Windows 7 computer to dial the connection problem with baud rate setting do not stay together

I've set the com port [converter usb to serial com cable 5] setting baud rate to 115200

I set up the adjustment [communication between 2 computers cable] modem baud to 115200

In the center of network share, I create a new network connection [set up a dial-up connection]

When I check the properties of the dial-up Modem connection set to 19200

I can't change to 115200 - but the connection is attempted to 19200, so it fails

All solutions?

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Community Forum.

According to the description, I understand you are trying to reset the baud rate for your dial-up connection. You tried to change the BAUD rate in your login from 19200 to 115200, but the connection attempt is made at 19200 and if it fails every time.

I suggest you to check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), if they have their own custom settings saved using an application that controls the baud rate.

You can also view the following Microsoft help articles.

SerialPort.baudrate, property

SerialPort.BaudRate enumeration.

Hope this information is useful. Please write us back for any further assistance.

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