Windows are open like 1/2...must optimize frequently

If I move through windows, frequently following window open as 1 / 2. not fill the entire page

Hello, JerryWJM,

Open a window

Place your cursor on the side

When you see the two arrow, left click and hold

Drag the window to the width of the screen

You can do the same with the other side, up and down until the settings meet your preferences

Close the window when you are finished

Open a new window

It should be resized according to your specifications

Always close the window bigger and last.  Windows remembers the size of the last closed window.

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  • my windows are open, but I can't see them

    my windows are open, but I can't see them

    I think that while I have to change the settings for multiple monitors (I have 2 monitors), I made the computer thinks that I have 3 monitors and now it opens windows on this non-existent third monitor

    Hello. I fixed it. I maneged somehow transfer windows on the screen I see.

  • New window JavaScript links that specify the size of the window are open in a new tab instead.

    Before you go to 7.0.1 the default 'open windows in a new tab' option only would do to target = "_blank" links and functions JavaScript which did not specify the new size of the window. If an included JavaScript function size in the characteristic attributes, a new window would open again for a proper display of the new content.

    Since the upgrade to 7.0.1 on Mac, however, all new window links open in a new tab tested on two different Macs and confirmed in the subject: config values have been defined as follows:

    Browser.Link.open_newwindow = 3
    Browser.Link.open_newwindow.restriction = 2

    No problem here on Linux to open these windows pop up in a new window.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

  • I try to maintain a "split screen" of two separate windows. Both windows are open on the left and I need an opening on the left and the other to open on the right

    I have a fixed window on the left side of my screen and I need coninuously to open and close a second window on the right side of my screen.  The right window keeps opening on the left on my fixed window.  How can I keep the fixed windows left and right opening and closing (or variable) in place on opposites of the screen?

    Buy a second monitor and install it.

  • Why the .cpl windows are open in Notepad?

    Only months I do not use my computer for anything else that facebook, look if there is nothing new in my emails (means: not even opening) and wrote a few lines of commands of the IDE and the office. Suddenly, all my Run .cpl are open in Notepad (ditto for timedate.cpl used by the botton right of "change date and time settings...") ("developed by click, for example).

    Already done rat my network on the issue, but found nothing.

    Anyone seen this before? How to change, and change 'who', rights on "how to open a .cpl"? Is not in explorer.exe? But how to change?


    You probably have "associated" this type of file with Notepad.  You can change it in the control panel > default of programs > partner

  • new windows are open in mozilla firefox after you have reinstalled the old version. the new windows are annoying me because they are shaadi. com please help me

    I have reset my mozilla firefox. as I was in trouble, watch videos before you reset it, I downloaded mozilla but it had the same problem, so I reset it. the problem is after this new windos open in my default browser as etc... They annoy me a lot

     please help to stop those windows from popping

    Hello, this looks like a problem maybe caused by adware on your pc. Please go to firefox > addons > extensions and remove any suspicious entries (toolbars, the things that you have not installed intentionally, I don't know what purpose they serve, etc.). also, go to the windows control panel / programs and remove all toolbars or potentially unwanted software from there and run a full scan of your system with the security software you have in place and various other tools such as the free version of malwarebytes & adwcleaner.

    Remove a toolbar that has supported your Firefox or the homepage search
    Fix Firefox problems caused by malicious software

  • Satellite M70 blocks when many windows are open


    I have a satellite m70 and laptop sometimes bloks when I open multiple windows. after it he bloks itself i can't get out. windons severeal stay open in the office, and it is a bit slow.
    can someone help me?
    Thank you.


    This problem occurs if you use some heavy software simultaneously (multitasking).
    I guess in this case the CPU and memory with maximum performance, but it takes a little longer because of the many programs and background processes running at the same time.
    What you can do is to upgrade the memory or / and cancel some background processes which are not necessary.

  • Why the files are open like that?

    (I can't put it into words so much)

    open files look like this:


    It's driving me crazy, ruining my workflow

    Thank you!

    psCC retina mbp 10.9

    Okay, that was the setting up of two monitors. different resolutions. the dell ultrasharp must stay @ 1920 x 1000 and the mbp must remain @ 1680 x 1050 (even if it doesn't). Thanks for the research. It made me find the solution.

  • When opening Firefox, two windows are open

    A week ago Firefox opens two windows (my home page and a new empty window) when I open the program. This also occurs if the Web site I'm open a new window (the window for the site) and a new window empty. Until this started, Firefox ran perfectly. Any suggestions?


    Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Firefox Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode that temporarily disables hardware acceleration, restores some settings and disables add-ons (extensions and themes).

    If Firefox is open, you can restart Firefox Safe mode in the Help menu:

    • In Firefox 29,0 and above, click on the menu button

      click Help

      then select restart with disabled modules.

    • In previous versions of Firefox, click on the Firefox button in the upper left of the Firefox window and click help (or click on help in the Menu bar, if you do not have a Firefox button) and click on restart with disabled modules.

    If Firefox is not running, you can start Firefox in Mode safe mode as follows:

    • On Windows: Hold down the SHIFT key when you open the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu.
    • On Mac: Hold the option key during the startup of Firefox.
    • On Linux: Exit Firefox, go to your Terminal and run firefox-safe-mode
      (you may need to specify the installation path of Firefox for example/usr/lib/firefox)

    When the Firefox Safe Mode window appears, select "start mode safe."

    If the problem is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, theme or hardware acceleration. Please follow the steps described in the section Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems to find the cause.

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before you open Firefox for normal use again.

    When find you what is causing your problems, please let us know. This might help others with the same problem.

  • Photoshop Windows are open bigger than the size of the screen

    I have a new iMac 27 inches 5K and use creative cloud. When I opened a window in photoshop, it is larger than the screen so I can't reach the bottom right to resize to fit. How can I fix it?


    Please check if you have the game scale of UI user interface on 'Auto' or '100 '.

    Otherwise reset the Photoshop preferences

    Press and hold the CTRL, ALT, shift (Windows) / command Shift (MAC) Option in starting up of Photoshop.

    Select Yes

    Note:-make sure you backup Presets/stock/Modified Workspaces/Plugins (if any)

    Thank you

    ~ Assani

  • 10 Windows: Open Windows are resized when the lid is closed

    I just do the Windows 10 Pro free upgrade. Everything seems to work very well; except for this problem.

    Whenever I simply close and re - open the lid of the portable computer, open windows are resized.

    Most of the windows are restored to where they started, but they seem to ALL have been resized and then sized to their previous location. You can tell because that minimize / restore windows can't remember the last full size you used.

    But some Windows DO NOT get resized back where I left off. Chrome in some crazy. Sometimes, the window is maximized; and other times it gets sized to a smaller rectangle at the top left of the screen.

    You can see all windows sparkle and jumping around when you open the lid.

    ... My laptop is a ThinkPad W540.


    Name of the OS Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    Version 10.0.10240 Build 10240
    Another Description of the OS is not available
    Manufacturer of operating system Microsoft Corporation
    COCOTPW540 system name
    The LENOVO system manufacturer
    System model 20BG0016US
    System Type x 64-based PC
    System SKU LENOVO_MT_20BG
    Processor Intel Core i7-4800MQ 2.70 GHz, 2694 Mhz, 4 Lossnay, 8 logical processors
    BIOS Version/Date LENOVO GNET73WW (2.21), 12/03/2015
    SMBIOS Version 2.7
    Embedded Controller Version 1.11
    BIOS Legacy Mode
    Manufacturer LENOVO Baseboard
    Model baseboard is not available
    Name of plinth base
    Role Mobile platform
    State of secure boot not supported
    PCR7 Configuration binding is not Possible
    Windows C:\WINDOWS directory
    System directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
    Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
    The local United States
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.10240.16392".
    CocoTpW540\Steven user name
    Eastern Daylight Time zone
    Physical memory (RAM) installed 8.00 GB
    7.62 GB total physical memory
    4.08 GB available physical memory
    8,81 GB total virtual memory
    4.93 GB available virtual memory
    Page file space 1.19 GB
    Paging file C:\pagefile.sys
    Hyper-V - VM monitor Mode Extensions Yes
    Hyper-V - second level address translation Extensions Yes
    Hyper-V - virtualization enabled in Firmware No.
    Hyper-V - data execution Protection Yes

    Components / Display:

    Name NVIDIA Quadro K2100M
    Device ID PNP PCI\VEN_10DE & DEV_11FC & SUBSYS_221E17AA & REV_A1\4 & 23A 19969 & 0 & 0008
    Adapter Type Quadro K2100M, NVIDIA compatible
    Adapter Description NVIDIA Quadro K2100M
    Bytes of RAM (2 147 483 648) adapter
    Installed Drivers nvd3dumx.dll, nvwgf2umx.dll, nvwgf2umx.dll, nvwgf2umx.dll, nvd3dum, nvwgf2um, nvwgf2um, nvwgf2um driver version
    File INF oem86.inf (section Section040)
    Color of the aircraft not available
    Color not available Table entries
    No available resolution
    Bits/Pixel is not available
    0xB0000000-0xB10FFFFF memory address
    Address memory 0 x 80000000-0x91FFFFFF
    Address memory 0 x 90000000-0x91FFFFFF
    Port of e/s-0x00004F80-0x00004FFF
    IRQ channel, IRQ 4294967289
    Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\nvlddmkm.sys (, 10.63 MB (11,142,984 bytes), 23/07/2015 04:02)

    Name of the graphics card Intel (r) HD 4600
    ID device PNP PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_0416 & SUBSYS_221E17AA & REV_06\3 & 21436425 & 0 & 10
    Compatible adapter Type Intel(r) HD Graphics Family, Intel Corporation
    Adapter Description Intel(r) HD Graphics 4600
    Adapter RAM 1.00 GB (1 073 741 824 bytes)
    Installed drivers igdumdim64.dll, igd10iumd64.dll, igd10iumd64.dll, igd12umd64.dll, igdumdim32, igd10iumd32, igd10iumd32, igd12umd32 driver version
    File INF oem76.inf (section iHSWM_w10)
    Color of the aircraft not available
    4294967296 colors Table entries
    Resolution 2880 x 1620 x 50 hertz
    32 bits/Pixel
    0xB1400000-0xB17FFFFF memory address
    0xA0000000-0xAFFFFFFF memory address
    IO port 0 x 00005000-0x0000503F
    IRQ channel, IRQ 4294967290
    Port of e/s-0x000003B0-0x000003BB
    Port of e/s-0x000003C0-0x000003DF
    Address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF
    Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\igdkmd64.sys (, 6.09 MB (6 389 688 bytes), 18/07/2015-12:36 AM)


    It's probably a bug; but something made the stop switch resolution:

    In the display settings, I put the scale slider to 100%.

    In the advanced settings, I clicked on Set A Custom Scaling Level; and I put IT to 150%.

    And now the scale seems just like setting the slider to 150%... but there is no resolution switching! No windows jumping around, and nothing strange seems to happen!

    So for now, this actually seems to work as expected! It MUST be a bug here...

  • some files are missing (like network, Control Panel, systems, windows components) under administrative group policy template kindly help me on this

    some files are missing (like network, Control Panel, systems, windows components) under administrative group policy template kindly help me on this

    In the Group Policy Editor, right-click on administrative templates, add/remove templates.

    Usually, you would see:


    If some are missing, add them as follows:

    Click Add and it will open a folder where you can add the missing elements to match the list back in, or to match the list on a system that works correctly.

    Restart to make sure that the changes stick.

    Each component has a history, you can Google for more information.

    Here is a good starting point:;en-us;816662

  • Sort the list of open windows in descending order when windows are combined in the taskbar

    Sort the list of open windows in descending order when windows are combined in the taskbar

    I like to combine windows in order to access all my programs in the taskbar. I have tons of open Outlook messages that I need to respond to the last open order to open older. The problem is that the list of the oldest opened open again, and I have to constantly scroll to the bottom of this list to access the most recent message. Is there a way view the list by e-mail open newest to oldest?

    It would be a time saving of huge productivity for me, and I saw that many of my colleagues would benefit as well.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Sorry there is no function like that.

    You can consider using Outlook flags instead.  Arrival of emails, you will need to respond to, click the red flag on them.  They will appear in your Outlook ' to do' list so you can keep track of those you will have to answer to and check the power off when you are finished.

  • "windows cannot open the file must know what program - program list selection" when tried to open the file

    After a problem with my sony ebook reader, I was told by the library to remove the program Sony and library of books on the computer and the drive, and then reinstall the program.  I would then be able to download the books again.  But now I have a message saying that windows cannot open the file must know what program - select the program from the list. When I click on the program sony player list is not there.  What I am doing wrong?  You can give me some advice.

    Original title: Pauline1949


    1. have you downloaded the right file to library?

    2. What is the file format of the file that you downloaded?

    3. What are the recommendations of programs that provided by Windows?

    4. have you installed the player from the computer program?

    5 is this problem confined to a particular file that downloaded?

    The file that you downloaded requires an appropriate program to open it in Windows. That's why I suggest to check again if you have installed the reader program and also check if you have downloaded the appropriate Center books.

    If you have installed the right program and download the correct file in the program. I suggest you to change the player to default programs in Windows.
    I hope this helps.
  • None of my windows shortcuts work. I have to open programs as an administrator. Some are open to all. What's wrong?

    When I try to open programs by clicking on the window, it opens a box to ask what software I want to use.  I can only open certain programs as administrator, some are open to all.   Internet Explore works if I open as administrator.  MicrosoftOffice said there is no attached program.  I ran a virus scan and can't find

    Hi George_128,

    ·         Did you the latest changes on the computer?

    ·         What happen when you try to open the shortcuts?

    ·         You receive an error message?

    I suggest you try the methods mentioned below and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Try to create a new user account profile and check.

    If the problem is resolved by the above method, then you might have a corrupt user profile. Follow the article provided to fix the damaged user profile.

    Method 2: No detection system file checker (SFC).

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