Windows 98SE, fdisk/format?

Dear reader,

I know this has been covered before but I am almost completely new to... cordially invited MS-DOS operating systems running - I was still a young child in those older that me were folding their minds around it.

I'm running OS X 10.8 and have Vmware Fusion 4.1.3.  The problem is that I try to install Windows 98SE using this software.   I have concerned ISO installation and also the IMG for the startup disk.

Both and so good, but then we come to the installation itself during the virtual machine startup.  I type r: [Enter] [Enter] installation and something or another tells me that I "can't create a temporary directory' and then there's something about formats.  He also was drawn to my attention that perhaps I am missing a BACK at first... How could I know that?

I googled this and the words 'fdisk' and 'format' crop everywhere (as well as in these forums).  Appreciating the fact that those who were at least in their adolescence when 98SE was released probably know exactly what they need to do.  I don't have... more googling, it seems are being challenged to know what to do in the first place - first format or fdisk first?

I found this quote promising but, for me, it's entirely in another language:

I have started the virtual machine, do fdisk to one > prompt, copied in C format: on the diskette (really an iso), rebootted the machine virtual format C:, and then typed E:\win98\setup to any > prompt and I was turned off...

Be prepared to take me by the hand and show me what to do step by step and I invite you to leave as little as possible for interpretation.  I hope you can be patient with me.

Kind regards.

I just tested a Windows 98SE installation and he didn't need a floppy disk at all. The installation immediately released the CD. Have you already tried that?


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    Do you have the CD of Toshiba Recovery and Tools & Utilities CD for this laptop?

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    Please check this thread:

    you will find the link to the page of the Toshiba driver where you can download a driver for this device.

    Good luck

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    Thank you



    Thanks for the solution. I hope that the installation of Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 helped.

    Good bye

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    See you soon



    I found the info that this camera comes with Win 95 and on the Toshiba download page under archive, you will find all the drivers you need.

    Try to install the driver display that there are listed. This is a very old unit and I can't tell you more about your problem.

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    I have Toshiba Satellite A200-1CR Windows Vista Basic
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    No, the Toshiba Recovery CD format the whole HARD drive and installs all new!

    Simply said; the use of the recovery CD redefines the laptop to factory settings.

    Best regards

  • Advanced Power Management under Windows 98SE for Satellite A75-S206?

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    Is there a driver download, or is there software available for Windows 98SE downloads emulate advanced power management features that work on XP? Is there another workaround solution?


    As far as I know, this unit was designed for the American market and came only with a XP Home and XP Pro OS.
    I checked the driver page Toshiba we and don t find all the drivers for Win98.
    Unfortunately, if you use the Win98, do without the features of Toshiba.
    Sorry, there is nothing to do.

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    Welcome to the HP Forums @djohn204!

    I saw your post about how you are looking for drivers for your Photosmart C5550 under Windows 98, and I wanted to help by searching in this you. I checked the drivers, and unfortunately there are no drivers for Windows 98 for this printer model. I suggest you move towards an upgrade of the operating system in order to have the drivers available and compatible.

    Testify of my answer by pressing the 'thumbs up' below and button hit the "accept as Solution" if I helped you reach a solution!

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    Keith Katyana_89 to the United Kingdom.


    Scroll down to Samsung USB driver for mobile phones

    Software Kies downloads

  • Activation key in Windows 98SE ME NT4.0 2000 95?

    Dear Microsoft Community (

    I recently installed in my Windows PC operating system. If I damage the motherboard, and I buy a new motherboard. Which windows, I can install on my new PC? And who remain associated with my old card dead mother?

    They need online activation?

    All my CDs is OEM

    Windows 95 OSR 2.5

    Windows 95/Plus95 OSR 2.5
    Windows 98SE
    Windows 98SE/Plus98
    Windows ME

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    Windows 2000 SP4

    Thank you for your attention.



    older versions not listed here for activation

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    Thank you. You can contact me to the * address email is removed from the privacy *.

  • How can I get the latest updates of windows 98se

    I would like to be able to load music

    There is no new updates to windows 98SE.

    It is no longer supported.

  • my windows for windows 98se product key those don't work, its tells me its invalid, what can do

    Hi, I had to do a recovery on our pc window 98se, it was very good except when he asked me to put in the product key for windows... every time when I did, he said the key is not valid... is the right key, because its on the back of the pc to microsoft, I don't want to upgrate it to another version because my husband wants to use it only for the games we already have... our grandson had soiled the pc what I had to do a recovery... I tried to cancel it, but he told me that if I do that I won't be able to re - turn on the pc... I don't know what to do about this now...

    Please, help us... Thank you.

    Ms. gaby

    Hello Mrs.Gaby,

    The product key that you put in can be different from the one originally used.

    Click on the following link for more information about the product key:

    ID not accepted during reinstallation OEM product

    It may be necessary to contact the manufacturer for a valid OEM product key.

    Best regards


  • Can - I always rebuild windows 98se?

    My old Dell (98SE upgraded to XP) has been infected (in spite of NIS 2010) with fake AV malware that selectively prevents me to restore my system using my Acronis rescue diskettes.

    If I have to reinstall from scratch, Microsoft still supports the automatic updates for Windows 98SE rebuilt? I think I need a 98SE SP2 or 3 to switch to XP.
    Thank you.


    You must remove all viruses and malware on the computer to run by using the online scan

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Before the upgrade you try to perform the upgrade in-place windows, follow the article below:

    How to perform an upgrade on the spot (reinstallation) of windows Xp

    If you still need a new installation, you can install windows 98 and upgrade to windows XP

    How to upgrade from windows 98 or windows millennium Edition to windows Xp

    Hope this helps

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