Windows 7 only recognizing 5 6 GB of RAM, WHY? ((Live RAM) memory installed: 6,00 (4.99 GB usable) GB)

I just bought a Dell XPS 435MT (i7-920 2.6 GHz - 6 GB - Radeon Card w / 512Mb - blah blah) 2 months ago. A week ago I upgraded to Windows 7 through the "launch party". Win7 Ultimate x 64 installation went smoothly and the system works beautifully throughout; but only 5 of my 6 GB of RAM is just boring to me. I called Dell and they said since the PC sees the 6 GB there must be something with the operating system. so I called Microsoft and they my referred to 'Launch Party Support' I'm waiting on them for more information.

At the same time I'm not going just to stop my research. It is said in the Sys Info. Installed memory (RAM live): 6,00 GB (4.99 GB usable)


I did some research online, but couldn't find something solid...

Until I started poking around in my own system, I tried a few diagnostics memory and updated my drivers the problem was still there. Then I found the "Resource monitor" tool (computer right click then click on manage) and on the memory tab, it shows all my memory and where it is... Go missing according to the tool is 'Reserved material' for the BIOS and drivers for other devices. My question is, is this normal? is it ok? can I change? What can I use it? just off the top of my head.

Any help is very appreciated!


It has an ati radeon xxxx (not sure) with 512 MB, I can get one with 1 GB if that helps, but I spent extra for the card already. :(

I'll see what I can do in the BIOS. Thanks Tek

I don't see "". Maybe I missed it. May you have better luck... Thank you

I went to run > msconfig > Startup tab > advanced options > and uncontrolled memory maximum fixed the problem! Hellz Yes!

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    I don t think that it is a problem of memory modules (RAM live).
    What is the BIOS reports?

    Still that memory could be shared with the GPU (graphics card), and the windows OS also uses some of the memory

    Don t you worry and there is everything ok ;)

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    * I also changed hardware v12 and changed the type of operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

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    Please take a look at VMware KB which explains the 3 072 MB limit, i.e. the reserve of memory of 1 024 MB.


    PC architecture reserves a part of the address space that is less than 4 GB for PCI devices. This space cannot be used for system memory. Note also that this is one of the main reasons for clients not to recognize that all assigned physical memory.


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    Strangely, even if the memory is entered correctly, it stil reports way less. Don't know why but files seems to correct the problem...

    No doubt you are overclocking... 'Properties' always reports the chip actually, not the speed it is running at a time. Was it to do, it is time when your chip would show at 800 mhz... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... :-)

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    I'm back and received the news for you. I got my new Toshiba NB200-10Z. I would like to ask you:

    What are your comments on the upgrade of RAM? The difference is notable? It worth the cost?
    What RAM memory slot I'm supposed to get? And what is the maximum memory I can update?

    What are your ideas on installing Windows 7 as the only operating system OR to have both on different partitions?

    Thank you all in advance


    Just one question: you have a new laptop and why you didn t consult the user manual?
    I ask this because in the user manual, you can find all the information on the upgrade of the RAM.
    In my opinion RAM upgrade is always useful because the RAM modules are cheap nowadays and with 2 or 3 GB, you have enough RAM for applications.

    Regarding the issue of Windows 7 you can install it if you want, why not? You can do what you want with your laptop, but I prefer the pre-installed version of XP at the moment because Windows 7 isn't on the market yet.
    If you want to install you need extra partition for it.

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