Windows 7 computer said that the DWM.exe could start not due the windowscodecs.dll file is missing.

Original title: Windowscodecs.dll missing

IM using a windows machine 7 and one day, he said that the DWM.exe could start not due the windowscodecs.dll file is missing.

I don't have to go back, any system restore points

I ran the/scannow sf in command prompt and it says that the file is corrupted.

I tried to put the machine in safe mode,

I tried troubleshooting and software update

and I tried to download external software to replace the file.

It also affects the Aero theme, so my background is just a black screen!

What else can I try that actually work?


Why we just know it is a virtual machine?  Well...

Have you looked on your system here to check that the file is actually missing (of course that mine has been replaced):

I downloaded a file called on my OneDrive:

64bitcodecs.dll (64-bit version)

The link to my a drive is:

You must visit my OneDrive, upload this file to a place, you can find, rename it to WindowsCodecs.dll and then copy and paste in your c:\windows\system32 folder (assuming that Windows is installed on your C drive).

When you have done so, check again with Explorer that the file is really there (if it was missing before) and if everything looks good, reboot your system and see what things look like.

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