windows 8.1 w 700 battery issue

After the update 8.1, several questions arose immediately.  Whenever the processor was running any type of task, (opening a program, searching the Web, looking for a file Explorer... etc) the mouse cursor woud lag considerably, to the point where the useless tablet.  I also noticed that when I set up the camera, image lag application terribly when I was moving the tablet.

This morning, I started to understand what was the cause of this considerable deterioration with the sytem and the lag horrible with 8.1.   It turns out that when the Tablet is connected, no lags degradation system described above is deceased.  The camera works perfectly and it s no lag with the cursor of the mouse what-so-ever.  Yet when I unplug the device return to battery, degradation comes back as soon as I switch to the battery.

What happens on Earth with the 8.1 and the system when it's on battery power?  8.1. can we really that much a hog processor that the tablet will become useless on battery?

I had my W700 since January and have not had any problems with windows 8.0.

It's amazing that a Tablet is unusable when on the battery using 8.1.  any help of acer wih on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

What you need to do is simply select Performance or balance, because who wouldn't do anything for you. What is the cause of the slow down is the setting of the Mode of low power within these profiles. To resolve the problem of slower, you have to go to change Plan settings > change advanced power settings > Intel platform & thermal dynamic parameters > Low Power Mode and change to allow specific Application or disable.

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    I installed a FRESH install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on an Inspiron 1501 w / an AMD Turion64 Processor...

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    JUST an info... It WAS a matter of having the 64-bit o/s installed...

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    BUT the NEW bios do NOT take the battery problem! It is a separate issue, so I'll look elsewhere.

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    Perhaps. Where did you buy this device?

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    Dear team, I brought my Lenovo Vibe X 2 before a month. The phone is seen battery issue, he is stuck at a certain level of load and then it does not show the status of drainage. After some time, it displays the message 'Sim Card' unplugged and have turned off. When I put the charger, it will show the '0' of the battery level. Please guide me if the battery needs to be calibrated, also guide me how to calibrate the battery if needed. I saw a user who has the same problem with the same phone, the community replaced his phone soon. If my phone had to be replaced? Please help and guide as soon as possible. Thanks and regards, Mitesh. XXXXXXXX

    Moderator Note: phone removed for the protection of the Member.

    Hi Mitesh,

    Try to clear the phone to 0 and then keep it off. Then plug the AC to load 100 and start the phone. Lets see if this helps to calibrate the battery. If the problem persists then try to run a factory reset. Check also if there is no OTA update.

  • HP ENVY M6-1125DX: HP Laptop Battery issue.

    Hi HP, I found out recently just a matter of my laptop, specifically BATTERY issue. It's my problem, my battery is displayed this text: "53% available, connected and do not load ' . I did some research and I found a few methods I thought it might be useful as: disconnect the battery, calibrate the battery, everything I could find on the internet... but unfortunately it did not work. And for that I would run diagnostic system these are what I received:

    When I unplugged the battery with the AC adapter / CC always plugged in and turn on, my work laptop just to find so I can ensure that my adapter still functional. And yet one thing, have my spare battery with 53%, when I unplugged the AC adapter and have my battery reconnected and try to turn on my laptop computer and comments that: "my laptop has not turn on" eventhough my battery still have 53% available. So my question is: is my laptop dead battery? What I need to replace my battery? If this is not the case for my battery so how can I solve this problem? Is my dough spare parts number: 671731-001, can you show me which site to buy OEM battery? Please help me!  Thanks HP!


    You can see if it is available in the shop part of HP in your country or through retailers online via eBay, Amazon:

    I came to find this one:

    Check the credibility of the seller, authenticity of the part and warranty details before buying.



  • wake up sleep mode on Asus K51AC Windows 7 fail if using battery

    I have a problem of waking up to Asus K51AC mode 'sleep' in the case where the use of battery on Windows 7. No problems with the AC adapter / CC.

    Steps to reproduce the problem:

    (1) adapter to remove the laptop in order to use battery power

    (2) the default configuration of the power in Windows 7 button will turn off portable mode "Eve"

    3) press the power button and wait a few seconds for "sleep" mode (led on power button will begin to Flash)

    4 press power button) again.

    Step 4 Start computer laptop works somehow: System of cooling, HDD and power led is on BUT DISPLAY IS ALWAYS OFF. If press again the switch - no action? Search laptop computer stuck in this mode and not possible to turn on or off. The single step can be done - is to press and hold the power button for ~ 5 sec to turn off the laptop. If the still laptop power button press will start to start from the beginning, this means sleep mode has been lost.

    Please help to find how to "standby" mode wake up battery on my Asus K51AC feature.

    Important whether it is hardware problem laptop or Windows 7 problem.


    Have you ever had this problem before?

    I recommend to update all your drivers and see if that fixes the problem.

    If not, you can try to run the System File Checker to fix corrupted files:

    You can try to repair the operating system using the recovery options:

    Press F9 while booting and repair, choose the recovery options.

    Also, if all else fails, you can try an in place upgrade, if you have the recovery media:

    Note that this will remove the custom settings, but programs and files will not be affected.

    However, I think that it is probably a hardware issue... many people report it, even on new laptops.

    I hope this helps!


  • Product name: 700-010xt: HDMI does not work after upgrade to Windows 10 - product name: 700-010xt

    I upgraded my desktop HP ENVY 700 to Windows 10 computer and HDMI I used for the second monitor no longer works.

    It worked when I had windows 8.1.

    It has the graphic card NVIDIA Geforce GT 640 (as displayed in the list of devices)

    I tried HP Recovery Tool to restore the original driver, but it didn't work. Second monitor is not detected.

    Any HELP is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Product name: 700-010xt


    Try this driver and see if that helps

  • Re: Satellite A300-1EI: Windows 7 "consider replacing your battery".

    I have my Toshiba two years.

    I bought Vista witch, but I install Windows XP.
    Laptop worked fine. In December 2009, I decided to install Windows 7.
    All the drivers were available so I did. Windows 7 worked fine yesterday.

    I have a Windows 7 release "consider replacing your battery" and laptop running on battery too short.
    Before this problem I could work 1 hour and 45 minutes. He is now 15 to 30 min.

    I read in some forums on the Internet that Windows 7 battery damage. Is this true?
    Y at - it an idea to fix it?

    I'm afraid to buy new battery if windows 7 damaging too. Thanks for your help.

    P. S.
    Sorry for my weak English.


    Windows 7 has recognized as the performance of your battery too low and the battery should be replaced.

    Please take a look here:
    + Notfication in Windows 7 battery meter "consider replacing your battery". +

    As mentioned in this document of Toshiba, Microsoft this message is OK and the battery is really end of life)<>

    It seems time for a new battery

  • T440P, Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 8.1 with 63% battery charge threshold


    I have a T440P

    Until recently, I was in Windows 7 with Lenovo Power Manager set of limited to 63% support threshold
    So far so good.

    Now, Windows 8.1 has been installed from scratch (not an upgrade).

    The laptop with windows 8.1 always stop loading at 63%. But there is no available for windows 8.1 Lenovo Power Manager. I can't find any solution to disable this limitation...

    Help, please



    Hi Amemo06,

    Welcome to Lenovo Community!

    According to the request, we understand that you are facing problem with the battery not charging more than 63% on your ThinkPad T440p.

    Download and install Lenovo implementation of store Windows, and then follow the link to get help on the troubleshooting steps below.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards

    Agnes Kumar

  • Want to 700-329: how to switch from windows 8.1 for al profession windows 7 on Envy 700-329

    I'm fed up with the problems resulting from Windows 8.1, for example the program incompatibility, Slow / no response in browsers, particularly IE 11, forced to use touchscreen interface style on conventional monitor and so on and so forth. I have a license of Windows 7 Professional 64 bit for my Dell Vostro laptop. Can I use it on my HP Envy Office 700-329 to replace Windows 8.1?


    It is forbidden to transfer the license OEM of Windows or using product key OEM the Dell laptop on HP desktop computer.

    Please read the FAQ below... specifically...

    Q. my client bought a new PC and wants to move the OEM software from the old PC to the new. Users cannot do what they want with their software?

    A. no, the OEM software is licensed with the computer on which it was originally installed and system is linked to the original machine. OEM licenses are licenses for single use which cannot be installed on more than one computer system, even if the original machine is no longer in use. The 3668Microsoft Software License Terms, that the end user must accept before using the software, say that the license may not be shared, transferred or used concurrently on different computers. System integrators must provide support to the end user for the Windows license on build computers, they cannot support licenses on computers that they did not build. It is a fundamental reason why an OEM System Builder license cannot be transferred.

    If you want to buy a license support and installation of W7, you can use the W7 x 74 drivers and the software of this model on your own, except the BIOS and firmware files.

  • 9.2 IOS for my iphone battery issue 5


    I use Iphone 5 s. Recently, I received notification update to IOS 9.2.
    So I did, but after upgrading to IOS 9.2 , I had battery problem.

    My battery is being charged, instead it goes down during loading.

    I restored my phone, but facing the same issue and some stop working for a while.

    After that it started to load and

    Hardly, I loaded my cellphone to 60% on the low power mode.
    But with using went cell phone battery 0.

    I am facing problem after updating to IOS 9.2.
    What should I do?

    Please help me.

    Hello usman_maqbool,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    If you restore your iPhone to its factory settings, without restoring all previous data and that your iPhone is doing always wrong, then please ask for this service.

    The response service center - iPhone

    Take care.

  • ART and the battery issues

    Hi all! It's been a while since my last post here. Having spent of a Bionic to a Razr Maxx HD to a Moto X 2014 and recently a Droid Turbo... I have a few questions.

    I noticed that when I charge the phone using the Turbo charger, the phone tends to run a bit hot. Is this normal? I wouldn't say it's warm to the touch, very hot well. I got up the phone all together and the battery life took a hit from that, but everything around the battery doesn't seem to be as long as I thought. I had it with a low light and not too much use, dip below 20%, twice in the last hours 9. So about 65 percent of 9 hours battery drain. I never had a problem like this on my Razr Maxx HD or the Moto X 2014. He gets better?

    Another issue I have is that I recently spent at Runtime in the Dalvik for ART Developer options (so it is faster when the update of lollipop coming and for other benefits) but I found that when I turn on the phone, he optimized 253 all apps I had. Not a big deal, that happened when my X 2014 updated to 5.0. The question came when the phone charged the homescreen app command would not be responsible and I could not close the screen. So I turned off the phone, and when he turned he said he was 58 optimization apps. The app of command worked. I decided to do more market 3 times and now whenever I turn on the phone, it has to re-optimize 58 apps, can we explain why it does this or how do I do to stop?

    Thanks in advance!


    The only solution, I know, is to return to the Dalvik for now. For some reason just ART don't play well with the Turbo running the latest OS of KitKat.

    The 5.1 update, if and when it happens, should solve this problem because the ART is the default operator in this configuration.

  • C410A Windows 7 x 64 Driver install issue - fatal error

    I have a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium x 64 on a HP m8330f. The C410a driver package from the website installed perfectly on both machines Windows 8 x 64.

    However on the W7x64 I get error fatal hpoins52.dax, invalid drive R:\ network64.msi 1603 error.

    I tried installing the base driver, the reg32.dll, I deleted the mapping my real disk 'r' all that I found via Google with no joy. I did not attempt things from geek techno more complicated than those who are generally more trouble they set.

    I got c309a pilots and his retinue all previously installed without any problems. I ran a registry cleaner as well.

    Is there a program that will clean all the old programs of HP and I have a new copy of W7x64 on my machine. I can manually add the driver, but all I can do is print, I can't scan. In fact if I could get the scan function to work, I'd be happy.

    Ideas all who are fairly simple to do and get the results you want.

    Hello RAStrong1963

    You are welcome. I too am a little confused. So based on what is going to be something keeps pointing to your R:\ player for some reason any. If rub the software did not resolve the issue you may have to give in the "requirements" of the Microsoft software installer. What I mean is that you will need to locate the appropriate files and put them where they are currently being sought.

    Before which helps to try something different. Microsoft has a utility called Microsoft FixIt who can help you with a variety of problems. I am a link below will help you to install and uninstall problems. I suggest to use to uninstall the printer. It will search the registry and delete entries as much as she concludes relating to what you choose to uninstall.
    Microsoft FixIt

  • RE: battery issues after ics updated in neo v

    Hi everyone... anyone if possible session, Nadine, uliwooly-wooly, u can help me out in this issue.

    My neo v done face to exhaust the severe battery after that ics put up-to-date... I read out in blog many people complain about this... I can't resist some quantity to exhaust the battery but not this.much...

    my particular behavior of the battery:

    backlight off airplane mode + all back grounded apps off + data traffic off - phone just idling = battery lasts for only 4.5 hours

    backlight on + navigation for half an hour + battery 2 hours only.

    Please don't think I'm great... but here's the problem I meet...

    my phone is only 9 days old... my battery is genuine... I got it in a store selling authentic sony retail.

    one please suggest me a way to improve the battery life...

    OKH remember rooting may void your warranty, and you do so at your own risk

    But after rooting and the removal of bloatware, your experience would be great

    Check this thread for rooting

  • Try to upgrade to Windows XP; Anyone know of any issues that I will meet you?

    Original title: NEED HELP NEW USER! ______



    Hey mooredale24

    do not post in all capitals

    It is considered as shouting and is difficult to read

    and only after the same question ONCE in these forums

    read the response to your other post

    Hey mooredale24

    they are two completely different operating systems.

    You can switch from xp to vista, if you meet certain conditions

    under microsoft link has the vista minimum system hardware requirements for you to check if you have

    and as you mention HP go to their Web site below and see if your model computer has vista drivers available for him

    If it is not an hp computer go to the manufacturer of the brand of your computer and do the same

    If no vista driver is available, do not upgrade to vista

    link below has xp to vista upgrade paths

    and microsoft sells more vista

    you'd have to try online on, ebay etc or ask at your local computer store

    Windows 7 is now available

    Why not visit if you are compatible with this operating system

    Here are his requirements

    grade Upgrade Advisor

    for the installation of windows 7 issues repost in the below in forum windows 7

    Walter, the time zone traveller

Maybe you are looking for

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  • How to recover photos after restoring from backup

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  • HP Envy Phoenix 860-019: turn out the lights on the Tower

    Is it possible to turn off the multicolored lights on the Tower without having to open the Tower?  I don't really have the experience and the know-how to start sleeping inside a computer tower.

  • Pavilion Elite M9300T: upgrade geforce 9500gs

    I have a Pavilion Elite M9300T KZ854AV #ABA with CPU Q9300, 3 G of RAM and 750 GB 7200 RPM / MIN SATA 3 GB/S HD.  I want to improve the memory, the operating system & video card.  The current map graphic is a NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GS - 512 MB.  I don't

  • Cannot back up files on the error code get Windows Vista 0 x 80070002.

    Hello MS Personal Tech. For several months now, I couldn't save anything on my Vista 32 - bit OS. I constantly get an error message: 0 x 80070002 whenever I try to backup Windows. Obviously an important registry key is missing ("system Cannot find th