Windows 7 Ultimate 64 k product key not valid after more than a year of use

Initially, I bought a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 upgrade as a student version. My computer originally had Windows 98. ten years later my hard drive died, and I learned that you cannot reinstall a version upgrade. (beware of the free windows 10 UPGRADE). I bought a product key of the online Microsoft Store over one year in January of 2015. I have finally is broken down and bought the key because I was advised if I never had to do a Setup again that buying a key meant I could without any other expenditure. It seems to work fine until I recently got a message saying that my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 is not valid. I called the Microsoft store and they claimed to have no trace that I already bought the product key from their part. After a few unsuccessful attempts to locate the original mail, finally, I scored. I received an email from a Laura McBride in the Microsoft Online store, with a product key and a link to a file in Dropbox. So I tried to do a repair and reinstall by using the information in the email. The Dropbox file will not download to my Dropbox, it said its too big. It will not download to my computer as it says that the .zip is too large. I'm reaching here. What can I do next?

No third party or Microsoft Partner are allowed to sell product keys.

Have you tried to restart by phone?

How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
(2) press the ENTER"" key.
(3) select your "country" in the list.
(4) choose the option "activate phone".
(5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
(6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

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  • Reinstallation of Windows 7 Ultimate edition, suddenly product key not valid?

    After 5 years of use, I started having trouble with my system. Microsoft Office gave errors and Windows 7 has been hard too long to start upward or too long to close. I decided to do a new reinstall of Windows 7 Ultimate. I bought the version I have in my University just now and everything was going well on the first re-setup, until I tried to install Microsoft Office only to watch him hang at start installation for far too long. After trying to solve the problems, I thought it would be better update of Windows 7 in total, well, Windows Update installation suspended installation and start-up. So I figured a reboot would help and unfortunately the o/s started showing the same symptoms he had before as I wiped the drive clean. I erased the disc again and tried a new installation, but this time all of a sudden, my product key was invalid. Again, it is a purchase copy, should I call Microsoft?

    As a reminder, I have no o/s on the system other than the installation just run by the disc, now it is stuck on the main screen product because he accepts it.

    You should be able to install without a key and start the 30-day grace period.

    This would then allow to enter the key after installation. However if that dialogue initial report, the key is invalid what you type does them not. At this point, there is no that verify that the key is correctly encrypted is the right key for the version of Windows that you are installing, it does not check with Microsoft for the key abused later, may not have a network connection.

    Make sure that the characters are correct

    B C D F G H J K M P Q R T V W X Y 2 3 4 6 7 8 9

    Some ambiguous characters do not serve but B and 8 can be confused because of the size and the tail of the Q is so small it looks like O which is not actually used

  • WIndows now thinks it's not authentic after more than two years.

    I've been running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) for more than 2 years - there was delivered pre-installed on a new computer.

    It has been activated very quickly after I started using it.

    In the last days he began to saying that "this computer is not running Windows genine.

    All relevant updates have been applied on a regular basis.

    Why it suddenly changed in this way?

    I don't think I got a virus infection.

    The common cause for these mismatches is a defective Intel Rapid Storage Tech driver

    Download and install the latest version of...

    Then run another MGADiag report and view the results.

  • Product key not valid after reinstall

    I have a gateway desktop comp I didn't have the restore disc and I went to a local store that has installed a clean version for me and now my product key does not work, it says its a touch invalid but its on the back of my computer I have no understanding.

    The 'local' store use the same type of media (OEM) and the same edition of Windows Vista that printed on the sticker to your machine?

    I would get; local store ' remedy if it does not-well that when you take them make sure you tell them that you will use Belarc Advisor to check the key they use to install macthes the sticker on the machine (that you now write down and store elsewhere.)

    Or - you can communicate with gateway and see if they will get you the correct restore/recovery/installation media...

  • Product key not valid after my own and used for 2 years

    I have the product key has been used only on this machine and I personally bought in a local store. It worked fine for 2 years, now he's saying that this is not a valid key and he wants me to buy a new. Only change was replacing a faulty bios chip. How can I solve this problem of validation? Or Microsoft's OS a commodity of subscription you will need to renew as new products?

    Have you tried to restart by phone?

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • How to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate with a product key?

    I bought a Lenovo Z580 that came pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium.

    I have a Windows 7 Ultimate (DVD and product key) at home. How can I get Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Premium(No OEM DVD was given) without back up my files? I tried to use Windows Anytime Upgrade, but it uses only a upgrade key. Please help me...

    Windows Anytime Upgrade, supports two upgrades of version update and complete.

    If the license for Windows 7 Ultimate, you have access to is a retail version update or complete, you can use the product key and the Express upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate. First of all, check that the edition of Windows 7, you are upgrading is already enabled (if it isn't, you will encounter complications and that you might start all by performing a clean installation).

    Click Start, type Anytime Upgrade, click on the option enter a key, enter the key of Windows 7 Ultimate edition at the request, click Next, wait while checking the key, accept the license agreement, click on upgrade, wait while the software upgrades, (it may take 10 minutes or more depending on the if updates are required) your computer restarts automatically, after the reboot, Windows 7 will notify you updating the computer, the computer will restart once more automatically and will be completed the upgrade, a window will appear notifying the upgrade was successful and your computer is ready to use, click Close, you should be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate files the stored settings and programs.


    Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade fails:

    If your getting the following: error: Windows Anytime Upgrade failed
    This problem may occur if Windows 7 SP1 was downloaded by Windows Update, but has not yet been installed.

    = Other reasons and possible corrections.

    Windows Anytime Upgrade fails with the error:
    "every time that the upgrade has failed. Go online to solve the problem.

    If Anytime Upgrade still does not work:

    Shut down and restart your computer.

    Make sure that the Windows updates have been installed.

    Download the hotfix that contains a tool called CheckSUR, this tool will look at the package and the maintenance of records and difficulty any data corrupted, the tool is listed under kb947821 he can be found at the following link

    If Anytime Upgrade still does not work, turn off the user account control:

    1. go in user accounts in Control Panel

    2 change user account control settings

    3. pull the slider to the level as low as possible

    4. restart the PC

    5. pass by the "Anytime Upgrade" as usual

    Try the following:

    1 disable any security software before attempting to upgrade

    2. make sure that your computer is updated (devices and applications)

    3. disconnect all external devices before installing.

    4. check your hard disk for errors:

    Click Start

    Type: CMD, according to the results, right-click CMD

    Click on "Run as Administrator"

    At the command prompt, type: chkdsk /f /r

    When you restart your system, your computer will be scanned for errors and will try to correct them.

    1. click on start, type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER.

    User account control permission

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on continue.

    2. in the general tab, click Selective startup.

    3. under Selective startup, clear the check box load startup items.

    4. click on the Services tab, select the hide all Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable all.

    5. click on OK.

    6. When you are prompted, click on restart.

    7. after the computer starts, check if the problem is resolved.

    Also run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor:

    Who should I contact if I have problems installing and / or activation of my product key card?

    Please contact to the:

    If all above fails them, install Windows 7 Service Pack 1, and then try the Express Upgrade:

    Learn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

    If your key is not valid and you will need to change the keys, you may need to Open regedit and remove first the ProductKey value in the following registry key:

  • After downgrading to windows 10 for windows 7 product key not valid

    I updated windows 7 windows 10 online and because it's slow on my pc I have downgraded it back to windows 7 using recovery to the old version of windows 10.

    now my laptop is a HP's OEM product and it shows the product key is not valid, windows is not active.

    Can help any one on this?


    Ramesh S

    There may be several reasons why Windows does not accept your product key. To resolve this problem, follow the instructions mentioned on the link below:

    If the problem persists, we recommend that you contact HP technical support from the link below for more assistance that you got this Windows preinstalled by the OEM:

    Hope this will help you.

  • Why my product key not valid with an installation from another CD as the original?

    I had to reload a fresh install of Win XP on a Toshiba laptop. Given that the previous owner had lost the CD; I took one I had at home a try to install it on my laptop with laptop computer product key stuck under the laptop. but when I try to install said that it is a key of product not valid. This is false because before to format the laptop, it had windows XP installed with this product key and it worked fine. I sort of... ending up with the fact that the installation needs a corresponding product key... Am I wrong? If Yes, what can I do if I want to use my laptop product key and I don't have the Original CD of Installation?

    Thank you!

    You have installed using the installation XP bad disc. XP installation disks are related to the version of the operating system and the type of installation for each particular product key. You need to install either with the recovery media OEM Toshiba (best solution, solved by ordering the recovery disc from Toshiba for a little money - usually less than $30) OR a generic OEM installation disk for the version for installed XP (Home/Pro/Media Center).  If you use a generic OEM installation disc, then you will enter the product key for the thumbnail of the laptop. If you use a generic OEM install disc, then you should go to the Web from Toshiba site and download/install all the drivers and utilities for this laptop model. There is always a ton of them.

    To contact Toshiba support, buy recovery disks, do an install clean/restore factory with these discs. You won't need to enter a product key if you use the restore disks.

    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Vista Business 32-bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64. Product key does not

    I had a package of Vista business. Wanted to upgrade to Windows 7, because it is free upgrade offer. Downloaded Advisor followed the instructions. I am informed, I can move to Vista Business 32-bit but for 64 bit I have to do a custom installation. "became frustrated statement followed...". Vain! Frustrated I asked someone at work he copy of Windows 7 Ultimate I can install and upgrade because it training Microsoft gave me... Well guess what it does not work... My key won't turn on! I dear you Microsoft to try enjoying myself what to do about it?

    Do you currently own a license for Windows 7 Ultimate? Windows 7 is not free, you really need a single license (product key) for her. You cannot borrow or use the product key from someone.

    If you do not have a license, have you tried to restart by phone?

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • Windows 7 ultimate asking for product key

    I recently upgraded my pc and transferred to windows 7 ultimate from 1 pc to my new pc, and now it tells me my product key is not valid. What can I do?

    Windows product ID: 00426-068-6308722-86689

    The ID of the product - 068 - indicates a not for resale MSDN account. If you are not the account holder and you bought it in a box at retail, the box and its contents is counterfeit. Request an immediate refund from the seller

    For more information, see this:

    To see how these counterfeits are more, see:

    You can buy a legitimate windows from a legitimate retailer.

  • Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit product key

    I bought an upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit used one month without the product key. I have two more days to activate windows. Anyone know where I can get a product key?


    Microsoft sells more than Vista.

    You will have to take a chance and buy a DVD / a license on Amazon, eBay, etc.

    Be careful when you run the risk of buying pirated software.

    See you soon.

  • product key not valid for window vista Home premium

    The family window vista premium product key I type is invalid for activation. Help! where can I find a valid product key for activation of Windows vista?

    Please use the following tutorials...
    1. activation by phone

    Scroll down to step 2: How do a
    Activation of the phone.
    Note: If the activation service will inform you that it was
    unsuccessful and cannot help with activation, thenSTAY ON THE LINE and your
    call will be transferred to an operator of activation that will help you
    activate your copy of Vista.

    2 here is a response from Keith, Microsoft Support,
    Moderator, on this subject.
    Date: April 29. 2010

    3. how to activate Windows Vista

  • [HELP] Download Windows 7 Ultimate free > no product key

    I recently downloaded a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate edition of a Web site that my friend got it, and it worked on his computer and hes a very trustworthy guy while I lived with her. Later that night, he finished downloading and I was surpised by the looks and when he asked me a key I tried a. None of those that I searched for work and I knew it might be a test, so I tried some keys to the trial and they all failed. And now I can't use my computer because whenever I have system restore will return to the series key position and it is still windows 7. Also, I can't download windows vista edition Home premium on my computer because I have no CD installation also because it came with my computer... So if there is a way around this or return to its original state until I downloaded it please help, I don't want to lose all the things that I had on there because some of them were really important. Thank you

    Oh please. If you really believed it was a legitimate copy of Windows 7, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    Back up your data by starting the system with a Linux Live CD (Knoppix, Ubuntu) and copy your stuff on an external hard drive. Then restore your computer to the factory State. Refer to your computer manual or contact technical support of computer mftr. to find out how to do this.
    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • I have Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit product key and I can't activate this code error 0xC004E003

    It has been activated in my laptop but I wanted to expand my C volume, so I formatted C to do a clean install and now it cannot be activated so what can I do now to solve this problem?

    Have you tried to restart by phone?

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

    Is it an upgrade license?

    However, the requirements for the media upgrade is that you have an operating system already eligible such as Windows XP or Vista installed to use it. Since the Windows 7 end user license agreement.

    15 UPDATES. To use upgrade software, you must first be licensed for the software that is eligible for the upgrade. After the upgrade, this agreement takes the place of the agreement for the software that you upgraded. After upgrade, you can no longer use the software that you upgraded.

    So, if you are always denied, you will just have to reinstall Windows XP or Vista and let it do the verification of eligibility.

  • Product key not valid on Vista Business

    I purchased 2 Toshiba Satellite about 2 years ago. They have every two Windows Vista Business preloaded and none of them has been altered in any way. They have both worked perfectly for about a year and it still works perfectly now.
    But the other suddenly decided that the Windows product key is not valid and I can't get Windows running except in reduced functionality mode.

    Could you please explain how this happens suddenly someone and what can be done to reverse the trend.


    It's not explainable to me the Toshiba and OS recovery in this disc disc is already activated and does not need to be reactivated.

    I think that some damaged registry or affected Microsoft OS in a strange way updates

    I think that you could solve this recovery of the laptop using the Toshiba disc.
    Sorry mate, but that's all I can suggest

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