Windows 7 - Error Codes: 8007066F & 6 b 2 (cannot install updates)

I have set up updates to be installed automatically.  Everythinghas been fine until about 2 weeks ago.  Now, I have 4 updates that I can't install it.   The error codes are 8007066F and 6 2 b.  I have windows 7.


8007066F ERROR_UNKNOWN_PATCH - the update is not applied to this product.
IF the second code is 800706 B 2 RPC_S_NO_PROTSEQS_REGISTERED - no protocol sequences have been registered.

What's next for security/antivirus installed, please?
We use a 3rd party firewall?
Subscription of the following AV/security is current; whatever it has detected the last time that the system has been analyzed?

You can check if the suite installed AV/security / 3rd party firewall is at the origin of the installation problem by configuring Windows 7 to the clean boot.
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista and Windows 7
NOTE: in the Clean boot configuration all the 3rd party firewall will be disabled. Make sure that the native firewall of Windows 7 is now on by opening the Windows Firewall in Control Panel.

The update was damaged by either more AV/s installed / 3rd part firewall. You can also try to manually download andSave the 4 updates in question. Open Windows Update in Control Panel. Then click on the link to View update history to see which 4 have failed to install. Write them.
Go to the Microsoft Download Center. Enter Ko and the update number of Search All Download Center, and then click the magnifying glass to search. Save all downloads and installation with all the programs, or closed browsers.
NOTE: download the updates that correspond to the architecture of the system. If the system is 32-bit, then download the x 86 version. If the system is 64-bit, download the x 64 version.
To see what is the architecture of the system, click on this link - resolution 2: run the system update readiness tool
Then click "Click here to show or hide detailed information" and follow the detailed steps.

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