122u ACS player when running on Window8.  Application well on XP, Win7, vista work.

    I guess ACS must release a driver with an update of Windows8.
    If anyone has experienced the same problem relate to please.

    Hi Virginia,

    1. what exactly is the problem with the NFC reader?

    2. that you get an error message when you use the player?

    It seems that ACR122U NFC reader is compatible with Windows 8, and there are drivers for the device.

    For more information, see the links.

    For compatibility issues, see the link.

    Make the programs more compatible with this version of Windows

    You can also contact Technical Support ACS and check.

    Let us know the results. We will be happy to help you further.

  • Windows 7 and HP DeskJet 895Cxi

    I have a new laptop with Windows 7.

    I have a DeskJet 895Cxi printer.

    Before I'm going to hit out of confusion I have some simple questions (!) for everyone out there.

    Should I 32-bit or 64-bit of Windows 7? Or is it not important?

    The driver is already part of the operating system or should I download it?

    Driver version, you will need will depend on the version of Windows 7 you have *.  You can find it in start, Control Panel, system, system type (32 of 64) will be close to the Center, just below the amount of RAM.

    For the Deskjet 895 the correct driver will be delivered via Windows Update as described on this page.  Turn on Windows Update as shown in the second method, then you can simply connect the printer and Windows automatically installs the correct driver.

  • Drivers for Deskjet 895cxi

    I recnetly bought a Windows 7 system and I have a HP Deskjet 895cxi printer attached to my network via a HP JetDirect device.  The support page says that I should join the pronter to PC via the USB cable and let windows automatically update install the printer driver appropriate "basic" functionality.  My problem with this is that this printer does not support a USB connection.  The PC does not have a serial port on it isn't an option either.  Can I get stressed the appropriate driver so that I can be available for the installation process?  Thank you

    mw09172 wrote:

    I recnetly bought a Windows 7 system and I have a HP Deskjet 895cxi printer attached to my network via a HP JetDirect device.  The support page says that I should join the pronter to PC via the USB cable and let windows automatically update install the printer driver appropriate "basic" functionality.  My problem with this is that this printer does not support a USB connection.  The PC does not have a serial port on it isn't an option either.  Can I get stressed the appropriate driver so that I can be available for the installation process?  Thank you

    In fact, the Deskjet 895 has a USB port, it may be partially hidden by the back flap but is just above and on the right side of the parallel port.  It should not be necessary to use this to isntall the printer driver.  Deskjet 895 drivers are available through Windows Update, you can do the following: go to the folder devices and printers, add printer, a local port, say LPT1 (for now...), then when the list of printers, click Windows Update in the lower right. After several minutes, a printer updated list should appear, at this point, you can cancel the on install, then stable using the appropriate port.

  • DeskJet 5550: printer Deskjet 5550 drivers still work in Windows 10?

    Drivers Deskjet 5550 Print always work in Windows 10?


    changes or other drivers that you made or used on windows 8.1 can also us replicated to windows 10 and shoudld you do not have a problem.

    Balance of payments

    Although I am an employee of HP, I speak for myself and not for HP.
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  • After that my virus clean my printer does not work I have windows xp and my printer Deskjet F 300 said

    After that a virus clean my printer HP Deskjet F 300 quit working they installed Windows XP from Windows 2000 and I can't make it work help

    "they have installed?  You had somebody "clean" your computer and they have also installed Windows XP (you used to have Windows 2000)?

    The first thing you need to do is to determine if 'they' a legitimate version of Windows XP installed.  Download and run the MGADiag tool.  If the tool does not report that Windows is "genuine", take back it the computer and demand that 'they' install an authentic version, paid Windows XP.  While they are at it, tell them to install a driver for your HP Deskjet F300.

    If you do not have a genuine version of Windows XP, then go to this page:
    You have several choices to this page.

    • The top line, which only says: 'Pilot' is the complete set of software including software HP's Photosmart printer drivers and the scanner of your Deskjet.  As the HP notes, this is a very large download, so if you want this package, you must have a high-speed Internet connection or order the CD.
    • The second line, which says "Driver - Product Installation software" includes the basic print and scan drivers.  HP has said, "not all product features are supported with this installation package."  I don't know what "features" are not supported if you choose this option.
    • It should not necessary the "Patch" because or the other of the first two downloads is dated after the patch and so should be included.  After things are installed, you can download and install the most recent of the 3 "Updates".

    When you wrote that the printer "will not work" after a new installation of Windows XP, I assume that the printer is not installed at all.  Just in case, however, previously, you use the package that you download from HP, follow the instructions here to clean all traces of a failed attempt to install it.  (Note: remember "Step 4".)  "Step 6" refers to the directions outlined in the upper part of this post.)

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