Windows 7 not recognizing memory sticks in slots USB

Hi when I put the memory stick to any USB on the computer, I receive a message first came to ask me to format the memory stick. I even get this if I enclose my TomTom GPS on the same USB slot.   If I click on the drive designation, I get the following message:

{{K:drive is not accessible. The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Make sure that all required file system drives are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.}}

I know that the sticks of memory are OK, as I have tried several and also tried all the USB slots on the computer and another computer.

I don't remember doing anything for having caused the problem since the last using the disks of the USP.

Using windows 7 Home premium.

Anyone know what is the problem and how to fix it please?



Finally, I used a data recovery program.  Recover all files and files downloaded from the sticks of memory on my hard drive.  Formatted in NTFS and I am now able to use chopsticks as well as my recovered data, the sticks of memory.

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    When I insert a flash drive (memory stick) into any USB port on my computer that the information stick memory does not appear on my screen, so I'm unable to access or open the content of sticks of memory.

    Following the advice of medions I restored my computer to its factory settings. So far, which seems to have cured all the defects.

    Once more can I sincerely offer my thanks for your attention and valuable advice
    Robin Jones.
  • Why am I suddenly "USB not recognized, one of the devices USB has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize"

    Hi all. If anyone out there in Cyber Land can solve this problem for me so I've personally you will issue an eight-pack of ice-cold beer (or a bottle of wine for the ladies lol)...

    I'll try not to waffle too guys, so here's...

    Right my PC running Windows XP. I also have itunes installed on my PC (I have an iphone 4). Upward until yesterday my iphone and itunes were working well, (once I plugged my iphone in the itunes USB port recognised that my iphone was plugged and synchronization was fine etc.).

    But now when I plug my iphone to PC to sync with itunes, I get a pop up box on the lower right part of the screen that reads... "USB not recognized one of the USB devices has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize."

    After visiting about 5 different sites now "Ways to solve this problem", believe it or not, I still have the problem bloody! :(

    A site proposed shutdown PC and unplug it from the power supply, then plug it back start-up and back... this as did not work!
    The other they say that I should go to Device Manager, uninstall all the USBs then restart... it did not work either.
    Tried a system restore
    Tried to reinstall itunes

    When I check the names USB in Device Manager, there is one who reads unknown device. I am literally pulling what's left of my hair now. I tried to solve this problem for almost 2 days now and still no joy. That's why no matter what input you guys would be very appreciated. I'm no PC Wizard, so please, don't think you're patronizing me if you break down things step by step for me.

    Thank you comrades, cordially, Freddy frustrated. :)

    Another said I should go to Device Manager, uninstall all the USBs and restart.

    Usually, this works... but can be very dangerous, unless you have a PS/2 keyboard.

    I also assume that you have tried all other USB ports on the computer. tried a verified USB device (for example, a flash drive) in the USB usually when you plug in your iPhone. and I tried your iPhone in another computer (I know it's rare for an error message Windows really means what he says, but sometimes the material lacks).

    Is the charge of the iPhone when it is connected to the USB port (I don't think)?  This happened to me recently, but a reboot fixed it.  I guess that that happened to you.

    I guess that you don't see the error messages in Device Manager or you must declare them.

    You can uninstall all USB devices that do not exist as follows:

    • Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)
    • Enter the following command and press enter

    Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1

    • Start the Device Manager by typing the following in the same command prompt window


    • In Device Manager, click the view menu and select "Show hidden devices".
    • You should see a category just after "Non-Plug and Play drivers" named "other devices."  Chances are that there will be a big exclamation yellow mark beside it.  When you expand the "other devices" you should see several non identified "USB devices."  Uninstall all this.
    • Reboot (with the iPhone NOT connected).
  • Windows 7 not recognized as true after reinstalling on one machine virtual Parallels Desktop

    Hi all -

    I'm a Mac user running Windows 7 on my virtual machine (Parallels Desktop).  I did for years, even the upgrade to Windows 7 after using XP for a long time.
    Recently, I had a problem with the upgrade of Parallels Desktop, which could only be repaired by removing and then reinstalling the Virtual Machine Parallels.  This, of course, obliged me to reinstall all programs (including Windows 7).  Since I bought my Windows 7 and Office 2010 at Staples (Yes... not online or eBay copy here), I know that my copies are authentic and I used Winows 7 for the years leading up to this relocation.  I still have the original case, the disks and the sticker with the product key.  I used this key when I did the re-install and everything worked perfectly... until today when I turned on the virtual machine and he asked for me to enter the product key, say something (I'm sorry I didn't write that down) on the exhale.  I got my key, Windows 7 came out, but it is said that "this copy of Windows is not genuine" I get message "you can be a victim of software counterfeiting".  Once again... I bought full fare at Staples, so I do not know is not the case.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Have you tried to restart by phone?

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • MMC 3.0 install error on Windows 7 "not enough memory is available to process this command."

    I try to install MMC 3.0 (Windows XP-KB907265 - x 86 - ENU) on a clean windows system 7 (4 Gig of RAM and 150 GB disk space available)

    I get the error "Not enough memory is available to process this command" which is obviously not the real problem.  How can I install it?

    I already uninstalled my Virus Scanner, but that did not help.  So now, I'm looking for another solution.

    is the other version of the MMC 3.0 for Windows 7 because I can not find a.

    Windows 7 already includes MMC 3.0, there is no need to install it. Andre Da Costa

  • taking a jra recording on a windows service - 'not enough memory is available.

    How can I start a JRA recording on a WebLogic domain run as a windows service?

    If I run jrcmd, it doesn't relate the process id. If I look to the top of the process id and run jrcmd on the process id, I get a message:
    "Not enough memory is available to process this command."

    The service runs on an administrator account. I am connected with the same credentials. I use jrcmd because the option to make a recording of latency does not appear to me in the form of mission control. I'm using jrmc - 3.0.3 - 1.4.2.

    Thank you

    You can start only records of Mission control latency, if you are using JDK 1.5 +, then you can use jrcmd. I don't know why jrcmd does not work for you, but as a workaround that you can try to start a recording by connecting to the JVM on the network. That's what you have to do:

    (1) JRockit start with -Xmanagement: port = 7090

    (2) Mission control create a connection in the browser of the JVM, start the Management Console and go to the page of the MBean browser

    (3) select the com.jrockit.RMPBean. Select operations and call the operation with the name runCtrlBreakHandler (String handlerName). Enter something similar to this:

    latency filename=c:\myrecordings\recording.jra startjrarecording = true latencythreshold = recordingtime = 30s 20ms

    Cllck OK and wait for the recording to finish. Open the record using the file-> Open

    / Erik

  • My program iTunes windows is not recognizing my iPhone more than 6 s

    I have installed ios 10 but my iPhone 6 s more is stuck in recovery mode and my iTunes account is not recognizing the device to complete the update or restore.

    The first thing to do is to make sure you are using iTunes 12.5.1, like this version, released on September 13, 2016, are the first to recognize and prepare for iOS 10 version.


    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support

  • For the first time Windows is not recognizing my Nook. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    I downloaded books from my computer on my corner several times via Adobe Digital.  Today, Windows is not recognize as my Nook is connected to the computer.  The cord shows power at the end of the meal.

    Hi Nancy,.
    1. do you get an error message?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?
    3 have you tried to connect the device on another computer?
    Method 1:
    Try to connect the device to a different USB port and check.
    Method 2:
    Run the fixit and follow the steps in the article:
    Tips for solving problems of USB devices
    Method 3:
    Check if it is detected in Device Manager. Follow the steps below:
    a. click on start
    b. click on Run
    c. in the open run, type devmgmt.msc and check if the device is detected.
    Method 4:
    Check if the problem persists in the boot.
    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    Note: See "How to reset the computer to start as usual after a clean boot troubleshooting"
    under more information to prepare the computer to start as usual after a repair.
    Hope this solves the problem. If the problem persists, you can write to us and we will be happy to help you further.
  • After that the last windows update windows is not recognizing mynorton antivirus

    I did the recent update of windows on 16/10/12 and norton antivrus also updated.  I have 205 days remaining on my norton subscription; However, when I turned on my computer today windows Action Center prompted me that my firewall is configured incorrectly and windows does not recognize a virus on my computer.  My Norton is still listed as a program on my computer and I can access them from the menu programs.  Help, please.


    Thanks for posting the question. I will help you find a solution about the Norton as antivirus programs. Before that, please answer a few questions in order to refine the question.
    1. What is the exact error message?
    2 do you have any other installed third-party antivirus program program Norton?
    3. to confirm, is Norton works properly after the update?
    Method 1: Perform the steps described in the article

    Report on the health system does not detect in Windows 7 antivirus programs


    Method 2:
    If Norton works very well and you still get an error message from Windows. I suggest you to refer to this article to disable the notification. If Norton displays an error message, just reply back to us.

    Method 3:
    If you have multiple antivirus programs installed on the computer other than Norton, please uninstall and check.
    Uninstall or change a program
    Hope this information helps. Response with status so that we can better help you.
  • Windows 7 not recognizing network adapter

    Windows 7 works in Bootcamp and I am able to connect to the internet.  When I run Windows 7 in Fusion, Windows 7 does not recognize the network adapter.  I have tried both wireless and Ethernet, but unable to get online.  I also tried to load the driver through the Mac OS disk but back Windows do not see the correct network card driver here either.

    Thanks in advance.

    Take a look at the configuration of the Virtual Machine's .vmx file and make sure that the NIC is showing that "e1000" as follows example and if not add it.

    ethernet0.virtualDEV = "e1000"

    To get the location of the .vmx config file check out VMware Fusion A Beginner's Guide and or collect Information for VMware Fusion.

  • How to transfer photos to computer Olypus softwear to a memory stick using the USB port on the computer?

    Have a ceiling of memory 2 GB Kingston Data Traveler 100 memory stick (w) technology. Want to down load a series of photos already on computer with master Olypus softwear registration. Should what procedures I use to achieve this? Please specify all measures to achieve this transfer process. Thank you

    For the task that you describe... I do not see the need
    for the Olympus software.

    Insert data traveler into a USB port and go...
    Start / computer.

    The data traveler must be recognized as a
    Removable drive with a drive letter.

    OK... now that you know the drive letter... If you right
    Click a selected group photos or an entire folder
    You should be able to choose... Send to / removable
    Disk (? :))..) .This must copy the pictures to the data

    Make sure that the photos are in one or more records because
    the number of photos that you can copy to the directory root
    may be very limited. And you will receive the following error:

    "Impossible to copy the XXXX: failed to create the directory or file.

  • SSD not recognized, in-house or Via USB

    Very long story, there are similar positions here but other situations are not the same as mine or the answers do not explain things very well.  I am trying to replace the hard drive in my MBP mid-2010 with a modern SSD, the manufacturer said it is not formatted (say you need to get in shape first of all, in response, saying that their operating system does not recognize in some way, shape, as is my case).  When I put it in the internal drive Bay I get the big "?", sometimes alternates between it and the icon of the Apple and the circle with a slash through it (which means indicates that it has not recognized connected equipment).  I bought the cable I need to connect it via the USB port, I have the original hard disk to another external drive that I intend to use to keep my saved MBP, I want to clone the original to the new SSD hard drive, then try to boot from it.  I'm sure I have format the SSD drive, but how can I do if it is not recognized?  When I connect it outside of a Windows machine (7) it is recognised in Device Manager (but not in my computer).

    Thank you

    Format for a Mac

  • hard drive does not recognize memory stick or inserted disks

    nothing happens with the computer when we put a disk or the memory of my meter stick in the hard drive

    OK... your computer has a media player, you insert the card in?

    If you go to... Start / my computer... There should be one or more readers
    listed as... Removable Disk... These are the slots of the media player.

    If you insert your memory card and do a right click the Removable Disk that
    represents that slot you can choose Explore and see the content of the
    card. From there you can copy and paste or drag and drop the files in a folder
    on your hard drive.

    Also... right click on the removable drive that represents the memory card
    and in the menu... Choose... Properties / Autoplay tab and open the fall
    window and select pictures. And... ICT... "ask me each time to choose
    an action "." Maybe this will restore the AutoPlay window when you insert
    the map.

    You could also try... on the left by clicking on the button "Restore default settings" / apply / OK.

    And... the following link might be worth a visit:

    Download the Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard:

  • Windows 10 not recognized as being superior to 7

    I have an iMac, retina.

    I'm trying to bootcamp Windows 10. Bootcamp Assistant does not like being a newer version than 7. He says that he cannot find an installer, although there is a bootable USB key, it made my Windows 10 DVD Installer. There is also an ISO on the desktop.

    I had to do in bash bootable installation disk using dd, because the disk Util and Bootcamp Assistant kept throwing errors when I tried to stick it to their use and ISO installed I downloaded from Microsoft, in accordance with the instructions from Apple. I keep looking for help and Advisor tells me that these problems do not occur, then two, that some people actually manage to do it without all the pain I feel. If those who have also had difficulties could share their solutions would be great

    Remove all the drives external, other than your USB2 flash drive. The ISO W10 must not be mounted.

    Please perform the following two procedures, before your next attempt to install W10.

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

    How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac - Apple Support

    If you downloaded the ISO W10 via a wireless connection, check the size and MD5sum of the ISO.

    LS - lgh Win10_1607_English_x64.iso

    -rw - r - [email protected] 1 staff 4.1 G 17 Jul 17:28 Win10_1607_English_x64.iso

    OpenSSL md5 Win10_1607_English_x64.iso

    MD5 (Win10_1607_English_x64. ISO) = 88b98698600511dcd69596df92b242e5

    If you are using an ISO, display the name of the file and the MD5sum.

  • Windows 8 not recognizing my camera Kodak Easy Share, 1550, nor my San Disk card reader. Any suggestions on how to get them to work?

    This is the message I get from the site Web of Kodak.  «NOTE: due to the type of user interface for the WINDOWS 8 operating system, you can follow the guests when you connect the USB cable from your camera or insert a memory card in the instructions below.» Instructions specific to WINDOWS 8 OS not listed here. »

    I just got a brand new HP with windows computer 8 already installed on it.

    My Kodak Easy Share camera won't connect and will no longer be my card reader Sandisk Mobile Mate.

    Someone at - it suggestions?  I need my camera to register on Ebay.  HP will not help unless I have pay $59 and because the Windows operating system has been installed by HP, Microsoft won't help.

    What great technical support these 2A.  NOT!

    You must have a driver that supports this device.

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