Windows 7 sees my second monitor as "generic non - PnP" and will not let me set the correct resolution


I just installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on a new hard drive on my Dell Studio 540. The PC has a graphics card ATI Radeon HD 3450 and has a Samsung 226bw 22 "monitor on the digital output. This works very well, and has the resolution of 1650 x 4050. When I am running Vista (on the previous hard drive), I got a monitor flat 14 "old on the other out, and it worked fine (although at a lower resolution).

I added a monitor AOC F22s + on the other output, expecting to be able to put this to the recommended 1920 x 1080 resolution. Unfortunately, Windows has developed the driver for this monitor "Generic non - PnP" and will not let me set the correct resolution. To the maximum it will allow is 1600 x 1200, (as well as all other resolutions it allows) do not use the monitor at maximum capacity, which is the ratio of evil anyway, so the display seems tense.

I run Windows Update, so have the latest drivers. I tried to install the other drivers, but nothing helped.

I tried to unplug the Samsung monitor and restart the PC, so that the AOC, one was the only monitor it and he always had as 'Generic non - PnP' with the wrong resolution.

Someone at - it ideas? I'm at my wits end. AOC support did not understand and could only suggest that the monitor was faulty, but the place where I bought it insist that it works very well and so no Exchange or get a refund (no restocking fee, which is a RIP-OFF).

I really want to use both screens and would appreciate greatly any help that anyone can give. I hope I gave enough information. If I didn't, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,




It turned out that my VGA cable was wrong and that it was not send the right signal to the computer. The screen worked fine with a VGA monitor, but the PC has not said that the new monitor is a PnP I tried a different cable and it worked fine.

Thanks again to all who have suggested things.

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    Thanks for your help,


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    Thank you.


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    • Boot from the Windows 8 Pro disc. (In other words, will not start hard drive.)
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    • If you do not, continue to change letters until you see this folder.
    • It worked that the 'C' drive during this "repair" was maybe the same as my 'C' drive when I boot normally.
    • Find the "D" drive through the same process - that is, try to find the folder "this_is_d".
    • It worked that the "D" drive during this "repair" was maybe the same as my "D" drive when I boot normally.
    • Type this command: xcopy/e/k/o/h/b c:\Users d:\Users see the next chip
    • First drive name must be the name of the drive as the "repair" attributed to your normal boot drive 'C '. The second disc should be burned as it would be during a normal boot. So, in my case, these conditions were the same. Note: use a capital 'U' for users instead of lowercase 'u' in users.
    • Type "D" when prompted.
    • Type the following command: rd /s c:\Users
    • Type this command: mklink /d c:\Users d:\Users
    • Type this command: exit
    • Continue to start.

    This will create a symbolic link that will redirect all actions to or from users on 'C' folder in the new folder users on "D". In regards to windows system knows, he is still sending the disk of 'C '. It is just redirected.

    This works perfectly for me. I installed apps and run programs without problem.

    It's a sort of understand. But it works for me.


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    I tried to reinstall Windows XP. The laptop started from the CD and the blue screen appeared and loaded XP drivers needed. But at the end of it, when you enter normally on the menu to choose where to install windows, the screen is black and in the upper left corner a small beam blinked on and outside and nothing happens plus.
    The same thing happens when I leave the laptop HARD drive and start again from the XP installation CD but this time without the HARD disc logically.
    So I thought that the HARD drive is broken and I put it in my desktop PC to test. I installed XP on the drive HARD Satellite in my PC, which worked without problems in my PC. So, I come to the conclusion that the HARD drive is not broken.
    And my BIOS Satellite detects my HARD drive and displays the name of it.

    But what is the problem with the laptop when it is not the HARD drive and BIOS show the good name of the HARD drive? Can someone help me please?


    The story is very strange boyfriend generally that the PXE error if the laptop tries to boot from LAN. But in the case where starting LAN source in unavailable, the PXE error appears and shows this message.

    Usually, the BIOS passes LAN Boot option because the other options are not active. This means that the CD/DVD drive does not any bootable disk and the HARD disk is dead.

    So, as you can see you hypothesis was right that the HARD drive could be faulty

    In any case, try to access the BIOS and set it to the default settings save changes and then try to reinstall Windows XP.
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    You can try a system restore to what installs worked:

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    "He had problems installing the updates, but we will try again later. "If you keep seeing this and you want to perform an Internet search or contact support for further information, this can help: Hewlett-Packard - imagery - print Null - series HP Deskjet 3520 - error 08024200 b ×".

    The solution to both of these post say is to disable the update is not tried to be applied, however, I use Windows 10 and it seems to be an option to ignore an update than previous versions of windows.

    What are 10 Windows users supposed to do when they are run this problem?


    As you know, Windows 10 has made it impossible to hide or ignore updates (or so it seems).

    I found this tool from Microsoft that allows you to hide updates that don't work, or mess up your PC if they work, (as a synaptics touchpad update has done on my laptop).

    I saved this tool on my PC for use in the future if necessary.

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    Can someone tell me what's happened and how to fix it? Thank you.

    I have Windows XP on my lap top. When I plug my USB memory card reader, Windows thinks that it is a flash drive, and if I try to open it, it just says: "insert in the drive. There is no drivers for the memory card reader - it was designed that way, I think. The memory card reader used to work fine with my laptop, but no more.

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    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

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    Thanks in advance.  Branden

    Figured it out.  The player appeared in the red list a small arrow down through the disc.  By right clicking on the arrow pointing down, they gave me the option to "initialize disk".  Now am going forward with the formatting process.  Confused, but hope someone saves some time.

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    mbam-setup. com:

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    Keeping these 3 points in mind, go back and follow, step by step, the procedure in the above link.

    NOTE: If Bugbatter here meets the time wherever you are reading this, then please follow all what she said which differs from my suggestion.

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  • Windows Installer is not installed correctly and will not let Windows Update work and I cannot repair Word.

    I have Vista Home Premium 32-bit


    I suggest you try the steps suggested by Butim dated dated 3 may 2012 06:42 from the following link:

    I suggest you post for issues related to Microsoft word.

  • Email app Windows 8 has not downloaded emails for the last 5 days and will not be synchronized or the other.

    Since Tuesday that my email will not download a single message, cannot me sync (it is said synchronization during more than an hour, but never progresses beyond).

    I checked the app, app licenses, Updates settings (down load at the front desk), and now I'm out of ideas.

    It happened once before, when a large email failed to send file, once that I deleated that it worked well, but this time, I don't email in the project or sit in the sent going nowhere folder share.

    At a loss how to solve this very annoying problem.

    Regards D

    You have already installed the 8.1 update and the new e-mail application that comes with it?  It fixes more than 100 issues with the original 8.0 e-mail program.

Maybe you are looking for

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